The keys to redress are:

  • To assemble a legal right: to call the people together, for a vote on specific issues which confront us all; as a democracy. Realities of our state, nation, or world that threaten or alter the basic concepts of our constitutional purpose in democracy as are established in that constitution. Through a courtroom of law, under 1st amendment redress of grievances.
  • To determine by an initiating jury: whether the significance of those specific issues are worthy of calling together this society in whatever form the jury decides: for their own vote. Because the consequences of being wrong, are more than we deserve or desire to encounter. This trial deals with threats, that are literally able to make us extinct. The reality of employee failure is believed to be excessive.
    1. Therefore the question in jury trial, and then public trial is: whether you believe as a voting citizen, that it is necessary to take control over this or these specific issues, by our own democratic authority; from our employees.

    If the initiating jury decides yes we must advise the public. Then if the public approves of their decision:  voting yes we must legally investigate the consequences of these specific issues and all other relevant evidence in a courtroom we demand for ourselves. Calling for witnesses, compelling testimony, establishing the evidence. So that we do understand the level of threat we face; in this trial. Then by examining the consequences we must endure ourselves, from those who could be WRONG; BUT are establishing these threats:  without the possibility of changing what they have done.

  • We then make our own legally enforced decision: whether we the people who do own this nation, state, or other/ under democratic constitutional restrictions and demands. And establish as a democracy: the truth, that we the people shall in fact rule ourselves, by creating this law, that shall then be observed and enforced by our employees. The court moderates, and creates “justifiable process”/ but we the people by our vote, shall determine the result. When that process has been completed, and the people call for their own vote to decide for themselves.
  • This is not a referendum; as would be consistent with “what the people might want for themselves”. This is a legal democratic authority, as is owned by this government called we the people under constitutional contract, by constitutional first amendment law. Which controls both our rights, and the rights of everyone in this nation. Which includes those who threaten.
  • THIS IS: the right of democracy, WE THE PEOPLE, to defend ourselves, and protect our nation, planet, world, etcetera; by uniting together as one people. To determine for ourselves: if we will control this aspect of our law, and how it will affect our lives, and our future.
  • We own this nation, we rule this nation by law we allow or create. We employ those who work for us in the business of governing/ they are not rulers. Instead, we are rulers over the democracy (united we stand against those who threaten us) that is our government through the constitution itself. First amendment law, IS THE LAW. AND WE CAN, as a people united through our vote: ENFORCE THAT LAW, ON THE COURTS, and our employees!
  • To be clear, it is essential to obtain public participation in this court trial and outcomes: because even if the jury declares the public has a legal right to know, and a vote to determine if they will investigate for the purpose of deciding as a majority. What our law in this specific purpose shall be. That right to vote, right to know, right to understand or make a decision based upon “one citizen/ one vote” on this issue itself: to become our law, as determined by our people. The truth is powerful people will stand in our way, and try desperately to destroy this challenge to their power and pride. Without public participation and understanding, which requires communication and your decision to participate. Your rights, as is this opportunity; can be lost.
  • Throughout the years media, courts, and so on: have only one response to this work called redress/ to the threats against life, world, and planet: “the universities are god, and they cannot be wrong, and they cannot be questioned”!
  1. Direct trials have occurred for redress, and they were all met with absolute avoidance at any cost. This trial functionally entered the courtroom “through the mouse door”. So small, that none noticed it came through. Thereby it exists, where the others all failed.
  2. Redress of grievances is first amendment law; just like freedom of religion, speech, press: SAME. Remember that, as people say to you, it cannot exist.  Redress is power to the people through law. Redress is the demand and legal authority through democratic unity, to examine what our employees have done, or are doing/ and say NO, this is not what we are willing to allow. That makes this, the key to true democracy as we the people. Through democratic authority and under constitutional restraint; by majority rule. Enforced by our own vote/ our own choice/ & our own law, established by ourselves.
  3. This is a one time trial, yes or no. Yes means you will take responsibility for your nation, lives, future, world, etcetera. No means, you abandon these threats which will lead to extinction; because you just didn’t care enough. Make your decision.

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