OUR humanity, now sits within the vessel known as the titanic/ and we have already hit the iceberg. So the question is: “can you stop saying you are gods long enough/ can you stop demanding nothing can sink us, because we are so damn smart/ can you conceive of a reality that when combined together as people fighting to survive the failures they achieved, life remains possible? Or as is the constant of human disgrace; will you just continue shouting “we only want what we want/ you can’t make me responsible for this if I won’t listen”!
The constant of history is nearly an immaculate: WE DEMAND to be stupid and afraid, and without a brain; as the evolutionists all admit too. Because we want what we want/ and we know what we don’t want; and we don’t want anything but what we want! Simple as that. So get lost until the water is at our throat: when we will come screaming “YOU should have made us do what we needed to do/ THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT”.
A constant proven true over decades, and throughout history.
Alas, there are no lifeboats on this titanic: because the university gods have been changing our world in ways, even the world itself and all of nature cannot survive. Because their game is to prove they can be gods, and have: as they are proven to be SATAN, “destroyers of a world”. Or we would not be surrounded by threats of extinction; an entire orchestra of fools, failures, delusions, deceit, thieves, whores, traitors, and terrorists. All playing “we can be YOUR gods”/ by taking away your lives, your future, and your world. While the priests of media constantly propagate: BELIEVE IN YOUR CULT, the university is our god; question NOTHING.
The universities did make a tiny contribution here and there, of obvious things or stolen things they claimed, or irrelevant things that constitute a game, or betrayal of life, as is hidden behind closed doors. So they proclaimed we are the superior ones/ and societies let them; because weapons of mass destruction are so extreme, as to threaten horror itself.
Alas, the people who produced weapons of mass destruction have turned out to be “terrible leaders”/ what a surprise; who could have guessed. Now ain’t that right? So they needed a distraction and built evolution: HELL the world itself was built by chaos/ the last damn thing you need is a brain. And the dead inside said: “how great, and wise you are”/ everyone bow down to their curse. And the people did, to their own shame.
To berate you for endless failure, delusion, and foolishness; is also a worthless endeavor. As the one thing we can be certain of is: “you don’t want that/ even if, or especially if, “its true”.
So, what to do? Just drown, declare a war (which will finish the job of destroying this world), educate people who refuse to be educated, shout just to shout, curse the media for propagating disease and destruction of our planet and lives, join in [no possibility for me].
OR, continue to explain LIFE defines its direction: by the element called “smart”. That is not an intellectual designation (doesn’t matter how easy or hard it is to educate you). Smart is as the gradient conceived by “a fork in the road of life”. Since you cannot go back without surrendering the future forever/ you must now choose. That choice is governed by two critical realities: what you want/ or what truth can provide, as you build a foundation defined by what reality needs you to be. The common choice is want, and since want is the foundation of every lie: you will fail both life and self. NOT smart. Therefore “smart is, as smart does”; and smart is then the ascension of truth, by the essence of your own decision to participate as reality proves to lead by consequences that will allow our survival. That said, since the human world is ninety nine percent want/ your possibility of surviving the university playing god with all life and planet and even “yourself”: is none. Unless you change, to let truth decide as best we can. Since it is too sad, to simply surrender you to your lies; I will retain a less than one percent chance of hope for you/ as my own gift to myself.

you won’t even do the littlest of things, to save your world. Its just a fact. Nothing is smaller than to question the possibilities of being wrong. Or accept the validity of an investigation to prove, what truth can prove. We OWE that to life!

Tolerance is the demand: even if these are wrong, you must let them experience and express the freedoms that are inherent and inherited with life. So long as their intent is within their laws as a society: Because it is their right, to be as free as the rest.
Forgiveness is: Even if they are wrong, and destroy the value they inherited. Truth still demands, that freedom is greater than judgment. Because life, is greater than you. Consequently we are, the reality of our journey together. Together we ascend with truth into peace, harmony, and happiness. OR we descend into chaos, tragedy, disgrace, and death; because the freedom to want a lie, will never survive as life. Either way, we do all independently die: which makes our individual decision far less affected. It is only a matter of time.
TRUTH does not give a right, to any individual or organized freedom; for destroying a world of life. However when the vast majority decide: they will not live by the truth, or the desire for love any longer/ then time has no further purpose on this planet; and it is lost.

The one clear certainty of “living with the human animal (no, I will not obey, accept, or learn the truth)”: is, you love and want, “the roller coaster ride of life”. NO, life is not enough; to play games is better! Which always begins with “we are superior to you; we are like gods”/ and ends with, “help us survive, we cannot save ourselves”. A reality driven by the truth: you want more, than your truth can provide, unless you learn and accept the disciplines of that order. And all the people say: “THAT, is why we want our universities to lead”! Yet they don’t like the truth of their reality either; so they make up stories, and declare fantasies are true, and constantly demand they are the superior ones. Which means, “to get more for themselves”/ they MUST enslave, lie, cheat, steal, deceive, betray, corrupt, terrorize, control, manipulate, disease, and create trouble so they can claim to be: your only hope. Causing death, disgrace, war, and now extinction. To steal your own voice: they propagate an endless array, of the university is god/ they are “the only answer”. When defeated: the people answer as a cult, “you can’t question our god, the university”.  They then bow down, face to the ground: so they cannot “see the future”/ because they are afraid. FEAR, combined with “we must all be the same; as a herd preparing to stampede”; will not save you! The only answer is: Stop being an animal and face your truth.

The critical reality is: you must build the life you desire by both work and decision/ so that you can inherit the consequences of your life. Rather than sink into the fate of your delusions. The most common delusion being: “I want more/ so I will just take it”; and give nothing back, so the future can survive.
That literally does apply to all facets of human life. Like grazing animals; you race to “get the best” for me. Discarding RESPECT, TRUTH, HONOR, HONESTY, LOVE, VALUE FOR OTHERS, DISCIPLINE, JUSTICE, HOPE, ORDER, AND MORE. For a tiny trophy, that you will soon throw into the garbage (because it is worthless, if no other wants it).
Then having descended into loneliness and chaos: you want back, what you intentionally left behind. Except, it does not exist like that anymore: you threw it away, for what you believed would be better. But now threatens your very survival; because it was in fact “all a lie”. Pride is a true enemy; but it defeats the majority anyway, because they are all certain “I am so superior, nothing bad can happen to me”. Even if, on the rare exception: you win. The trophy will fail, because pride pushes out the others, so that you can be the only superior one. Making loneliness, struggle, grief, and more your only true reward. So what then: why hate of course/ and revenge, because this should not have happened to me! ITS ALL YOUR FAULT, because you didn’t stop me/ when even an army would have failed to do just that. What is the result: buried in the hole you dug, life is now fear of the possibilities. Dragging you from that hole, requires your courage. The constant: the vast majority will race right back in.
The addict cannot face their own truth/ so they hide.
The drunk, cannot face your truth, and how it affects their life/ so they hide.
The proud are certain they can be gods/ and will be proven wrong: so they then hide or seek revenge.
The violent expect you to hurt them/ so they hurt you first: intending to hide by making you fear more.
The religious, “want what they want”/ so they make believe everything they want can just occur for them when they die. Their reward is: I don’t have to build my life or accept the limits of truth; I just have to believe in what I want. Which makes me god, over death. NO fear there; right!

“you love (this is great)” to love whatever you believe; after all, “it’s everything you want life to be”.
I functionally “love the truth”; because the truth can set you free, sustain the protect life, and present the option even for an eternity. Unfortunately the truth cannot love me back; because it is quite literally “only the truth”. The result of that sets the search for life itself, because only life can love. The value of your search or mine is dependent upon the purity of our desire; as there is nothing less loving, than a liar. So the quest is simple: to journey into truth, assembles the potential to find love: if your desire is truly for life. The question is then; WHAT IS LIFE, that I should desire it more than anything else?
The answer is not time/ as time is represented by body or its mass. Rather life is the essence of a value inhabiting truth; and within that truth is the element called love. Thereby at its core “life is love”/ and nothing less can touch it.


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