Let’s ask: IF, there is at least a tiny bit of truth, in each one/ other than the living dead (consumed by hate). THEN what if, the value of that truth could be mined, in order to achieve the survival of life on earth?
The question can only be answered: by accepting the challenge to “mine that truth”. The reality of doing so, requires that the distinction of WHAT CAN be true, in the mind “of each one that is not already dead”: must be found. It pays no one to search for delusions, or things that do not exist.
The question of what can be true in you: then resolves itself, by asking what is common to us all. Because in that commonality, the essence of what does survive as truth must exist. Everything is a miracle/ but the universities stole that from you with mindless games/ extreme arrogance/ and useless toys. So that is not it; even though it should be!
WHAT IS, a common truth shared by all? The answer is survival: to one degree or another EVERYBODY KNOWS, life can and will die, if you fail to feed or water the body, fail to breathe and so on. So then this is our common truth, or what is left of it after the delusions of the dead and worthless are taken away.
We then begin with what is true, that we do agree upon.
1. We have needs as a body. That must be filled. Or we die, the body itself fails.
2. We have needs of the mind. That must be filled. Or we die/ because life loses its value.
3. We are, either alive or dead. That reality exists, whether a (dead) body is present or not. Movement or the mind, decides.
4. Predators and Prey exist. All forms of other life exist. Rocks and inanimate forms of reality exist. Existence is then the presence of time.
5. Time is a limiting reality. Time is a measuring reality. Time is the acceptance of a life, by the conception of knowledge, as identified by time. Existence is the measurment of our judgment, as related to mass. Reality is then: perception bordered by, its truth and consequences.
6. Truth describes the participation of a law: this exists each time, and every time; truth creates an action or reaction.
7. Thought alone recognizes truth, and identifies a law: because it is the validation of life, “beyond the limited”.

We then assemble the questions that can arise from your own truth; as is conceived of within your mind.
1. WHAT can you get, before you die?
2. WHAT can you be, before you die?
3. WHO will respect your life, as something special; before you die?
4. WHY are you alive?
5. WHY should I believe anything?
6. WHERE is love?
7. WHEN am I going to die?

So, let’s discuss these, as a conception/ rather than an intimacy! Conception means: to create the mental possibilities, from the detailed analysis of truth. While intimacy means: I/(we), have passed beyond “the glass wall” that separates and defends, the independent lives we live; for the purpose of caring, and the intentional desire to share.
The most common want is: what can I get for me? The answer is, entirely dependent upon the relationship you share with truth/ the desire of your truth/ and the purpose you chose to be completed by your truth. That functionally applies: “to who you can be” as well/ as truth determines everything, because lies are just a decision to evade the truth.
The composition or construction of what or who is “special”: defines an alternative expression to living. More specifically, desire is a foundation laid to allow the additions of what you choose to add or build the identity of your chosen world. This purpose combines to create what is otherwise NOT the common choice; so as to separate you out of the crowd “just a little”. Therefore special is different; as is standing alone outside the boundaries of what the common response in a herd of prey or pack of predators would otherwise do. To become alive in the essence of true humanity (built for life/ not simple want or survival); is in fact a special experience, expressed by only a tiny few. Respect defines, how truly important the values and realities, which keep us alive in body, heart, mind, and soul truly are.
BEING ALIVE, as is the constant source of life itself; recognizes that the body does not construct life/ it only constructs time, through the mass of humanity that we control as our life within that time. The question of why, respects the value of what our recognition of time, through the experience, expression, movement, freedoms, thought, love, and hate produce in us. Or more distinctly, time combined with life through the body; is an environment that ascends or descends from the gift of our participation: into our own intentions. Therefore why in the form of life as time: is the assignment to define and decide what those intentions and values truly are. The mass and measurements known as body and mind; create an opportunity to realize change, by the conceptions it shapes/ the intimacy it reveals.
Without truth to rely upon, “people believe”! What they are willing to believe is determined entirely by what they want their life or death to become. Therefore belief forms disciplines and order which lead to a basic formulation of fate or destiny. Fate being: the consequences of your decision led you here. Whereas destiny is the truth of your own desire has shaped the conclusion of your search, beyond the limits of time; as a discovery warranting eternity. Religion arises here, as the essence of what you searched for/ and why. LIFE arises here as well, by separating the existence of “energy freed by thought”; NEEDS a law, and a boundary, to keep it from dissipating into “the vacuum of space”.
In the essence of life, by the confrontation of thought: WE MUST acquire the decision, that life has a value worth living/ worth accepting the cost of being alive. Thereby we design that value, by giving it the name called “LOVE”. Love, is the chosen essence of shared space within the intimacy of our own true desires to care for each other. The critical key is then why did you choose love/ OR, why did you not choose love, with any specific reality of life. As love itself, is a free will gift: you cannot buy it, nor can you sell it, nor can you build it; even though you can destroy it. So the question is again: WHAT is love? The answer is: The destiny your own desires chose to search for, with your heart and soul. That foundation of desire is then tied directly to heart and soul and self. Heart relies upon time to distinguish a purpose worth living for. Soul identifies desire as a boundary worth risking, for the greater reward of acceptance (the end of loneliness) through love. While self is the primary cause of why, “you are you”; thereby initiating the creation of who you are going to be.
We end the discussion with death, the most common experience to all. Death is the end of freedom, by removing time as a body, or measurement: of living mass. That does leave the energy that gave us life itself in time. The question being: WHAT does happen to that energy, WHEN does it happen to that energy, and WHY does “death or not death” happen to energy at all? The constant being as described by the physical universe: either energy will dissipate into irrelevant space/ it will transform into a consequent energy experience as delivered into something else/ or it will remain in state as potential energy more commonly conceived of as mass. One look at a human body dead, establishes that we are not alive in or as a mass anymore: unless it is a ghost. Ghost {you did not leave with the life that gave you existence} means: the energy has left without you, “You turned back”, and then it was too late. But like spirit which remains as the truth of Creation by its laws has been achieved. The imprint of life has consequences.  Of the three possible physical definitions: That leaves us with only one functional choice, to conceive of the potential called destiny or fate. Something must  transform the energy, by binding it into something else/ that is not the mass we leave. LOVE creates a destiny, by choosing the desire to share the experience of life, and express an open intimate desire to be a value beyond self/ to be self, as the intricate design “I care”. HATE creates fate, by the consequences of revenge/ a reality defined by violence; a choice governed by destruction. Love and Hate are NEVER companions; one will defeat the other, and end that reality of human existence as is called time. Therefore fundamentally you have either chosen life or death: when you have actually achieved either the truth of love within you/ OR the cost of destruction in you, by your choice. The fact, if you remain in time a little longer; is simply a detail.

There are only three categories of death: ONLY TRUTH, by its description of law, survives beyond time.
1. YOU did not achieve truth, and confined yourself to want, pride, power, selfishness, greed, lust, or other similar games. The charge is without value to life; as such you will simply be allowed, to “disappear”.
2. YOU did achieve and built something that identified you as valued by life itself; therefore an essence of love by whatever degree of purity you assembled within yourself; was earned. Your possibilities expand.
3. YOU did not achieve anything of value to life/ but instead destroyed a value that would have survived eternity. Taking that life from GOD, through the freedom of time for each to make their own mistakes or decisions. That means: the opposite of life has been earned/ and you will descend into chaos.

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