Time, is a delicate thing/ conceived of, rather than owned. Which does mean: existence is determined by what you accept as true/ rather than what is consistent with the evidence of time itself. Truth is an indicator of thought, and thought is the destiny of participation in value.

So, I ask of value: where is the journey that lives/ and what is living, that I might value it as the essence of my soul?

The critical question: without measurements, there is no purpose in time itself. Because time is literally measured existence (I have evidence); but it is not simply identifiable as life (thought: definitions of freedom, exist in me). Without measurements, life lives by the distinction of value/ because cause must exist, to describe desire.

I then turn to desire; as the intensity to discover, a passion for living. Passion means: I am willing to accept the price, and do the work; for this choice of mine. Desire then asks why are you willing? The answer relies upon the primary distinction of value/ that is either love or hate. Consequently value is the definition of love/ or the revenge of hate; which has no construction of life; but chooses violence instead. For fools only!

I then understand, that love makes up the essence of value/ and value makes up the meaning of love. Thereby the journey of life, is to understand and construct the desire for living that is love. That defines the essence of love, as the foundation for soul. Soul being our relationship with Creation itself; as a discovery elevating truth into “our CREATOR”.

I then turn to truth as the message of life, born on the inside, that lives through the ascension of participation in all that constructs or builds the love that is in evidence throughout this earth: as a CREATOR which does love me and you. The gift of our time, then builds the foundation upon which life becomes inherently identified as accepted, or not, by the very essence of Creation itself.

Truth is not a measurement, apart from our reality as governed by time. Instead in the essence of life itself, truth defines the laws which then create our presence as a viable and true link to participation’s in the value of destiny. Destiny serves reality, by designing the discovery of love, as your own hope and heart will create it. Destiny has no identifiable purpose, other than to achieve the construction of your own love. By that love, you are then accepted or denied the desire to participate in eternity.

So the question is: if I am to live eternally/ then where would that be, and how might I live or prepare for the journey that is required of me to achieve a relationship that is not governed by time?

The answer starts: truth lives by the laws which create it/ and within the truth which then creates the laws. Or more distinctly, the foundation of truth is, an action born/ or a reaction chosen; that then becomes a commitment for the same, each time: establishes law. Thereby we understand, the journey into eternity is by law, as is born within the identity that chooses to act or react accordingly with what decision turns into truth.

I begin the search by constructing the disciplines needed to identify order. Order views the in-habitation of life, as a stepping process over and above the disciplines required to exist. Or more distinctly, the value called time, gives recognition to existence by the primary effects of measuring moments. The value called life, gives recognition as the participation in love, thereby the expression and experience of an essence beyond self/ that can achieve an identity. Without an identity, there is no source of value/ no distinction of choice as would create an individual truth. Without truth, there is no substance to your conception. Therefore truth controls the destiny of your decision.

Law builds beyond the levels of truth, which means it removes the limitations of an action or reaction; to become the essence of cause or purpose. Thereby constructing a gain in distinction that is not interdependent upon the essence of time.

Law removes time, by identifying the foundation of every action or reaction lives: as the distinction of self. Or more deliberately: where there is “law ruling the universe”/ there is life. Since we cannot rule the universe with our law; we do not own the reality of becoming eternal. Which does mean: the value of our destiny is determined by the life which does rule the universe with law.

Law and life are foundations of thought/ just as thought is the foundation of living and life itself. The difference is: law identifies the energy used to be freed from “nothing”/ while life is, the construction of that energy into something of value/ wherein thought recognizes, the essence of living is to become a value within oneself, and as a participant of this universe.

I will NOT build upon any further construction of time or life or energy: this is it.

You have your brain; if the cult did not destroy it. Consequently if you “think” even a tiny bit: the reality of extinction, which does surround us on every side.. shall then be enough, for you to act or react in whatever way you can to make a difference. To fight for this world, as best you can/ BEFORE IT DIES.

In consideration of that reality: this is provided as a means of conversation, to disrupt the fools of university, who have now become “satan”. Because what they chose to do; is end this world. Even if they refuse to admit it/ that has been their choice.

You are NOT asked to believe in anything here/ belief is about want; and that is inappropriate. Instead the investigation of evidence, the construction of an alternate view, and the substance of value that is inconsistent with your leadership; should give rise to assembling the questions that must be asked to save this world.

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Jim Osterbur

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