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    1. Into the elements of life, we find eternity visible in the dimensions of thought; because true life is thought, conceived by its own deliberate companion which is energy. Thought can be eternal, because it is not limited by energy, it is merely conceived by energy, and contained by the existence of an identity. Within that reality, time visits us with options to conform to our own desires; thereby achieving the foundation of happiness itself, which are freedoms. Reality adds in: that every living thing is a miracle created by thought, in design and engineering that cannot be denied without lies. Reality adds in as well: that this earth, is a miracle of possibilities, and the birthplace of countless life forms so diverse; we have yet to discover them all. Into this womb of creation; the values of life are simple: “stay within the limits and boundaries”/ accept that balance is needed for life to exist/ and trust that the miracles we cannot explain in any other way [without the true intent to lie, and steal, and destroy]. Are in fact a composition capable of declaring; more is here, just as we are more; than time.

      1. While the damned promise you everything, and never mention cost or consequences. Truth demands: this entire world exists because of limits, boundaries, balance, discipline, order, respect, thought, hope, love, purpose, and desire. In a living body of proof, that can be destroyed by anything less.

        SO WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? WHEN ; EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION SAYS, “we don’t have to obey any laws, or consider any consequences”. But can play god; by trying to ignite the same energy as is on the sun here on this earth. OR redesign nature itself, by mutilating the foundation of life which is genetic structure.

        As a democracy: WE THE PEOPLE DO HAVE RIGHTS! AMONG THEM is the legal right to defend ourselves, from extreme threats, that can literally make us all extinct.

        While universities have now achieved the possibilities of destroying life itself, by tearing it apart; and opening the door beyond limits or boundaries or balance or thought. They have no possibility to repair the consequences of playing god with life or earth.

        The greatest example of that is: all facts prove, that the sun is powered by nuclear fire {burning the bond in atoms}. Their curse is: not enough gravity here, “so that energy, will just extinguish itself”. They risk and gamble this whole world on that one simple conclusion; and if they are wrong. WE BURN.

        What, your gods of university; can, do, and have offered you is change. Within that change they have accomplished, every threat of extinction exists; as the end of life on earth, with genetics/ even the planet, and with the ignition of a nuclear fire/ even changing the solar system itself, by turning this earth into a sun.

        How is that NOT worth,

        finding the truth about what they do, or do not know?

        How is that not worth a legal investigation

        to determine for ourselves:


        BECAUSE, there is no going back/ and there are no “do over’s” with any form of extreme experimentation; as is being done!

        One ignition/ one biological catastrophe/ one tragic mistake; and life on earth is over!

        Because that is exactly what the universities are playing god with.

      2. At a very conservative 7.7 billion people on earth/ with 51 million square kilometers of agricultural land available: that equals 1510 human beings standing on every square kilometer; of agricultural land, on earth. And every other living thing on earth land; needs space and food and water too. We eat living things; which means they need a place to grow, and survive too. One square kilometer is equal to 247 acres; or just over 6 people per acre of land. Without life in the seas; there is only war, and cannibalism.{are you suitably shocked?, the corrected answers are 7.7 billion divided by 51 million=150.9 human beings per square kilometer. One square kilometer still equals 247 acres divided by 150.9 humans equals:   one human per each and every 1.64 acres.} which is literally only barely sustainable. Unless you believe all diversity should end. Because every other living thing has to eat too. And the food from that acre must last for an entire year; and every human being expects to live for one hundred years. So add it up.But remember that is all the food from land for everything; and if you cut down any more trees, the atmosphere will detach from the planet; and wind will increase beyond your imagination. And then there is oxygen, drought, changing climate, chains of dependency for all life to survive; endless pollution; and more. YOU have been told.Remember this as well: I grew up farming in one of the most productive areas of this world; corn being one of the highest yielding “weight crops”; averages 5.5 tons per acre(a bushel is 60 lbs). Not the above “40 tonnes per hectare, as a world average(Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth. The vast majority of the world’s hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9 percent of the population is undernourished. ). That is another lie. While it may still sound like a lot; a trillion tons of poison The 2010 agricultural chemical use data for corn, organic corn, upland … salt was the most widely used pesticide overall, is created “with waste products” to make that happen; fertilizers are used, potash for instance will not last much longer; and it is altogether completely unsustainable.
            1. by P Shrivastava – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 564 – ‎Related articles

        Dec 9, 2014 – Furthermore, the salinized areas are increasing at a rate of 10% annually for various … During the last century, physical, chemical and/or biological land … Agricultural crops exhibit a spectrum of responses under salt stress. ….. to a variety of mechanisms proposed from time to time based on studies done.

        Not including the genetic manipulation of nature by men; who have no clue, that they are opening the door: to a biological mistake that ends all cereal grains forever. By removing every defense that seed has. WASHINGTON, September 20, 2018Without urgent action, global waste will increase by 70 percent on current levels by 2050, according to the World Bank’s new What a Waste 2.0:  A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050 report.

      3. Oxygen Depletion

        We are occasionally reminded that fossil fuel burning is depleting atmospheric oxygen at a rate of almost 1000 tons per second. … This is about 3.3 percent of the atmosphere’s oxygen. Such a loss would be equivalent to increasing your elevation from sea level to about 330 meters, or about 1100 feet.Aug 6, 2014

        Modern Records of Atmospheric Oxygen – Carbon Dioxide …
 › trends › oxygen › modern_records

        stupidity arrives with “a one percent population rise” over the entire twentieth century; by dividing the 6.4 billion into the nineteenth century 1.2 billion people in 1900. one percent of one billion which is the number they use is 12 million people per year; over deaths. Which in one hundred years equals another “billion people”. But of course that is not real; like compounding interest, the population rise, by the number; does not remain steady at only 12 million per year. But in one hundred years became roughly 5 times more; and that is not “one percent more”. [roughly 2.5%]. however, In the last twenty years population rise is roughly 2 billion more, which now makes that population rise[roughly 5% for the next century if this remained the same/ it will not]. By: Creating a rise in eligible mothers; And since the birth rate has been steady at 3-4 percent per year, for the last twenty or more of the last century; that now equals roughly one quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year/ as life expectancy goes up.

        The sickest people on the planet; or a crime is being committed. A reality that must be dealt with; because the children ARE NOT YOUR SLAVES. You may NOT incarcerate them, with your medical bills.
        U.S. health care spending grew 3.9 percent in 2017, reaching $3.5 trillion or $10,739 per person.  As a share of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, health spending accounted for 17.9 percent.

            1. Rate of species extinction

        At present, the rate of extinction of species is estimated at 100 to 1,000 times higher than the background extinction rate, the historically typical rate of extinction (in terms of the natural evolution of the planet); also, the current rate of extinction is 10 to 100 times higher than in any of the previous mass …

        Holocene extinction – Wikipedia › wiki › Holocene_extinction

            2. garbage identifies the reality of resource losses, and corrects for the claim: “we don’t have to care”/ because life ends without resources. Making it true that the children have been sacrificed to death.
            3. The reality of drinking water loss, is far more severe than this link provides; particularly in america. Because there are many unreported threats, and hidden truths.
            4. As is the constant of all confined “life stocks for human food” the possibilities for a disease outbreak, whether in the sea or on land: that can then infect and alter everything we depend upon; is imminent. We need so much; that it is impossible to hope for regeneration if even a small percentage worldwide is lost. The sterilization of plants/ end of diversity/ genetic alteration of food sources/ reduction of pollinators/ endless poisoning by the trillion ton per year; and more. All outline catastrophe is imminent. We quite literally survive on the “way things were, by natural selection”. Humanity has changed that, and all boundaries, methods, and limits produced by nature will soon disappear. Man gets his wish to be god: “hum, he has always done so well/ what could go wrong”. After all, people are just “playing god”.
            5. The constant of all things is: humanity wants to lie/ because if they don’t curse themselves with {we know there are consequences for the future, but we don’t care}. Then they must change their ways, and in this world: that means enormous change, or their children die a horrific death. The universities want to lie: because if they don’t curse us all; they can’t play god, and spend quadrillions on their toys. The media want to lie: because nobody wants to know, without change there is no future. The politicians want to lie: because there is no power in admitting their choices were bad. Religion wants to lie; because they don’t want the reality, of what there books predict. Even the children want to lie: because they just want what they want; and didn’t everybody else get what they wanted? Alas, lies always fail life.If we take a 1.2 quadrillion dollars and divide it by 7.7 billion human faces on earth: we get $156 dollars per face; just in derivatives, outside the US. While that may not sound like much, the reality of resources it can buy is enormous; stripping the future of any hope. A derivative is entirely “theoretical money”/ and does not exist with any real standard associated with it; such as gold would be behind a currency; which no longer exists either. In fact all human currency with very little exception; is entirely “simply a number”/ which can then “disappear in an instant”; because it has no backing in reality. Like everything else, including stock markets; are a pyramid scheme; that will end in war or total bankruptcy for this world. That is the choice. Or more simply: while you may be glad your parents believe they have money: the truth is, they only have debts. Any debt they don’t get paid, becomes “the life of a child” taken away. Because unfortunately debt is merely promises humanity made/ RESOURCES ARE FINITE and WILL END! Their fantasy money however does not, as they do steal the future of every child. Without resources war is without end. Without water, WAR IS absolutely extreme! The universities made it so, with manipulation of currency/ media supported and defended them by refusing to enlighten the public of hidden inflation and debt. And they laugh at you, because they took America; and destroyed the middle class by combining everything into a tiny few hands: and made that “too big to fail”. So no matter what they do; you have no option left, but bankruptcy. Current work is inflation being used to automate even more factories/ and eliminate even more jobs. Because a slave has no options. Proving beyond any doubt: that the fundamental purpose of “university knows everything”, is: THEY HATE YOU. If they did not, we would not be facing our own extinction. Nor would we be facing the consequences of their own extreme experimentation; and there would have been infrastructure spending to provide a future for every child. None of that was done. But they did make one big mistake: counterfeit money is worthless, “even if you have billions of it”. Their’s too! It is not the money (just a promise) that grants a job; it is the resource, and opportunity to use it; with knowledge, through understanding. Limited capitalism: is the democratic right to enforce by law: there shall be limits to maximum and minimum income per year/ as well as control over personally claimed resources. Control your own bankruptcy; and determine by public vote; what the outcome will be.
            6. And then we have all the weapons of mass destruction; and a world ready to fight: because now billions of people believe they should have more of what they want. And all the rest say: we are tired of being invaded by people we didn’t create for ourselves. People taking what we need and want for ourselves. Gee, what could go wrong?You are blind, deaf, and dumb. Worshiping the universities who brought you here; as god. While the priests of media insure you don’t forget/ and the politician, industry, banker, etc; stakes his or her career on “doing whatever the universities ask”. The fundamental here is: the greatest curse ever to be conceived on earth, “is a university diploma”. Because they have united to become an army of invaders that then took over the world of nations. That silent invasion of enemies, whose armor has been media (worship the gods of university)/ whose weapon has been the courts (no one shall question our gods)/ whose supply line has been incorporated into every politician (we give you anything). Their power is fear. Their corruption is: the counterfeiting of currency, by adding to the proclaimed assets (its all yours). And their leadership survives on a bribe (anyone who bows down to us, gets a reward; after all “its free” for us/ because debts don’t matter). When in fact, the money is all theirs; because they simply multiplied the currency to get it. When adding these numbers to an economy, they get to choose any method of distribution/ any expense or experimentation they wish; to launder the money, and hide the reality. And the people choose greed; because the price for truth is too high/ and they want, what they want. BE DAMNED to the whole world, sacrifice every child instead. They have torn down many nations, with insurmountable debt, and resource loss. The universities have invaded your nations, and have created the battlefield of war against both life and planet. They rage/ ravage/ ruin/ and destroy all life, in the quiet war; that is just like men have always done against each other. Only the universities war against all life and planet and every child. Because tearing down the future/ mutilating nature, crucifying life, sacrificing resources, and destroying the chains of our existence that keeps our lives from dying: IS THEIR LITERAL CHOICE. They promise you everything, as all liars do/ and they hide the facts of what they really do; as all thieves and traitors do. They change the words, they hide the reality in foreign languages; such as math you don’t understand. They are mounting a last or final assault on this earth: by employing all they know, to either prove they are gods/ or kill us all.

              Want to bet on how that turns out? YOU ARE! Because you refuse to question even the truth of what: igniting a nuclear fire will mean. As is the case of “trying to bring the energy powering the sun” here to this earth. As is the case of “in their words”: trying to destroy the very fabric that holds genetic nature together, in an effort to identify “how we can be gods too”. Their god is evolution: which means they believe in chaos as their creator/ then adding “one piece at a time”. You will get Armageddon (nature in chaos) instead. No going back. Fools is not a strong enough word; for any of you. BECAUSE YOU LET THEM DO IT, AND HAVE NEVER QUESTIONED ANYTHING; EVEN ONCE! To your shame.

              The constant is: “WE WILL WAIT AND SEE”! But of course, that means you have passed the point of no return; and have become “the living dead”. Because you cannot turn back the clock; and all mercy will end. Or, more simply; you have waited too long to change your ways. You have failed life, child, and planet with your greed.

        knees, glued to the floor/ head down”; as all true believers do. Because you cannot question “your university god”; as is true of all religion throughout history. Making belief (we can believe ANYTHING we want), the single most tragic reality of human history. Faith is an expression of truth shall lead us, because our choice is to accept what life, planet, and miracles do teach; questioning every detail, so as to know and understand what reality can prove. Do you see the difference?

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