SCIENCE, the university “false god (we can control the sun fire)”/ along with evolution, the university “false religion”/ and the brain disease called genetics: the attempt to be gods, by worshiping evolution, and throwing nature into chaos.

Science is the term used to make people believe: that they need not question the universities, or anything they do/ because they cannot be proven wrong. And the priests and zealots of media, government, and education intend to keep it that way by propagating anything which serves “worship the university”/ and denying anything that causes the people to question their belief. As is the constant in all religion. The difference between science and religion is: in who believes what. The fact that believers are required makes them both “religions”.

So, let’s question science! To determine what is true, or what must be simply believed. While that includes a wide variety of issues: the one promising extinction for this entire planet and all its life; is the assertion: “yes we can bring the same fire here as is on the sun”. Even though they don’t call it fire, you can easily observe the sun; and what is happening there absolutely qualifies as an atomic fire. So this is the first religion demand: that what is obviously a fire, with tornado expressions (as seen in forest fire), and energy bursts, due to increased fuel (as seen in molecular fire)/ is not a fire. And what they claim to be the energy source of the sun; is an unproven fantasy without merit of any kind. It absolutely cannot be proven true: but they insist on gambling this entire planet on delusions. Not science at all/ but religion. Would not science defend itself with proof? If there is no reality to their so called proof/ and they only can call it theory: then belief is required/ and all belief is religion.

The second religious demand of “science” is: that you should not believe their science unless it points to what they want you to believe. As are the experiments at Lawrence Livermore Labs in San Francisco in 2012; with 192 lasers all pointed at one tiny quarter of an inch sphere. Their claim was: with this 180 million degrees of heat caused/ at 500 million pounds per square inch of pressure. They were going to create “fusion”. Which by their definition: was to force hydrogen atoms to combine into helium atoms. Their experiment failed/ but their claim of fusion continued on: even though that claim depends upon conditions less than what they used in their experiments. More simply they proved themselves wrong, without error/ but since they would lose their jobs, and media reporting would lose their credibility too: the reality of their proof, simply faded away/ as more trillions were spent, and physicists around the world were employed to do “even bigger things”. Yet if their science was dead: that meant they had only religion (Let’s believe) left. So the universities said; hide the result/ and media said; “nothing here to report”/ and the politicians said: “don’t say a word, all that money wasted; will be blamed on us”. While gambling with our entire world.

Your universities deny the reality of physics in doing so: as they were told the truth of where does the energy of an atom exist? They have no clue/ so they were told: as the laws of physics will qualify as true. That is, an atom spins; and in that spin, the energy is stored. We can calculate that spin by the realities of an atomic explosion: to spin speeds over the speed of light. Because of the energy release. Your universities declare: “its abracadabra/ magic”; like all religions do. That simple fact of atomic energy (any mass with speed, has force); is important because, truth demands: it would then be absolutely impossible to force an atomic nucleus to simply grow into a different element, by injecting mass. As is their theory. Utterly nothing physics about it/ pure fantasy religion; and yet through media frenzy, and the overthrow of government reality; the universities have “ate your brain”.

The third religious demand of “science” is: the sun MUST contain a very heavy element at the center; that we cannot find in reality. So, to account for solar gravity; we will fantasize it is an element equivalent to “a basketball sized atom/ if a lead atom were the size of a common marble”. Proven unsustainable, and does not exist: the periodic table of elements was thrown away; and delusion set in. Having absolutely nothing to base that religious belief on, other than the solar system itself. The solar system is real; therefore something exists to hold it together/ but it is not fantasy. It is physics! That physics is: for an atomic mass to be spinning with kinetic energy/ SOMETHING must keep the mass, from escaping the central point of the spin. As would be consistent with spinning a rock on a string in a circle by using your hand to anchor the central point of that pull. Remembering the energy of an atom is in the spin/ it takes a force slightly larger to hold that energy in place, than the spinning mass creates. We then turn to the black hole of galaxies to understand than an opposite force exists; that we, with the conception of science; do acknowledge as a force in the universe. On a small scale: what holds the other force of an atomic mass in place/ is then the same force as that which holds the planetary masses which surround a black hole in place. Its called dark energy; as it cannot be seen, other than in an action or reaction. On the surface of the sun: when the bond holding the outward force of mass, releases from the inward force of dark energy (the opposite direction): the result is radiation flows out/ and solar gravity flows into the center area of the sun. Since kinetic release is hot/ dark energy release is cold: and that sustains the balance which allows the nuclear fire to continue instead of explode the sun itself, from overheating.

The fourth religious demand (believe, just believe) of “science” is: that their version of fusion demands that the core of the sun MUST be on fire, at millions of degrees hot/ and it does not consume fuel and all the fire goes inward; by throwing helium outward. And other such fantasies as that. But helium is one of the rarest elements in the universe so far as we know; and if the sun made helium with every btu it created/ the universe would be holding helium everywhere. It is not; so says science! These delusions are so extreme, they prove a religious takeover has occurred: no science (let truth decide) whatsoever. Or more clearly if the core was on fire, then the entire sun is being consumed all at once; and it would not remain producing energy for long (fuel all gone). Energy being released: proves fuel is being consumed/ not helium is being made. How is that not clear? The universities say: the sun is made almost entirely of hydrogen: when only the ash cloud escaping the fire, can be detected; and it is the smallest of elements which stands the best chance of escaping the chaos; which is hydrogen. NOT, what the sun which they claim to be “the heaviest thing” in our solar system can be made of. Nor would a gas (its hot) cloud, be able to sustain a fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer. Yet having made that clear to media and others throughout the years: none will report it, because the cult cannot think for itself. As is true of every cult: “never, question your leaders”. There is more, but it is useless if you cannot start here.

The fifth religious demand of “science” is: that they can control a nuclear fire, that literally burns atoms for fuel. On a planet that is made entirely out of that fuel. Causing the words: “they must hate us”/ because they cannot be that wrong. Bringing up the religious condition called “Satan (destroyer of a world)”.

The sixth religious demand of “science” is: evolution, the demand that all life arose out of chaos, and life built itself by incorporating “one piece at a time”. While the very definition of the word chaos proves them wrong. Chaos means: to take anything complex, and reduce it to the most simple form possible under these conditions. Biology is not simple, it is extremely complex; and science knows that is true. Which points directly to: LIAR. We then look at building a life of any kind: “one piece at a time”. Asking the question: HOW can any form of life exist, “without all its necessary parts and pieces; which includes all the complications called living”? Answer: it cannot. Can you live without your lungs; even if you have everything else/ or a heart/ blood/ brain/ intestines/ stomach/ and “a billion more” realities of complexity we cannot truly identify them all. The answer is no: which then looks at the religion of evolution (just believe)/ and demands, “LIAR”.

THE SEVENTH religious demand of “science” is: genetics (we can be gods/ if we just destroy nature itself). Because then as the evolutionists demand: CHAOS, will build something else, “in a billion years or so”. But alas, the destruction of everything nature is; is the destruction of all that life is; and it includes me and you. Every pandemic history knows: is when species boundaries are compromised and one species disease; escapes into the reality of another species; catastrophe ensues. More than anything else; and there are billions of reasons why: the cost of letting the criminally insane destroy nature (the building of life/ by DNA) itself. IS BEYOND COMPREHENSION! Only the religiously delusional could even conceive of it; as that reality is then throwing this entire living world away; into the garbage of humanity playing god. YOU CAN’T EVEN CONTROL YOUR MONEY, barely your lives; and yet you want to play god/ and participate in the death of EVERYTHING. By worshiping fools, failures, and even “Satan himself”. To your eternal shame.

PHYSICS IS: the study of, “for every action there is a reaction”/ thereby an identifiable link between those two consequences of energy, which can be isolated into the fundamentals which grant movement.

Evolution is for fools.

GENETICS IS: nothing more or less than, if we want too; now we can play god too. Alas, as is true of physics: while you can ignite a nuclear fire/ you will NEVER be able to extinguish it. Nor will you even be able to survive the radiation it creates. The end result of genetic mutilation will be: as predicted in the bible, once nature is in chaos; terrors will grab your life, and shake you beyond the limits of fear, where true consequences for destroying an entire creation of GOD will be known. Along with all those who made it possible. Even the crowd which says; “but I just wanted a medical miracle”. Or the people who say: “but I just wanted to be free, and have everything I ever wanted, just for me”. Alas, YOU elevated those who hated you: into positions of power over you, that included “worshiping them as gods/ and doing their bidding as slaves”; by letting, and even helping them destroy our world.

I am demanding, that you understand one simple thing with regard to nature (the building of a body called life). That as your own scientists declare: genetics are not “23 and me”/ the human genome is roughly 6 billion combinations long. With each combination representing a specific instruction on how to build a body and keep it alive. 6 billion combinations of 4 participants in that instruction: REPRESENTS as scientists do say. A range of genetic possibilities that is over an impossible range of numbers so long; you could write zeros all the way to the moon. So your computers won’t do; and that does NOT even include the range of realities associated with life itself. So when they say “we know”/ what they know from crucifying life, by mixing DNA with other species of existence: that they know “less than one millionth of one percent” and that is generous beyond disgrace. WAKE UP TO REALITY, or dig your grave.



What I have asked for forty years is: GATHER THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT IS TRUE/ AND UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING WRONG. Then decide as humanity on earth IF IN FACT: you are willing to accept the consequences for being wrong. Because they are extinction of both life and planet; in more threats than just one.

They are trying to impeach Trump; thereby creating this very kind of public trial that would be consistent with first amendment redress of grievance LAW. Only the trial we need would extend deliberately to our whole world in involved: this is life or death of everything by universities. SO THE ENTIRE WORLD OF HUMANITY needs to be informed/ every living thing is involved! Therefore able to offer their own vote; as to what will be accepted/ EVEN IF THEY ARE WRONG. Because there is no going back. And as is the case of “fusion”; you only get one chance to ignite a nuclear fire. Your universities say: “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself”. But that is pure theory, backed up by nothing more than delusions. SO, ARE YOU WILLING TO RISK YOUR WORLD for their failures? Is the price of total extinction; worth it? Because that is exactly what they are gambling, as the cost of being wrong.

I AM NOT, the decision you will make: only the facts and the consequence of being wrong matter! I do not, so don’t let them distract you; with me!

The constant of every religious cult or zealot is: that the evidence will not matter/ because only what they believe is allowed to enter in. Or more simply: religious zeal means to cut off the world, and every reality; so that you can live only inside your belief. Whatever that is! The constant of life is: without respect for the truth, there will be no future. Which does mean: religion and truth are in opposition to each other/ same as universities and truth; only what they want to believe is accepted or granted a question. After all, “they have a book/ nothing else is needed; as the book is everything”! The constant of me is: I will fight for this world, as a living symbol of truth/ no matter where it goes. Because truth is the constant that sustains life. Do you see the difference? Therefore as they say to you: “he is whatever/ discard him in the trash”. Remember this: I only asked of you, INVESTIGATE AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELVES WHAT IS TRUE/ UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING WRONG. And then make a decision as a world, that cannot be undone. Because the universities are making that same decision/ and thereby forcing our world of life, to accept their conclusions/ and their cost of being WRONG. Why should we not do the same to them? Your universities are trying to escape the boundaries of this world, to achieve their own status as “playing gods”. I guarantee: they will fail. But since that is irrelevant/ LIFE ITSELF SUGGESTS, it is literally only the worst of the worst; who will gamble an entire world of life; “just to play god for themselves”! How is that not so?

ARE YOU; going to fight for this world? THEN SIGN YOUR NAME TO THE WORK, {stand and be recognized} AND IDENTIFY YOURSELVES AS: I am one, of those who DEMAND THESE THINGS AND MORE, SHALL NOT GO FORWARD; until we the people have had the information we need to determine for ourselves. If the universities “are god”. Too damn late, IS WORTHLESS! Do, what you can legally, do/ because the law enforced, is enough! Make your decision now.

I will allow one tidbit of advice to the impeachment trial: unlike the clarity of people who are clearly engaged in terrorism under the banner of university. The reality of impeachment does extend to the abuse of power as is: Trump declared to Iran, “ he would obliterate them” if they crossed his line. Which did most likely cause the Iranians to strike Saudi Oil refinery. Even though it was not what they hoped for/ the threat of using this USA to fulfill any threat of extreme violence “just because you can as a leader”. IS cause for impeachment. Even though he backed away from that threat; to his credit/ the reality of being volatile enough to make the threat and endanger this world with war. Is sufficient to claim: no more of this.

I give you this one last warning: your entire existence, is based upon the conclusion that you can just go get more! On a planet you know is finite, and that cannot be undone. Even though your population is rising by a quarter of a billion people per year. You dump poisons by the trillion ton. You destroy resources of all types without the slightest concern for your children; and have mountains of garbage to prove that true. You have no respect for life, or you would not allow it to be mutilated. You have no respect for planet, or you would not allow “satan” to gamble with the ignition of a nuclear fire: the end of earth itself. You have no respect for each other, or you would choose world law, instead of weapons of mass destruction. You would choose to protect and care, instead of destroy; if you had any respect at all. And the list goes on and on and ends with you cannot live here anymore. Far sooner, than anything you are willing to believe. You have chosen to unleash hate; by abandoning life and value and diversity; for wants and greed. Because that is what humanity chose. The universities will prove to be “terrifying gods”/ as every biblical prediction of “HELL” comes true.

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