If you only had a brain; we could talk. But you don’t want that, so we can’t. Instead of searching for life as is “I do desire the elevation humanity calls thought (brain)”/ the reality is humanity wants what it wants, and the cost of consequences matters not one tiny little bit; unless it affects me right now (no brain). ONLY when the reality of failure begins to make you fear; can humanity find anything related to a brain; as the universities stole it; and then replaced it with their cult. Just believe in us, memorize what we say: as we are so smart “you should just call us gods”.

Yet here we are facing extinction, even though you don’t know it; because you have no brain/ and the universities are not telling; because they want to play god, more than they want life itself, or a planet, or their own child. All of that is sacrificed: so they can play god with life, and earth, and everything. They are proven to be gods of death, for this entire planet; religion calls that satan. It is more plainly, an arrogance so extreme, and so beyond insane; that there are no other human words to describe it: so “satan it is”.

Why don’t you know? Because the universities are your savior, your literal gods; a true sign of a cult: memorize what we say/ and never question your leaders. The vast majority do, and that includes everyone bow down to the “generals”. The military has worshiped this idea for millennia; and continue trying with the constant propaganda currently the worst example being the marines; and their tv contribution: “fight and never surrender or think”/ just do what you are told, regardless of the cost; because you’re tough.

So, let’s begin with why, it is to your detriment: to surrender your life, to someone else who says they will guide you to what you want/ and make your life easy, so you don’t have to worry anymore?

Sounds good to most; does it not? Lots of people fall in; even though they will never admit to it/ unless they are packed into a herd.

BUT, WHAT is wrong with that; since so many people struggle to make their lives happy, or even just to survive; and commonly fail to be what they want their lives to be. So why not be religious, and “blame god” for whatever might go wrong/ at least then its not your fault. Everything can be blamed on “god”.

So, let’s review:

  1. your universities are not GOD; which means they cannot conceive of, nor do they know anything about the intricate lacing of life and planet. They have proven beyond the slightest doubt, to be absolutely inferior in all categories of life and planet; to even a child. As the youngest children know better than to mutilate all of nature: END OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, AS IS NATURE IN CHAOS/ throw away every resource the future requires: END OF EVERY CHILD, EVERYTHING WITH HORROR/ or attempt to bring the same fire here as is on the sun; because even if you ignite it. There is no possibility to extinguish that fire, unless it extinguishes itself. And their theories on how the energy is released from the sun: are a complete fantasy or fraud. As is easily proven, and has been so. END OF THE WORLD/ BOTH LIFE AND PLANET, BURNED ALIVE. Is the literal cost of being WRONG; and they could not be more wrong. So you gave your heart and soul; to your own chosen predator/ and even far worse than that. A liar without mercy, a traitor without values, a murderer of life itself; so utterly insane, these want to destroy the entire planet to insure none will escape.
  2. So they took all your money, and they spent all your resources: to build their toys. Trillions spent on space (humanity gets one penny back). Trillions spent on “fusion”, a lie that can never succeed (just the radiation proves that so); the public gets nothing back, but extinction. Trillions spent on weapons of mass destruction (public gets to die, or fear until gone). Trillions spent on mutilating genetic life which is nature; for the singular purpose of injecting chaos into nature itself. While promising “we will dry every tear”/ and they will as you will soon be extinct. Trillions spent to indoctrinate the children into their cult, and steal their lives. Trillions spent to determine and control the outcome of elections and the direction of society. Trillions spent on propaganda to control society and the courts; and to get anything the universities want. And the public gets a penny in return.
  3. Nothing left for infrastructure. Nothing left of democracy or justice beyond what you are told the universities will allow. Nothing left of freedom, as the university diploma now controls all business, industry, education, government, media, and even the slavery (throw these away) of fighting to sustain yourselves: so you need their bribes. Which are intentional and deliberate in building an army to keep reality and truth away.
  4. Unlike nature which wastes nothing/ and uses everything to diversify life into all its endless possibilities. The universities are famous for ending all accountability, and have propagated endlessly: THROW IT ALL AWAY (keep the factories running; its great, its your duty, give them [now robots] a job)/ AND DISCARD DIVERSITY, because it is easier to control “just one kind”. So integrate humanity as well, and destroy the values, and the separations, that keep us alive. The realities that protect us all from extinction by “this disease cannot get us all”. Because we are diverse, and separated from each other by distinct variations of the same.
  5. The deliberate curse of all mankind: is the altering of the food supplies, poisoning of land and water supplies, the containment of livestock, sterilization of plants, destruction of ocean life, altering the planet with global warming, over consumption of oxygen by human fire, destruction of forest and all habitat, ending in extinction of endless species of life. And so much more; that our chances of survival even with dramatic change are minimal.
  6. The destruction of life itself, by overpopulation of humanity; cannot be overstated. A reality put into place by university realization (an accident) that there are things which can be used as “antibiotic”. The rise of criminal extortion (the greatest syndication of plain crime and racketeering this world has ever seen) through healthcare. A reality of consequence that includes increased production of food supplies. Both of which sound like great advances to our lives; and would be, if the consequences were not so grim. That includes those who would “save all the children” without including: with this care/ there shall be permanent contraception. Because anything less is death to our world. The reality extends to “the super-diseases” and other biological nightmares; now threatening far worse, than humanity has ever known before. And the public got 2 pennies, because they wanted one.
  7. Not to worry, because extreme experimentation has extreme consequences; and the universities are never going to admit they aren’t gods. Because after all: they are just a few common people, who may or may not have written a book. But who did go to “high school with you”; which obviously proved they were gods to come. Obviously proving that two or three of them should be allowed to gamble with all life, or even try to ignite the planet itself on fire. HELL, what could go wrong? And everybody knows: you got to bow down to the book. Cause the book is god. And all the people say: “yes we will”.


  1. By the way: the reason you are experiencing some cold even during global warming is convection (actions initiated due to temperature differences). On a global scale; increasing the heat of the planet presents a greater volume of heated air which takes up more room. The change from warm weather to cold weather, causing the atmosphere to push into the warm air pushing it up into or near the jet stream; which then accelerates it. That fundamental flow draws more air into its stream (concentrated by human activities); which brings in cold air; thereby taking it away from the poles. Or more distinctly all the heat that you release is drawing more air, bringing along with that cold; from off the polar regions; so they don’t freeze as hard. Thereby making them warmer (easier to melt): to moderate the temperature in summer, and you colder in winter because you are taking the cold from where it belongs to moderate what you have done. But not to worry: like a glass of water without ice in the summer/ soon there will be no end to the cost and consequences of your heat. Congratulations “you built hell”; because the cycle of moderating temperatures on earth (ice is planetary air conditioning); will soon fail.
    But hey; AIN’T NOBODY, going to give up their air conditioning, or drive cars less; and besides with the oxygen concentration of our upper atmosphere decreasing: we won’t be able to breathe anyway. So who the hell cares; RIGHT! And with deforestation; the atmosphere will soon disconnect from the planet surface; and give us one hundred mile per hour winds on its way to roughly 700 mph +. then there is the end of ocean life coming because of all humanity does; and over a billion people will be starving immediately. But not to worry “your saviors; weapons of mass destruction” will save the day; RIGHT. WELL SHIT, & damn the universities are so smart; if only they had started earlier: RIGHT! And of course, lest we forget: there is the extra special gift of universities in charge, that has become taxation without reality; as is consistent with the word called slavery. Not only is all inflation hidden in the fraud of asset creation/ and debts don’t matter. The reality of taxation is: lets say 28% for federal 15% for social security which no longer has a basis in fact or reality, another 12% or so for state another 10% for city sales tax another 10% for real estate taxes (you pay it even if you rent): EQUALS 75% and then come all the miscellaneous taxes, hidden throughout society. Then there is the bank: 3% or more for using a debit card; on every purchase. The hospital tax: don’t worry let the “government pay”. And all the people who get to spend whatever they want, for anything they want: because to inject 9 trillion dollars a year into the economy, requires some “Laundry finesse”: like making wall street rich, on fantasies.
    But not to worry, just use your numbers. Well, at least we are the “most incarcerated people in America throughout the civilized world”/ now that is something to cheer about, isn’t it? Not to worry, one trillion dollars is equal to “Just”: ten thousand dollars per each and every one hundred million citizens. So its not like you owe “everything”.And don’t forget; that federal debt is just the amount of money they spent over the taxation they collected. National debt is an entirely different reality based fantasy, and it encompasses personal, business, and more. Even outlining that Fort Knox was emptied out: “by President Reagan”. Aren’t we lucky, those extra special people with a university diploma have been running our lives, and our nation: spilling toxic chemicals everywhere, just to keep the hospitals running, with your cancers. All bow down now; “cause they are so smart”. Hell, reality is for fools; just so long as you have media, to lead the population the other way/ hide reality/ and use “experts” to destroy the truth with lies.The critical question: if you are a child; if you are not old; what do you have to lose, when the future, the money, planet, your democracy, and even nature itself has all been destroyed; because the elders wanted more. Well, who cares, right! Or, is it what can you do? The answer is: every single law is decided by a few politicians, and whatever they want. The answer is: EVERY SINGLE LAW IN DEMOCRACY, should be determined by a true informed, citizen vote; and then our employees will in fact be forced to accept our will in fact proven: by we the people.The courts knew, in case after case; about various crimes and realities of corruption and threat. The politicians knew at various levels. The media knew I told them. Wall street knew, I told them. People knew, but absolutely did not want to know. The US supreme court knew, as trial stood on their doorstep: and since I told them politely of the 7th appellate court in Chicago, utterly falsifying, and lying; using religion in a case that had no religion/ using fraud to remove a trial. The US supreme court threw me out by claiming that “was enough to discard the trial”. But then they repeated it in the next two docketed cases 08-1339 & 11-100 which were thrown out by the secretary of the court (an illegal act); and the next US supreme court case presented they were waiting; and the secretary of the court; insured none were going to be docketed again. Even though each presented a clear and certain LAW OF DEMOCRACY being violated, that must be corrected by the court. But alas, power is power/ and corruption is corruption: they walk hand in hand. And that collusion, to discard constitutional law; is rampant throughout every level of court in this USA and this state of IL. Oh, and for clarity; we should not forget the rest. Whereas, the US IRS could not stay within the law, and claimed a loophole that allowed them to double the maximum interest against me, plus a penalty of 38000 if I remember correctly; while stealing a 8500 truck; by refusing to give me the same deduction as everyone else. The lower court fined me, after initiating an appeal; nearly one thousand dollars for a stop sign “one mile per hour” not a complete stop. Which then the IL appellate court attempted to charge $200 just to electronically transfer the case; which I refused to pay; as its Just hit the damn key. The cause of that case; removed to “IT IS, cruel and unusual punishment” to charge the same monetary fine: to a man who makes less than poverty wages/ as they do to a man who makes a billion dollars. IT AIN’T THE SAME PUNISHMENT. And that makes it a complete and intentional INJUSTICE. AND there is more.Which brings us to the reality: no resolution of the problems we face will be resolved by expecting those in powerful positions to help. They will not, because they want what they want too; and corruption has exceeded the depth so they can breathe; and are drowning as a result. We the people must save ourselves; or it won’t be done. Simple and plain as that is true.BY THE WAY; ever wander why those tax forms are “too damn complicated”? any review of the reality conforms with:  IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE AN INTENTIONAL RAT MAZE; deliberately designed to confuse and misdirect: so you don’t know what you are doing/ and then you can’t ask questions of the IRS. Or more simply, they intentionally make you the experiment; just like a rat in a maze. Cause you know, “we are too damn stupid” to figure it out, and complain.AND IF YOU make a mistake, that gives them both legal power over you/ and more money to demand from you/ and threats to “keep you in your place”.While it is true, that during the forty plus years that I have fought with you in various ways. Only the first three or four were dedicated to presenting direct evidence: you absolutely refused. And it became critically clear, that presenting evidence of threat was completely useless. So, I began the long search into solutions, rather than threats/ the reality of defeating the universities theory, instead of letting them have the last say/ defeating religion and the religious, with all their excuses/ defending in court, to establish our legal rights/ and dealing with the truth, I was entirely unwilling to present any information that could simply increase the catastrophe of your university ways. Finding male without a solution, after a ten year search (this is the best they can do); the only solution left was to ask female. That turned out to be a surprise with long standing consequences. Even so, she reminded me: holding out on information that could make a difference. Would be worthless information after this earth and its life was lost. So a change was made/ and with the 9/11 attack, a new effort began: because you were not comfortable in your ignorance anymore. Still utterly dissolved in greed; so life comes down to whether your children can recognize: they are doomed without change/ because that, “is what you chose for them”. But they are “just like you”/ and the possibilities only exist: because the evidence is beginning to swarm in their heads. That this is in fact, “life or death” for our world. Make your decision: investigate and prove what is true/ and what are the consequences for being wrong. OR, simply be blind, deaf, and dumb; aligning yourselves with the fantasy “reality does not matter”/ as is the constant of wall street, and much more. It is YOUR choice/ but there is no going back in time. No mercy, and no let’s do this over coming. I tell you all that: to insure you know, “whatever comes of this work/ or does not come of this work”: is entirely YOUR FAULT. Or, if you accept the demand CHANGE; then it is entirely your responsibility to make that happen: BECAUSE I DID DO MY JOB. YOU HAVE, or you had; “your chance”! And no, “I ain’t perfect”/ but neither are you. Yes there was twenty years or so of “they MUST think differently; and recognize the universities are not god”; so it became remember “life, is more than a rule, or expectation”. Think, rather than memorize. Learn rather than believe. Accept the reality of our search for life, is not consistent “with a herd”. The difference between us is: “you never even tried”; because life was not as important as your want.I give you a plain warning: stay away from clinical trials, for medicine and the like; that entire industry is plagued with liars, failures, and frauds. And they just want to experiment with you, by playing god with your genetics. You get nothing, but consequences; because they are long past “what is simple and plain”/ so they don’t have a clue. Think not? Then investigate the reality of heart disease in women; a media demand “help save us all”/ when in fact, there is almost NO HEART DISEASE in women; and the vast majority of those declared dead from it: SHOULD BE DECLARED DEAD BECAUSE OF OLD AGE instead. Nothing is shown to you about the crucifixion (try to survive that) of life, being driven by every and any excuse the universities, and their industries can find: to not only play with life, but subject it to genetic mutilation; just to see what happens next. In fact subjecting this whole planet to genetic mutilation, because anything that survives; is instantly taken outside to infect the whole world with “man is god now”. To their absolute shame.You can tell its “the university zombie (we don’t have a brain) elite, that designs the curse”; because according to their religion which is evolution. “chaos is the great creator of life”. They have no brain: because truth demands, out of chaos, nothing is built. Instead all things complex, are reduced to its most elemental form. So as they inject their biological chaos to “make you better”/ what they are really doing, is worshiping their god; and injecting chaos (can the body survive) into your life.
  2. My version of smart is: “you can never take back the things you did do/ and you can never take back the things you didn’t do; because reality is reality, and all truth depends upon what that reality is. The truth designed by your life, is your decision.” Ultimately that means: while behaviors guide us into the environments we share with each other/ the realities of our choice define the question of our commitment to life as is love/ or to death, as is hate. Because everything left in-between these two choices; is an escape, a want, or a need we cannot avoid. Love lifts our hearts to become engaged with soul. Hate causes the descent, that will become the imprisonment of your life into self/ and there is no escape; once you close that door. Once inside, hate will finish the decision you made: to force life, to declare NOW YOU know I am alive/ even though that is no longer true. You, are merely time unleashed to become death. Death his without value, other than proving the difference “between night and day”.
  3. THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES FIRST; understand them as well as you can/ and then make a decision that will influence your life, based upon what you desire most. Because once you make the wrong commitment, open the wrong door; it can be too late to change the outcome, and your life will suffer. The value of your journey through time is defined by your desire, but directed by your actions, and is determined by the relationship you do share with your environment. To search for GOD is to accept, that miracles cannot be explained in any other way; and that is the truth! To throw your life away to want; is to discard life and disrespect the truth of it: thereby a different direction than “to GOD”. Without respect, there is no true relationship; simple as that. Without love, there is no true happiness or hope; because it is a value beyond all others. NEVER judge, let the law if it must. Because if you judge someone “any life”/ you will open the door, to hate; and that is a trap.Wisdom is, an elemental truth cannot be disobeyed, without severe consequences; because life has determined that this is so. Ultimately that reality describes a state of existence, that is your own environment; because nature built you that way. To assume an alternate experience could be obtained is errant and wrong: we are, what we are: because it was not our choice to make. Into that construction of truth, my own reality sits upon the spiritual distinction, what is decided by life, beyond time/ is also not my decision to make. So the question is: can the spiritual world alter our own existence? Wisdom dictates: it is never wise to decide or describe what the spiritual world can or cannot do; “who am I to say”. It is far more simple to understand: life is a destiny, and it is ultimately our own desires that form its expression. My desire was to identify a choice for life, beyond the extinction provided by “university knows, a cult without a brain”. That choice led me into the spiritual world; as a last resort to construct an alternate solution to the reality of what humanity has done. That choice led me into the spiritual world of female; even though I was “strictly male”. Man had no solutions; because this is, “the best men did do”. The consequence of that decision, is an altered experience of life and living; and I am still adjusting to my new reality. Therefrom I can examine one part of “what the spiritual world can do”: which is, if you enter therein, where life or death surrounds you, by your own truth. The consequence of “opening any door; to discover the truth behind it”/ can in fact, change your whole existence in time. IF you are allowed to return, to the body called home: the consequence is “she came with me”: although the reality if far more complex than that, in so many ways, I would not even attempt to describe. “she is both here in me/ and not here”. I am both there in spirit/ but here as male. We are both alive in the same existence, and yet separate in so many ways. She now rules this life; the consequence being, I will learn what it means to be female: as realistically as possible. The critical cause: woman is angry with man; because he does not care enough/ even though that was never me. ITS COMPLICATED! It is not clear to me, “what am I suppose to do about that”? Or, for that matter, “what is she going to do about that”? Although I strongly suspect, I am going to find out! Truth is truth, and it does not play; it is, what it is.
    And it is also true, that distinct moments prove:  “participation exists from the spiritual world to mine”; even before this time in life. It was never my desire to “change male”/ but it has always been my decision to: save this world from extinction, by establishing the message, “this world of  life is going to die forever, if you don’t change yourselves”. The evidence will prove that to be a fact; because you as humanity itself; are the problem. My truth is, that I chose to fight with law, and accept the price of peace and harmony, requires my own changing. A desire with the hope of happiness and respect; through the disciplines of love: a consequence, that would change you, just like it has changed me. From fighting with you, to accepting I did do, “the best I could do”/ even if it was far from perfect. We both know, I could never be “your savior”; so we both know, I don’t have to be perfect to deliver this message. Nor do you, in delivering your own.

    In contrast to wisdom and life: there is the death march of university, and its descent into playing god, with absolute arrogance and disrespect. Nothing is more destitute of knowledge, wisdom, or understanding; than to genetically mutilate all of nature [which largely is DNA]. Nothing is more destitute of wisdom, than to attempt and demand; “we will ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun”. If a worm could talk, even it would know better. Nothing is more destitute of understanding; than to destroy every resource on this planet, so that life cannot remain; even if humanity changed. Making the final definition of those who intentionally do those things and more: nothing more or less than “Satan on earth”. Religious or not, it literally does fit! And for that matter, every tragic prophecy predicted by the bible has proven evidence; this will be coming very soon. Belief is useless/ reality will decide what is true. Your gods of university; have proven then to be “a catastrophe”/ because you did not question them once. Not to worry though: since their weapons of mass destruction are “your saviors”/ what, could possibly go wrong? Answer the question!

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