If I were to write a final word; establishing what is most important about life to me. It would be this: although time measures a life, by its living/ the reality of life itself, is determined by its existence.

To exist means: “this cannot be abandoned by truth”/ therefore it is. To exist as life means: an identity has been created, and it has achieved the ability to move something. To exist as love means: the value and dignity of a desire that is pure enough to attain the conception of thought; gives rise to a home. A value to be shared, because the foundation of care has anchored us as one. To exist as trust means: to accept life, beyond the limits of time/ as can be bound to the essence of creation itself. To exist as faith means: where there is truth, the law shall arise, to keep us alive.

Existence is not a measurement of time, but a reality based upon truth. That truth (as it can never be undone) exists in only three dimensions of thought: it can be dissipated into nothing of value or reference/ it can be identified as an enemy to life/ or it can be accepted as a value to living and to the existence of eternity itself. The critical turn is then: “what does truth, say of you”?

Eternity is the passage beyond existence, wherein life arises to the level of its own dimension. A space inherited, because of the value presented that can achieve participation; with energy as one.

Which then brings us to energy itself; as the inherent relationship which allows life to move.

The question is: WHY is movement an ability which must be achieved? The answer is: without freedom, there is no soul. Without soul, there is no definition of the spiritual element created by law. Without law, there is only chaos, and its descent into nothing exists but pain.

The value of a destiny, “movement by the definitions of choice”. Which is the essence of thought.

The value of an eternity is: the shape and challenge of what diversifying our existence can be. The reality of love, making that decision possible; in the joy, peace, and happiness that only purity of purpose and its desire can grant..

We exist, because of love! We are free, to encounter life, and love or hate; through time. We achieve the direction of our heart, by accepting the value of these miracles.

It seems to me, that if there are any interested in my work; that you are simply using me for an excuse. I won’t accept that, and will discontinue this work. GO AND DO, whatever it is, that you can do.

If you found interest in the last “4-5 months” worth of work; thank the spiritual woman inside of me/ as it is she which kept me working, even though I would have quit. Believe it or not.

Just so you know, the elemental choice, was very simple: faced with “male always returns to the same realities that he left; because power is power, and pride is pride”. The critical truth demands: there are no new solutions with men, “this is the best they did do”/ and it will soon end in war, because that is their answer. So the question was: WHAT, would women do, to save this world? Their answer: “let women lead”. While I find them unlikely to do better, “as they do push men in the directions men do go”/ it is at least HOPE, because women are more different than men can even believe. Different does do different things; if left to their own devices, and their own decisions. But they cannot lead like men do/ they MUST form the realities of what women do: which is to congregate into large groups, which then identify a direction with a purpose that is coherent to the problems we must face. Thereby providing a resolution: that all then vote upon, as is consistent with “we the people” chose this for ourselves. If you cannot get a majority/ then you must try again.

This then concludes the work, but it deserves one final definition of life.

Hate, like judgment; always focuses on self, and self always isolates itself into an ever smaller realm of existence/ which if violence is found, will become your own personal prison. Never judge any living thing; let the law decide, and support justice so that it will be what you need that to be.

LIFE is the expansion of elemental existence, into the sustainable shapes and transformations of thought, that are intrinsic with space: what cannot be truly contained, unless you achieve the boundaries and limits that sustain an environment of your own. Without an identity for forming that shape, you will be lost/ therefore truth is the most elemental form of life that exists. Thought is, the motion of life/ while time is the motion of body: do you see the difference? Thought moves and shapes the essence of energy when confined. Time uses the existence of energy by movement and shaping the elements of mass, when they freed. The difference is: mass in motion is an action or reaction or it is passive to the environment. While thought identifies energy, and sustains its existence with limits and boundaries that produce the possibilities of an entire universe.

Death separates us from time, by eliminating movement in the mass that is our bodies. Life is our existence within the limits and boundaries of thought, by the existence of energy as our environment in that energy is sustained with truth, by law. Losing mass, merely means: we are no longer subject to the rules of an action or a reaction. But that fact also means: we are now subject to the truth of an identity which we did or did not create to sustain ourselves. Freedom gives you the right, and the responsibility to do that for yourself/ and it does not matter what environmental excuses hinder you. Your choice is all that will matter.

So the critical question is: can the essence of energy be conceived of/ whereas the elemental energy of time is contained by mass. The essence or foundations of law that build this energy, or drive these dimensions is driven only by thought. Which makes thought, and dimensions; the only true power of the universe. Once again: E=MC squared, is merely the formula for kinetic energy, with speed as a constant. Simply action or reaction dependent upon which side of the framework you look from.

The essence of Energy: the source of all motion is not an action or reaction, as that fails to recognize, what gives motion its source of movement. While thought is not intrinsic to motion itself/ it is the foundation of order, the disciplines of movement, and the balance of impact that are allowed to create the elemental values which govern our lives. Chaos, the energy release as is evident upon the sun; and which your “university gods” are trying to release upon this earth is an utterly different realm. The realities which separate and control the two distinct definitions of our universe; have no purpose in conception for a human life. Other than to tell you: once this chaos is released/ your world is dead, and even this solar system will be changed: to your eternal shame/ people are deliberately trying to kill this earth. And you support them with your lack of care/ or your failure to grasp anything real, or respect anything of value; to your shame.

The critical truth of life is: that love makes life valuable, and inherently happy/ therefore that which exists as life, chooses to gather love. The lack of purity in that love limits what you can or cannot be allowed to experience or express; because of your own choices. That is the purpose of life, and the reality of why we exist on earth. It is a search for those who will and do choose love, along with respect for what is true. Both are needed to survive beyond time.

The critical question of life is: if we are to live as thought, and to experience life itself as an existence outside of body mass/ then how, does that exist?

The answer simply: we are now alive only truly as thought, the existence of freedom comprised and controlled by our own ascension into the cognitive relationship that is a brain, and a body, that moves under our control. So the real question of human life is: does the brain produce our life/ or does life control the brain, and body, once it is formed. The answer to that is found in the miracles of life itself. Or more distinctly: if you believe in evolution or any of the other religions that assume “life is so simple, that mixing some mud and water together formed your body and brain”; and life built itself out of that one piece at a time. Then you do have a ways to go; before you achieve the mental capacity of “a worm”. The answer to which came first “the chicken or the egg”; is simple and obvious, “thought came first”. Because without discipline, order, balance, and truth as created by law; there is no assertion called life. Therefore thought controls the brain/ the brain does not achieve thought of its own accord; making the essence of life itself, a participation in both the essence of energy, and its companion the reality of thought itself. As can be contained by the environmental limits and boundaries set into place by that which designs our dimensions of time.

Dimension means: there is a separation between all levels of energy. These are created by shapes which can then sustain existence. The solar system is one such shape. The body of life in time, is another. The essence of energy itself, is a dimension all its own. That is not a reality to be defined or given any sign of understanding; other than the word “GOD” , or “CREATOR”.

Of religion; each says something about the reality of who we are, and gives it best guess as to what we can become; that is called belief. Or more simply “life in a herd”. Some are zealots (can’t be changed, because belief is their god). Some are not believers at all; which means they have no desire to understand life. Christianity was not intended to be a religion; rather JESUS was a teacher/ proving the difference between love and hate, as the realities of men shown through. JESUS was also, the Creator of a path, into far more deliberate understandings of what the existence of life was by the examples of HIS own truths. None of these things represent a religion, which means: to believe whatever you want to believe/ so long as you accept the same things your group accepts. Instead as was the example of HIS life: the path toward eternity is an individual expression, of your own ultimate truth. The decisions that you make, the identity of YOU. The miracle that extends into the freedom of choosing your own destiny.

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