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Establishing ownership of our democracy, requires we the people to oversee OUR LAWS, our future, and our employees!  When it is clear, that our employees have failed to keep the purposes, values, and identity chosen and displayed in the Constitution, declaration of independence, and “Virginia bill of rights”. It is our duty, and it is our legal right according to first amendment redress of grievances: to identify the problems/ establish unity of purpose by creating a vote. Then: Examine the evidence of that specific reality, before making our decision.  As no law, no direction, no purpose, and no employee are without the right to state clearly through courtroom testimony; the reasons this exists. The same is true for we the people, when we decide to investigate the consequences of what can or could go wrong: in realities that will change our nation, our world, our nature, our future, our lives, or whatever it is that is sufficient to sustain the word THREAT. The need for truth and consequences as is true of every trial; is paramount to understanding what we are voting upon. The realities of not doing what has begun, need clarity, so that wisdom will prevail; NOT simply want. Each specific threat asserts there shall be a different courtroom for this. Each specific trial, demands there shall be complete and utter transparency throughout every detail of trial: so that none should be concerned with the evidence being given. The realities which surround any decision MUST be accounted for. The realities of “associated threats” must also be included in trial; so that a law that encompasses enough, shall come forth. For example: extreme energy experiments are not restricted to just trying to burn plasma/ they would include things like CERN; and more.

In the initiating jury trial; majority rule establishes a right to proceed. However, the reality of less than a united jury which can call the entire public of our state or nation together for a vote. Majority rules. Less than a unanimous jury, presents a purpose that will demand less public notification from the court. And need not include more than the judicial circuit within which it will be decided. If they respond with less than a 70% affirmative, call this to trial. Then it is dropped. The need for trial must be apparent and necessary to the true majority; or it is insufficient. If 70% or more do accept this need to call for a trial: then a new vote will be taken within the entire state or nation; as is consistent with those who will be affected. The vote of the judicial circuit will be tallied as it was/ no new need to vote shall occur for them.

With regards to foreign nations, that are using extreme experimentation to threaten our world, and not just their nation. We MUST rely upon international law, to be created. WE MUST demand a moratorium on extreme experimentation until an international vote is constructed. WE MUST identify what can or cannot be done in consideration of the risk to our planet or its life/ should any nation refuse. Because one second too late, and like igniting the same energy source here as is on the sun; means we literally all die from the same cause. Our earth itself, will be engulfed by a nuclear fire; just like the sun. Or every genetic basis of life has been mutilated, and that cannot be undone: etcetera. These are world issues, and the people of this world deserve their vote upon: is this risk too high!

       Elements of religion have been provided for the religious: to prove no, you may not simply hide in whatever religion you represent. We the people of this earth are the problem; therefore we must be the solution. Every threat we face is “university induced” but humanity followed, and even worshiped “university knows”. Which has now turned into a lie. The consequences are becoming quite clear!

THERE IS, a need for religious trial in these threats: against the “witchdoctor religion called evolution”/ which has absolutely no proof whatsoever. But it has snuck into government through university worship; and corrupted the entire schooling system and is the basis for why genetic information and life is being destroyed. For that cause the religion called evolution must be removed from the leadership role it plays, in this nation. And established by truth, to the garbage dump of human ignorance and failure to which it belongs.

       The reality of taking a vote is very simple:  each demand for an investigation into the actual truth that exists; an actual change we believe should be made; or an element of our business governing staff; etcetera.

Is given a position on the ballot, just like an person trying to be elected.

Each perceived trial is given either a yes or no vote. The trial with the most votes, after attaining “yes we will”. Goes first, then in descending order each that is elected for trial shall be resolved in court. Three or four trials can exist at the same time/ when one is called for a vote “we heard enough”. It will be replaced by the next until, all elected demands for trial have been done.

       These are not hidden trials, nor do they present a degree of danger that requires a courtroom and all its securities. This is our democracy in action, and the venue; methods of communication; lawyers and so forth, should respect that reality.

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Jim Osterbur

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