Failure is a word applied to all those, whose entire contribution to life and living: “was criminal or religious” at best. Criminal being an intent to describe and demand: the laws of life mean nothing to me. Whereas religious means: by banding together in similar wants, we can create our own little world, by simply believing anything we choose to believe. Regardless of the damage done. As is to believe in lies/ accept fools in charge, with their fantasies/ align with the moment rather than the future of all life/ destroy the basis of our own survival/ or gamble with this entire world, in ways that are guaranteed to bring extinction. Not to worry, it takes a cult to do all that: which does bring us to the “university knows” everything: “they have a book”/ even if it is filled with lies and theories that have no real foundation. Being a cult member requires indoctrination: you may not think for yourselves; you must believe whatever you have been told. But the pride of every cult (this is our god) member; is I have been given the security of my belief; “nothing bad” can happen to me now. These “gods (superior ones)” make every decision/ not me. But alas like every cult from the beginning of time: your gods are liars/ and your future will fail. Nonetheless, every cult member will scream: NO, we believe, in our gods!

When there is a strong cult, there is no truth. Because truth is dependent upon reality/ and cults are dependent upon lies, bribery, power, pride, and want. All of which are very lucrative practices: when the cult controls the money supply, and continually grants, “to their members”: the power to control other people as their slaves. As money does do.

It would be hard to imagine a more heavily cult laden society than is America/ land of the believer. Land of the bribe, which makes a fool out of ninety percent/ while media is used to quell and quiet the rest; with their continual ransacking of “think for yourself”. As is the constant of all cults: you may not think for yourself/ you must obey what you are told. The cult priests called media, are then used to corral and contain the very limited opposition, by continually representing their cult of university, as gods/ are the only answer which could ever exist. They do that with whatever level of fear that can be found; joined at the hip with entertainment (a gun is the only answer). A tragedy coming which is entirely because, “they aren’t believers in our god, the university”. As is the constant of all religions from the beginning; they just use a different version of “god”.

Extreme failure, as is the constant of America: is governed entirely by counterfeiting the currency to provide the bribes that the armies of this cult require to sustain, and control their members. Without that roughly 9 trillion dollars per years for decades now; of intentional counterfeiting/ the design of debt creation without boundaries or borders which illicit slavery. You have no further rights: fight to survive your debt. And the endless attack on jobs for life need or desire: there is still a cult/ because as the insurgency progresses, it takes prisoners. Prisoner means: do what I say, live where I say, eat what I say: or I will be very mean to you.

The American university revolution to destroy democracy, contain the people, and control the future is governed not only by cult believers fighting against themselves; “because they are expendable”. The whole of society says so: by participating in the disease of “the university graduate gets everything”. Even though It is proven to be not real/ it is also proven to be, without submission to their diploma and demands: the diploma will be mean to you/ describing your future, as without rights. Another constant of religious persecution: as is the more correct interpretation of the phrase (every religious cult persecute the others, when the tide turns their way). They believe: which means they want what they want, and are willing to accept any lie, to believe whatever they want will be true. As is the constant for hiding in fear, by running away from your life, duty, and future.

Not to worry, the cult has everything figured out: robots will control you/ slaughtering humanity as desired. Creating a pandemic disease/ the mutilation of life/ or any other thing which the masses cannot control for themselves: insures domination of the diploma: “who you going to call”/ when in crisis? What do you suppose they can ask: if not everything. Or more specifically ANYTHING they want, regardless of the outcome/ because who else you going to call?

But then reality will move in, as reality always does: and end the fantasy, destroying your beliefs in the liars of a cult. Alas, this time: with every resource annihilated and moved to the garbage mountains/ there is no future to rebuild. There is no democracy to rebuild: all are angry, and done listening; as their lives have been destroyed. There will be war with weapons of mass destruction: because with overpopulation, there are no other solutions, for the powerful/ and they will use them; because they will believe themselves exempt. Not true, but liars “worship” their lies/ believing in power and pride, not life. As is the constant of cult leadershp.

I have proven your need to investigate the realities of “everything”/ because the price of being wrong is your own extinction. Yet you refuse, one and all.

To that end you are abandoned; because there is no purpose in “beating a dead horse” as the saying goes. Even so, I am committed to hope, until July 9, 2019; which biblically speaking all mercy ends.

You have been told: change your lies, fantasies, and failure; your cult:  or inherit the consequences of your choice.

I will give you my prediction for life on earth: there are only three directions it can go; because of your chosen realities against this world.

  1. You will repent of all that you have done and are doing: which requires extreme change/ the most unlikely event.
  2. You will fail to stop the people trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ and cause this entire world to be burned into a sun/ which then explodes changing this solar system itself. To remove even the slightest evidence human, was ever here. The most likely event.
  3. Or you will fail to stop the endless threats, that will literally cause all life and living to fail in what will quickly become an endless world war, that has no outcome beyond terrors, cannibalism, and extinction. In short order. Leaving behind a world incarcerated by all the weapons of mass destruction you chose to release. You are literally mutilating nature/ you are destroying every resource, and every chain of life you depend upon/ you are destroying all life in the ocean/ you are destroying all environmental balance, and releasing the atmosphere to be like other planets/ you are playing genetically with your food supply, and gambling with existence itself as if it were a toy: due to your true gods “the satan of university in charge”. And if that .were not enough: your population increases will leave you no other choice but absolute chaos across the planet. Or more simply you don’t stand a chance of survival, more than for a very short time/ because you can’t go back. After crossing the point of no return.

Given these three realities of choice, and the constant that is “the universities ate your brain, closed your eyes, and made you a deaf mute tied to their fantasies”. The prophecy is: as biblically indicated/ time is short. So either you will rise up and change, investigating what it means to be wrong about reality and truth. OR, the mutilation of life will begin, and the cost of your failures will rise like a ghost that has not eaten life to horrify you soon. OR, your lies will continue until the reality of time has pasted for the ignition of a nuclear fire, by the degree of days that will then end all life on earth upon

Thursday May 6, 2021. which by biblical prophecy the countdown of days (Daniel 12) is judgment day/ end of the world

if it is to be by nuclear fire: the probability is, that you may continue in your lies until that time is hear. As a gesture of kindness, a reality of love before the end arrives. Past July 9, 2019 means: you will fail to stop them, and the fire will come.

Ghost here means: the consequence established by truth, of all the lives you sacrificed, cursed, enslaved, or ended; to create your illusions of grandeur or wealth. That reality of pain and more, that you have never known before: will invade. The consequence being your soul, that belonged to GOD/ will be given over to your chosen god “the university satan”.

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Jim Osterbur

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