democracy enforced


In Trial: 2018 TR 5950


Dated 7/ 17/18

The demand on this courtroom is: the constitution must be enforced! That constitution guarantees “first amendment redress of grievances” as power to the people, to govern themselves. Not by individual decisions, but by the authority to own, “the final say” in our own united direction, as a society, and within constitutional purpose. That is called freedom, and duty. To grant this to ourselves: this trial adheres to, the steps laid down as democracy allows. “…..or, the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and petition the government for a redress of grievances”. Redress means: we do have an issue to address, with the way things are going in OUR government; as are the decisions and direction which have been determined by you, OUR employees. This grievance is: that we are threatened, our world is threatened, our nature is threatened, your children are threatened, our nation is threatened, our securities are threatened, and the very foundations of the planet itself are at risk of being destroyed. Democratic authority, comes from the law we possess/ therefore our authority to change this direction, and modify these decisions comes from a courtroom: for which we are here, today! The legal right to accomplish “democracy in action”: REQUIRES participation by a majority of the people. That participation, is then determined by a vote. That vote, is then determined by the legal communication that grants the truth:  we the people shall decide what is true, and make our decision, whether to investigate these threats, and take control from our employees, over their direction/ or not. As is the very purpose of a democracy enforced. By vote, the law of this democracy is:  as, the preamble states it to be. We the people of the USA, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA.

This contract, to build our society according to these ideals: grants ownership, to WE THE PEOPLE. We are the power of this democracy by our consent! We are the truth of this democracy, which makes us equal, each one vote! Our inalienable right, is the legal protection of both law and nation is to protect our world, our nature, our planet, our lives, every child, and every resource as will be life or death for this earth! Those facts cannot be usurped, and they cannot be denied; apart from treason!


Jurisdiction is the development of constitutional authority, as in: WHO OWNS THE LEGAL RIGHT, of deciding for the nation, or state itself. Any part of portion of the judiciary OR, we the people? The answer is, both have limited scope and power by constitutional intent and law. It is however a proven legal right, that the owners of a specific possession; do have the opportunity not only to change that constitution, but enforce it as a legally granted right of authority, defined as:  we, the people.

The essence of civil liberty is the right of this citizenry to claim protection under the law. Thereby guaranteeing the values and realities of constitutional declarations as does include, its preamble. The stated purpose, the binding agreement of the people, called our nation.

The elemental nature of this trial is: that we the people are in danger, extreme experimentation/ failure to address provable catastrophe’s, as are clearly coming/ extremely poor judgment/ treasonous behaviors (you chose against us)/ and the potential of this world, literally being exterminated. As will be the result of igniting atoms on fire “just like on the sun”. These are funded by governmental parties, and actions; which gives governmental authority to intervene by the judiciary, through we the people decisions. These are criminal threats, and contemptable acts;  against life, nation, and world! We have an UNDENIABLE LEGAL RIGHT; to understand significantly, as best we can by investigation;  exactly what that risk is! We own, by its consequences should any part go WRONG: the clear authority to change this direction, and determine what may or may not be done, as a nation.

In each of these categories: we the people are distinctly involved and a direct party to the potential horrifying consequences; “of those who are playing god with life and planet/ discarding reality/ devaluing our money/ and choosing to be fools with life itself”. A reality equivalent: to knowing a bomb is being built under our feet, with the full intent to ignite that explosive and destroy us all. A fact, that gives meaning to the elevation of evidence, which will then prove what is factual, and true as best we can. That definition can only be created in a courtroom; and it must be addressed through proper legal means. IF, society determines that it will care to understand: their decision. Because freedom is sacred.

The reality of those who are gambling with all life, gambling with the natural world or its life, gambling the resources will last “for us”/ while condemning the future and all its children, to HELL.  Are NOT, WITHIN the scope or intent of a legal right. Which does construct a potentially criminal trial.

The courtroom is legally consistent within the terms of democracy:  as, WE THE PEOPLE, who own this nation and all this world as humanity on earth/ DO HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT, not only to question, but demand and enforce answers; regarding the validity of all these things. Our world means: we do have the right to protect it.

WE THE PEOPLE, DO own the democratic authority: to challenge all participants, and all employees:  who are directly aiding and abetting a  threat to both life and world. We OWN the legal right to investigate, call for all witnesses under the harshest possible penalty for lies under oath: with no room for claiming an excuse. WE OWN THE LEGAL RIGHT; to  examine the consequences of what can or could or would happen to our lives, our future, our world, or your children: should any of these threats go WRONG.  That is NOT FOR A JUDICIARY TO DECIDE for the nation:  those realities of extinction grant OUR OWN DECISION DECIDES. Those who gamble and risk our EVERYTHING, shall answer to us/ and we the people shall decide their fate, along with, what will or will not be allowed as their actions, either today or forever.

The supreme, as is constitutional law of this land is dedicated to the proposition (this is our purpose and desire) which develops according to the preamble of that constitution: as is, we have set this, to unite us as one nation!

That reads: We the people of the USA, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA.

Clearly, portraying we the people are the owners here/ and this is OUR GOVERNMENT, of the people. That does give us original jurisdiction (we are the authority who decides), in all matters called first amendment, redress of grievances. Redress is: the right of this people, to call our employees to court; and thereby determine whether or not, they have obeyed their oath of office. Verifiable threats, describe their actions as having failed us; when our lives, our world, our possessions, your children, and more; are at stake, that is called treason/ or a clear failure to let common sense decide. Their “religious worship” of university knows everything: IS NOT a viable excuse. The fact LIFE and PLANET COME FIRST, is not menial, nor is it hard to understand:  fools discard it, to play god.

Judicial redress (let the judge decide) is not sufficient: as these things have arisen over time, and the court has proven itself to be “religiously tied (they can’t be questioned)” to the universities. As reality proves by the court cases of James Frank Osterbur. The court itself is accused of believing the university is god/ because their decisions cannot be questioned, and they are held as superior to all controversy or claim. As is the assertion: THEY CANNOT BE WRONG/ OR, only another from university, can present an argument! Law is:  let the evidence decide/ NOT, they are “god”.

All construction of sovereign immunity, thereby fades away in the grip of article three, section 1:  “the judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behavior,….”

Immunity is based entirely upon “good behavior”; and the decision proven true by cases throughout the court system of IL and this USA; versus, James Frank Osterbur. Clearly state, the constitution is banned from these courtrooms, in direct, and distinct violation of their oath of office.  Clearly proven wrong, by failing life and nation: when giving to the universities a complete and utter worship; as is,“they can’t be wrong/ or, you can’t be right”: not even when an entire world is at risk. Clearly defined as rebellion, the universities decide/ not the constitution; as does become: against this United States of America. A reality defined when refusing to grant the legal first amendment right that is redress of grievances by and for, the people themselves.

The public, In their own defense, shall decide if they too shall “risk our world”/ by this jury, that decision begins. Democracy is then enforced: with authority, instead of simply people, without a choice! To refuse redress is not democracy, thereby it is rebellion.

The standing to sue, by vote is simple: we, having been made aware of our situation, DO have a right to protect our lives. By investigation of the facts in a courtroom of law: to insure, as best we can. We DO, have a legal right to protect our world, our nation, our future, our nature, your children, and more. We DO, have a constitutional right, to prove the democratic authority, THE FINAL SAY; of this state and this nation is ours. Within constitutional restraint, and until we change that constitution as we see fit by democratic vote. The supreme court has the right only to prove us wrong. During the process that becomes our right as a nation, to determine if they too; have kept their oath: to put the constitution FIRST!  The demand to KNOW the full extent to which we are threatened, is fundamental to life and nation; it is OUR GOVERNMENT ENFORCED.


          Every jury sets, to insure the constitutional purpose of our laws shall be kept; as described in our primary constitutional documents: the constitution/ bill of rights/ and declaration of independence. The foundation upon which soldiers and citizens risked their lives, and paid the price of becoming a nation. It is no other.

Every jury participates to insure, that rules should not overtake this society. To guard freedom and legal rights. To prove, that the punishment or reward is fair and justified; as if they were themselves on trial. While the law is tested to conceive of what is true/ the reality of punishment determines the state of power, and defines what justice really is.

In this trial, the beginning of state or national redress; by the people:  according to first amendment law.  The jury decides, three distinct realities of law.

  1. Whether the potential for being wrong, by actions or reactions being taken:  could or would affect our lives in distinct or catastrophic ways? The question is: Must we enforce: LIFE comes first?  Is it true LITERALLY, WE CANNOT allow these people to be WRONG!   OR, do we need to know as thoroughly as possible what our own risk truly is?
  2. Whether we are in fact, potentially as life, a world, or nature, or future being gambled with: by those who have NO LEGAL RIGHT to do so? IS THIS: A threat so severe, extinction is possible? IS, the future of every child dead?
  3. If this jury demands redress shall begin: then it defines and creates the communication to the state or nation that shall become a call to court through all forms of media. Thereby to inform generally and propagate a vote to be taken: which shall then decide, if we the people agree, to  initiate or deny;  true public redress trial. That purpose is trial: for investigating and examining the evidence of all substantial threat. Our legal right through democratic authority under first amendment law: is to enforce our own protection, whether it is as state, nation, or world, for constitutional purpose, which includes, both life and planet!

The burden of law is justice: the essence of what can we all be together & why will we be; as one united nation.

The burden of proof is defined by consequences: what does it mean to be wrong.

The burden of evidence is truth: is this function and form called knowledge, real.

The burden of truth is: does the sanctity of life and planet, come first? What is hidden/ what is manipulated/ what will respect prove.

A rule removes law, to attack the individual; because it can, thereby rulers are made, and laws (for us all) are then broken.

A law valued by fair play, protects life; because it understands the discovery of constructive “balance, order, and disciplines, create peace”.

A foundation of elemental existence, cannot be broken: without causing extinction to arise.

Extinction has “no second chance”/ thereby forever is, as death must be. No mercy allowed.

The instructions to the jury are as follows:

Democracy has given you a tool. Unlike all those who have said: “we cannot do anything/ so tell us nothing, we will do nothing”. YOU, have the option of an authority and a legal right to bring into this society: choice! NOT, simple political choice/ but legal choice; as is, this decision belongs to us all. Together through the law, we can then work to protect ourselves and our world, as best we can. OR you can deny that right to the people [believing whatever you believe], and accept blame according to the reality you have gambled, will not go wrong.

Should the public choose to deny life, and protect “university knows/ let nothing be done”; as is their right in freedom. You become innocent, having given them that option, to put life first. The public choice rules our future, by vote. Either way:  my work is done/ you have your chance, to survive.

Not a game, there is no going back. As is the ignition of atoms on fire, “just like the sun”/ you cannot extinguish the beginning of HELL! Once the point of no return has pasted, we go extinct as a world! What you believe is irrelevant, truth will decide the future of us all.  This is not a threat, this is simply reality by the evidence of our existence. Reality is fact, not supposition or a purpose beyond itself.


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