In solidarity with life, the quest is to find more, “than time”.

The difference is, that life builds a discipline through order and respect/ while time reacts to that discipline and order by demanding: you shall not remain as a body for living. The quest is then simple: to attain, what is not body, and achieve the essence of an expression that cannot be bound in such a simple word as freedom.

The experience of life is separate, from the human equivalent called living. To live, is to experience change, and separate that change from its potential, into your own decision. Living is the construction of what can survive, the freedom of your choices.

Without respect for the integrity of thought, as it passes through the elevation called truth; order will fail, and discipline will be destroyed. Therefore the primary battleground in all things life is thought.

The potential for change is either controlled by truth/ or developed through chaos: only truth grants life. Therefore truth is the path that rises through chaos, to become the essence of life itself. To ascend means to trust the reality of truth itself, and therefrom gain respect. To accept that trust requires an understanding born from the creation of knowledge. Consequently choice lives in the change from knowledge and understanding, into the passage called wisdom. Wisdom is a journey, that lives or dies through the “doors” of our desire. As you attain change, through your own control: the values of your decision, control your destiny.

Discipline states, all choices arise from the inside, the environment of your soul. The order called soul, creates the structure of your decisions: because you designed the life accepted, by completing the question, WHAT is most important, to me? The dimensional characteristics of that answer, become the environment called respect. Respect means: to accept the elevation of life, will lead to  GOD!

We are not an accident of any kind. We are given life, and allowed its freedom to construct our eternity. Every miracle of existence, proves that true. Clearly and certainly and without doubt, “thought came first”. Because nothing exists as life, without truth, order, discipline, balance, developmental ascension, freedom, courage, and even love (to make life worth living, even for what is less than you).

So we examine thought as the “staircase to heaven”. But remember, our existence is as a participant, rather than its creator. We search, we do not create. The difference is massive!

Thought, by definition is the translation of knowledge, into an understanding conceived by wisdom. The value of the journey, is distinctly dimensional. Where you can travel, is entirely dependent upon where your knowledge lives. So the question is: how does knowledge live unto itself? The answer is refined as the conceptual element known as law. Where truth becomes identified, as the passage that contains a universe of potential.

Order states, the definition of our soul (the essence called birth), is more than you can have. Fools should never be given options to destroy; as that is what they do.

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Jim Osterbur

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