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RELATIONSHIPS; the realities which shape our existence, beyond self. When applied to the destiny of what can we be together; the consequence of our choices, becomes the values we set into our lives. As is consistent with: IF there was only one true choice for you, to be the reality of your own desire; the question to you is, “what would that be”?

When it comes to life itself, there is no distinction between male or female. These are developmental journeys that approach the definitions of eternity, by applying the same foundations that give an atom its stability. To sustain an energy isolated (self), but in motion (life)/ there must be an equal opposite energy (truth) containing that spin (reality). That is ultimately the existence of male and female, and its purpose to life aligned with energy, but explained by thought.

Within the grip of an eloquence to survival, that which is thought outlines the foundations of desire, to create within its own self, the identity of purpose. Eloquence means: my existence, is our own/ not my own. Because without you, I shall not be.

Thought is a path, but its direction is chosen within the foundations of your own specific truth. Therefore what is true, decides what direction your thought, and thereby your life shall go. What is true, becomes the creation of “your identity as self”. What is true defines what will become of your heart, and thereby your soul.

Foundation means: I have formed a life, based upon these laws of truth, as are identified by reality; and my own realities of choice. That foundation thereby creates the disciplines, balance, and order of my own life. Defending for me, against all that would interfere with my freedom. It is “the voice inside”; if you have not yet removed that contamination.

We then come to truth, and ask of the law that will not accept less: why is humanity so afflicted with lies? The question engages the value of your own heart, to discover: what is true, is of less importance to you, than is your want/ thirst for pride/ or purpose of power.

In the absolute poverty of this age; that is enough.

In case you missed it: time does not exist without “male and female”/ but life does. The difference being: existence is not dedicated to time/ rather it is conceived by truth….

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Jim Osterbur

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