The most common excuse is: “what can I do/ and then I can’t, and I WON’T; do anything, so don’t ask”! Enforced with either running away, or anger at being told: the evidence is real, what you want/ the universities you worship have brought us here.
Nonetheless: the value in saying I have done my job, includes: YOU DO have your chance to make a difference, IF you do some very simple things; that we all can do together.
1. An open courtroom MUST be provided, so that all the evidence can be assessed/ all the necessary “questions” can be asked/ and the value of that trial can be considered as best we could do: for ourselves. Thereby nobody gets to question: the information is insufficient for our decision as a society, to be based upon these facts.
YOU CAN ENFORCE THE LAW OF OUR SOCIETY: which is, NOBODY gets to gamble with LIFE OR DEATH: to our nature, our lives, our future, our children, our world/ food/ water/ oceans/ oxygen supply/ chains of life, weapons of mass destruction, and more. Particularly not, without our legitimate knowledge and consent.
YOUR JOB IS TO DEMAND OPEN TRIAL, TO DETERMINE WHAT IS TRUE; ABOUT EACH THREAT, sufficient to potentially cause our extinction, or other severe consequences.

2. In America: THE LAW, to determine for ourselves what WE THE PEOPLE shall or shall not allow to be done in our nation or our name. ALREADY EXISTS; as first amendment redress of grievances. WHICH DOES MEAN: WE GET TO DECIDE, as a nation by our vote on these specific issues/ NOT our employees. ANYONE who discards that legal right of democracy by, and of the people. AS IS, the intent of our constitution: SHALL BE IMPRISONED or executed for treason. We are not the law/ BUT WE ARE, the final say in what our laws and our rights can or cannot be. WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE, and there is no other: not in the courts, or presidency, or congress or any other. WE ARE THE NATION ITSELF, as we the people by our vote under our own constitutional laws. Exemplified by redress of grievances: the power of democracy by the people who then choose to enforce “the oath our employees swore” to this nation, as is “us”.
ANARCHY (we won’t obey) IS NOT ALLOWED/ INSURGENCY (we want what we the rulers want, to hell with you and your laws) IS TRAITOROUS/ REBELLION (we are your gods, obey or be imprisoned or enslaved) AGAINST THIS DEMOCRACY and its CONSTITUTION: IS TREASON. FRAUD (to manipulate and control the outcome by deceit, through the deliberate act of hiding the truth) is ILLEGAL.
3. The legal right to impose a moratorium for trial: on all actions or reactions or theories or other compositions of fact that can be conceived as a threat: to protect ourselves, is absolute! NONE have a legal standing or a legal authority to allow our lives, nature, world, or other to be gambled with or endangered by their actions or failure to act or reactions: that is terrorism at its core.

4. WE THE PEOPLE DO: have a legal right to declare and demand, there shall be world law and world policing; by our intent to form an international union of LAWS AND DEMANDS to be made upon our leaders of every nation on earth. Enforced by our own policing soldiers, who can or cannot act according to the laws we the world create to protect ourselves against those leaders/ other nations/ and environmental or life consequences that will do us all harm. IT IS THE LEADERS who go to jail or death/ should they fail to obey our laws.
Communicate/ organize/ identify/ and vote.

5. THERE IS NO POWER OR only extremely little CONTROL IN A VOTE: UNLESS WE VOTE ON THE LAWS THEMSELVES. When we make our own laws/ then we rule our own nation. It is that simple. It takes very few laws/ very simple laws/ and a society who knows and understands these laws: so they can defend themselves. To form the foundation of harmony, unity, and peace.

6. NO NATION STANDS, when their reality is built upon lies (the money is a fraud); endless delusion (evolution for example is an outright lie); fountains of foolishness (ain’t nobody going to another planet alive); failed life, as is the disease of “university worship” (we, the world; cannot survive the ignition of a nuclear fire): a world without resources/ children without a future; a dead ocean/ no oxygen to breathe/ or a nature mutilated into chaos as is the intent of your evolutionary priests (we will prove we are gods/ by creating something else with mutilation of genetics). Etcetera and more.
DEMAND AN ACCOUNTING AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE IN COURT: SO THAT NOBODY CAN ARGUE “we don’t have to change anything”. Because we do.

7. Without respect, there is no relationship between individuals, nations, life, or world. Which means everything we must be, to survive ourselves, or sustain our world, is dying. Without truth, WE CANNOT identify what is or is not in our own best interest; as lies always end with destruction or death. Without trust, there is no unity or peace. Without discipline and its duty to obey order, and accept the price called balance: we will die.
THERE IS A MOMENT TOO DAMN LATE! We do face a tremendous amount of extreme threats caused largely by university diploma leadership: the failure to identify what is true about that statement is the end of our world. A DECISION, YES WE WILL ALLOW THIS/ OR NO WE WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN, BECAUSE THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; IS TOO DAMN HIGH. A reality every person on earth is entitled to make, by their vote: because we are equal, as is the fact we are living!

IT IS necessary to understand in this USA; that the only government (authority granted by the people to rule over themselves) is the constitution itself; as is consistent with the definition and purpose called democracy. OUR EMPLOYEES DO NOT attain any part or form of that soverign (can’t touch) immunity; as is proven by their oath of office to us. Within that proof of purpose: the right not only exists to proceed legally against our employees for breach of contract (constitution). It is in fact the law called first amendment redress of grievances; as is identified and established as government authority, “for the people, by the people, and of the people”. The absolute right: to protect and defend ourselves, by protecting the foundations, purposes, and desires as stated within that constitution. As WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners here! The constitution is our contract with ourselves as a nation or state/ it is our government, which means: although we hire citizens to do the mundane tasks assigned by society, that we need to have done. We have in no way surrendered our rights, our democracy, our design for the future of our lives: “to an employee/ or any group thereof”. The first amendment law of REDRESS, exemplifies and protects that reality. To discard CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT MANDATES as is redress: constitutes TREASON.

We the people; are the signatories of our constitutional contract, we own it/ we are the inheritors of that contract, and it remains our government: NOT the government of our employees. We are the arbitrators and mediators of our own contract, by our vote. We are the only true authorities allowed to change that contract: as is “power of the people”. We hire, fire, and hold every legal right: to demand a true legal accounting, as ours. An oath: consistent with the purpose of office, which is to demand from those who work for us, as our employees: a true and legitimate acceptance of our own governmental authority: as WE THE PEOPLE. Constrained only, by our contractual decree of government: as is the constitution itself.

It should be noted as well: that not only sites like facebook and youtube are providing information on how to detail robotic expressions, and identify what you care about. The tv shows called “react” and others are defining how best to manipulate and control you with very specific language and nuance particulars; based upon your own descriptions in face and body. It is not a game, and they have no interest in you specifically: it is a decision to control society, politics, behaviors and more, specifically people: “with the best information available”. The television show, called “bull”/ identifies some of these traits and the methods being used.

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