It is clear, no cooperation from women will be coming to resolve the reality of what changes can occur to make human society better. Which leaves the decision to me: as all barriers to extending life on earth MUST be eliminated, so as to give the maximum potential for life to survive. Even if it is too late: hope will remain until the point of no return has in fact pasted; at which time, you are abandoned completely and forever.

NONETHELESS; the value of resurrecting even the potential for life to survive is daunting at best. The disrespect, denial of reality, disgrace of want, pride, power, hate, and all the rest is expansive/ and you have very little time to make a difference. Therefore I will deal only, with the very basic definitions of a start.

  1. Leadership is NOT, the path forward for life. You MUST accept the need to “think for yourselves”/ and make the decisions that are required of humanity as a whole, to survive: or you fail. That purpose is simple: without making your own deliberate decision to “pay this price”/ you lack commitment, and fail.
  2. Belief is NOT the path forward for life. You MUST accept your need to do better than that. Understanding whatever truth defines as the reality most in need of making this decision which confronts us all as our future: SHALL DECIDE for us. Want is evicted, reality by investigation; particularly for the consequences of being wrong; shall define the course of our actions/ and construct the validity of our reaction: NOT pride, power, or hate.
  3. We are too many people on earth to survive as we are: that does mean, somebody has to die/ or nobody else can be born. That means we will enforce forever: the truth, called population control, by all means necessary: dependent upon cost to the individual. Abortion is not birth control. But aborting the fetus in the first 40 days of conception, or thereabouts will be considered acceptable. Because reality insists.
  4. Every sustainable method of living shall be empowered and enhanced, regardless of complaint. Those methods which are not sustainable, and destroy the future for every living thing; SHALL be abandoned at the earliest possible time. Repairing what can be repair shall follow, and establish employment for many. Resources determine life, and you shall not “take theirs” anymore. A revamping/ redefinition, of human behavior shall be required. ALL Life first/ NOT, just your life.
  5. Economic realities have burdened and destroyed human society since it was began (we will take yours_)/ causing endless war, and human suffering; as well as severe environmental damage. The realities of world law SHALL govern this earth. The removal of all weapons of mass destruction SHALL be achieved throughout every nation on earth: with no exception. The law, and its policing by all nations shall move this earth forward.
  6. The human want, that lives overturning every form of right or wrong: with a vengeance that leads to every form of violence on earth: SHALL be discarded. Instead of want, you will accept life and a future are governed by truth and reality/ NOT the fantasies of university knows. Life is not a game, and neither is living it: real life moves us forward, by building a future. Rather than the cost of university fantasies which have now demanded extinction as the cost of your want. NO MORE.
  7. The human need is, that we must survive, to achieve happiness. Therefore we compete, and form alliances, and alter the earth; because people want more of everything; even if they must take it from someone else. LIMITED CAPITALISM, ends a majority of the human failures which surround us all. By stopping the destructive reality of people who own and control everything/ denying even basic living for a large population of people: we become a different world. It cannot be communism which idealizes “only the few can decide/ as is university knows”, is our nobility. Instead the value of accepting truth itself must decide is required. It cannot be socialism, unless truth aligns with a purpose greater than self. Giving rise, to the future of a world, not a society. It cannot be democracy, unless with clarity and purpose: people understand and accept. Our government is the constitution/ NOT the employee. Our purpose, and our desire as a nation or world is then determined by what has been written down, that we choose: NOT a leader.
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Jim Osterbur

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