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RELATIONSHIPS; the realities which shape our existence, beyond self.

We begin with the least of these, which is “landlord/ renter; [job/ boss; neighbor or not; and so on.]”

The foundation of landlord is: that I am here trying to make money from this property (from the sacrifices which made ownership possible; a chance in twenty years for better), but it is my job to keep the property in an appropriate living condition.

The foundation of renter is: that I am here, because I must have a place to live, a place that is functionally my own; with the exception of limits and boundaries either accepted/ implied/ or expected and enforced by society.

The foundation of a good relationship is: that if we work together we both will benefit, each doing their part. Then in the end we will have a life with more freedoms and rights than most can attain. Because we share the same need: for housing that will not fall down around our heads, and make life miserable for either one, or both.

The foundation of a bad rental relationship is: that I the landlord shall control what you can do, judge what you do, demand realities I have no right to enforce, or use the law to thwart justice or fair play. OR, that I the renter shall take control over the property, and do, trash, create a cost unjustified, and in all ways disturb both the housing and the community in ways that should never be done. Because true freedom does have limits. And real relationships do have boundaries.

It is the job of every good landlord, to allow the maximum freedom possible for each tenant; insuring they do not spill over into taking away from the rights and realities, or securities and values; of their neighbors. It is not your job to judge/ nor is it their job to judge you. The value of every life involved hinges upon the decision, to be as happy as we can be: which means hate, and all its attributes must not win.

It is the job of every good tenant: to understand, this is not about the average landlord getting rich on your money. This is an agreement between “you and me”; that you have chosen this living space, at the price you have agreed to pay> because it will suit your needs, and provide your housing at this time in your life. The foundation of that agreement is: we both try to help each other out. You tell me what I need to know so that the property can be maintained. I tell you what you need to know, so that your choice in living here can hopefully improve over time; or at least not be devalued in any substantial way. By the property or the neighbors. While that is a hope; reality is going to prove, the neighbors have more to say about happiness than a landlord. Therefore if the landlord is attempting to correct a problem; the best we can all do, is be fair. That includes you, just like it includes me.

It is the reality of many landlords: they do not have much free money to correct problems laying around/ nor do they have the expertise to do so; and if the property falls down, or the tenants prove to be criminal: their desire will fail. All must adjust for now, as much as possible. Because the reality of tenants is: that even if they are responsible people and take care of the property; one single trip to the doctor can end that. One single job loss, or the vehicle breaks down, or an endless array of excuses can arise; where the tenant looks for “all must adjust for now, as much as possible.

The cost of NOT accepting the limits and boundaries accepted or implied as “what this society expects from us both” is: that there will be consequences. You will expect the city or somebody to step in and make the landlord do his or her job; even if they can’t afford it. While the landlord will expect the city or police or somebody to step in and make the tenant obey what every life involved needs to have them do; or be evicted, and or whatever legal ramifications otherwise exist. “I am sorry” will not fix a broken anything; and that is true for either side. So the end result of any divide that results from a landlord/ tenant agreement is: if we cannot be friends, and we cannot move apart from each other; then you must undergo obedience training. There are CONSEQUENCES for extreme bad behavior! That becomes true for either side; as each then looks for what “an enforcer” will change for them. The law exists, but it is rarely an answer with value; it is, and it can only be an enforcer; and the result of that is: one side or the other gets a leash. Is that what you want? The answer from both tenant and landlord is no. but alas usually they both want to believe they are absolutely correct; and that leaves no room for reality, or its justice. Some times there are no good answers; and we simply part, hopefully with the least amount of damage; and as soon as possible. The future shapes itself, from the past: and that means, there should be a valid and true ratings system for both tenants and landlords. Which then identifies who is a good landlord and tenant. Who is a bad landlord and tenant. What is the current curse of city intervention. And preferably mediation for those who need it; as a third party which can or could be fair for both sides. This facilitates what does or does not happen next. Bearing in mind: people are known for believing whatever they want/ instead of accepting reality will decide, and that is dependent upon our own truths.

The critical decision when renting; “from either side” is: that we must get along, hopefully as friends/ at least not enemies (any suspicion of that is cause not to enter in). Although it is best not to be too much of a friend (most of the time), because there may be consequences, that have to be dealt with. It is necessary, that reality demands; you must have enough money available to rent or own in this housing/ because if not, there may be consequences, that have to be dealt with. It is critical, that you do need to talk to each other for awhile; and if there is cause to believe any lies exist: that too is cause not to enter into this relationship. Liars always cause potential trouble, if you must end up dealing with them. There is no such thing as the perfect tenant or the perfect landlord; get over it. Accept reality will decide, and be realistically fair. It is better to have happy tenants, than every last dime. It is better to pay your debts and not make excuses; than to aggravate those who can do you harm. It is better to stay out of court; unless you must: but make no mistake, if the cause is great enough/ this ain’t no game. Even if the court fails you; the reality of revenge on either side will cost more than you gain. Fight for justice, fight for rights, fight for values that are honest and true for life on earth; and don’t forget you are just as equal as they are to you. LIFE DEMANDS THAT, from us all. If you wish to be happy with your life: stop wanting what truth is not going to allow, at this time. All the plotting and planning in this world, will not change truth. That, can only make you a liar/ and then your whole world will change into the lies and their consequences that you chose to create. Lies fail; and then the reality you chose will die. It is that simple: CHOOSE BETTER. Discard the destruction; do what you can; be at peace with yourself if you do; because none can do more than they can honestly do. Remember this, that our whole world is filled with miracles of life, the value of that is, we are not alone. Happiness exists in friendship, and in freedom, and therefrom the opportunities of our choices in justice. If the world passes you by, and none offer to accept you as a friend: GOD who did create us all, does exist. But it will never be the same as another warm body who cherishes life shared with us. Different does not mean less/ it only means different. Do what you can do; join where you are accepted as an equal; shape your world around what you treasure most; and do not forget the respect that life has offered you, is intended to be reciprocal.

It is unwise to forget to include: that our world is threatened with every form of catastrophe, the universities could think of. A reality of failure and fantasy that is literally beyond disgrace and disrespect for both life and planet. The consequence of that is NOT “just do anything, because life is over soon”. But to understand, when life is over: eternity will begin. Into that eternity, the critical truth of who you chose to be, determines your possibilities. Therefore don’t throw life away/ do, understand, “what forever means”. And make the decisions, you will be presenting as the identity of your own individual truth. “it ain’t church (etc) that grants access to a forever life”: it is GOD and HE IS NOT interested in your “church”; only you.

DO UNDERSTAND; that I simply provide information; what you do with that information is entirely up to you.

DO UNDERSTAND: that apart from the major crimes and catastrophe’s as are now prepared by “university knows” to end our lives on earth. There are also the smaller catastrophe’s such as: I have lived in the same place for over fifty years; and during that time; all the life that used to be here, and all the diversity which I grew up with is gone. Turned into a green desert for agriculture by poison. Where there used to be thousands of birds overwinter here; I saw one maybe the other day. Where there were butterflies and moths and insects; now there are only the tiniest few. Where there was “nature alive”; now even the small ponds which made that life possible, and fed the lakes and streams and reptiles and more have been destroyed. The coyotes a recent addition; have distressed or destroyed the rest. And hunting season has just opened to insure the very last ones will no longer exist. All praise the consequences of “university rule (lets do this the easy way)”; now ain’t that so? AND THE WATER, which use to be the best in the area, and a pleasure to drink/ is now so foul, it really cannot be drank without some kind of flavoring. But its all good according to the residents here: those chemicals haven’t got to the aquifer yet/ but of course, when they do enter it after over fifty years of dumping: we cannot live here anymore. Because water is not an option; now ain’t that so.

I suppose, that I should take credit for some of your failures; after all, I didn’t present myself with a pristine appearance, extra special smile, perfect clothes; or riches, or any of the rest of the things 99+% of all people in america, base their opinions on. My fault, I thought the evidence, and the consequences of being wrong were enough; silly me. After all: when you believe people can be “better than nature (we know it all now)”/ and should be allowed to mutilate all life on earth, as they are doing: WHO, am I/ right. Just ask media: the universities are god/ just ask the courts: the universities cannot be questioned, even when the reality is absolutely obvious/ and the cost of being wrong is extinction. Alas a religious cult, of university worship; is a religious cult, same as they have been throughout history.

Just for information; a leash above refers to the criminal penalties associated with proven bad behavior/ and the consequence of not taking that seriously, when the evidence is certain.


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