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Time, is both life and death, in human existence; a reality that cannot be avoided. The question is then:  as we measure the expansion of one/ why do we create a contraction called the other? Or more distinctly, we are given the grace to conceive of more than we could have imagined prior to existence/ yet we are confronted with the reality of imagining far less than what grace would provide. WHY, do these opposites exist? WHY, does not life remain life: the miracle of freedom, with honorable desire?

The question is: what does identity have to do with existence? Answer, with clarity as produced by your own decision, the values and conceptions of life and living become your own. So the question changes: WHY, do we need an identity to exist? Answer, within the certainty called values through respect, the definition of love arises. Therefrom in love, destiny arises, and the heart is born.

Purity belongs to the expansion of heart, a blessing chosen by love, discipline, respect, and courage, as is born from truth. Purity is, the discovery of order, as It is intentionally shaped through the disciplines of balance. Order relies upon respect, while love lives within the courage born from truth. The heart shares within the expansion of relationships, to become the passage of your life beyond itself. Every door reveals a truth. Every door is a purity within the spiritual world, that cannot be defeated: truth remains forever, it is the law of both universe and self! Love lives within truth, through the expansion of respect/ the forgiveness of imperfections/ the decision to share/ and the ability to care, simply because you can. What is true, then expands and shapes our world. While the accumulation of what is not true, contracts/ descends/ and controls all things into its own “tiny self”.  The environment of body creates time called human. The loss of that body closes the door on what shapes our world. The critical question is: can you live within your own truth, by the laws of this universe/ even without a body?

Discipline creates the ascension of order, as a direct result of accepting the values called respect. Without respect and acceptance of the laws directly responsible for life, there is only chaos, failure, and dissolution to come. With balance, life erects itself as the elemental expansion called freedom. To be free then embodies the grace of all things true, to the existence of life. Life expands to become the living. Living shares the definition, of value we create as life.

The body is a house, not your life. The value of your life, is its search for happiness through truth, as a testimony called love. Love lives in the identity you choose, and display as your heart. Heart is then what expands to create the description called “being ALIVE”. SOUL interacts with heart, while love is its passage between life and death beyond the limits of self.

Self shall die, because it is intertwined with body, and they are inseparable. That means: to die, is to lose self/ the body fades away in an instant. So the question is: if self is body/ rather than life is simply human, we ask: what is life, without self? The answer is: everything you truly value, in your heart and soul, as existence. The question is: without a body, WHAT then is existence? The answer is spiritual: what it means to become “truth forever identified as you”.

The description of spiritual is: an energy constrained, and allowed to be controlled; by the existence of life! Therefrom our every expression is conceived by energy, but translated as an action rather than a reaction. Where-so-ever there is a reaction, there is time. Life without time knows no reaction, only the consequence of an action. The question of eternity is then: HOW does energy exist without producing a reaction; as is consistent with time? The answer becomes an expression that “lives in a different way”. The experience of freedom, remains the same. The decisions of love, translate through trust. The ability to conceive of an identity that is your own: lives or dies within the essence of love. The heart searches, but the soul (our relationship with   GOD  ), remains an environment that can only be achieved through purity.

Mass is unnecessary for energy to exist! Energy must exist for mass to be formed. So the reality is: even though are bodies are formed through mass, it is the energy that gives us both life, and freedom to choose. Because thought lives or dies in the creation of value!

Value is, as its core, the essence of life itself. Without value life will not arise; value is essential to hope, and hope is the heartbeat which keeps us all, alive. Therefore to hope is to resonate in the possibilities we experience as cherished. While to value, is to recognize expansion has possibilities unlike anything else. Thought gives us the ability to translate what we value into the possibilities we yearn to know. Wisdom achieves a relationship through knowledge with understanding, that the definitions of life itself, give us thought.

These are the beginning lessons, of life beyond time.

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Jim Osterbur

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