The realities of government, and its impact on society; a pointless demonstration of facts, because you are so GREEDY and WITHOUT honor; that a voice of reality or truth cannot enter in. That literally has to wait outside, until you open the door to your heart; if ever. To your shame. Nonetheless, I gave my life to the battle of keeping this earth alive; and until the final moment when all the destruction you chose falls upon you without mercy. “I leave the door for life to survive open, with just a tiny bit left”; before it closes forever. To your shame.

So, we begin; with the elements that matter.

  1. The critical reality is, humanity is an animal; and without rules of behavior, the herd does not survive. Which does mean: when similar but alternate segments of a subspecies gains access to the main herd/ that difference in behavior, is a trap; that gets the herd killed. Because they no longer act as one life, one mind, one purpose to sustain each other by becoming so large an organism it is impossible for the predator to attack; unless that life is damaged by age or other. The curse of life on earth is: that humanity fails to be human, and likes to be, animal better.
  2. We then establish, that some “try (if its not too expensive)”; to be human. Their search is to religion, and while religion used to be dedicated to a book/ today’s version of religion is a university (so they believe in many books, instead of a few). The trouble with books is, they are written by humanity; in a human language; with human interpretations; with human purposes. And do not consist of the reality; but just the intent “this is our god”. But as all animals know, and religions prove with their own consistent purpose: YOU CAN, believe anything you want. Nonetheless the reality of religion is a step above, “strictly animal” with a dash of human.
  3. The vital element of government is: that human animals when faced with any form of disaster because of what they chose; instantly turn on each other, to demand “if one of us is going to die/ its going to be you”. But this turns out to become a pack of predators (an army)/ and now the herd to be attacked needs to be an organism big enough: to keep that predator away. And of course those subspecies which have integrated the herd cannot be trusted not to get us all killed; so there are consequences, and a mob arises to insure, “we AIN’T going to die/ just because of you”. Even if you aren’t a threat/ you could be; and that, “is all that matters”. As is true of EVERY species of creature on earth; there are subspecies; “creatures almost the same, but with different characteristics; to keep the competition down, and separate them into distinct groups”. Thereby enhancing diversity, and filling the earth. Or, functionally and fundamentally equal but different.
  4. The final phase of humanity government is: if we let them all attack every resource/ then we all will die; because what we need to survive: IS IN THEM RESOURCES! So we do have to regulate, who can and cannot be allowed to decide what is fair. And that is the fundamental of all government, other than primary protection against the predator.

With these elements, as are known by every society; if they admit to being animals. Of course the new religion of university has taught all of humanity that they are animals, and are expected to act like animals, and should never attempt to be anything but animals; and thus discard all other religions in favor of believing that the university is their god. And they must as all religions do: believe whatever they are told/ NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED, “just believe”. And all the people say, “yes we can”. That is of course the governments in existence today, with all the corruption, conspiracy, collusion, and betrayal that a mixture of predator and prey can provide.

WE THEN ASK: if humanity rose above the level of an animal, and searched for life beyond the delusions of believing anything you want to believe: WHAT, would governments that live with the values and honor of a “human being ALIVE” (not an animal), look like?

We then search for the elements of that, and construct the following. Government FOLLOWS, the building of a life with truth and value/ not the other way around. Animals have no government/ only rules, and predators or prey: which does mean life or death/ as it cannot be more, so death does demand.

  1. To be alive, you must have heart and soul. You must respect the values of truth and reality. You must build the future that you choose, by understanding the decisions you are making have consequences. And you must fight against all the things you want to believe, but are not critically true. The test of critical is ENOUGH evidence to convict; or judgment cannot be achieved. Which does mean, you should be wary, and even investigate to be sure, if aroused; but that is all. This is acceptance of the decision, to be alive; and not, “just life” (which is a very big deal at all levels of existence in everything).
  2. Truth comes next, the decision: to participate, rather than blindly follow as a herd, or do what you are told as a predator. Participation means: I will decide, rather than we will decide. Because participation, as a human being: is the recognition of individual contributions/ not uniformity as is being a fan, or fanatically worshiping the flag or anything else. Truth isolates the value of your heart, and the journey begins, to search for the purpose, by desire which makes life worth living. That is a decision determined by honor, which is the seed of love; or its enemy called hate.
  3. Reality comes next. WHAT CAN OUR CHOICES BE? Unlike the religion of university; fantasies and stories without a basis in truth, will NOT keep you alive, or even let you live, or become anything but an abyss, creating HELL. Therefore we know, that all lies are contrary to our survival/ just as all fantasies and delusions are from the failed brain of those who cannot survive. Simply WE MUST CHOOSE REALITY OR NOT; and in that choice, our future becomes the decision that we made. Because the human animal population has escaped its boundaries, to become the extinction of everything: your decision to be animals, rather than humans has come true.
  4. HEART lives or dies in the decision to love or hate; as every real life choice other than forced survival, is either literally one or the other. Those who hate are dead. Those who love have ascended into the first stages of life and being alive. Those who are in the middle which constitutes the vast majority all proclaim: “I WANT IT ALL”/ both love and hate. But alas, love and hate are complete opposites and cannot live together; so one or the other must become your life. Fail to choose, and eternity will fail for you. Ultimately in terms of government; the values of love create society/ and the decision to hate destroys society, by building armies and all the corruption, etc; that can result. It is your choice; which means all forms of government comes down to the individual people who live in that society.
  5. SOUL is the elevation of heart, by the steps of love, that create the honor of being alive in both spirit and life identified through the values we desire to be “our world”. In other words, in terms of human as designed government; the deliberate purpose of constructing a relationship of absolute respect for life and living becomes our shared goal. Because we the people chose to care. Which then does require hatred to be separated out; or the values to be desired can never be completed.
  6. We then examine CRITICAL to the essence of life and living alive! Asking simply: WHERE are the elements which keep us alive and happy, even allowing the freedoms to explore and define what life itself really means? The answer to that is as follows:
    1. we must have realistic resources to survive. Therefore we protect them, and remember the future has needs too.
    2. We must share those resources, so that all can achieve their own degree of happiness; and therefrom accept friendship is better than “more possessions”.
    3. We must care about life, and respect its boundaries for our own safety and securities; asking only for the values that do make us feel and accept, “that we are alive, for love”.
    4. We must isolate and refuse hate to live with us; because these will always be tearing down anything to do with peace and harmony; as an enemy.
    5. We must identify laws which grant individual rights to be free as best we can/ but also demand, that we the people have rights too; and you cannot destroy or damage our lives, just because you are free.
    6. We must protect our laws, that we the people make to govern ourselves: by overseeing the courts, and removing any judge or lawyer or policing or politician that does not put justice and fair play must win. Or life and living, becomes a battleground.
    7. We must accept, that value is tied to love, and love is tied to the destiny we desire to achieve as one people, in this one world: by understanding, it is not armies that protect us all/ but laws that are fair and just and enforced by those who do represent us all, and themselves too.

These are the basic tenants of life with peace. To achieve harmony, as it is with marriage: the fundamental is, the more alike you are, sharing similar desires for a future; the greater the journey you will each participate in. So long as you do respect each other honestly. In contrast to that is: opposites do attract, because you fill the void in my life, that I cannot fill for myself. That is true of male and female/ but It is also true of a life that feels empty inside; and is truly searching for someone who can enter and live with me. That is not limited to “same”/ but you should know, the journey cannot go as far; because you can never be “everything I need you to be”.

In the form of governments, those descriptions identify the truth; that together as the same people searching for the same future/ we will do well together as one. Yet in contrast to that; are the differences that expand our world, and create the possibilities which are more than we can create for ourselves; “because these are different”. Yet it is true: too much difference, and everything falls apart, because none of us is building together/ and everyone is competing for more, as is the constant of selfishness. A blanket referral, to we cannot live this way for long.

So then we enter into the decision stage of our own existence on this planet at this time. SURROUNDED BY THREATS OF OUR OWN EXTINCTION AS HUMAN ANIMALS HAVE CREATED BY THEIR CHOICES. We now exist on the edge of their abyss, and must defend ourselves from the chaos they intended to create. That fact of existence by the evidence shows: there are many among us, who in fact hate us/ and want us dead, even as a world.

The critical test of life or death is then: can you identify anger from hate? Can you identify value from greed? Can you create respect, from endless selfish want? Can you destroy the pride that makes you insane, and willing to believe even the most outlandish insanity this world has ever seen: as is “lets bring the same fire here as is on the sun”/ or let’s play god, and mutilate all of nature; “just to see what we can get”: by throwing it into CHAOS. AND so much more, as to prove, you have nothing left of life, but life; and that too, will soon be gone for this entire world. IF YOU DON’T CHANGE IMMEDIATELY. Because past the point of no return, you have no choices left.

Power rises like a ravenous sewer rat, who lives in the garbage dump of corrupted government. And it always will, because the vast majority of people believe they want to be god. So you must beat them back down into a human being again. The failure of society to protect all its citizens/ is the failure to protect yourselves, because power will always want more.

Pride is an enemy; because it makes life a game/ and every game must have a winner and a loser, or it is not “fun”. But alas, like gambling: there are consequences beyond the game.

Want is the enemy of life itself, as the foundation of every lie known to exist. Without want (or don’t want), there is no cause to lie.want is”: the realization whether true or false, that you cannot have “something” unless you manipulate, tempt, lie, etcetera.

Greed like selfishness simply means: I WANT, “yours too”.

Those are, the four biggest failures of society.

LUST; the demand to use or abuse your body for my purposes; discarding your life, for my “pleasure or purpose”; is an outright failure of respect. No respect means no relationship exists.

Bigotry; the demand for a mob to remove this “disease of humanity” from our lives: because I want MORE. Identifies, when followed; that this society is a herd of prey (animals), willing to be led by predators. And that always ends badly for the prey, as well as the victims.

Religion is at its source; the simple demand “that I want more, of what I want/ and to get it, I am willing to believe whatever I want is true”; if I follow a few rules. While religion exists because those rules allow both society and people to do a little better with their lives. It still comes down to: “I want more, for me”; and that is only slightly better than the other animals who surround you. This is the basic cause of why, there are endless variations in religion: because want IS, the basis of every lie. Whereas truth itself, leads to life, and the miracles which sustain “a living”.

Government corrupts itself, because in the end it is just the laws we make to enforce the society we intend to have; by employees who must deal with people who are not functionally or fundamentally fair most of the time. So they quit trying, and let themselves be swept away in the flood.

Universities are the desire of humanity to increase what we can get, by discovering the details which keep us from what we want. Unfortunately that also opens the door to extinction; and we are all but passed through to our own chaos from what we have done, as humanity on earth.

These are the major failures of far too many individuals.

The quest for a life that is free of human predators, relies upon the destination we choose to accept as our own honest desire. Or more distinctly: it is the common practice of humanity, to believe time is all they have, and therefore whatever they get or do not get to possess, in time; is or is not the summation of their lives. Which is animal. Oddly enough, the greatest liar that can ever enter your life; is yourself. What you want controls that self, and the depth of your pride lets the lie become true to you. Creating the passions and the purposes of hate. To the religious, that does literally make “satan in your life; or not” a decision that you will make.

The alternate view of life is: that everything we see, experience, or express is based entirely upon the miracles which have surrounded us all with the evidence of “something greater” than are we existed here, to give us these gifts, and this world to practice our own freedom of decision in. In that reality, we do begin to conceptualize the value of our relationship to these miracles, and form the beginnings of thought. To describe our purpose and desire here, should be “to match that love, or at least begin the journey into that love” which gave us life. This is the distinction of identity, and it translates our own truth into the conception that is “I AM ALIVE”. True Destiny, starts here.

Whether you participate with your love, or you participate with your want; determines the identity of your life. The variations of those two decide desire: the essence of life or death. The consequence of hate, will dig your grave; and if you won’t stop digging, you will find yourself among “the living dead”. Such are the realities of being human, and the cost of time.

DESIRE is the meaning accepted within the depths of our hope, to assemble and create the values which become “our joy, in being alive”. The difference between desire and want; is then profound.

The biggest single lesson of government is: that you must separate it from the people involved, in all aspects/ and return it to the reality of society as a decision we made (at least in democracy). That decision is a constitution or contract among the people: that this is “what unites us as a common purpose for our society, by laws we want to create to protect us all”. In that contract, and its two associated documents “bill of rights and declaration of independence”; the meaning and the purpose of “our intent” becomes realistically clear. Every employee with power, is required to give their oath of sworn allegiance to that intent. Every citizen with freedoms provided by that intent is sworn to accept: we cannot protect ourselves/ unless we honor and protect each other through the constitution which controls our laws. Thereby accepting the realities of both life and society as are chosen by law. When that law is corrupted, it is our duty to not only protest: but demand the legal first amendment guaranteed right to petition our government for redress of grievances. Our government is the constitution/ and it is the constitution itself that decides if we have a right to proceed: and determine if our employees have failed in their oath, to obtain the job they asked to do. It is a job/ not a right. It is a purpose of society to establish the value of justice through fair play, by selecting those who agree: to insure our intent for this society is pure enough, to be honored by law. Having failed that, our government has failed: and we the people must then address and prove our concerns for our own society, and our own independent lives; by commanding the employees of this nation. Shall in fact be tried in public open court, with all eyes watching: to determine if, the value of their work, was realistic to the job they asked to do; for the sake of our nation, and even our world. We the people, by constitutional decree, through first amendment redress of grievances: are then judge and jury of that trial, and shall by vote determine to the best of our ability; what is fair/ what is justice/ and what shall be the outcome of our law, as owners in this land. With this caveat: it is the universities that have invaded life and nation; and it has been their purpose by changing laws, elections, governments, education, media, courtrooms, and more: to EVICT THE CONSTITUTION from the courtroom/ and from our lives. As has been proven in case after case by James Frank Osterbur; over “decades”. Bringing to bear the demand: we must not only fight for our nation, but for our world, our nature, our future, every child, every ocean, and so much more. Because failure is behind every single door in what was suppose to be: a value/ rather than the extinction, by horrendous fantasy; against us all! The legal right to KNOW, and to use the law, and its constitution, to protect ourselves: is without flaw!

My entire summation for forty+ years of work is: that throughout nature, there is beauty, grace, dignity, courage, balance, discipline, order, values, abilities, thought, happiness, securities, love, peace, hope, respect, integrity, intensity, and education that is real. Children, “perfect bodies”, near perfect reproductions, freedoms, and at least a billion realities of life and living, that a university can never match. They only know how to kill; an entire world of life; as is the true evidence presented by our existence in time. How dare you be apathetic, deaf, mute, blind, and literally without a brain; because you became a cult worshiping university knows. Even insanity is not enough, to prove a cause. Which means you, the vast majority; are pure arrogance, greed, and pride too.

The entire summation of “yes we can, cause the universities are god; so say men” who want weapons of war: is an arrogance, destruction, death, hatred, revenge, mutilation, horror, chaos, catastrophe, and all things which rape, ravage, ruin, and destroy life to descend into the abyss of wanton rage, horrifying insanity, deliberate destitution, lies, cheating, stealing, and utter foolish fantasies which cannot be sustained.

So the only real question of my work is: WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE? BECAUSE YOU CAN’T have both, anymore! The destruction is severe; and extinction follows for you too, as an entire world lost forever.



The singular question is: are you happy? The critical truth is: while many consider themselves to be “winners”/ because they have numbers of counterfeit money, and they get to play god without true consequences. The reality of their world is based entirely upon lies, that cannot be sustained as life on earth; a tragedy coming without mercy for this entire earth. The reality of their world, is based upon a tiny few gaining control over all the rest. The reality of our world is: those who have gained that control, are building weapons against us particularly with computers; that will become the end of our own freedoms, and the end of our own value. Because their choice is, to believe they are gods, when compared to us. In terms of life, the universities have failed us all with almost no benefit to our existence as a human being alive in time. In terms of death, the universities have created all that surrounds us, with extinction, and the end of our own very world. Because they have no soul, and believe life is but a game. Nothing is more certain of pure chaos: than to mutilate all of nature/ destroy every resource/ gamble with our entire planet, even to the point of “lets bring the same fire here, as is on the sun”. And every single person on the planet, can grasp some of what has been said. Even though the propaganda of universities, are desperate to consume all that removes “the blanket of their shame”. You believe in the universities, because you are willing to destroy your world, by believing that you too can be gods. Even sacrificing every single living thing, every resource, planet, nature, and even including your own child. Because selfishness (mine, all mine) is all you have; and that is never truly happy. Because it builds the prison you chose for yourself. To your shame.

The future is dead because of every threat we face; even true change may not save it. But let’s assume that you survive for a short time more. The universities intend to make you, the vast majority, slaves; without value/ which means you must be killed to save the resources they want to keep. No resources, no life. So world war is inevitable and soon; as humanity learns its fate and tries to destroy everything; as it always does (if we cannot have it/ then neither will you). But this planet is finite; and all die: so did you win? And if not war, there shall be “the human robot”; doing exactly as you are told/ because artificial intelligence is watching; and if you don’t it will kill you for your failure to obey. And the rest of the human robots, will commit the genocide they have been instructed to accomplish; because if they don’t, they too will be killed. But alas; as resources diminish: far more people must be killed, to keep the “university elite” alive. Not to worry, their fate is sealed: but you didn’t win either. Because more than anything else: “you wanted everything you wanted; and with absolute greed, controlled by selfishness; nothing else mattered”. Now isn’t that so? After all, “LET SOME DAMN FOOL SPEND THEIR OWN LIFE, saving this world/ cause you got better things to do”. Now ain’t that right! As you count your pennies, of counterfeit money; and destroy this whole world.   but then who cares, cause your attention span is less than a moth or a worm, or perhaps a piece of dirt:  oh well, “happy days” right.

The want you blind (just wait, the lasers and radiation everywhere to show you how wrong they are) and stupid (don’t think, never question; BELIEVE) and diseased (worship healthcare; and then nobody gets out of line, because your own body cannot survive without the university); so you beg for your life. Just sit back, have a beer & watch tv; cause your great gods will do everything; and they DON’T want you to interfere. After all, just like weapons of mass destruction; the universities are your saviors. The gods who want and mutilate and intend to change nature with chaos. The gods who want to ignite atoms on fire; and have built numerous trillion dollar machines; with your money, and with your resources, just to prove “WE ARE GODS, WE CONTROL THE SUN”. And you the vast majority of their cult say: “hurrah”, to your shame.

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