While it is true, that predator and prey; are the basic elements producing order, discipline, and balance; while refining the basic dimensions of where you belong in this environment. It is also true, that without that intensity by design; freedom overruns its boundaries and truth by the terms of reality are lost on the inhabitants of earth. Which means, they become lost in the frenzy of a life which cannot survive. Only truth survives, and without discipline/ order/ and balance there is no substantive, “real life truth”, to rely upon. Therefore although life particularly as an animal does not like the relationship of predator and prey; it is a necessary participant in keeping this world alive. Humanity without the blessing of thought, conceived by love, and held within the values of truth, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding; will fail, to become animals. As has been the reality of so much history, with men in charge (we war). What women would in fact have done, has no basis in evidence to be certain of their impact, if given the freedom to lead. Leadership requires thought to sustain the environmental truth that is: we must design our future. Thought has no boundary between male and female; which means gender does not matter/ even though it is a very different environment. So the question is; what impact would that gender environment change?

In this particular time of history, the freedom to decide regardless of gender has been thrown away; to reveal the endless damage of university diplomas’ that come complete “without a brain, must be born; insane”. Unfortunately, that limits and changes all freedoms which have brought us to the point of extinction; into a reality of discipline, balance, and order are now all that matters: IF LOVE still exists. As is was in JESUS time, when the male impact of war/ and the frenzied impacts of freedom or leadership without a brain add up to catastrophe coming: the value of life must be raised as a sign of what will be lost, IF YOU DON’T accept reality is not a game, and neither is life, or sex, or anything other than failure itself. Failure is a game, and it comes complete with the fantasies which assume, you can become god; by changing something. You can’t, unless its god of death.

RESPECT, is the first sign of life, beyond insanity; every living thing has respect, apart from the human animal; it believes in power. Because too much power, even in the animal world lets the pride of nothing can touch me; arise to block out the truth: you are merely dust, and water; with the touch of life inside. The failure to retain respect, is the first sign of hatred or death.

Love is, the first sign of value inside as it raises from the destiny of “dirt and water” to become, the essence of life, with value. The impact of that change, from merely time; to the impact of what eternity can become. Is mind altering; and we learn to share the blessing of freedom, with the element called thought. Rising therein with substance, into the environmental reign of what life itself can be.

We begin: with life is not a reality chained into time. Instead life is at its core essence, the relationship we share with energy and thought; which then conceives of love, as a value earned for the sake of eternity. Without love, there is no core purpose in life or living; it is only as time proves, “the war men worship”. Something to do, which proves I am a life (value)/ because you are now dead (worthless). How little and discarded,or disgraced is the impact of that? Yes men changed their world; they became “god of death in time”. And to prove that power, they alter environment as well; by destruction everywhere. Nothing ever conceived by men, has become more destructive, than a university education. But then without their followers, and worshipers, and believers; what could these do? Answer: very little, because they each know, only one tiny little thing.

The critical question then becomes: is life or war your truth?

Because life will not survive without truth, and truth cannot be found when covered over by failure, lies, fantasy, delusions, insanity, manipulation, corruption, and ALL THAT UNIVERSITY does do in order to hide what they do not know; or do not want you to know. So an investigation is required to uncover what is hidden and intentionally at war with life itself; an impact of fools, that may or may not ever; be undone. Because you are a cult wanting to play or pretend; to be god for yourselves.

War on the other side is: an endless destruction of all things important to our existence/ it has no real mercy, and it has no real thought, it is completely without love/ and its only human value is the removal of competition by death or destruction of the body itself. Which no longer works; because university unleashed the human population bomb; and there are not enough bullets in the world to change that. You will fail; and weapons of mass destruction will fall.

JESUS is remembered: AS THE VALUE PROVEN BY LIFE TO EXIST. The essence of love, respect, truth, discipline, dignity, balance, hope, happiness (life is more than time), order, and simply all things of grace as is the essence of life itself. Grace being the elegant decision, that turns time into a world of existence.

The universities are turning that existence into chaos; because their god is evolution. The assertion that “we built ourselves out of chaos/ with just one tiny piece of change, by destruction, at a time”. Nothing could be less true; until we look inside the world of university; and find them intentionally trying to kill life itself/ intentionally trying to destroy every resource so life will die/ intentionally trying to ignite atoms on fire; to destroy this very planet and end even the memory of this earth; by consuming it entirely. And you call them “gods”/ and give them money/ and never question a single thing; because you are a cult, and cults don’t think. Even a worm knows: without every part and piece and resource you need to survive/ there will be no life. Which means without question or doubt: THERE CANNOT BE, a life built one piece at a time. You need it all/ or you die. Making this people and this time on earth and this world: the most stupid and vile that ever lived from the beginning. Congratulations “you won”.

You earned the right to consume yourselves, because of damage done.


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