internet crime


In the interest of life and society: the question of internet extortion/ criminal disease; arises as a plague, needed to be dealt with effectively.

There are only three things required.

  1. the reality of money.1a. Whereby the means to remain hidden is taken away. The bit coin can be removed from use; effectively changing that area of attack. The opportunity to buy, or sell; can be monitored very effectively. The use within any nation can be targeted with more economic results than it will bring in.1b. the gift card, can be removed from stores and value; discarding the entire industry is appropriate and wise. Harming none. Or, all gift cards must be directed to a clearing house, and cannot be used beyond that realm: thereby becoming traceable. 1c. gambling online can easily be ended; by making the gambling house and its criminal or enterprise responsible financially: should ANY gambling be conducted. Their business, financial holdings, everything they own: shall in fact be sold and distributed to or by their government. After fines! International issues can be dealt with, by consequences no government or society desire.
      1. the internet attack is dealt with by separating the in-house computer from the internet. This is a very simple process to do; and presents only a relatively small investment. While operations may involve having parts; being accessible to the internet public. Those files need not be vulnerable. Instead they are uploaded as needed from the in-house computer system by using ram computing technology; which does not allow for back-feeding into the system it comes from. Thereby separate, and without interference. Simply dump the internet computer and reboot.
      2. The value of having knowledge regarding all forms of fraud to the public: is literally as simple as using media to establish the facts and foundations. Establish a time frame for all media: for the news. NOT the entertainment of the current fraud that is called news. But real news: as is, this is important for us all to know. These are the facts that both govern and protect our government, our world, and our lives. By making it clear, to all. By refusing an option to remove yourselves from the education: “its on every channel/ at the same time”; and it can be the price of getting on the internet. As is you must view this, and it will control your access: for the next hour, with questions to be answered at the end. As is the demand, to do your duty, and learn how best to defend ourselves and our world from crime.

With this simple beginning; a great deal of heartache and headache will be removed. Once you can control access/ only in-house attacks can be done. Once you control the money to be exchanged: you will identify who the guilty participants are. Once you have consistent and real knowledge regarding the players, who must “access you”; that becomes far more difficult for them to do. It does require repetition to ingrain that as a reality which will not be defeated. Schools shall teach it/ business shall get involved/ communities will participate in the distribution of REAL NEWS. Transactions that must be done over the internet: can be directed through the bank. Having only a few charged with protecting against encryption; requires a specialized banking medium.

There will be complaints from bitcoin participants: but, they will either be defeated, thereby removed from existence! OR, they will be required to “mark their coin” in ways that can be traced. One way or the other! it is certain and sure”; that a virus could be used to infect a bitcoin; making them useless as well, by erasing everything.

As to gift cards: any effort to refuse, can be attacked with the reality. IF THIS IS USED, for criminal purposes/ then you are guilty of aiding and abetting that crime: and there will be consequences accordingly. Which will include repayment to the victim. It is critical: that all known “businesses copied to establish the fraud”/ MUST ESTABLISH AND CREATE A PHONE LINE, available 24 hours a day. For the intentional purpose of HUMAN ANSWERING; much like a 911 service. So that ANY ATTEMPT to commit a fraud on anyone, can then be ended with a simple phone call to establish “is this really you”? The opportunity to “turn off” your debit or credit card personally; should be without doubt. Either that, or immediate personal human intervention by contacting the bank or other should be easy and fast. 

the constant internet search for “bitcoin or gift card or similar” would be useful/ and the education to:  participate as society, by enabling a simple link for the public. which then transfers that site, email, or whatever to both policing and public domain.  which will then be searched by others, is useful and valid in determining a trail that can be immediately followed. attach a reward, for all who can identify fraud/ and attach a bigger reward for all who can identify the criminal or return the money. thereby allowing for the public to aid and abet in helping to police themselves.

The critical reality is: TO STOP, the ease with which anyone can hide what they are doing. The primary method of doing exactly that: is to demand, “like social security”, that in order to post any form of internet sale, for sale, and so on. YOU MUST get one new form of identification “like a drivers license”: to do so. Only then, when properly identified: you can post something for sale, and so on. So nobody gets lost in the crowd. So nobody from a foreign nation sells here without specific permission to do so. That would be facilitated through a courthouse, police station, etc. it is a lifetime identification; with the right to go to court, and explain what happened to bring you there. You don’t need it to buy, or post content, or have a website that does not sell: but you do need it, if you wish to sell anything; whether it is through “an outlet” of some sort or personally. 

The critical reality is: to IDENTIFY and TRACK, where the money is going, and how it is getting there. For instance: all international exchange goes through a clearing house banking system. ALL sales which do involve a monetary transactions of any kind: originate with a country of origin. That country of origin is then in charge of insuring that the exchange will be legitimate. Which does then make all international exchange of money or valuables: a governmental obligation. Which defines itself by going through a clearing house in each nation involved: where they WILL monitor, to insure all legal necessities are in fact being followed. If they fail to do so, there entire nation is banned from doing business in the other nation. Which is easily attainable, when each and every “sale of anything” is required to show the nation, state, or whatever this originates from. When every “sale of anything” is required to identify the seller with deliberate information, that can in fact track them. Which is further enhanced by establishing a money trail: as is, your transaction MUST go to the banking facility which is designated very close to the actual physical location of the seller. With cell phone tracking, that can be established. Once accepted into that facility: it will not be available for transfer in any form: until the seller physically comes to the bank/ and accepts that payment into their own account. Whether a big payment or small: it simply remains secured but unclaimed, until it is. A waiting period can exist in this form of escrow; for all large amounts.

Every sales site and every ad needs: a check for fraud “button/ link” clearly visible, and easily used. Every personal account needs a clear and distinct, easily accessible: STOP this account/ DELETE THIS account/ or put this account in holding, until I have set it free. My account, my right: do not impede me in protecting myself. Every digital transaction has 3% taken from it, for the cost of doing business. That 3% being excessive and broken beyond what is fair: shall at the minimum cover any loss due to an electronic transaction, in which they could have tracked/ they could have known/ they could have enforced/ they could have prevented: but did not. To facilitate a fair and deliberate decision by all parties: a clear and honest social forum should be construed and created to identify all possibilities, and then a vote by the people themselves.

It is elementally necessary: that all major sites should identify EXACTLY how a transaction with them will occur; or will not occur with them. Giving human manned phone numbers and other methods for people to check, if this is real. A reality that must exist on every single “for sale, money involved ad or site”. As a function provided by the advertising space. A link button to the real site; to prove this is true or false, for a mimicked site. An escrow account for all transactions; for a small fee: to establish “fair play”; and so on.

It is also absolutely necessary: to establish and enforce, NO gambling shall be done with any type of real currency. INSTEAD all gambling shall require: that those who indulge SHALL in fact by “tokens, in advance” which can then be used. So that NO direct line to the bank shall exist. And all participants SHALL know exactly how much they are spending, and be limited, to the reality they choose accordingly. To insure that is so: LIMITED quantities shall be sold at any one time, NONE can be accessed beyond the described amount until 24 hours later; and so on.

In case you missed it: old style computer ramm: will dump the memory storage the instant electricity is turned off. Memory is now empty, and cannot transmit a virus or other. The memory is then reestablished with new information; and the connection is broken once again. That allows for the connection between the in-house computer and the internet computer to be reestablished each and every time it is desired to be so: by only one way traffic. Once the memory is delivered to the internet computer; the connection is switched off to the in-house and established to the internet. All internet memories and activity are completely separate. A backup will be created for each separately, which can never be joined, unless physically “walked across the room” by an individual, required to use an accepted protocol; with a drive. Not by the internet connection. Most business of all kinds; are either ninety five percent internal, and five percent internet. OR they are ninety five percent financial transactions; and five percent other. If these go directly to the bank; any issue that results is protected by the bank. Only the information of a transaction occurring or not needs to be recognized. Let the bank relay that message; by whatever means seems most suited to you. The practice of letting an open internet connection exist; should be removed/ or there will be two terminals; and neither will include the potential to include or use a storage drive. “keeping the vermin out, requires closing the holes”.

The critical connection is: the stupid, blind, ignorant fools, who have orchestrated a vile sewer of fraud and failure. Did so, because we let them do it.

The unfortunate truth about American money is: absolutely none of it, has value/ according to the statistics. Its like the stock market, which has no value according to the numbers. Because all the value has been sucked out; due to the false claims of asset accrual (America does not increase property values by 9 trillion dollars each year: for decades now)/ and the realities of debt (can’t be paid, ever) that have been incurred.

NONETHELESS, as my dad use to say: “I can take this money you say has no value/ and go buy a new car/ which means you are wrong”. And we can, because the fraud has consumed our reality; and we are subject to the game men did play, under university greed. The reality none admit too, is quite simply: all your wealth was stolen from the future: your own children will pay.

That too is pointless at this moment in time

We then contend with the reality of our need to have a conveyance for our work, and our realities of living; even in the financial sewer, that is American life today.

Let us look at truth, the value of a secured future.

  1. When the numbers have no real meaning: it is because the numbers do not reflect the reality of what can or cannot be done with these numbers. As is someone is counterfeiting (creating a lie with numbers) the value of our currency. It is the people in government/ and since they have surpassed all forms of reality: they are now locked in the septic tank of fighting over what does not matter. The little things, which are only used to prove “I am mad”/ there are no answers; because I refuse to pay the cost of all this failure due to lies.
  2. The constant: invasion of computers taking over our lives/ taking over our money/ taking over our businesses/ taking over government/ taking over banking/ and more. Has made it impossible to secure our own accounting/ our own elemental work or rights. Because unless you have a working understanding of all things computer fraud/ and all things needed to prevent or protect from that fraud: you are completely vulnerable. Because the reality is: no one is going to help you protect yourself. The ability to hide in the internet, is clearly a problem: due to the fact, policing was never designed to be this kind of work.
  3. The computer revolution: has now reached its point of no return as well; as has all life itself. Artificial intelligence, is a one percent gain/ and a ninety percent loss to human existence. It allows for the tiny few, to control or attack; all the rest, with ease. It allows in robotics than can mimic a human being: the fraud and failure that will become a constant competition/ which ends in murder of the masses. Because as history proves again and again: those with more power, never surrender it, they only increase the abuse, to prove you can’t do nothing to us. Which is the backbone of war. A robotic army (which can and will build itself eventually); needs no real human. Which is what the universities are trying to accomplish; because its all a game, and these are their toys.
  4. The critical truth of endless data contaminating our lives, with statistical tracking of our every movement/ our every decision/ fault/ flaw/ movement/ or whatever it is. Ends with: they now own a list of what can be used in a courtroom, or workplace, or relationship, or hospital, or any other personal endeavor: from as many years back, as they can find. Or more simply make a mistake thirty years ago; and here it is again and again and again/ because they will prove never to let it go. As is the purpose of control, and the gain that is then power to harm. YOU have no say, even if it is wrong. Which means their computer, owns your “legally defined” life, and your “everything in society” future. There is no room for a mistake/ or to contest their contamination of life: because the insurgents, own the courtroom, by destroying democracy itself.
  5. DEMOCRACY IS: we the people rule ourselves, by the laws which we create for that very purpose; under the contractual limits of a constitution which governs each and every person for the values we have set to be our society as we have agreed. The insurgency of “university knows cult”; stripped away all that is democracy. By counterfeiting our currency and controlling the excess money being created: which bought them their army with bribes. Destroying the constitution, destroys the democracy itself: because that defines what our society is intended to be. The war to change that society into what the university cult wants it to be; has been long and demanding: everything we owned, has been lost to their purposes not ours.
  6. Whosoever controls the courtroom, controls the living in society itself. Because the values we have created as our own democracy are either supported or crushed within those walls. The curse or blessing of policing; is contained within those walls as well. I have proven, the courtroom is a fraud, in case after case: by the reality of, nothing constitutional or democratic by design, is allowed.
  7. Whosoever controls the education: defines and creates the level of competency, that is then usable to defend our world, our nation, and ourselves. Since we as an American society have proven to be endlessly unable to defend ourselves from the internal assault: of a bribe (I want out)/ of slavery (we own your life/ do what we demand)/ power (we the few, will make you cry, or be happy)/ pride (Life is a game, for winners or losers; play along or be discarded)/ the end of resources, is the end of life itself, because we cannot then go on. Etcetera.

So the question is: are you ready to take back this America? Even though it is not even one, of the greater questions that threaten our lives!

If you are; not completely consumed by the university cult: whether you have a diploma or not. Then your desire is for life, NOT death by the constant of a parasitic brain infection that is “the university way”.

We begin:

  1. since you are cult worshipers, without a brain of your own (did the tv say that/ we can’t believe what the tv media does not tell us to do, or think). Because you gave them your soul (this is our god, the preachers of the university way is god over you). That fact identifies a need to attack the cult: thereby releasing you from their chains. Not an easy thing to do; because cults believe, and they need no truth or evidence, because they believe like all the religious do. Becoming zealots: screaming “the universities cannot be wrong”; they are “the truth” (as is god).
    1. BUT REALITY knows better, even if you don’t. Since you failed fusion; the future is dead/ so my need to convince you of anything is without a demand. Even so, I find myself confronted with a reality I do not find pleasant; so I will participate for a bit.
    2. We then turn to evolution: the university religion of chaos, built every living thing, by constantly destroying everything that was not the best it could be: without a brain. Their proof is adaption: which is in fact an identifier of thought, as in “I knew this would be needed/ so it was built into the process of nature”. That has NOTHING to do with chaos; and everything to do with order, discipline, balance, and love (I desire your life, and your time, to be happy and succeed).
    3. Even so, the reality of complexity proves: only the most egregious, blind, deaf, and mentally disturbed fool, could believe in evolution. As is proven by: take a look at yourself. Let’s count: how many chemicals and chemical compounds are within a human body and its abilities to exist? I will simply testify to the fact: every single one of those necessary chemicals to exist; arises on its own accord, because the human body creates it from the resources given. As is the constant of a human chemical factory (the body of life)/ a biological reality of nature itself, as is “we still have no clue, as humanity on earth: how this is all done”. Not an accident, every part is required at the beginning: or life by a body, does not exist.
    4. Lets count bones, or more distinctly: lets establish without doubt or question, that the over two hundred individual bones in a human body. Are all designed, built, moved, grown in unison, and constructed with tendons, ligaments, balls and joints, muscles fabricated and attached, feelings to express or experience what they are doing, and controls hardwired in for the purpose of your own personal freedoms; as nature provides. Adding in the ability not only to heal, and be straight and aligned: but building the blood a body needs as well. Another “we don’t have a clue”/ as proves, NOT an accident: but highly skilled technical work so far beyond human it is inconceivable even as a concept. Which is where the word “GOD” comes from.
    5. Let’s count brain; the elemental solution for control of a body (physical interpretation) or mind (personal interpretation)/ by establishing the integrity of personal freedoms (I am, an individual) apart from the rest. Of the trillions of connections, miles of wiring, chemical concentrations in the “one part per billion range”; which makes the human existence go. What part of that is NOT needed from the very beginning of life; even to choose what can survive. If you have no “software; inborn ability to know what you need to know”/ then there is no concept of food, water, movement, life, or any other. NONE OF THAT is contained in specific pieces to be mutilated by genetic contamination as the universities do. It requires all of that, in a delicate balance with decision to produce an internal “startup”; that then leads to survival, because the body knows; “how to breathe, beat the heart, and more”. NOTHING about that is from chaos (which means to destroy anything and everything complex: down to its most elemental state). As does fire do. So evolution makes fire your god/ their priests intend to bring the same fire as is on the sun to earth: in worship of that, “their god” of complete destruction against you.
    6. NATURE IS a long list of countless realities, which are all combined into one chained together relationship of life to life to life; because it is easier to build chemicals for us/ if something else does the main work, instead of us. As is the role of food. None of that is by chaos, the universities description of “how damn smart we are”. Proving what a group of true fools, can really lie to themselves about; because they want to believe. It removes the cost of life which is: there are consequences, to failure! Which is, life is not a game, or a trophy. Both of which are university traits.

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