Let us resolve some things, so the blind/ deaf/ dumb/ mute/ foolish/ failures/ traitors/ cheats/ thieves/ terrorists/ and whores have less to work with.
Power never shares, because that would initiate friendship, and friends are equals in life and power.
Pride never cares, because that would end the game; and without a game, all participants are equals, in both life and reality. Not a winner then, or a loser; just the same.
Want never lives beyond itself; as the essence of selfishness, it exists by making all other participants on this earth “less important” than me/ or even less important than what I want. To cover selfishness and gain want: lies erupt, and will not stop unless selfishness dies! Love cannot enter unless we are equals, and share respect (you have value too).
Hate consumes the barriers that keep us alive/ therefore we die. Because you did not accept truth, and reality as is consistent “with nature and planetary balance”, must rule. Hate is then the murderer/ traitor/ rapist/ and terrorist among us. To remove hate is to give life peace, unless the point of no return has pasted; in which case (like death) life will not be able to survive anymore.
These are the primary participants in human behavior; and they achieve apathy bordering on insanity: because the masses want more possessions, toys, lust, or trophies, than they do life itself. Until they face death!
So in terms of human behavior, the critical question is why?
The answer is: “we want to play the game”. So the question becomes: WHAT is the game? The answer is: I can be superior to you, I deserve better than you/ because I have more. OR, I want more. OR I want you to have LESS. Each is a reality of decision that identifies an individual experience or expression, is more valued: rather than an entire world of life, and all that it can be.
The question: WHY, is your life more important than an entire living world?
The answer: BECAUSE it’s my life, and I only get this one to live; so I want everything I can get that is “what I want”. I play the game, to take from someone else: so I can be more “of me/ rather than admit you are the same”.
The question: Without a world of life to participate in; living has no significant purpose or desire! WHY THEN, are you not passionate about this earth; even if it is just to keep yourself alive?
The answer is: LET SOMEONE ELSE SPEND THEIR LIFE, on what this world needs, on what I need/ IT AIN’T MY JOB! I am god over me, and I declare “its your damn job, which makes me god over you”. Which is a curse interpreted: I destroy to consume your possibilities/ you repair to stay alive; and that makes me more powerful than you “I win”!
The question: WHAT IF, more people destroy, than can repair the damage; and our world is lost because of that fact already in evidence by truth?
The answer: I WON’T HELP, because being “satan’s (the destroyer of a world) helper”; let’s me believe anything I want to be true! Living inside a lie means, “I can see nothing else”/ there is nothing else, because selfishness has closed every door, and turned off the lights. (the blind).
The realities:
Being deaf means: nothing is allowed inside, my belief is my world.
Being dumb means: I am owned by the cult, nothing is my own; everything I am/ my world can be/ or I believe is spoken by my leaders without question in me.
Being mute means: I am too afraid to talk, they will ridicule me, or make me fear.
Being foolish means: for example, “I Know”/ that getting into this car with you, by the evidence clearly proven true. Can in fact, bring me to my grave; but I do it anyway, because I don’t want to stand apart.
Being a failure means: I know its wrong, and the consequences are FAR WORSE than the prize I hope to achieve. But I gamble with my entire lifetime, with everything; for a few seconds of power or pride.
Being a traitor to the ones who need me to be true: is to sell them into slavery, because I wanted to prove “how important” I am.
Being a cheater means: “I rigged this evidence”/ for you to make your decision based upon false information. So I could make you lose, and prove you ain’t no better than me.
Being a thief means: YOU are less to me, than my life, and I hate you; because I am not enough. Survival makes me mean.
Being a terrorist is the most simple of all human behavior: They just want you to die too. It is not more complicated than that.
Being a whore means: That money, pride, or power is all that is important to me; and I will spend by own body, destroy my lifetime, or sacrifice my own mind: just to prove I am MORE than you will ever be. Even if I fail; its all your fault!

Our world shall be dead soon; based upon all the evidence that is real. Our only chance of survival: is to communicate our need to investigate the facts assigned by those threats/ examine the evidence for its reality/ determine the cost of being wrong/ and then changing what we must change in order to survive as a world.
Simple as that: stand up for your world, “{put your name on it} and live for a greater cause than self”.

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Jim Osterbur

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