It is functionally true, that truth when confronting reality, is not enough without understanding and its associated knowledge. Wisdom is a function of how and why you perceive the world as you do.
To understand our situation as a world, means you must acknowledge the realities of our threat first/ but then seek the consequences of what these threats mean, to our future. Before enacting more than a moritorium to stop this: until we do understand better, everything we need to know. So that the best actual decision can be made. The foundation of that decision MUST be: what is the cost of being WRONG/ the price for being right.
I have stated several times: that women must be allowed to rule/ and more distinctly NOT as men do. But as the majority of women working together would do, by assembling a new and different direction for society itself. IF you believe “just having a vagina is enough”/ you are absolutely WRONG. The real value in women leading today, is the fact that the majority of women do not simply decide to war with each other; as do men. The secondary value of women is: they are different, and being or choosing different than what we are, is absolutely necessary. Standing on the edge of our own extinction explains that, without doubt. The third value in letting women try to lead as a group/ not as a leader: is, that men are unfamilar with that reality/ and they will not know how to quash it, before it even begins. A reality that is constant in men, “so they war”; as history proves. They have no substantial inner structures, rules, thieves, traitors, spies, or other.
BUT THAT is just a beginning to a new direction: what you actually decide will benefit all life with justice; is different. For that you must identify what is true, and establish by that truth: what will or will not be in the best interest of us all, as a world. IT TAKES A WORLD, to make this true/ but human truths are the same throughout the world, thereby foreign languages or not, the essence will remain the same. Every nation has something to offer “our world”; don’t neglect them.
We then assemble participation within the following terms:
1. Every decision to be presented to the world for its decision by vote: must be written as if it were to be the law.
2. Every law, must be written with the maximum clarity, and the minimum of words needed to resolve problems quickly. Literally the ten commandments is a good example/ as are the US constitutional amendments.
3. To identify a path, that others will examine and construct into a truth: requires evidence. Evidence requires work, and the investigation of substance or realities, involved in making this determination. It is not free. The foundation of my work is then to establish a courtroom: WHEREBY each threat is taken apart to learn everything that can be learned in order to make this decision. And to remove all doubts as to whether or not we can avoid it. LIFE OR DEATH, leaves you no choice other than to die.
4. When you have your facts, which includes all other work beyond the courtroom as is needed to be done. Then with the knowledge of foundations provided by understanding what the consequences are: the real work begins.
5. Nearly EVERYONE hears, what they expect to hear/ regardless of what is being said. THEREFORE, it is absolutely essential to limit the conversation: “to a one page written report: per item/ per detail”; so that, can then be distributed and studied and reviewed; rather than speakers to instruct.
6. Once you have something you can agree upon, for discussion or vote: then larger groups are formed, and clarity about what you are going to vote upon must be created. The group establishes the item or reality to be voted upon/ not the individual.
7. Similar items or topics are combined into one decision. Decisions are fundamentally confined to not more than one thousand words; maximum/ the least possible with value, is best. A vote on that subject of law, is then taken. Men have had it their way/ it is time for women to try.
8. Democracy says: “majority rules within constitutional guidelines”. All will vote, and what has seventy percent approval: becomes the law. We are the owners here, and with legal redress: we do have that authority. Any who would confront illegally, or with anarchy to that democracy in action: can be punished accordingly.
9. THE CRITICAL TEST: comes quickly now; as realities of fantasy and failure, which cannot be hidden anymore, turns to remove the lies. Among those critical tests are: population control MUST be achieved NOW! A humanity that will soon be fifty percent unemployed, due to robots and much more: MUST BE DEALT WITH. A reality of living that CANNOT sustain life on earth MUST BE CHANGED; as is consistent with such things as oxygen depletion/ global warming/ ocean devastation/ habitat destruction/ environmental failures/ fantasy experimentation/ and a whole lot more.
10. The money MUST be dealt with/ but the only real solution is LIMITED CAPITALISM. Anything less, and society will descend into war. Make it so/ enough has been said.
11. World law must come, along with world policing instead of weapons of mass destruction. Instead of nations exceeding their boundaries: the leaders shall be held responsible by the world, and the laws for leaders that we the people do create for them.
12. Communication is the key, that organizes women to be “all you can be”. But the realities of what you are doing, and what you will be demanding in a vote: should be kept secret until they are debuted. Let the world decide for itself/ NOT be instructed by those who will fight to remove you from consideration.

These are fundamentals, as you proceed: refining them into a working platform for the production of ideas that can be sustained will improve. REMEMBER YOU NEED MEN TO VOTE WITH YOU; CHOOSE FOR JUSTICE/ NOT WANT.

Remember as well: many realities of life are not as they appear to be or you assume. Such as: the insect world feeds a wide variety of creatures and life/ without them, that all dies. Agriculture and the chemical invasion is threatening their extinction: along with the birds, flowers, and the endless array of what feeds on an insect. Or, for example: the woodpecker which most assume is attacking and hurting the trees/ is in fact a tree doctor, removing boring insects of all kinds; before they damage the tree. LEARN, before you judge! But make certain: those in court or media who are leading you to your conclusion/ are not allowed to be liars. They can be wrong, but they cannot lead: to false or theoritical conclusions. The price for that is prison or death: dependent upon what your true intentions were. We ARE, a world in trouble/ facing our own extinction by the evidence that can be proven true: NOBODY gets to play “god, or devil”. We need the truth; it is essential, without degrading it into failure: as did happen with global warming and many other issues. Because “we don’t want that”/ EVEN if it means life or death for this world. YOU are not, the only life that dies or lives: keep it clear in your heart what that honestly means.

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