In the assessment of value, that is life on earth as well as the earth itself; the conclusion is, “that our world is perfect, as nature and reality designed it to be”. Except for the decisions made by men, and to a far lesser extent, by women (because men rule). The human animal wants what it wants; just like a herd of cattle or any other grouping of creatures given the right to take what they can get. The human animal that turns into a predator, also takes what they can get/ while the snake “like the gossiper” attacks in smaller but yet more deadly ways for some.
The human being alive, is not an animal: because the body means less than the soul. The difference is, “we understand” life is not consistent with time, or its mass as is body/ but is defined by energy, freedoms, love, courage, respect, truth, trust, discipline, order, balance, acceptance, and thought. The human animal lives for want, dies inside for pride, seeks out fear and control through power, lusts for chemicals, defines greed as a triumph, and deceives for selfishness throughout. “See the difference”/ if not you lie to yourself, or are completely blind to truth and its reality?
The purpose of that discussion (will you not have an opinion)/ is to point out: the human animal led by want, pride, and power have formulated ways to destroy this world and all its life. Giving itself power by counterfeiting currency/ using university threats (weapons of mass destruction just to start)/ corruption of everything society needs or desires to survive/ cursing itself and even nature with biological mutilation to destroy the very foundations of life/ cursing our world, this earth with endless destruction of the very resources which keep us alive/ cursing and assassinating the future for every child, just because they can believe “NO consequences for me”.
As a consequence, the vile dissolution of thought into the sewer raging diseases of a university led mind: MUST BE DEALT WITH, by the substance of what those university led consequences are going to be for life on earth! It is not a game, and it is not a lie to assert: THE THREATS OF EXTINCTION THAT SURROUND US ALL, cannot be discarded without the destruction of us all.
That leaves us all with the clear decision: either war or law MUST INTERVENE. Take a good look at the middle east to see what war will gain for you: “nothing but death/ dismemberment/ cannibalism/ and horrors”. It is as simple as that; with endless pride, with the power; wanting to release weapons of mass destruction: and they soon will!
Therefore without insanity, our only choice is law! UNLIKE the law that is constant throughout history: subject to whatever the powerful want/ changed by whatever pride can corrupt. The reality of our decision MUST BE: as written within the first amendment of the US constitution, “REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES”.
Redress means: that we the people shall in fact own the authority to bring our leaders into a courtroom, and determine for ourselves if they have in fact kept their sworn oath to us all. Have in fact kept the foundation of purposes we the people wrote in that preamble, as the desire we chose to create “with our blood, bodies, duty, and heart”.
Redress means: that we the people shall in fact be judge over those who lead us/ because we are the government under the restrictions laid down by our united constitutional contract, approved and established, by and with ourselves. That contract works, NOT to give our employees undo power or want or pride to control us all. NOR does that contract give undo power, want, or pride to the individuals who cannot or will not discipline themselves for the public good. NOR does it grant unrestrained license to the police or courts: other than to create and enforce justice, through fair play for all involved. That means “limited capitalism” OUR CONTROL over the wealth as a society by our vote: is constitutional, and consistent with our laws.
REDRESS is: established by consensus of the vote/ that we the people DO have a legal right to call for enforcement of our authority over this society; as the final say in what our constitution requires of our employees, and ourselves.
To establish redress through a courtroom: we must convince a jury to call for a vote among the public for these purposes. A reality already tried throughout the court systems of this state of IL and this nation: proving it is well guarded by the powerful for their purposes: NOT your or my constitutional rights. As is consistent throughout history; the powerful want to be powerful/ and they create rules to make themselves rulers, by destroying justice as they have done here in america. The result of “university knows” the cult running the religion of: “destroy it all”. Some call this SATAN!
Regardless of the filth that inhabits what now curses us all, as leadership run by the disease that is “a university”. WE MUST DEFEND OURSELVES with the law! There is no other way, as weapons and murder prove we will die instead of survive.
REDRESS IS THE LEGAL AUTHORITY, THE LEGAL PERSONAL RIGHT GRANTED BY THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF: to demand an accounting, and investigate our nation or state or even city; to prove or define WHAT IS TRUE. By establishing the evidence, in a courtroom so as to prove beyond a reasonable doubt: THIS IS OUR REALITY OF CONSEQUENCES/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG, or if proven true, the reality of being right. The primary question is: CAN THIS EARTH, THIS LIVING NATURE WHICH GAVE US ALL LIFE: SURVIVE THE CONSEQUENCES OF WHAT IS OR HAS BEEN DONE? Since the cost of being wrong, particularly in the reality of a world trying to ignite a nuclear fire is: OUR WORLD BECOMES ANOTHER SUN. NO ONE can argue it is not necessary, or in any other way construct an argument which denies the cost of being wrong in just this one of VERY MANY THREATS will not kill us all. OUR WHOLE WORLD OF LIFE AND PLANET!
So, go stand in the streets, and identify yourselves as those who fight for life itself: demanding your day in court. DO IT NOW, because your time to stop these things is extremely short. The biblical timeline produced by Daniel 12; grants mercy only up to July 9,2019. While it is a prophecy thousands of years old: THE COUNTDOWN starts with the great abomination. That abomination is: gambling with this earth, and even this solar system, “that humans can control a nuclear fire: A FIRE THAT BURNS ATOMS!
The university claim is: “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”/ so there are no consequences. They bet our world on fantasy elements that do not exist in reality. They even bet our solar system itself: because another sun, that will in fact quickly explode into dust IS IN FACT THE GREATEST ABOMINATION, that could ever exist. Making it the true start of the biblical “end of the world” prediction.

DEMAND PROOF; that university intervention in nature, energy, world climate, resource destruction, leadership, countefeiting, weapons of mass destruction, biology, AND ALL THE REST. WILL NOT END IN OUR DESTRUCTION, as is the descent into chaos.
DEMAND PROOF, the university religion of evolution that demands “all this world exists because of chaos/ is true! BECAUSE your universities are deliberately trying to create chaos in nature: expecting that will let them play god over life, for themselves. By destroying the very foundation of life on earth, which is genetic nature: to see what comes next.” I tell you true: IT WILL BE HELL!

UNDERSTAND the keys to democracy: are very simple. WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION, STATE, WORLD, ETC. We the people are its power, because we make our own reality of existence, by the decisions of law, we make or allow. That law controls our employee, just the same as it controls ourselves: same/ same. Which means you can legally enforce compliance with the law: by demanding the law rules us all (EVERY single one)/ NOT YOU. The court simply holds keys, or allows the job, of another citizen: as our representative of that law. When they fail that responsibility, they fall beneath contempt: and must be removed. Just like any other employee. When a weapon is drawn against you in open revolt to our laws/ you do have a right to draw your own weapon, thereby insisting THE LAW SHALL RULE US, not you. HOWEVER, if you use that weapon, in any UNJUSTIFIED manner/ or in any possible decision that is not legal: you turn the law into war. So, do NOT betray yourselves; and let the law that is justified and fair decide the future. Protect each other, and take names of all who fail to defend democracy, and this government we call: Of the people/ by the people/ and for the people; WITH LEGAL RIGHTS for all.

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Jim Osterbur

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