life and living

life and living

The elevation from life to living, is at its core a relationship with learning how to be alive, in a way that brings happiness, hope, respect, discipline, order, courage, balance, wisdom, love, and truth into your own existence. These are neither small nor irrelevant realities, in the values, of what keeps us alive. When you have the rest, only love matters/ because it is the basis of why we all desire life.

Those who fail, find death (I am not, what I want you to be) by the road to hate. That in itself, is a complex descent/ but remains irrelevant to life.

Learning is a decision, to accept! Until you accept the realities which govern knowledge, you cannot learn/ you merely assume. Acceptance means: I have elevated this as a proven fact beyond belief/ therefore I shall trust. Learning comes in three forms:  I will learn so that I can steal from the others, by what they do not know. I will learn so that I can manipulate the others, to do what I want them to do. And I will learn, because this earth and all its life, are beyond my comprehension: I choose to respect that reality, with the honesty that is my choice to be among the living; as best I can.

Life is the freedom to recognize, I have a choice. All living things exhibit that reality, because it is easier to die, than it is to live. The question is then WHY, does each of these creations choose to live? While the simple answer is: “because I can”/ as suicide proves, that is not in itself, enough. So the question returns again, and will be limited to humanity:  WHY do you choose to live? We begin the discussion in a space called “a deserted island where no life exists but you/ surrounded by water, with no exit:  how long would you survive, even with water and food: simply as a choice? Answer, to exist within a limited sphere of time and space (like being an astronaut headed for a distant planet, with no possibility to return): there is no cause to remain as life. Because you can’t be more than self.

Living is then a direct relationship not only with self, but with life as an environment which surrounds us with options to conceive of. Or more distinctly, we are allowed to interact with more than simple existence. This is called a relationship, and it can be achieved with any other thing that is life. So the question is: what constructs a relationship worth conceiving? The answer is desire.

Desire comes from the inner realm of happiness through hope. Hope lives within itself, and that makes us alive inside when we have hope to guide our direction, as if by the conscious definitions “of a voice inside”. Hope is not a voice, hope is a focus on destiny/ rather than fate. Fate confronts us, with what we did not or do not know; or have ignored because we simply did not want this as part of our lives: therefore the consequences erupt, when the lies or ignorance cannot be avoided further. Destiny lives and breathes “in a spiritual sense” as truth will allow us to trust the direction that we earn, as our own relationship with life, by its foundations in truth. The more we understand through respect for all that is existence; the greater the journey into an achievable destiny, is born. Happiness lives in the grace, that is ordered courage, through the delicate balance which wisdom provides. Without wisdom, we encounter all that can go wrong.

Happiness is, an environmental description, that identifies the purpose of your direction and the process of your decision: granting “to clean, or not to clean” as your reward. While all relationships are governed by love or hate: the value you place upon these directions are determined by whether you “clean your mind and soul”; or leave them to chaos and ruin. The purpose of love is to build a future with life, by living as best we can in the dimensions of a mind that searches for love, and the spiritual elements born by truth, which will not die.  The purpose of hate, is to curse your life; and assume “god, can be you”. The process of every decision is then do you desire a future, as is consistent with love/ or, do you desire a death constructed by your hate? Happiness lives within the boundary of what we value: everything we accept as a destiny to be cherished, which includes the life we share that destiny with.  Hope lives within the environmental reality of self, as it builds the expression of our heart, to heal the hopes which will fail in us. The solidarity of hope, as it lifts and separates what has value in our lives; grants the expression, and the experience “I AM, alive”.

We then grant LOVE, as the singular ascension beyond self: to conceive of “we ARE, ALIVE”! The difference is simple, “I am more/ because we are same”. The value of a disciplined friendship, is in elevating desire:  “I have hope for my life, beyond self”! The value of respect is in elevating hope: “life is more than me”. The value of love itself is, elementally changing the experience of being ALIVE, into a far more complex value called dignity. We have achieved our own destiny, in this time. This is, what we chose to build with hope, as best we can.

Love exhibits itself beyond the limits of time, when we encounter life; rather than time. There is a vast and true difference in reality. The critical question is respect/ because without respect as a foundation element of your chosen identity: death will visit you quickly. It is not optional, respect or die to your own ability to survive in chaos. Arrogance and pride are the road to hell.

Nonetheless, love lifts the experience of life beyond time into the variables which grant the law of life its virtue. ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES, is the clear and simple rule! Which literally does mean: whatever does not belong to your own truth, will be destroyed out of you; one way or the other. What then is true of you, limits and determines what life for you can be.

Living beyond the expression of time, is governed by the simple truth: without a body of chemicals to react with/ every action becomes an irreversible act. The consequence of that is wide ranging, and largely without mercy; because truth controls everything.

LOVE, is the greatest treasure in this universe! Simple as that, which establishes without cause to consider other possibilities: that love is the cause and distinction of why we are “humanity on earth”. The harvest of love, is what eternity desires. However, It is equally true, that without our own ability to survive in truth, by the decisions and desires of your own heart: love will die, as freedom enters the crisis of “I am trapped by my own desire”. Which brings us to the realities of our human existence: to understand the consequence of decisions without merit, or a design to remain alive.

Trapped means, “without options to be free”. That is never true of love, because love is only a free will gift, without chains to bind. Love is only a desire, that is alive in your soul. Therefrom the crisis is “only you”/ and the reality of love is then a critical decision that understands: beyond this point of our relationship, there is no us. Because eternity relies upon GOD ALONE. To join that dimension of all things living, is to leave yourself behind!

Do you understand?

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