The over-riding factor, of a mob
The critical issue of life or death for our world is: YOU can’t stand alone! YOU, are part of a herd or even pack of predators; and absolutely won’t separate yourself from those others who make you feel secure. With very few exceptions! Media understands this, as the fear factor. Which means: their purpose is, to insure either you can judge something as irrelevant to me/ OR, you can fear something, so as we all become a mob and we “all trample that whatever, into the ground together”; without thinking of consequences. Or realizing anything of value: because the mob is our value, “we did this, and everybody was included; so I am the victor too”.
Alas for our entire world: the threats of extinction that confront us, CANNOT be trampled into the ground with a mob! And ALL the consequences of our actions, DO MATTER.
YOU are, “like a judge I once stood before”. After presenting a “notebook” of reality statistics for the jury to be presented with/ that was sufficient for them to understand OUR NEED, to investigate and identify what is or is not true of this threat. The judge appeared before the jury was allowed to enter, and demanded: make me believe this is important! IN the next thirty seconds; after he had been given the same information intended for a jury. In other words, “statistic, evidence, information, consequences which included extinction of our world, and realities of death and destruction that were entirely illegal” did not work to convince him. It is as simple as this: I live within the jurisdiction of the largest university court district in ILLINOIS/ in this court, in this area, “the university is OUR MONEY, POWER, AND PRIDE”; and even extinction is not enough to make them question “their golden goose”. I had appeared in court before with information and the intent to demand REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: “which is let the people, be acquainted with the information, and decide for themselves/ if a true investigation is warranted”. And each judge, media, politician, or other build on the prior one: as people who jump on each other, when someone goes down in a game (a mob). From time to time, I got irritated and demanded: just leave me alone then (go away, and don’t come back: the gossipers are always waiting, for any illusion or misplaced word. a mob needs very little to react). But alas, life or death of a planet: cannot be abandoned to fools. Therefore I return.
YOU are a mob; but unfortunately, life or death for this world, cannot be resolved by a mob. YOU MUST stand alone, and identify yourself, as someone who accepts only truth can decide how best we can intervene in all these threats; so that life itself does not go extinct.
IF YOU STOP being an animal; and search for your soul: which is the essence of Creation itself/ the reality of miracles identified in you, and by you/ the concert of truth that surrounds us/ and the essence of our existence itself, as a gift of life beyond measure. The value of love becomes apparent, and our relationship to each other becomes more valued. We are literally in this together, as equals by the truth of our lives.
IF you achieve even a little of that in yourself/ THEN you will be able to fight for this earth, and not surrender yourselves to a mob. As your only means of identity; by hiding in the middle of a mass moving basically; without a brain. Yelling “we only want what we want”.
Some will say: IF he had anything important to say/ THEN HE WOULD be given “a great importance” on this earth; so all of humanity would follow him. We would know: we must follow to survive. YET ALL THIS ONE offers is: “learn how to think for yourselves/ and let truth be your leader”. NOBODY wants that/ give us a damn club, and we will beat something to death; so then NOW its all done; and we go back to everything we want to do! “its the human way”/ as is evident by war.
Unfortunately for you, the human way is the animal way; and this earth CANNOT survive your numbers or your ways anymore. It does take thought, reality, truth, acceptance by the evidence, knowledge beyond want, and understanding beyond greed or lust to identify the consequences of being wrong. Since you utterly refuse, and worship those who are assumed to give you what you want; even if they steal it first/ and hide the truth about consequences or risk. The reality is: you want a leader, who will make this easy/ or make you rich/ or give you what you want/ or promise you endless trophies/ or beats you into submission with rules or whips, if it must be done; etcetera and so on.
NONE OF THAT will keep this earth alive, because the foundation of every problem and threat we face: is your human want. And what you want, is the last thing you are willing to surrender: even for a better world. Because what you want, is the basis of every lie/ and being a liar, makes you powerful enough to steal, or believe you can steal, what someone else has. Thereby proving yourself as equal or superior; a game for animals, rather than a living with truth as soul.
Religion, is a transient mess: fighting for soul, by playing games and searching for leaders. Alas soul is not found by searching for leaders: it is the path toward Creation itself, whereby what is life itself, becomes identified by the value of what these miracles truly mean. AS is, WE WERE CREATED BY GOD! A superiority of thought and ability, so extremely beyond ourselves, there is no comparison at all. Which means, we cannot be superior/ nor can we even be equal to GOD. The animals want: so they pretend with evolution, and denial, and so on; as all liars do.
Therefore, not only does the endless game “we want what we want”; confront those fighting for this world. We are also confronted with the curse of a university (give them what they want) and its religion called evolution (make them bow down to stupidity and disgrace). Making this entire work, an unfortunate 40+ year fight in the sewers of human mental disease. “you don’t like that/ cause your gods”? Well if you are gods, then why are you threatened with extinction; as all the evidence will prove! Truth does not lie!
For over thirty years, I believed you just didn’t have enough information/ you just didn’t know the cost of being wrong. But that was certainly not true: you did know, and ran away to hide, shouting DON’T tell me nothing. Even when confronted with the end of this earth, even a solar system itself being threatened, even with fire just like the sun. NOPE, can’t run away fast enough: shouting “we will wait and see”. But alas, the ignition of a nuclear fire cannot be extinguished; and you march into death with the certainty of religious chanting: “the university is our god/ the universities are our savior/ the universities care about us/ and the media will protect us.”
So, lets review:
YOU have chosen to gamble this entire earth and solar system (another sun will change it forever); on your religious cult (we can’t question our leaders) belief, that the university is god. Ok then, lets review your foundation: WHAT great changes, that made our world better are they responsible for?
1. Creating machines? NO, as with all inventions the universities did not do that/ instead the universities exist to refine ideas, such as machines so we can make them better for ourselves. Nonetheless, the consequence of machines is: that now we have nearly consumed the planet of all its resources, “the factory is great”. Alas no resources means no life: too bad, let the children pay. Oh wait: their experiments endanger EVERYTHING/ with no possibility of survival. So, we all pay.
2. The universities are our saviors! After all, healthcare is what everybody wants. But after about seventy years since the introduction of vaccines, and antibiotics; which provided surgery without infection. Our world population has doubled/ and we are ending the habitat, food, and water supplies of everything living on earth: including ourselves. YOU reply; “we have food to throw away”. But alas that food is the result of factory livestock farming, which is dependent upon antibiotics now ending. Genetic mutilation of plants to remove the entire safety net which protects individual species: which puts the entire species itself at risk of invasion, and thereby extinction of the plant itself. Or no food coming. While ocean life is being threatened in every possible way/ and the water supplies are in danger from every possible way as well. Oh well: “let the children pay”; with HELL. Oh wait: we can’t live without food or water either/ so it can’t be true. Alas, it is.
3. The universities care about you. Well not so fast: lets review their reality in your terms. Nothing is more important to the masses, than their money. But there is no money as is proven by the US federal reserve; in their “total liabilities and assets statement” which clearly identifies: “this ain’t nothing but a lie”. GO SEARCH. Then we have the religious zealot of university evolution: whose literally statement to me decades ago was. We want to cause genetic stability to collapse: so that we can then study how it was put together, and become gods ourselves. What kind of life did they want? “we want to make insect men/ bird women/ human fish; or more correctly they envisioned combining every species on earth. Risking all life on earth, “to become their conception of gods, without consequences”. What a surprise, “life is just a game”/ no respect needed. As is the evidence of weapons of mass destruction. Media propaganda, which edits out all real news: the things WE DO need to know as a world facing our own extinction. The destruction of democracy by our courts; which cannot be done without policing and politicians/ to be replaced with “university knows best”: WE ARE THE NOBILITY WE MUST RULE/ those damn fools. Alas, The curse of fools in leadership, bought and not paid for: because those in charge have been counterfeiting our currency; by claiming assets rise in this USA by over 9 trillion dollars per year. And of course “the debts” don’t matter at all. Until of course you want to be paid, in something other than lies. Oh wait, without resources, there literally is nothing. Too bad, there is always WAR!
4. Well mass media is our friend, who would never let us down/ or lead us astray! Well lets review: ALL MASS MEDIA is controlled by about twelve people, who give instruction to their editors; about what can or cannot appear as news. IF those editors fail the owners/ they are removed from that work forever “black-balled” so to speak; because only a tiny few own it all. So, whatever a dozen people want/ a dozen people get: and all of society gets to believe whatever they ask you to believe. AS to elections: “with over a billion dollar price tag, for just one presidential race”; its great to be media/ now ain’t that so? Nothing sells better than “give the people what they want/ and insure they want what we give them”. Or, dress up that snake: don’t let them see inside the dress. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.

The reality of social unrest, gains you nothing/ after all, “its your wants too”; that brings us all to the precipice of complete failure as a world. Nowhere to turn, all life will now die.
NO LEADER can make you turn away from your wants. NO LEADER can make you understand: basically everything you have been doing, led to believe, etc. MUST be changed, or our world will die. YOU DON’T WANT THAT. And especially you DON’T want your money or your future to be so dismal, that unless you change extinction is inevitable, and very soon. Because the collapse of entire systems of life/ chains of existence that provide for our own survival ending/ or realities of human behavior completely insane now: are too much to bear. So you hide, and run away shouting: IT CAN’T BE TRUE. Looking for anyone and everyone, to yell with you: “we are doing fine”. Alas, its like the titanic: everything is fine/ THIS CAN’T SINK, the universities and media promised. But it did.  As with the titanic, the wealthy believe they are protected with “lifeboats”. UNLIKE the titanic, there are no lifeboats or spaceships to escape a dying world: the rich die too. And since they lead this planet to extinction, HELL awaits them with fury. Destroying an entire Creation of life and work: HAS A PRICE.
WE MUST FACE OUR TRUTH! There is no other way to survive; and you cannot wait to see, “its too late now to save this ship”. YOU MUST investigate to determine what is true or not true. YOU MUST understand the cost of being WRONG/ when that price is extinction, or even worse.  AS is the ignition of a nuclear fire (could be at any moment)/ OR, as is “genetic research: the belly of death”: with CRISPR the boundaries of species identity being destroyed/ a poison spewed on the planet itself. With CRISPR geneticists don’t have to know anything: they can, and around the world they DO; simply take the genetic materials from one species, and inject it any where they like; into another species; be it plant or animal or other. “Demanding live”, and if it does they immediately take it out into nature so that it can infect and mutilate our world. “Gee, what could go wrong”? OR, an endless reality of other threats, all of which have a point of no return, when the reality of what has already been done: becomes “an Armageddon/ or Apocalypse/ or HELL on earth”. As was chosen by men. With the aid or apathy of women. The curse called arrogance, or you just plain didn’t care enough. Which will become: YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE US DO, what we needed to do; as it always does. But the end of life cannot be stopped after the fact “the blood is flowing out”/ and cannot now be stopped. Etcetera, and so on. You will cry, and I will be sad: but beyond the point of no return, there is no mercy.

YOU MUST ACCEPT that truth shall lead, NOT YOUR WANTS. Because only truth has the ability to survive and make the changes that are necessary for life to remain on this planet; as best we can!
GROW UP, or die!

Some will continue to say: “he ain’t NOBODY”/ and that is true according to your games; “not a winner”. I have instead been fighting for this world, even if you refuse. That, has made it impossible, “to play”. Even so: IT IS THE EVIDENCE, NOT me, that matters. The evidence needs no further information: this world is dead/ without true and significant change. Simple as that. YOUR game is dead, as we all then LOSE.

You want a leader, so that you can become a mob (army)/ and go out to trample one single objective: to then declare yourselves superior. That CANNOT be done/ because the enemy of this world, is now “human”. The reality of that description means: “the enemy is inside of you”. Can you be trampled into change? Do you want to be? No, obviously not. Leaving only one true solution: you must search for change inside yourselves, and adopt or adapt to the reality of a world we the people have already changed. Because we didn’t care enough, and let the consequences of what we have done: fall upon every child. YOU killed them, plain and simple it is true! To resurrect their lives: YOU MUST CHANGE. To understand what is needed for this earth to survive; is as simple as putting LIFE FIRST, for the planet and all living things, which includes humanity/ but does not exclude them from the reality, we caused. YOU DO know how. YOU DO have the legal jurisdiction to demand REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: the demand for proof of life, when the consequences of extreme experimentation goes WRONG. Etcetera, and not a game.

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