Every measurement, is a purpose blinded by time. Which does mean: the decision to measure or judge is driven by the desire to act or react according to your own judgment, or the conception of what you measured and why.
IF however we remove the action or reaction which is the evidence of time: we then do return to the decision or its desire, as the method of translating what it is, that you do conceive of. That construction, then appropriates the journey into why.
What we do is the definition of our true decision/ why we do it, is the reality of our identified truth.
As I am very tired of your arrogance, and all the rest; I no longer fight for you. Nor do I care how many find this work or not/ because it takes a massive human interest on this day, to make any difference whatsoever to the outcome of our tragedy: “the university is god”. YOU demand failure rules! Consequently, I no longer actually teach you, because I am just talking: to kill the time it takes, for your failure to become our extinction. To do less brings sadness: which is not a value to me.
So, as it requires the least effort (just like you) on my part; I will just talk a bit about me (just like you).
Not much to tell really, not interested in details, don’t care how you hear, or what you think: its just an exercise in futility, as assigned by your apathy. You are who you are, and I cannot change that: only you can. The extreme threats you literally won’t address; even though proven true: make this pointless/ other than to simply remove sadness, formed by the reality of your failures. You want to blame me: because You refuse to accept what is true/ so, I become the distraction from your own reality. Little could be less stupid.
Religion is an issue of life, therefore let’s talk: whereas the religious all say, “I BELIEVE”, therefore what I believe is true! In contrast to that, I say: What I can prove is true, shall be accepted as the primary source of my direction, and that path shall determine the decisions I will make. Regardless of how society sees this purpose or desire. Do you see the difference? Faith in truth itself, leads me to our CREATOR/ as the essence of thought itself, relies upon truth, and the evidence of miracles proves this cannot be wrong. Therefore religion and I, have a mutual impact on each other: where that religion acknowledges the miracles of life itself, define and create a reality of Creation that cannot be less than “thought, and truth driven”. When searching for: “created and gone” or not? My answer is: the Bible defines JESUS as the guarantor, we were not simply abandoned. We are formed and given life in time to create our own identity, and therefrom its ability to survive into eternity itself. Because the energy that transforms life into freedom, retains its composition; if not dissipated or throw into chaos.
So then the definition of death: resides upon the conception of where does that energy which allows life its freedom to identify “self”; go? What happens to the energy, which is clearly gone when death has occurred?
While proof of death: the evidence this body of mass no longer houses a life is absolutely clear. The realities of where does that energy of life go, has no such evidence in time that we can point too.
In contrast to that: is the intricacy of the miracles in order, discipline, thought, balance, love, courage, and value that body represents. NONE of these things are small in conception/ because none of those things are elementally constructed of their own accord. Not only does thought, the ability to assemble a destiny prove its presence/ the reality of knowledge, establishing truth by the understanding of laws (which then build life and body), construct a wisdom so far beyond ourselves; only a complete fool would argue less. Each of these attributes are NOT attached to the body, they are elementally conceived by our relationship with freedom.
So, the question becomes: what is freedom, and why are we confronted with the decision; to search for the essence of life itself, before we die?
Freedom is, an environmental composition that distorts the boundary line in an illusion that becomes your choice. A reality that does not exist, without lies/ because what is true cannot be changed. Therefore freedom is your choice to either be aligned with what is true/ or fight with that truth in order to conceive of your “world environment” that is built on, your lies. The essence of truth is: that we must accept the boundaries that give us life, and comply/ or we die. That is the foundation of eternity itself: as we cannot exist beyond the limits that life will allow. How is that not true?
So the question becomes: WHAT are the limits in truth, that will allow life to survive?
The answer is far more elusive and complex, than I intend to explain: MERCY is a value that identifies “who can belong”/ and it is all we need, to enter eternity.
Nonetheless, we must first identify life itself as a method of obtaining the clarity that forms an environment, which “I” then control. More than that I will not give you.
The impact of limits or more specifically laws, which control or contain the environment of values, that give life cause to exist; are far less complex, but they are elusive. The value of love outweighs all other conceptions of desire, and forms the hope of life: which is to share existence, because we care what happens to another life. Unfortunately, the reality of that love is elusive; because want arises, and realities die when lies participate in existence. Want is the foundation of every lie/ therefore want is “the devil” if you like to use religious terminology.
So the real question of eternity is this: HOW do we each attain the necessary purity to become the reality of love, that is willing to share life within the laws that make it eternal? Anything less will die, even if it survives “a substantial experience, that has been expressed”.
We now enter destiny, as the creation of what we can accept, as our own love translated into the life we are willing to live; by the purity of our design and desire. If it is sufficient, we will gain the essence of life itself, as our soul. Soul means: I have entered into hope!

Beyond religion and its variables, there are the realities of living. The creation of messages, that were conceived by the life portrayed as JESUS within the bible. Such as: forgive/ love/ discipline/ order/ courage/ values/ balance/ and more. Each of these messages shaped by journey, and formed the direction of my life. I leave it to you to decide; “if a value was achieved”.

You have your chance to fight for this world of life, for just a little bit longer. Which does mean: I DID my job! The truth demands: from here it is entirely your job to sustain a living environment, and stop the extreme threats humanity has caused, from betraying this world. I will no longer accept ANY assertion: “he could have done more”. Even if true. In contrast to that assertion: I did do more, by opening the door to the laws which govern “female existence”; a reality I cannot escape, which means changed. Which means “joined/ rather than one”. It’s complicated! This is, “a greater value than I was”/ but it is also “not” what I was: as no shared existence is. The intricacy of that truly is change. Not so much male or female, but “a love, disciplines, and care, that must reshape itself to fit, us”.

I will however allot the potential to help you communicate and create a working trial: so that you can investigate to prove, and examine the realities of truth to convince yourselves of being WRONG. To aid life on earth/ until the point of no return has pasted; when mercy then dies. YOU HAVE your chance personally, to make a difference. DO THAT! Or if you cannot, then at least DONATE, to me; so that communication will be presented as best I can, with YOUR money/ YOUR DECISION: to fight for this world. I am through fighting alone. WHAT you donate too: is your chance to go to court, and prove to yourselves: what you will allow this earth and all its life to endure, risk, or die. Taking the authority to determine that as we the people, through in this USA as REDRESS of Grievances; as is power to the people.

You should recognize: same as in JESUS day; that when organized crime finds itself in the spotlight/ they then must hide and run away or attack; even to the point of murder. History proves: “Usually in the night or by surprise or a made up cause”/ as was the case in JESUS day, and so many more. Because without fear to contain the masses, or closed doors to keep the people blind, deaf, mute, and dumb. They lose their power/ and no power means “they aren’t winners, taking whatever they want,” anymore.

REDRESS IS: the democratic authority (we the people have the final say)/ to demand a legal (justified by trial) accounting: to determine if “you the employee” DID OR DID NOT obey your sworn oath, “to honor, protect, and obey” OUR CONSTITUTION as written. An oath required for your job/ which means there are legal punishments and legal changes as a society, available to use, by the people themselves. Since redress is the guaranteed legal by the first amendment constitutional right: of the people to defend and declare their ownership of a nation. BY, IT IS the law, every corrupt employee hates REDRESS the most. Because as the preamble to the constitution states: as a primary employee sworn to comply, your job is to insure “justice/ peace/ harmony/ the opportunities for happiness, equality, fair play, and the authority to prove: we are the owners here”. NOT our employees, or the laws they create which do NOT comply with that purpose by fact.


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