RACISM; both more and less than you think!
The foundation of racism is simple: these can be divided from us as different. It is, no more or less than that; which means color is not the standard/ it is simply the easiest method of defining different.
The purpose of separation is also simple: When there is not enough, or seems not enough, or when people fear the future, or when people just want more for themselves. The purpose of a mob (this herd can drive you out)/ is to find someone or some group which they can then drive out: which establishes, then we get more.
The secondary reality is: WE DON’T want our family traits mixed with your family traits; as that would change us both forever.
The third reality is: WE DON’T want the competition, for sex or family to be confused with you and your family. We want, to be safe within our own little group/ secured within our larger group, that fights for itself; by insuring you can’t stay here. There are inherent differences in every group: and that means inclusion will disrupt both sides of the family, because this is not the same as we were. So every individual needs to adjust, or deny: because of the single decision that you made for them. The single critical decision that makes family or friend war with each other is: YOU MADE A DECISION/ that was not yours to make/ and HAVE AFFECTED OR CHANGED ME.
The fourth reality is: IF we don’t have a law/ then we have a war; so the law can rule us into submission. Which means the law or the courts or the policing must be corrupted or organized, to entitle the larger, more powerful group, the right to refuse participation: thereby separating the groups in hidden ways. When that happens all forms of crime expand, and society breaks down.
The fifth reality is: Control by pricing and removal of opportunities. The demand: even if you won’t move/ you won’t substantially participate either; or have a true option to compete.
The sixth reality is: immigration even by those who technically belong to the larger more powerful group/ must be limited or their competition will take from our lives, “the ability to get more, and be more secured, for ourselves”.
The seventh reality is: population control over humanity is, the single greatest challenge; this historical world of human existence, never conquered. The primary cause of all racism throughout all of history. A reality of life, that proves even within individual families: the competition can be too great.

So what we have is: a reality of nature, that is to sustain an adequate population/ there must be enough to repopulate the earth so this or any species does not go extinct. Unfortunately humanity has betrayed these balance points of species containment; so that all life can benefit: and over populated itself to the point of making this entire planet of life go extinct. That increases the call for racism, and makes raising the mob (yes we can move them out) much more easy. Corruption of the law and courts are much more easy: when “differences are intermixed/ My daughter, my wife, my child, my future, and our families are changed forever”. Consequently the disaster of “interracial dating and sex” are merely a time bomb that will explode sooner than later. There is no such thing as unilateral acceptance: because the boundaries between different subsets of the same species are there for a purpose. Each subset has its own distinct definitions/ not to be confused with the others; thereby making the competition for same, less!
Of the thousands or millions of “university delusions”; the assertion we are all the same is a constant thorn, intended to be decisive rather than helpful. WE ARE EQUAL/ but we are not the same; as is a constant throughout history. WHERE THERE IS REAL LOVE, there is a value that must be respected; regardless of differences. As love is the single most valued treasure in the “loving universe”. The separation of this universe is: between love or hate. There is no middle ground; only love or hate. That means “if your decision is both I can love and I can hate”/ rather than a decision specific to your choice; eternity has little room for you, and you will be lost forever. That fact SHOULD make you realize: judging each other, does have consequences for you too. But this is a thinking human reality; not a human animal decision: they only respond to the mob.
IF YOU DEFEAT NATURE/ YOU DIE; that is a reality repeated throughout history. When humanity no matter where it lived, destroyed their environment with too many people taking too much, and returning far too little. EVERY SINGLE JOB, EVERY SINGLE ABILITY TO SURVIVE: IS BUILT UPON NATURAL RESOURCES! Simple as that, when the resources die/ humanity moves, or goes to war.
That is the fundamental foundation of all racism: more distinctly, when the resources run out, someone has to die or move! IF WE CAN’T separate out a specific group/ THEN WE CAN’T go to war with ourselves. Because it is too difficult to separate people quickly in any other way. Which does mean tragedy is coming to all/ instead of some. This is then an animal behavioral reality: “a built in response” for self preservation.
So the critical issue, in all racism is: population control! Because where there is room for all/ there is no great threat.
The second critical issue is: IF you don’t compete with me for sexual or family partners in my group/ THEN I won’t care significantly about you and your presence here.
The third critical issue is: how do we enforce population control if there are not groups to identify as “working with us for the world/ or working against this world, and failing to be responsible to all”.
The fourth critical issue is: Can this world survive, with a human population this large. The consequence being: EVERY NATION IS RESPONSIBLE for itself. And shall not be allowed to move from its own deliberate problems, until that decision is made.
The fifth critical issue is: once population is considered to be a true crisis. The reality or value, of being a female, with little reference for groups: will drastically diminish, giving rise to more murders.
The sixth critical issue is: without resources, or a sustainable environment, or the chains of life which provide those living resources: NOBODY gets to live/ and that includes all other lives as well.
The deciding factor will be: can the majority of humans, CHANGE from “animal, concerned only with want and self”/ INTO a thinking caring individual, who will pay the price for survival, rather than believe anything they want. Which means we all accept: ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE our future. NOT wants, pride, or power.

While you bitch and moan about how this is unfair; because you want more for yourself, than life will give you under the conditions of ownership: as defined by every society. I remind you: that in the constant that is family or friend, DO YOU NOT choose for them first? Do you not choose those who are like you first? Do you not expect those who are like you to choose you first? Indeed you do; so the primary complaint is: WE DON’T want them to be like us/ we want what WE WANT. While the other side already in place says: “we must protect ourselves”; and not give them what they want/ so they move on. The immigrant says: “use our language/ make this place just like my home; even though you abandoned your home”. While the majority of that society in place now says: We don’t have any more room or resources to spare. Because it is fundamentally true. LIFE says, respect each other. SURVIVAL says: protect each other, and self. EXTINCTION says: “just keep doing what you are doing around the world, and there will be no more world to inhabit/ no more life at all”.
The foundation of peace is: that all must be respected as equals/ NOT the same, but equal as life is the same gift to each one. Environment, family, realities of existence are not. What you inherit in your birth, is yours. What you attain for yourself with work, is yours. What you need to survive is, the same reality we all face: therefore expected. But what you want, is not whatever you can find: but what life can give. As to societies around the world, our ability to absorb endless amounts of people is over. The consequence of that is: a reward of inclusion is fitting for those who comply with population control. A punishment (stay where you are) is fitting for those who discard their responsibility and claim “we owe”. In contrast to social or world realities: the constant of those who claim “let them all come”; do so, because they have a need; that this society has not yet filled. So they find an immigrant who needs them, to solve their own troubles.
The reality of population control falls to women; because even though a man “could have a million children theoretically”/ he cannot produce a single child without women. Women on the other hand DO produce babies. Therefore because you are going to be asking them to surrender “not more than two, or less”. The reality is men owe women (and must pay), who do accept that duty to life on earth. A vasectomy removes the chemicals that make sex desirable/ which largely ends all sexual pleasure or acts for both men and their women. It is a bad plan/ when men are able to stop getting women pregnant, by their proven choice. Then they become participants like women in surviving ourselves; and likewise deserve to be paid.
As a last resort: the people who are certain that they were failed by their own society/ can renounce their citizenship, and inherit one last ride to the society they claim will be better if accepted. AS a means of keeping the peace. NO return trips/ NO return citizenship: is allowed, it is a one way ticket.

As a matter of fact, the largest degree of incarceration is the tool of the proud, powerful, and righteous: to enforce the removal of competition, so they can have more for themselves. Those who refuse to learn, or balance reality with discipline however, do set themselves up to fail.

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Jim Osterbur

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