The common US media communication/propagation of failure, fantasy, and disease. Is an outrage, conceived by drug addicts, pursued by cult fantatics, diseased by arrogance, and is cursed by reality! They are the literal “making of a silk purse, from a pigs ear”.
Yes, they do have to make a story out of something/ or lose their job. But that is not enough to warrant disabling the foundations of life and survival with the dysentary of fools.
THE REALITY IS: WHAT IS IMPORTANT? And their answer is: that is what gets people inflamed and ready to riot and angry enough to make us fear/ SO WE DON’T want anything to do with that. Supporting the dreams and fantasies of those who never grew up to face life itself; is easy, and the sheep follow; because it doesn’t make them afraid. After all, in today’s media: “anything is possible”/ as are, the endless lies, delusions, theft, terrorism, traitorous acts, and so on; that will soon fall upon our heads: to cut off existence on, or even as, earth. So they sell their souls, and lead their sheep to the slaughter; because they just don’t want reality to be real. LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL/ CURSE THIS EARTH; just don’t admit truth into the mix, or the lies will die; and then we all must face our reality, without a single dream of fantasy or illusion.
How awful: no illusions/ fantasies/ or delusions to take away the truth from your life. Alas, then you must grow up or die; and the media led revolution says “we will all die/ leave us alone”. Until of course reality does come; and the game they played; sucks them into the vomit they chose.
When we discard their curse of a blatant parasitic invasion: hidden (don’t worry/ be happy/ the universities will save you) until they are threatened by a return to reality, that will suck the life out of you. We then identify what is the truth of our reality! That is a series of threats so distinct our whole world SHALL go extinct. Even the media who hypnotize the sheep, and leave to die: “our world”. So we ask religion: WHY, did you let your sheep (we are so proud) be led off to slaughter? Their answer: “we want what we want/ life is not enough”. Until of course life is passing away, and the jury says dead. We ask the universities: WHY did you create a world approaching complete chaos, in every possible way? Their answer is: “we will play god/ because no one can stop us: and god will prove he or she is god, with destruction”. Because that is all they have of power/ and arrogance is all they have left or need, when the truth says: they counterfeited and stole the wealth of a world. NOW the world must fear, or soon they will attack, the “plain, ordinary people” who cursed them; by condeming their world to death. We ask the politician, courts, and police; even military: WHY, did you not stop this catastrophe, the intentional genocide; which literally gambles with all life, and even the world itself? A reality that clearly promises HORRORS/ TERRORS/ HELL/ AND EVEN WORSE. Their answer: The people won’t let us pretend to rule/ if we don’t give them what they want “FOR FREE”. We can’t make them pay for their reality; they will revolt/ and we will all descend into depression or worse! Even weapons of mass destruction might be used: WE CAN’T DO THAT. So every lie becomes a media enforced belief; and the religion of man (we can be gods) is in charge. Until the day when the collapse of everything that keeps us alive; takes over our world. A reality promising, soon!
Ask any media outlet, and their answer is: HELL NO, we won’t do one damn thing in response to threats that will make us extinct. WE WILL “wait and see”/ because you cannot make us believe anything we don’t want to believe: and you NEVER will! Until the day when there is no chance to recover from extinction/ then when the tears have failed you, and terrors consume your literal soul: with death eating out your heart: you will know, how foolish and blind you were. But not as a living creation/ rather, the curse of why this occurred, is you; this humanity on earth.
There have always been bullies (I have more power than you) on earth. The new version of that bully is the coward, who hides behind “the news”/ because with mass communication, they can create an army, with every lie they speak. You can’t “call out a cowardly bully”/ because they won’t come: unless hidden by the masses they will sacrifice instead. Coward means: “nothing in this world, can make me fight/ I fear death and pain, too much”.
So, the critical question, for those who are not simply “sheep/ an animal”; is to determine for yourself, if you can stand alone? It is written true, that JESUS called himself a “lamb”. Because the people at that time were herders, and they knew a lamb absolutely would not fight back. That is a description of discipline, for the sake of proving the difference (anyone/ everyone, can see it) between love and hate. A reality of courage, that was necessary for the purpose of HIS WORK. Which identified the reality: “they cannot be judged, without the purity of truth (which will kill nearly, if not all)/ so YOU the people with at least the possibility of soul, must find a way to live with them; without surrendering to their ways”. Clearly NOT an animal; just a description required for that day.
We then ask: should we all be passifists? Having tried it as a child, “determined not to war”/ all that created was even the least began to believe they could participate in pride by acting out violently on someone stronger than they. Not only a complete waste of time and effort: it resulted in the worst possible conclusions for even the weak and afraid. NEVER to be tried again/ that is not an answer.
We, then ask: WHAT should a human, being alive as GOD would have us be, then do? The answer is: stand up for life, find your courage by accepting the price of pain or death is less than, the reality of failure to be as GOD intended you to be. NO, you are NOT “as JESUS” was/ that is not your reality, nor is it mine. WE are men and women who live by the concepts and realities of love, which does include the duty to honor and accept the truth: in times of need, for both life and all of Creation. We MUST stand alone as needed, to prove that THE VALUE OF LIFE, by its essence in love; LIVES, AND BREATHES IN WITNESS TO THIS WORLD, and even to ourselves! We cannot simply do nothing, because we are: “the children, who shall belong to GOD”. YOU cannot be that, unless you are willing to protect life itself from corruption. You must stand up, and be accounted for/ OR, you will be held by that same accounting as “against life/ because you deserted the battle”: in this, our time/ this entire world of life, and its need for sanity, reality, and truth.
Life in time, is your choice: that then determines your eternity!

Oh wait, I know: the religious can hide behind “their cross (the murder weapon)/ or their book”. And demand: GOD WILL do everything (you know, cause you and “your god,” are buddies. Got a book written thousands of years ago; so clearly you know it all; pardon me.) OBVIOUSLY; WE DON’T have to do NOTHING; it ain’t like history proves that wrong! And the rest, will hide behind their apathy, and thirst for greed, pride, and power by demanding: “If I don’t know/ or won’t believe: THEN you can’t blame me, so I am free. Even though: with this entire world at risk of extinction/ NOBODY gets an excuse. Alas: convicted of treason anyway. Because, YOU chose: to let the traitors and terrorists continue, even though you knew what the cost of being wrong would be. YOU refused to protect life, and therefrom caused its death! To your eternal shame. That is the one thing media has done for you; in their zeal to worship and support the cult of university: they made certain you knew, or could have investigated for yourself. That: “devils (arrogance rules), are mutilating genetics, which is the source of NATURE building life/ they are,trying to ignite nuclear fire/ they have, been cursing every resource/ and destroying every attachment to survival we do have”; because the universities are their god. Thereby leading to HELL, your excuse is damned!


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