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It should be restated, so there can be no delusions about purpose or participation: That I am not your leader/ not your enemy/ NOT your religious anything; simply “a messenger” bringing to you the reality of evidence, that demands an investigation of the facts will require humanity itself: to change!
To assemble this into a participation of democracy as is “WE THE PEOPLE” choose for ourselves: “keys, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and choices” are provided. So as to ease your transition back into reality; from the fantasies produced and established by university knows, religion (you can’t question god)/ them being gods. In fact they are: as the destruction caused is now extreme enough to provide for our own extinction.
I cannot lead, because that would make me the difference in whether you and this world would survive! I am certainly NOT that. Rather I am educated in ways that are not conventional/ to think in ways that are not common: to understand the possibilities of change. Which are always going to change the here and now into something else: which of course the powerful and proud hate; because what is, is what gives them power and pride.
I have stated numerous times: that is it women that must lead for the future to survive/ as this is, “the best men did do”: and we do stand on the edge of our own extinction by the evidence that can be proven without doubt. Consequently, it is clear they have lost their way; and cannot provide leadership for a different world: THIS IS what the majority of men, chose to have as their own decision. Women are NOT better! But they are DIFFERENT, and different is what our future must have. It is further noted: they have suffered through what men chose for them/ and in these potentially last days of earth, it is only fair that they be allowed to have their say. NOT AS MEN do it/ but as is consistent with women fighting with law. To gather together as one: make a justified decision for all of society, by law/ and then present that law for a vote among the whole of society. Thereby we walk together for the future or the fate of our own decisions. Rather than war.
I am NOT your hero or villain or anything in between. I am a messenger bringing to you options, instead of death; as is the current reality of “university led leadership”. You can hate that description or not/ but you cannot prove the threats I have listed throughout these sites I provide are false. Which grants the truth says: “our universities” have become our enemies: because arrogance is a description that provides “devil, in disguise”. A religious term, but the meaning is clear.
I have asked numerous times: for the legal authority of constitutional democracy to be respected. The court system, and its lawyers/ judiciary; proved corrupt to the point of insurgency. I have asked of the media, in various ways; “consider the cost of being wrong”/ they refuse. I have invited all the various policing agencies to wake up and understand the consequences/ they too refuse. The universities believe themselves to be gods; can’t be wrong. The religions all believe nothing can go wrong: “because we don’t want that/ and god will do whatever we want: PERIOD! Even though that is certainly not biblical correct; the other religions are similar. And the people themselves constantly run away to hide; screaming don’t tell me NOTHING/ I don’t want to know. Even though such things as the ignition of nuclear fire is the end of their world forever: they still say “we will wait and see”/ which of course means, we believe whatever we want; let the evidence be damned; we won’t care or share that information PERIOD.
So here we are, you on your side of the wall “so to speak”; demanding “WE WANT WHAT WE WANT”! And we don’t want nothing you say to be true; so we WON’T investigate, because that means we HAVE TO CHANGE/ and we don’t want that. Simple and plain; go away!
While I on my side, continuously state: YOU CANNOT SURVIVE any of these major threats, and your time on earth will now be short; because they are all coming to the point of no return. ANY ONE of which can spell our extinction. Not a game, I don’t win nothing, and neither can you; unless we all choose LIFE and PLANET COME FIRST, for this whole planet, THIS WHOLE world.
Having made my case, and you your position established forever soon: I have surrendered your fate, as is this world, to whatever you decide. I am not going to tempt/ bribe/ manipulate/ control/ or other a purpose greater than that. This is your decision/ just as my life is my decision: although the consequences of your decision now consume the future itself. Whereas my decisions have defended this world/ this earth. See the difference; oh I know, “you don’t care/ not enough”. Such is the truth of our lives.
In contrast to that is the reality: throughout the decades I have done my work for this world/ there has never been a moment when “the door opened”. YOU can believe that proves “he is worthless”/ OR, I can theorize, that the time simply had not yet come for you to recognize: this is one last chance to change. That time is now, or never. Take your pick. A nuclear fire cannot be extinguished “its 4 million times MORE energy released, than a chemical fire”/ and you cannot put that out, beyond small. YOU CANNOT un-mutilate life; as is being done everyday throughout this world. YOU CANNOT survive without resources, or put your weapons of mass destruction back in the box; once they are lost. ETCETERA/ ETCETERA/ ETCETERA.
So then the potentially last decision you will ever make is: ARE YOU WILLING TO LET THE UNIVERSITIES GAMBLE WITH BOTH LIFE AND PLANET; now fully knowing, there will be NO going back in time. Once past the point of no return; which could be at any time: LIFE and even this planet will die forever. Remember this: unlike the gambling rules of men, YOU WILL PAY THE FULL PRICE for being wrong. But you will also pay the full price, if you choose to survive as a world: that means true change will come quickly and forever as well.
MAKE YOUR DECISION. Stand up and be counted, why die a fool?

I suppose it is only fair, to inform you: that I am not a university graduate “no tiny group of them declared: he is god too”; with their diploma. Instead, I consistently search for truth, no matter where it leads; as best I can/ without being a fool. Although I have been that too! It is impossible to learn without making mistakes: a reality that does not matter, unless you are gamblinb with all life on earth/ as the universities do.
I am not a believer (anything you want) in religion (the book is god)/ although I do accept GOD IS GOD, and do accept JESUS as my guarantor: that we were not simply created and then abandoned to ourselves.
I am not a transvestite or other/ just a man, with an unusual reality. I opened the door to the spiritual world of female (desperate for an answer), and am complete unable to escape that truth. Growing tits currently, packed with “feelings”; they are a bit like the current geico advertisement with the pig (turns into child) shouting wee, wee, wee while holding two pinwheels spinning; (having a great time)/ while I drive the car. But even that is now in doubt. Its complicated!
Nonetheless, the reality of my life is meaningless to you; as I am NOT the determinant factor in whether you live or die/ THAT IS YOU. I am, “just the messenger” telling you: this is the last chance TO CHANGE; before time runs out. NOT because I say so/ but because the evidence of threat is beyond your ability to deny it: without lies. CHOOSE TRUTH!

I will add in my own little goodbye, “as the case may be”. You cannot prove I didn’t love you, this world and all its creation, the GOD who gave us life, and JESUS who gave us hope. So don’t try! Settle the matter in your heart, and understand: I am not whether you live or die/ I am “just the messenger”. What is true, will always be true.

My one rule of living, is, let truth decide: not emotion, not want, not love more than it must; simply let truth decide, because survival; thereby the beginning of happiness, is based entirely on truth. It would do you well, to adopt the same.

Value is a state of existence, that conceives of an experience or expression that is worth living for. To achieve that, the essence of thought, as is constructed through the elemental acceptance of truth, by the laws which it creates: must lead the way. Nothing less, survives. Which does mean: eternity is based upon the four laws of life, to identify value/ to express thought/ to experience truth by acceptance of its laws/ and to experience the disciplines, order, and balance that will survive beyond time. Without these the energy which gives life freedom cannot be contained [that is the essence of death].
I am a tiny bit different than you, as has been proven over time/ not much, just a different “leader”(not want or pride). A different search (not power or trophies). A different respect, for life. And a different love: shared not owned. Do not assume.


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