The critical question is: can I realistically hope for you, to choose for a living world, or not/ as nothing less is worth my time or effort? All the evidence says no, that is not realistic: you love your games more than life. Until the games are defeated, there is no hope for you. That means literally: that there will be economic chaos/ and other elements designed to remove the games: before this July 9, 2019 (the biblical end of mercy). OR, you simply will not survive your choices. They will kill you, and release upon you horrors and hell.
Whether it will include the ignition of nuclear fire before or after that date; decides the level of horrors/ versus the level of terrors that will destroy this living earth. So says the bible. Whether you wish to believe in the bible or not; is entirely your decision/ I merely point out, that Daniel 12; is the countdown of days, to the end of life on earth. That count: begins with the rise of the great abomination. NOTHING could be a greater abomination than the intent to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. Wrong means the earth is a sun, altering the solar system itself. That countdown began with the first experiment/ with the first machine, that could have ignited a nuclear (burns the bond in atoms: everything is fuel) fire. That occurred on April 1, 2012, at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, San Francisco USA.
Therefore the question to you is: DO YOU, OR do you not believe in the bible/ as a reality of life? Because if you do, then you must believe in this countdown, that has been waiting: even for thousands of years/ NOW, proven to exist. Because the reality of gambling with even the solar system itself; cannot be underestimated as, the human decision to be wrong: and play god. Thereby discarding all respect for life and planet. And humanity itself participates, by worshiping “university”. It is a choice/ as are every other threat proven by the evidence that IS GOING to destroy our lives, and earth! There are many opportunities for extinction; each proven real/ and awaiting trial to insure you know that is true.!
IF tragedy comes in time to make you accept reality again: you should be thankful/ even if it costs you your life. Because the truth is: your life, is not worth losing this world. You may disagree, but you would be wrong again. These potential problems are in fact: the consequences of what you chose. And they are FAR LESS, if the world can be saved: than the cost of extinction itself.
I have spent my life on this work/ that was my choice: and I don’t regret it. Although for anything less, I might have said no. Who can honestly let a world die; from such desolote things as human arrogance and complete disrespect? NOT me, so I work, as best I can! Even if you believe you can do better/ OR I should have done better: or you judge GOD as HE should have done better; if this is real. BY MAKING YOU understand or choose better, or taking away your free will, or intervening in the consequences of your actions as a majority of humanity, or even the individual. Yet nothing in the bible or history proves that is what GOD does. As it was in JESUS day: you must decide for yourselves, and accept the price that goes with your decision. How is that not true?. The foundation reality is: YOU, the humanity of our time; SHOULD HAVE DONE BETTER! And it is that simple.  I am who I am/ and will not change for you.
Nonetheless, I will hope for you until the point of no return/ when I will abandon you forever. GOD decides if, or when that will be; as I choose not to judge: but help as best I can.

Just because: I would remind you, that evolution could never have taken over the lives of so many people without mass media to trumpet its disgrace. I would remind you again: that Noah’s flood did occur/ because the evidence of fossil fuels is absolute (could not have occurred without that flood)/ when the world itself was full of life.
When all but a very tiny few died. It is clear that dinosaurs roamed at that time, with humanity: as their fossils are found on the surface. It is certain, that humanity had only fire to fight against them; and with that fact comes the certainty; of bleching methane. Which no doubt did result in a fire “from the dragons mouth” from time to time. It is also certain: that the truth of what was happening to the Indian tribes here was genocide/ the white settlers wanted it all, no sharing here. So when you say, nothing bad can happen: as history throughout this world will testify. YOU need to accept the truth: tragedy is far more common than peace. Because of the games men play. The assumptions and lies, people propagate on purpose to deceive.

I will tell you again as well: even though weapons cannot be discussed, without putting those same weapons in the enemies hands/ consequently it is rarely a good idea. It is however a good idea (several times over/from forty years ago); that like a skunk, which can turn back a true predator with their focused stink: proving this is a good and proper defensive method.
It is also proper and useful to be prepared with “dust” that can easily be released/ by storing it above; and simply dumping a bucket or other; such as a fire extinguisher. To either blind the shooter/ or hide the people with that dust, making them impossible to aim at.

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Jim Osterbur

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