DISTANCE, means to remove the variables, the elements, and the time from your experience of life, and express the measurement called your soul.

Eternity is the profound understanding, of a change that cannot be undone! Therefore it exists, in you; as the moment your soul becomes measured. What can or cannot be, is a direct relationship to the cause and consequences of your time, as a decision to be lived, or lied about on earth. Measurement means: to identify existence, by participation. To understand the path, by decision. To be alive, as what becomes sacred, respected, and created through the life that is yours.

Variables construct the basis of disciplines. Each variation produces a different order, and demands an elevation of balance to achieve respect. Each variation shares an experience, or expresses a value based upon who you choose to be. Therefore, you participate, even if you do not choose. The variables of life include sex: because the influence of these acts go beyond the simple physical moments, to achieve moments that are either good or bad for one or both. Bad descends into want/ good ascends into life itself: both are powerful (can cause change, even if you don’t fully accept). To know life itself, is “intoxicating ((to rule out other realities, and isolate yourself)”. The variables of life include religion: because the influence of these beliefs, enters in and changes the path that is your own life, for good or bad. The variables of life, teach us:  consequences are real. Thereby we learn.

Elements exist as the physical construction of what surrounds us, and that includes either wealth or poverty. Physical limits OR physical joy, are the foundations upon which we live our lives. What we experience as body or world, compounds into our own expression as a result of what we can or cannot expect to do.

Time elevates or descends from the moments we share happiness, to the questions that confront humanity with hate. Only survival stands in between these decisions to be one, or the other. Because they are opposites, you cannot be both: unless you lie. Time creates the lie/ unlike truth itself, time on earth gives moments to conceive of what “you” can do before “time for truth, is up”. Truth has no moments: it is, exactly what it is/ and that can never be changed, or it would not be true. The true test of being human is then: are you love/ or hate?

Soul is charged with removing every lie, therefore few experience it; because they will not surrender their lies. Believing instead, “no one can see; this is me”. Belief is then a very dangerous reality; one that insists, “I CAN have whatever I want/ and you can’t stop me”. As a result, belief squirms, struggles, survives and reviles in the demand:  “truth does not matter/ I believe”. The constant, belief finds a way to survive.

Eternity shares the experience of love/ or constructs the power of hate: simple as that.

Hate is without value, and lives only in terror, through the creation of chaos.

Love is the treasury of our universe, as it alone makes life worth living/ and eternity worth existence. Thereby love is the single source, of what will or will not be measured as life; by the distance called eternal.

So the question is: are we more, than flesh, brain, or bone? The answer is obvious in death: as once the body quits functioning, it proves life no longer lives here.

What then is life, begins?

Discipline states:  life is the boundary created by truth, between a choice, a freedom, and the failure of both.

Order replies:  life is the distance between what we love, or hate.

Balance asserts:  without time, there is only truth, and truth has no alternative but to rule itself with strict obedience to reality.

Thought then confronts us all with:  WHAT does this mean, because the essence of all life is within that dimensional expression or experience of thought. WHY are we allowed to think, as if we are truly free? WHEN is freedom taken away? WHO makes the ultimate choice that becomes or remains alive? HOW can we exist, if there is no body? And WHERE does eternity itself reside?

We begin:  in the reality, that stands at the edge of our own extinction. A place where there is no tomorrow, unless comprehension and the acceptance of truth begin. Even if reality itself, will prove dangerous.


The question is: how does the conception, and therefrom realities of existence begin?

Answer: whatsoever participates with the freedom to survive (I choose not to die), lives. While that may sound simple to you, It is not! An action begets a reaction is not life, it is merely the translation of force into motion. Life, is a relationship within your own environment. Shared life as is love, assembles an environment that can be breeched with trust. Those who betray that trust, to attack love: incur wrath/ as the day of eternity comes.

The essence of environment is dimensional: WHAT can you extend from within yourself, to accomplish what is not within your environmental definitions? The answer is determined by truth and identity. Only truth survives, thereby you are whatever your own truth exists as. Identity confronts the distance you are/ or you are not, from the elemental truth of every decision that you make. The dimensional distance within which you are allowed to travel into the spiritual world is then determined by truth itself: as chosen by you. The spiritual world is elevated by its conception and its reality, as is, ONLY WHAT IS TRUE will survive here. The decisions that you will make/ the search that you will choose to incur/ the consequences of your own lies; are all developments of a journey into “space”.

Space “lives above the surface of time”. More distinctly, time creates an orderly distinction between actions and reactions; which allows for lies to exist. Without time, truth decides in an instant. Therefrom every action has a consequence that cannot be reversed. Or reaction has been removed, ending time/ while leaving distance. That effectively ends death as well, causing eternity to erupt. A caveat here is:  that GOD can create a different environment with time at different speeds, so as to grant those who cannot attain eternity, but did accept love; greater gifts than death.

GOD IS, beyond the scope of thought and every comprehension known to humanity. Simple as that!

Even so, we are granted the deliberate environment of thought to attain what is the first stepping stone into the essence of creation itself, called LIFE. Life is more than thought. Even so, our recognition of life is as thought conceives within us to accept freedom contained by distance. We are not free/ but we are the essence of our own choices, within the framework of our environment. What we do with our choices, establishes the envelope within which our ability to think will arise. Called an envelope because you place your decision within as a reality, and that reality travels to wherever truth itself, by your decision, will take you. Therein we learn to create our own dimension of a life as lived by “you”. An environment is the opportunity for someone or something else to arise and influence our decision. Essence dictates, that the elements of truth will not be discarded; wherein if you lie, or fantasize, or fail; that lie, their delusions, or the lack of respect for reality, will return to you as the future decides. Thought constructs the disciplines, order, balance, and the achievement of identity to whatever degree you are willing to allow. Therein thought begins as the instructor, which creates you, as the student. Thought then becomes the conscious reality of life/ whereas you become the identity of choice and existence. What we think, is determined by our relationship with the elements of our own choices.

Freedoms exist as the door to whatever our choices will bring. The opportunity to “open doors”, is a right granted by truth. Because freedom is not free, your choice brings you to the dimensions of your heart; and your heart conceives of love or hate or life. They are individual realities of existence. Love brings joy and happiness/ hate brings despair and violence/ life brings the opportunity to think, thereby we exist. Which brings us to death: we cannot think, therefore we are not free. To change that, our environment must be changed. A REALITY ONLY   GOD   can do!

The question is: what is life, if it has no physical body?

The answer returns as thought, a consciousness which arises from the beginning of a choice. Without assembling the “nature of thought (not for you)”/ simple knowledge, then states: if a choice could exist/ then life can arise. So the critical question is: without the chemistry of body, what is the elemental rise of consciousness? WHERE, does the energy come from, as is consistent with a choice. The answer is: our atomic structure exists by the containment of energy within a specific environment, as is held together by the laws of this universe. Within that containment is the ingredient for our own participation with energy: not as atomic structure/ but as energy itself.

Discussion turns to the nature of energy is not “by force”! Rather the elemental structure of energy is what has caused motion, or the potential to move; to exist. While time relies upon an action and reaction/ energy itself, does not. Or more simply: NO motion exists, unless something begins the process of that opportunity to move. What lives in the essence of energy, is then eternal; because it is the foundation of time, and conceives of the process called life.

I am unwilling to discuss this further.

The necessary balance to counteract the words at the edge of extinction, give you the opportunity to think and choose, rather than react.

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