It is my current belief: the day has come for you to show me something of yourselves; if there are in fact any who dare to step up and defend their world.
In this America: the foundation of human behavior for the last forty years in particular has been, “REALITY MEANS NOTHING”/ let our fantasies decide. The result entirely produced by university knows as “a religious cult” (you can’t question our book).
Unfortunately for life and planet: the curse of university sewage, draining the life of our reality; from its own septic convulsions of university vomit/ has been successful, and you are as a humanity; the essence of a fool, that lives only in their fantasies. The proof being, that we are literally surrounded by massive threats, which will make our entire planet extinct. Such is the essence, and the absolute curse, of “university knows”.
They are the devil (arrogance without a brain for life), not by design, for the majority; rather by the infection that is changing nature and planet into “we the people can play god”. A reality that has already proven to be the end of our world in countless ways coming: without the possibility of being wrong. So says the evidence of truth itself, as the few who can recognize reality, simply “wait and see”. Because they want the trophies and toys and games that have taken over our world. All caused by humanity shouting with unison: WE DON’T, have to care about NOTHING/ WE ARE FREE, to consume this earth, and murder every child: because we want too! Bringing nothing but terrors/ horrors/ chaos/ cannibalism/ tragedy/ war/ and hate to consume the little that is left, by the choices they chose to make.
Humanity is a failure, all of it: with extremely few exceptions/ because that, is what you chose. That is where the universities have led/ that is what the media propagates and demands “we can play gods, and destroy this world”/ that is what the policitian desires (give them what they want)/ and that is what religion uses, to discard reality for the games they wish to play instead.
YOU have on last chance, ONE last opportunity: to return to reality/ respect nature/ identify truth/ examine the cost of being wrong/ accept the price of remaining alive on earth: or die. It is an all or nothing reality; because that, is exactly what your universities did for you; eating one tiny piece of this entire organism called earth; at a time; as parasites do.
NOT a game, as the evidence will prove. NOT dependent upon me, or you: but the decisions we all must make to save our home, this planet. YOU want what you want/ and everything you wanted, REFUSED the price of survival for this planet. By changing everything you could change; you have threatened this entire world of life/ never once asking yourselves “WHAT IS, the cost of being WRONG”. Consequently you do deserve what you get/ but your children do not; nor does any other living thing that you have made extinct as well, in the crush of a university arrogance, that became “satan on earth”. To your eternal shame.
I am not your savior/ nor am I your enemy/ nor am I your leader: because what matters in this last breathe for life on earth; is whether all of humanity changes itself/ TO RESPECT FOR THIS ENTIRE WORLD OF LIFE. Or continues in the curse that is human decay, as the pestilence of death caused by a university brain, and a willing public to believe ANYTHING without question; overtakes life itself. They dug your grave/ either climb back out, and fill the hole fantasies dug: or die. Simple as that.
Reality says “you’re dead”/ but the message of GOD your CREATOR says: you have one last chance to mend your ways. But there will be NO MERCY beyond that chance: The biblical prophecy gives you till July 8, 2019 (mercy runs out, on July 9; according to the biblical countdown of Daniel 12) make your decision now, DO what you can do; and pay the price to survive. Which is turn back to nature/ fight to keep your planet alive/ make decisions that will not exterminate the future/ and do the best you can, to sustain peace through law; so as to assemble a reality that can sustain itself.
I have fought with you for over forty years; with only one true result: “you just don’t care enough”. Because you want what you want/ and you don’t want nothing, that demands: “either change this behavior or go extinct”. Unfortunately for you, truth does not care “what you want, or don’t want”: it is, what it is!
Truth says: you are dead/ with only one last chance, to even hope that we can resurrect this world from the human suicide that is “university knows”. Can’t believe it: the university is your god? Therefore the evidence, the reality of truth that confronts you, the cost of being wrong: does not matter! As is consistent with every fantasy accepted; YOU, are a fool/ that will soon be dead, and wishing it had not been so.
As is true with all death: NO turning back now.
Make a better decision! FIND TRUTH, and let it lead HUMANITY; back to life! Rather than HELL, and all the horrors that the reality of human terrorism (the university knows, along with all their followers) have devised. Simple and plain: PROVE YOU ARE NOT DESCENDING INTO THE ABYSS OF A WORLD IN CHAOS. Go to court, and identify the evidence of extreme threats; as true or false! This ain’t no game, and you know that is true.

DONATE to communicate: The purpose IS, demanding democracy rules (as is true of redress of grievances/ we the people are the owners here. WE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS). Thereby creating for ourselves: A TRIAL to construct, identify, and create the reality of evidence, that will then give us all the knowledge, that is essential to understanding what our future can be, the cost of being WRONG/ and why or what we need to change for ourselves. BY that authority of governance that is WE THE PEOPLE in our democracy. NOT “yours the employee”/ but OURS, as the owners here.
I will participate in that trial for this world, demanding “no foreign language is allowed (that includes no fancy math beyond what is absolutely necessary)”. YOU will provide lawyers and others to participate in your own defense, your own experts: for Americans or world humanity as this: is about OUR WORLD REALITY, not just a few people affected.
YOU WILL recognize: the assault that will come because of the powerful and proud, “the wants and demands of cult worshipers, as is university knows”/ WILL NOT be gentle. For instance 1.2 trillion dollars in just student debts for America: is $12,000.00 per each one of one hundred million people; PLUS all the money spent that is not just debt. They want their lies, every traitor hates to be exposed, every hell hides behind closed doors (and they are locked with the intent you must never come in). Given as well is the truth: your economy runs on lies/ and your lies, and well as world economic lies: will fade into dissolution. Which means: UNLESS you grasp the concept of truth rules, and reality then decides/ the abyss will open a few months earlier than it must. BEAR IN MIND; This is ultimately about removing that abyss entirely: by using truth to avoid the nightmare of failures that have no solution. Which will soon be your truth.
Change means: to avoid chaos, by stopping the chain reactions NOW; instead of letting those chain reactions dictate we have no further solutions, and we will ALL, go extinct. YOU had your easy days; the cost of it must now be paid; or our world ends forever. Not a game, Trial is simply “REALITY AND TRUTH, VERSUS FANTASY AND CORRUPTION. You can’t have both anymore.

I suppose it is necessary, that the unlikely at best, reality I state as truth: “which is a spiritual conception, defined as hopelessly confined in a female environment; by the laws which create that portion of our world”. Can never be understood by you: pointless to try. Nonetheless, when searching the foundation of laws that did bring about our own creation as a world: there are “many doors” that identify the truth of what that creation was to be. The element called thought isolates those environments, and the opportunity to enter within separates me “or you” from all other environments once any such door is opened. A reality those who enter eternity will also experience. The spirit is: an environment established by creation itself/ a reality of dimension, that forms itself by the foundation laws which create it.
The dead inside worship any cause to believe whatever they want to believe: such as evolution, which holds the current “shit of man, drizzled on their own vomited disease” as their solution/ without a single shred of proof or evidence other than fantasies expressed.
LAWS give life to biology, whereas TRUTH sustains life beyond the realm of time. Trust is essential, as is Respect to maintain the elements of what we can or cannot be. Love makes life valued, therefore it is the treasure most desired in this entire universe.
Your decision to limit life, to the games you play: removes thought from your soul. Thereby “giving it away” in your search of want, pride, or power. MY decision is to expand life, thereby searching within the environment of CREATION itself: as a journey into what is, or is not true. My search has entered many doors, all of which I escaped do to the understanding established with thought. The female world is an opposite reality, and although I did not expect the outcome of opening that door. Today, I am so intertwined and entangled with the spiritually female world; escape is no longer even considered/ I have been substantially changed. I don’t know how to be strictly male again! How much more so, I know not.
Making you understand foundation truths and laws is NOT my job/ and I won’t be trying to do so. This is simply provided: because the reality of your ridicule is not allowed to displace the cost and consequence of all the threats you chose to create for this world. Which will soon become your extinction across this earth: unless you change!
As to why me: the reality of change is simple. AS strictly male, I could not find a solution for this world to survive; and refused a great deal of what has since been written because of that fact. Intertwined with female realities and change: HAS made it possible to finish delivering the message: establishing simply “male and female MUST work together” to keep this world from dying. I have presented you with options that will make a difference in whether you can survive or not. For that cause and reason, it is a good thing this happened to me: the world is far more important than being “male or female”. Although it is a disaster in many ways as far as male is concerned: that has no real impact, when whatever I can do, for GOD MY CREATOR; to help keep this world alive, I am more than willing to do. As best I can.

I cannot save you/ but I can help you, as is evident by this work. Do NOT believe in me, that is worthless! Believe in truth, and search for its reality as presented by the laws which govern those consequences in this time. So that you understand, what is important to understand. “that ain’t me”!

Just so its clear: the purpose of trial as described is NOT to degrade or demoralize the universities of this world/ and will not be defined by rhetoric inappropriate to the process of finding out: WITH KNOWLEDGE BASED EVIDENCE DEFINED AS TRUE. What is or is not the value or fear associated with threats that go wrong/ realities that gamble with our very lives or planet/ the cost and consequences to every child or life/ what we need to survive; and everything that is a tribute to our ability to survive/ rather than die. IF the universities have delivered to us, “a value that is fair and legitimate, without consequences that will destroy that value” then they should and will be thanked; congratulations! IF HOWEVER the end result of what has been done or is being done is THREATENING LIFE OR PLANET/ that will be given its proper burial, and those involved will answer to the world itself. But they will not answer for their crimes to me, as I am not your judge. I merely demand: LET ALL KNOW, WHAT IS TRUE/ AND WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG; so this world does not die, unless humanity makes that decision for itself.

How is that not plain or simple?



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