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This trial, went to court the following day: upon addressing the need to disclose how much time would be necessary for trial, I allowed the prosecutor to see the notebook prepared for each juror, described it would take 3 hours: for trial itself. He read, the first page for about thirty seconds; asked for a recess/ and two hours later when we returned, he had filed a motion to dismiss. The judge allowed it, and the trial was over; I had no legal recourse according to that judge. For those who don’t know it: in Champaign county IL: you can be charged up to one thousand dollars for a small case, if you lose:  at the whim of prosecutor and judge. just so its clear: I was banned from filing cases in state and federal courts years back; even though I never lost a single legal argument: they got tired of being proven corrupt. Got tired of proving they did not adhere to constitutional law; as that was utterly moot, in court. Not a single word of constitutional law was responded too.


this is July 30, 2018; the judge says there is not a jury available in the month of august/ but gave me: Tuesday September 11, 2018;  9:00 am courtroom L. Where the jury will be selected, and seated that day with the trial itself to follow immediately thereafter. “unless something major comes up” This is a tax case: which means it cannot be legally confined, by anything other than the descriptions of democracy, which include why or why I do not pay tax. Why I demand by guaranteed legal rights as is redress of grievances, in return for my tax. A license plate renewal fee, is a tax! Therefore, I cannot be charged with contempt: for demanding my constitutional right/ the case shall go forward. EVERY COURTROOM, is required to enforce constitutional law; this one is no exception: the jurisdiction required to support democracy, by law; “is a sworn oath of office”. Even the US supreme court has ONLY appellate supervision. Which means, no judge cannot interfere in an original constitutional democracy,  “WE THE PEOPLE” DECISION. As there have been no other redress of grievances case;  prior to this one: they have no jurisdiction, until our jury decision is made. This jury will decide: they literally hold more power, that the US supreme court, to initiate and demand.

Just so its clear; being required to defend my guaranteed legal constitutional right, against any form of judicial attack: brings the issue of treason, against a judiciary that refuses to enforce that right. A clear attack directed at me, or the judge, or this case, or any other aspect of legal democratic rights this case seeks to establish;  which is: “democracy enforced”.  DOES IN FACT, Establish the potential of an insurgency against the USA, and/ or, this state of IL. That, is a very serious matter of rebellion against the law and against we the people; who do own this government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The right to decide for ourselves, IS OUR FREEDOM; and shall not be refused, without a fight.

This is the foundation upon which humanity itself, as we the people:  rules over life, society, disciplines and order as achieved by their own decisions. The future from this moment on, is as we design; by the power of our own vote. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ but a vote on the laws, which will then control ALL, of our lives. This removes power from a few. This grants, under constitutional restraint: “this decision is ours”/ as a people or a world. Once a law with value is created; it need not be changed! Do it right, and the job is simple, even forever done.                   THE LAW OF REDRESS

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This reality determines whether we live or die, as a world.  So lets open the door and ask why

To emphasize that fact:  no one argues human population has more than doubled in the last fifty years. That means our population rise is over 2% per year. The united nations declares the population to be 7.6 and rising. Two percent of 7.6 billion people is 152 million more mouths to feed (plus pollution, etc) each year over deaths. WE WON’T survive that!

You won’t survive the ignition of atoms on fire, JUST like the sun; which is burning plasma. You won’t survive resource depletion, or weapons of mass destruction, etcetera. Our only hope is to let truth decide for us/ and make our own decisions, protect our own lives. Even if you won’t admit is; your world has changed, and it will never return, “to anything you want”! But that, was your decision/ not mine. The entire world economy with few exceptions, is dependent upon fantasies; war is coming across this world/ unless, you choose better: PRIOR to the crash! A reality produced almost entirely by “university rules”.

 IF we will choose the future, specifically related to this reality of threats for ourselves/ ORlet those who have chosen, and allowed these events to take place:   shall remain in charge, of that portion, of our collective society. Yes or no: the  question is, someone to vote for me/ or my own vote decides? 

By constitutional law, called redress. We must assemble ourselves for a united (majority rules under constitutional restraints) decision: established in vote. Before we are able as a state or nation to take legal control over our own society, as a true democracy. One person/ one vote on the issues, for ourselves; that are specific to our grievance.

This trial produces the legal right to call for that vote. YOUR vote, which follows; if yes, then establishes the democratic authority of our ownership. Thereby, to investigate the evidence as we see fit, and decide what is or is not, to be done:  about these specific complaints established in trial, and accepted by vote for our society to decide. The trial which then follows; is FOR the purpose of choosing our own direction as a state or nation. By our own vote. In these specific to the trial, grievances! It is, our first amendment law!

This is a trial to enforce courtroom democracy: our legal rights as a nation, state, or people united.This is original jurisdiction: we are the owners of our democracy here; we do, have the authority to decide! Which means we the people have the power to decide and determine, our direction as state or nation. The power to remove or modify the decisions of our employees: to address, what we will or will not allow; if we so choose. Thereby this trial through redress of grievances, becomes:  “power, to the people”. If, we choose to unite in its purpose, which is:  to investigate and examine the threats against life, world, nature, planet, resource, and child. Or, even expand that, as would include: NO more extortion, as is the case of medicine and healthcare.

Trial: 2018 TR 5950      I have decided to use the iter description in trial as well. While I am aware, that I must keep this as simple as possible. I must also make it certain why this is important.


 Today, July 18, 2018; turned into a date in court to get another date in court. According to the judge July 30, 2018 will be the date jury is selected; and trial may or may not begin at 9:00 on July 31, 2018; dependent upon which other trial selecting jurors, is more important. Actual date of the actual trial; will not be known until July 30.

The realities    which do include:  the video sun burned 7 minutes 26 secs.

  1. Over-population will kill us all. The united nations says: current population count is at 7.6 billion people and rising by roughly .5 (half of one percent) percent. That would mean:for every two hundred people over the period of a year, there will be one more mouth to feed than last year. In America throughout the twentieth century, the average rate of population growth was between 3-4 percent. Which means per every hundred people, each year an additional 3-4 mouths over deaths; to feed occurred. With 8 billion people for simple math. One percent population rise, the growth rate is equal to 80 million more mouths to feed per year. With a three percent population rise, that number increases to 240 million more mouths to feed than last year/ each year. Or another billion people to feed in just over four years. For each and every four years and less. 44 million people standing 3 feet apart at the equator “on water too”; in an unbroken line, wrap this earth. 7.6 billion wrap this earth 178 times. Standing in a 3 foot by 3 foot square; 68.4 billion square feet of humanity. 7.6 billion at one pound of food per day= 7.6 billion pounds per day=2.77 trillion pounds per year. And the rest of life needs food and habitat too!
  2. Use of weapons of mass destruction will kill us all. It is a game, with only one ending possible: either remove them, or they will be used. One missile can carry and release over time; “a dozen 20 megaton warheads”. A biological release, can invade this entire world. A chemical nightmare, is inevitable; just like Bhopal. World law, governing leaders; is better.
  3. Ignition of atoms, as is the intent of universities and governments aligned to “burn plasma”. Their intent: IS creating a nuclear fire, a fire that cannot be extinguished “just like the sun”, & will kill us all. They want what they want/ rather than change what they must. They gamble and propagate, “we can”: by using lies.
  4. Loss of resources/ broken chains of life/ ruined habitat/ destroyed ocean life/ reduced oxygen concentration/ no drinking water/ poison dumped everywhere, by the trillion ton/ extinction/ the atmosphere disconnected from the planet/ global warming; and more.
  5. Crispr is a genetic tool capable of, and intentionally used for: destroying the boundary lines between species.Which opens the door to endless pandemics, unrecognizable life, mutilation without end: death by horrors. A hell beyond words; as is the term Armageddon (nature in chaos) released.
  6. Insects are a base food group, for a wide variety of creatures; providing the base foundation of existence, for a large percentage of creature, and river diversity. Insects pollinate most of all flowering plants granting about half of the plant diversity on earth. Insects are being exterminated from the planet, breaking that food change apart.
  7. Without ice to cool this planet, it will overheat, and life itself will fail. The environment will dramatically change. A large percentage of the base food group for large ocean life arises from the bottom of ice. No ice/ no food.
  8. Every engine/ every fire consumes oxygen. Oxygen being depleted from the upper atmosphere is proven true. a small compact car uses the amount of air/ oxygen in one hour of driving at highway speed; as is needed by roughly 34 people in a twenty four hour day. A semi-truck loaded and driving at highway speeds, uses roughly the same amount of oxygen in one hour/ that one hundred and twenty four people need to use in 24 hours.
  9. Without ocean life to sustain us for food, we have no hope to survive. Immense trawlers “take every last one”/ leaving none for regeneration of the species. Immense trawlers, destroy habitat as they try to get every last one. Humanity has done everything it can, to destroy the habitat, and every food chain itself.
  10. Without water to drink, you have only three days to find more/ and humanity will say, “you can’t have ours, we don’t have enough”. So there will be instantaneous war, so severe and so intense: the term apocalypse (blood as high as a horses bridle) comes true.
  11. The counterfeiting of currency, as is hidden inflation: becomes cause for civil war (you gave me nothing, and stole my life with your lies). The hidden deceit of “investment derivatives, stocks, and more”! It will be hell, and nearly every government on earth has participated in doing this same thing/ with America in the lead.
  12. People lie, because they want what they want/ or hide what they don’t want you to know; so they can get more of what they do want. Manipulating the outcome, so they can get what they want, regardless of the consequences to life; or avoid what they don’t want, making the rest pay instead. The consequence is, where we stand today: is at the edge of our own extinction. Only truth survives! Let truth decide, or we die.
  13. The biblical prophecy of Daniel 12 is a countdown of days. That prophecy ignited its countdown on April 1, 2012, with the first experiment, in the first machine (the national ignition facility in San Francisco) that could in fact ignite atoms on fire. Destroying the planet, all its life, and even changing the solar system itself by adding this earth, “as another sun”. A greater abomination is impossible to conceive. Therefore this becomes “day one”. By that count, hell begins on July 9, 2019; end of our world by spring, 2021! Unless true change, which allows for mercy exists!
  14. For those who say its impossible: I remind you, that Noah’s flood is a proven fact. The fossil fuels you burn are absolute proof. We know it was life both gathered together, and buried in piles; at the same time. Some of it, thousands of feet deep, much of it in oceans. And we know, only a worldwide flood could have buried so much life; creating the fossil fuel reserves proven to exist. Simple as that!

the schedule for trial

to balance that degree of potential power, the values which set us apart as human, are given a short version of respect below.

LOVE, is an environment shaped by what we share! The distance between “elemental joy, and the creation of ecstasy” is a decision to trust. What we trust, is defined by our own decision: to respect what is true/ and refuse what is lie! Lies kill a relationship, pride destroys trust, power enslaves, want “eliminates you (because this is only about me)”/ trust builds a life, for both one and all. Reality  disciplines, wisdom understands, courage balances, and order achieves a destiny that can be shared.

        In contrast to that; Humanity is destroying this planet and all its life, and all its possibilities: because each wants more for themselves, and are too proud to share (not more, for me). The endless lies of power, the competition which intends to destroy, not share. The curse of “playing god” with life means you are creating your own hell; and will inherit the fate you chose; as hate desires it to be.

        What we must trust is truth, because only truth survives/ only the clear understanding of thought can direct/ and only shared responsibilities as are determined by respect FOR LIFE ITSELF, can keep us alive.

        The elemental truth is: we have been led to the abyss of our own extinction. The trial established below: is my attempt to resurrect at least, the possibility of a future for us all.  July 18, 2018 Champaign county courtroom L,   1:30 pm. Urbana, IL.  The decision to participate is yours.

Any assumption or assertion that the media will participate, “because it is the right thing to do” is errant and wrong. They live and report ONLY what is considered to be in the best interest of the powerful, with the university in charge. Democracy, even the sanctity of life; is their doormat/ they must be forced.

Twelve people will be called to jury trial {EACH, WILL RECEIVE THIS} from Champaign county to decide this trial; and influence your future. There is no appeal (democracy has spoken)/ which means “their choice” is all you gettoo! I suggest you communicate; like me, “it’s all you get”. this is a legal argument for trial

Trial: 2018 TR 5950



THIS IS an elemental case of constitutional guarantees to the citizenry.

It confronts you, as a result of whether or not it is FAIR; to use a minor tax: to INSIST on my day in court. As a member of this society demanding democratic (we the people) need, exists.

The foundation is redress of grievances; a first amendment right found in the US constitution, and a fifth guaranteed right, found in the state of IL constitution. Each represents the true power called, WE THE PEOPLE.

As established by the law:

  1. A society grievance (our democracy is failing). Is presented as a legal right to peacefully assemble for the purposes of claiming: a constitutional democratic authority. As is constructed by we the people: have found a need to intervene in our union; through our own legal decision as necessary. This requires a courtroom, and a vote:  as no individual is a democracy/  yet we all own “this society and its direction”! Our employees do not own the right of absolute authority/ they are employees.
  2. To legally petition “the government”: which is, we the people under constitutional guidelines.By establishing courtroom procedures and the right as we the people to legally investigate the claim of disparity or other grievances, such as extreme threat. By lawful means, our decision is, to understand as best we can: what is true/ and what it means to be wrong; the consequences of a decision that affects our lives/ our future/ our world.
  3. To establish that threat or other, for the purpose of a vote by all the people; willing to accept their own responsibility for sustaining and protecting the nation or state itself. Even our world! Requires full disclosure, as begins with  communicating “we do have a legal right, called ownership: to intervene in this decision (as outlined and established by trial)”. As owners of our state, or our nation. As true participants in our world!
  4. To attain this level of democratic governmental authority; among, we the people: united for a common cause. There must be an acceptance of the need to intervene or investigate: which requires a “citizen vote”. To demand a full public trial, to establish what is true; and then decide for ourselves. Or not.
  5. There must be all necessary opportunities to honestly search, and correctly be informed by the evidence; and its witness. As we search for the truth, and its consequences; no excuses allowed. Because it is a decision: which will then impact, change, or threaten our lives. Thereby deserving of our own legal decision, as a democracy enlarged.
  6. The judicial power of our government is limited by “good behaviors”/ as a judge may never attain the right or authority, of “king or queen or god”. They are limited to constitutional reality, as employees; a consequence of we the people, own this/ not you. Our democracy is ours! The critical understanding of democratic  law is: a union only because we have agreed to these contractual (constitutional) terms. Simple as that.
  7. Constitutional law dictates: we the people are united, by the common causes as are outlined in the preamble of this United States of America. It reads:

We the people of the USA, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA.

The value of your decision in this day, forms the ultimate truth of what the declaration of independence actually means: “to decide for ourselves, when we must”! Because we are “the owners here”! The right of freedom, is an inherent duty (we are responsible); a decision, and a reality of choice that belongs then, to each one. As is represented by law/ NOT war.

So the true question presented in this trial is:

  3. DO WE TAKE CONTROL OVER WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: BY DEMANDING WORLD LAW, over leaders. Governing them: INSTEAD of letting extreme weapons exist?
  4. DO WE DECLARE OURSELVES BANKRUPT; AND CONTROL THAT REALITY, as “we the people”: before those with power to do so, destroy our lives and force us into civil war.
  5. DO WE PROTECT OUR WORLD, AS BEST WE CAN/ or let it fail?
  6. DO WE LET TRUTH DECIDE, or continue with fantasies/ counterfeiting/ failure/ and fools (you knew better) to decide?
  7. DO WE CHANGE OUR WORLD, BY UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTING: we live in a finite environment. Human decision; especially over population,HAS CHANGED our future. Unless we stop ourselves, there is NO future! Not for a single life on earth.

As a jury, your decision is NOT to decide what is true: for the nation or state. YOUR decision is to decide for our democracy, IF THERE SHALL BE A VOTE; as we the people.  Your decision is then: Whether or not sufficient cause exists to demand from this court, that they shall invite, and communicate to the people. They themselves shall VOTE: upon the democratic decision to demand trial for themselves. To legally choose to investigate and determine by the evidence: WHAT CAN OR CANNOT BE DONE, in this nation/ state/ or world. As a people united by ownership of that right. CHOOSING then, as a nation or state: the decisions, we CAN intervene in; as a democracy. As a people united to form our own destiny or fate by the authority of legal, democratic action.

  1. That our democracy (we the people) have a legal authority, and a guaranteed right to claim ownership. Over these decisions presented.
  2. That extreme experiments exist, and it is your individual decision: as a state or nation or world;we MUST NOT let these few be WRONG! THE PRICE is too high.
  3. That extreme weapons exist, and it is your decision: as a nation, we must not let these few be WRONG. The price is too high.
  4. That the future is bleak, as proven by the evidence of our reality. Overrun with catastrophe, by the consequences of things we will not be able to change later/ unless we accept our own responsibility to do better. RIGHT NOW!
  5. That a jury, even one which represents all the people in this nation or state or world: can make a decision that will change the direction of our leaders/ even our world. By accepting the responsibility for those decisions among ourselves.

For the purposes of this simple jury trial, I submit that previous filings shall be left alone, until public trial. So that the more simple decision can be applied:     do you proclaim for the people, that they should be given the opportunity to vote? If so: thereby you as a jury demand to determine by democratic authority “the direction and level of risk” our nation, state, or world will allow, or must go? Taking responsibility for our own lives.  AS ONE PEOPLE, united; as best we can! Governed by truth, through democracy.

I will suggest: that the web sites which I have provided; beginning with or linked through  are sufficient for an initial discovery of public information about threats to be dealt with. The ad should so state.

In the alternative, you as the initiating jury; for the nation or state; accept the consequences of whatever being wrong, shall bring! No excuses, no second chances: let the universities (every leader has a diploma) decide.

To the court:  I intend to bring 18 copies (enough, or make it clear a need for more exists) with me for trial presentation to the jury. Let the prosecutor be so informed.

Limited response will be brought by me. Closing argument as needed.

James Frank Osterbur

Dated:  July 3, 2018

Trial: 2018 TR 5950


Dated:   7/6/18

The closing argument is:

That reality is not a game, and the consequences of making the wrong choices: are catastrophic or deadly!

Our reality is:

Scientists are trying to burn plasma now, because fusion has been proven wrong. Burning plasma means: “they are literally trying to create a nuclear fire, by igniting atoms on fire”. As is what happens on the sun. Same energy/ same result here, as is on the sun!  OUR WORLD BURNS.

Scientists claim: they need not worry about extinguishing the fire because they declare, “not enough gravity here” so the fire will just put itself out! Wrong is a dead earth, turned into a sun.

Scientists claim: they know what happens inside the sun. but they have absolutely NO instruments or any like thing that can see within a million miles of solar flame: so they are in fact, SIMPLY GUESSING; WITHOUT any proof whatsoever. 1. That the sun core is the hottest place on the sun, and it burns continually. In contrast: if in fact the sun was on fire completely from the core out. THEN ALL THE FUEL IS ON FIRE AT ONCE, and the sun would burn out quickly. Simple as that.

  1. That the sun core is made out of gravitons, an element that cannot be proven to existby any known element or physical fact. Merely an hypothesis. A graviton is said to be 15 times bigger than a lead atom: which means by size comparison, if lead was an atom the size of a marble/ a graviton would have to be the size of a basketball. A reality that does not exist. Solar gravity exists because of the fire itself, than can be proven true!
  2. That the sun is made primarily out of hydrogen: based upon spectrographic results. Which can only “see” the ash cloud coming out of the fire. We CANNOT see within “million mile long flames”; simple as that. but we can understand thermodynamics: which demands room for heat (energy expansion) to exist.

While it is possible to ignite atoms on fire (just like on the sun)/ it is impossible to extinguish that fire. Everything is fuel!

          CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES, and demand a moratorium, to investigate what can be proven true.


          The foundation of genetic structure is: NATURE ITSELF! Simple as that, as genetic information builds and controls the body of life in every living thing. The geneticists when asked years ago: HOW will you repair what you damage? Their response was “we need not bother, in a few billion years/ evolution will bring something else back to life. YOU WANT TO WAIT, or be destroyed: for that?

Everything about evolution is a lie, other than adaption: which is in fact the sign of “perfect (I knew it would be needed, so I prepared) design”. Take a look into the nursing home to learn: what it means to have even a little less than what we are born to be. Chaos builds nothing: it simply destroys everything down to its most simple state. NOT LIFE HERE.

Resources determine our work, our world, and our lives as a living state of existence. It is said that we use more resources in ten years, than in all of human history before us. No resources NO LIFE.

Human population is increasing at not less than one billion more lives to feed per decade. We eat living things; we need water; EXCETERA. Cannibalism is coming: reality proves that true.


To understand: we have changed our world, by becoming 8 billion people (no one argues we will get there). Respecting that reality means: YOU CANNOT simply have whatever you want anymore. Because this earth is a very finite place. That truth dictates: without true and serious change, life on earth shall end and soon.

As a jury you have the option to call upon society: to investigate the costs of being wrong. As a society: they have the right to examine those costs, and make changes for themselves; in order to survive.

Nothing more or less, is given as a true purpose for this trial. Make your decision: give life its chance/ OR, take their chance, to understand our reality;  away.  Simple as that!


James Frank Osterbur


The constant of my lifetime is:  people want what they want/ and they sure as hell DON’T want nothing to do, with what they don’t want! Simple as that. So we are here today at the edge of extinction; because that is what you, as humanity on earth chose. But you have nowhere to run or hide, and time has run out for less than true and appropriate change. Last chance for life on earth:  CHOOSE LIFE COMES FIRST, not want. And we can begin again in ways that will let us all survive IF that is possible. No going back/ no second chances/ no appeal for this case. CHOOSE!



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