shapes j,w,b

shapes j,w,b

RELATIONSHIPS; the realities which shape our existence, beyond self.

We participate with [job/ boss; neighbor or not; and so on.]” The definition of shape extends to the consequences of what an environment or its reality can offer us; and how we then must fit ourselves into that opportunity. Rather than simply state, “I am here”.

It is the elemental state of “job /worker / boss”. That we all understand, this is not about your freedoms or mine; but our need to realize and participate in the values which then allow us all to survive, maintain our freedoms outside of work, and ultimately choose the road that will work best for us all. Since none are perfect, conflicts arise; expectations must be “bent”; and the realities of resource and time spent are all on the horizon of what life can or cannot become; through our work.

We must first outline the definitions of what we perceive as necessary: a job to gather into our lives the necessary translation of what we have done; in accordance to what we need, desire, or want. A job is then the method chosen to accomplish what life and living demand of us; whether it is a “good fit” or not. Survival is not a game, and that means we do need to accomplish something, for someone else: that we then exchange for our own happiness, intent, or purpose, which does include basic needs or we die. A job is not whatever you might want to do/ a job is whatever you are willing to do, for someone else in exchange for what you have agreed that work and your time, or your needs; are at this moment worth. It is that simple, and there are few other concerns: unless it is criminal, extremely risky, or in other ways carrying a hidden price that we must or potentially must pay, beyond our expectations; at a later time. Which simply means: each and every single one, do become a participant in their own decisions; unless the risk or realities of what will be encountered have been hidden from view. Some risk is obvious, or should be obvious, or needs to be informed, or should be refused to those who cannot comprehend what these things mean.

We then search the meaning of worker, to find ourselves fighting with the truth; that life is not free, and we must participate, because no one owes us a living! We are alive, but life is not a game, and the failure to survive and be happy when resources are available: is your own fault. Respect for life itself, respect for humanity, respect for those who live with you; all require the foundation which is: pay your own way! Therefore we the people who accept that challenge and go forward to honestly produce something that life and living will use; are the essence of every society, and we do deserve our own realistic reward. Those who do not respect life, but sell themselves to greed: will then dishonor all life itself; to become what is basically our enemy; because they want it all/ so that we can be their slaves. There is nothing friendly about that; and society divides into the tiers of a game, with winners and losers based upon money. Those who do not respect their own existence as a living participant in society; find ways to avoid being responsible for themselves, and demand these others must do my work/ because “I am just too important”, even though I do nothing for myself. And then there are those who feel rejected and left out, subjected too, “I am not important enough” to be allowed participation; so I quit, and wander through life without direction. Amid these variations are those who want to escape their responsibility to life and society; so they work, but use drugs to suggest “I am free/ but end in the prison of addiction instead”. The end result being: life is harder than it seems. The cost of a life that is happy is: you must accept with honesty, that life is worth the work. Because if you do not, you will be unhappy instead. Find the work most compatible for you; that reality will allow; and stop whining about how much better than this job you are. Not because you can’t do more. But because reality “doesn’t need many, to be the boss”. It is a limited space. The constant crying of some, to demand: “I want more/ I am more”; simply testifies to the reality, “then don’t whine/ & go build for yourself”.

Which brings us to “the boss”; which by definition is: YOU, are the one responsible for keeping this work for the rest to do, by insuring what is being done has a valid and useful outcome. That is all there is too it, and by definition; it is the more responsible, and skilled position: than all the other workers who participate. Because if you don’t keep the others working: they are unemployed, and struggling to survive. If you don’t do the work correctly and keep those employed from doing incorrect work; you will be unemployed, and struggling to survive. Which means you must, as the boss: be fully aware of what it is you are doing or not doing to sustain and protect this work. But to do that, every other employee must be qualified to do their job; and willing to do their job honestly, and willing to get along with the other employees, and accept the realities of what is being done. That too, is the job of “the boss”; because “a bad apple” ruins the whole barrel; so to speak. Can’t know it all/ don’t know it all/ make bad decisions on occasion; are all part of the job. The creature boss who cannot understand: we are all equal here, the job itself determines who can or cannot have a specific responsibility. Is a failure.

Which brings us to why some people are fired from their job. The answer is: if you are not happy here, and working in a way that makes the rest either happy with you, or they just don’t care. Then you have become a liability, when the rest become unhappy, because their work will then suffer; putting everyone at risk. Everyone else should not be put at risk of losing their job or accident; because of you/ and it is the job of a boss to insure this situation remains tolerable for all. While it is personal, if you are not happy, or not capable of the work: you will fail/ and it is better that you don’t take the rest down that trail with you. So goodbye. If you are not happy with this work/ then reality states: you should not be here, let someone else try.

Job, work, and reality are literally that simple; so long as there are resources to use for life. An education appropriate to the work, will get you farther in that work. An education that is not useful here; is a waste of your time and money and ours. An education for a job that does not exist/ or a job pool that is already overloaded; will not benefit you. Find another/ why be in debt for the rest of your life? And all say: “because being in school at this point of life, is fun”/ few don’t offer, “best years of my life”. As they should be, because it is freedom as best we can/ UNTIL you become their slave; do to the debt you accepted to take; based upon the promise that they were going to “get you a great job”. And the universities will say: we did not make that promise/ but they did not tell you: THERE ARE NO SUCH JOBS AVAILABLE for this degree either. Which means, their leaders knew; but intentionally made you their slave; providing next to nothing of value.

In terms of the neighborhood and us all; the realities which shape our lives are slightly different. Landlord/ renter is shaped by the money. Job, worker, boss is shaped by our needs. Neighborhoods are shaped by how similar we are, and what we do have in common; just like friendships/ or enemies/ or we don’t care. That is absolute and true, and can never be changed; because it is, what it is. The critical puzzle to where do I belong here, is then determined by what you are willing to share, or why you are willing to care. Because no matter how different we are; we are all equal as life. So the question becomes: will you seal yourself up in the building, and try to ignore the fact that these people are different/ or will you join them, if they let you? The answer to that is always; “we don’t need you/ unless you want to be one of us”; and even then, as the minority, “you will be the first one to go”; because we don’t need you to be one of us. So ethnic neighborhoods are created by shoving out everyone else. Mixed neighborhoods, are simply that, until one group gets the upper hand, and then forces the others out. Few neighborhoods will combine; because they don’t meet each other, and stay behind closed doors with their television or other. This sustains the neighborhood longer; because nobody cares about you/ there is no group. Therefore that is the simple answer to mixed neighborhoods: never let them be big enough to adhere as a group. The better answer is: accept ethnic neighborhoods are better. Not because any group is better than another; but because similarities in all things make for easier and more sustainable friendships. Same as they do in marriage; and “with children”. The cost of not accepting that (true of neighborhoods and nations) throughout history is genocide. Because when times get hard, resources are lost; the constant answer of all men as a majority is: (we can’t die, let them) war/ let’s kill them, and take theirs. Even when resources are enough; the constant answer of men throughout history is war: “let’s take theirs”/ and to abate this male want; economies are based upon money (life can be a game, with trophies) and greed (let’s take theirs).

People can get along until there is “not enough for us all to be happy”. At which time someone enforces “lets just go to war”. Then those who are the minority, or without sufficient weapons; find themselves in trouble, or dead. Just how it is, the only possible solution to removing war: is to let women try to lead. Not that they can do better; but in truth, they have never been allowed to try. And the world itself, will never survive another man made war with too many involved.

How you resolve the realities established by the critical cancer of “moving humanity with jets”; to integrate the world: thereby setting it up to implode all at once. Is entirely up to you. You chose it/ you fix it. But make no mistake “wanting anything” is just the foundation for more lies. Reality is reality: playtime is over. Because your resources are disappearing at extreme rates, and soon your choice will be dead.

These are animal traits, as all are confronted with the question: what do we do now, when threatened. Without similarities, the answer is: “fall over each other and die”. So the animals need to keep each other separate for safety. To elevate yourselves into “being a human alive”; requires more than want. Which after forty years of work, will prove extremely difficult for you, particularly with endless greed.

There does need to be a caveat with regard to working in a job; the young or completely inexperienced CANNOT be conceived of as the same. That would be apparent except “university is in charge”; and they are just spoiled children, enforcing their rules of kindergarten; with greed, pride, and power involved. So despite the disease of university leading politics; the reality is, that it takes four hours worth of work, just to get to the point of being able to teach them something beyond “simple”. It takes that much, because in a job/ you first need to accomplish something for me; before I spend my time on teaching you. It takes focus, it takes an honest desire to learn from me or someone else, it takes a deliberate desire to work, it takes a responsibility for yourself and others: to achieve the status of “worker”. And unfortunately it also takes a calm and unimpeded boss (not overrun by other realities, experienced in their own lives); to focus on you, and what you need to learn.

Schooling unfortunately offers extremely little in terms of job preparations. Alas, the universities are in charge of that too; in a nation that is slowly draining into the delirium of insanity. As is portrayed on television: “let’s see, want to watch shit/ tragedy/ evil/ cursed/ stealing/ assault/ prostitution is great/ the doctor is great/ the military is great/ the lawyers are great/ the university is the answer/ failure/ complete fantasy/ or propaganda?” hum, what to watch; oh I know, sports, where greed is the fantasy involved.

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