treasuries 201


Treasuries 201
The ascension into spirit; the value or death expressed by truth.
The spiritual world exists as the closest example of what brought Creation into this world called earth. It is, “the remnants of law”, that allowed life and planet to exist as they are. That means simply: “within the foundations of truth, that can be applied to order, disciplines, and balance that then achieve a defined existence: life begins”.
We will not be discussing anything “beyond the ordinary”/ but will seek to identify what you can individually use, as a path (you walk alone here) into greater relationships with GOD.
The foundation of this environment is: Only what is true can be invited, because anything less will enter chaos, become mentally deranged, or be destroyed. The purity of your own truth determines the journey and its destination. Bear in mind: there are only two distinct directions in truth/ the human version is love or hate. Both however are true in and of themselves. A different direction means a different state of reality, suited to your purpose of love OR hate, will arrive. The critical reality of truth beyond the descriptions of humanity is: once the decision has been made (door is opened), there is no going back/ no excuse/ no second chances. ONLY the conceptions of thought, that are formed from the purity of truth consistent with this reality; are allowed to make a change. Or more distinctly “you have, entered in”. And shall not escape unless you obtain a critical understanding by knowledge through elemental evidence.
YOU ARE WARNED; to go beyond the limits designed for humanity on earth/ is to lose the constant of time. The constant of time is: that we may do something over and over, changing it/ stopping it/ or whatever you assume or desire; as freedom allows; until death takes us from that time. MORE definitively: you may enter only one truth at a time/ and will not leave it, until you fully understand how, by the ascension of thought. I will not be discussing thought with you.
Nonetheless, we begin with the entrance into a state of being that is not physical/ thereby not human mentally either: by the use of “enthalpy” (a change in energy, allowing the passage into another state of existence). That state of existence is based entirely in thought: thought is the construction beginning with time. Therefore the passage beyond time, requires a different state in the creation of thought itself.
HOW, to separate self from life, is an alternate journey that demands: you must remove want, pride, power, and all forms of selfishness first; or you fail. Failure has consequences, if you open this primary door without truth sufficient: you will die, either mentally or physically; because you were not invited. What is true decides.
What, is a door? The answer is, an elemental rise in your ability to understand and question the decisions of your own heart. NOT as the behavioral template of want (this is what we do, this is what we choose), which humanity demands/ but as life itself, deciding to live with love, OR to die in hate. Those who curse themselves with hate, fall into the abyss of want; condemn themselves with pride and power; and as they accelerate into arrogance/ the end result shall be terror released in chaos. A lesson in horror.
Those who bless themselves with love, will live to learn the passage that is beyond this humanity: opens only to those who can focus their love onto GOD. There is only one path into true eternity.
So the critical question is: WHAT is life itself, that any should desire an eternity?
Answer: “as is the evidence of your own body/ every body called life”, we join the participants together, to create one whole existence as an individual source of identity assigned by Creation. Or more distinctly: the human body is born from trillions of cells working in harmony, by living in peace, so as to create an individual existence of the whole. Reduced further, every biological cell is the result of atomic energies that are focused into the release of a controlled environment due to biological actions. Identified further, the foundation of an atom is established by both an outward energy forming kinetic forces/ held together (or it cannot sustain itself) by an inward energy which not only resists those forces but controls their actions when in close contact. These are elementally the different states of structure, called male and female, when broadened out to life itself.
We have then conceived of a beginning relationship that consists with “male and female”: as the primary energies which produce our world, and even our universe. More importantly we have designed with thought, the basis of an elemental construction that says: “UNLESS, we join these participants into an environmental identity: there can be no life, no energy, no existence”. Which gives to life, the correct ascension of establishing building blocks, by thought.
Step one: to attain energy, NOT the result of energy, but energy (the cause of all force) itself.
Step two: to achieve order, the construction of time by establishing disciplines for the purpose of truth, and balance for the desires called life.
Step three: to ascend into truth, as the passage of law by which life does arise.
Step four: to conceive of creation, by understanding the elemental journey that becomes life itself.
Step five: to rise above the essence of self, and search within the blessings of love (we are more together/ than we are alone as just one).
Step six: to construct freedom, the participation in decision by the confrontation of a direction through its consequences.
Step seven: to identify love from hate.
Where hate resides, death will follow/ because there is no life here, only a prison or worse.
Where love resides, every possibility that includes this entire universe “lives with you”. So the fundamental question of life really is: “what would you do, with an entire universe”? IF your answer is found to destroy that universe of existence/ then you have no place among the living: death is your answer.
But if you have love, and will share your existence in the purity of an excitement for all that you have received/ then the value of miracles will be found in you. Which means destiny has appeared.
Being human grants time to “consider the possibilities” and determine the direction that is true for you. The potential for thought: an elemental focus, that is limited strictly to truth by law; grants an opportunity to us all; because truth is not limited to “just a few”. Truth surrounds us all. Unfortunately the universities and others, surround us with lies as well. So the critical passage is determined by whether you want to participate strictly as human/ or whether you are willing to live strictly as life; at least in part. Because no one lives entirely as spirit, and yet remains human/ even though some do participate in humanity, as caused by limiting realities of spiritual influence (both love {which means with value} OR hate [with violence and revenge]) as well.
The true value of living, thereby life is determined as an individual identity/ without that identity you have no substance for truth to congeal. The consequence of an individual identity is: “this is me”/ and this is my own decision and its consequent direction. OR an eternity determined by you.
As to eternity itself: if you have no brain, you believe in evolution and throw life in the trash.
IF you have the ability to think/ then you know, that the essence of all life is so elementally entangled, so conceptually integrated, designed, and constructed by the tiniest details being disciplined to create the substance of our world. That there is no possibility, that all of this existence is anything but the result of thought. Where thought lives, Where thought builds, Where thought constructs and displays love as the foundation of every miracle in our existence as a world. The reality of determining a choice lives or dies with your decision to participate within that thought: which built you! Therefore the journey is to find the essence of creation itself, and learn.
While the rest say, “life is a playground, a toy, or a continually repeating catastrophe because of what people choose”. Those who desire life, must search for truth and identify the desire that is love found here.  Thought is identified between the energies, before they have a composition in either action or reaction/ therefore it is the essence of energy itself. If you cannot find in the miracles which surround us; an honest desire to learn more of what life and thought can become: you have no need to exist.
The realities of behavior apart from true needs; are assembled by want. The herd wants MORE, because only the leader need not scramble (before the others trample, etc) for the food. There are leaders, because the foundation of a herd is: we must stick tightly together and all behave in the same way; to create a united, thereby defendable front. To keep the predators away. The herd separates those who are stronger from the weaker who follow at the end: where the predators lurk. Because it allows the stronger to survive first/ which is the balance of species health. The predators scramble for a meal: because once down, the food has very little chance of damaging the predator itself. Which means the weak and defenseless, are targets first. This is behavior, the elemental design incorporated into animal life so that it does survive and balance existence, by the limited values, within its environmental space.
Humanity acts within the same framework/ UNTIL the individual discards the herd, to become truly alive. The difference is: an animal lives in want, strives for pride, assumes in power, and constructs itself as “time (we live/ we die/ play the game, get what you can now)”. Whereas alive means: to discard want and its disgrace called LIES/ to be truly alive within the potential that searches for life itself. NOT a distinction of time, but an essence formed from the discovery of truth.

One last warning about the spiritual world, and each decision that you make, “to open a door into the foundation of any specific truth”. UNLIKE time, and its humanity: there is NO going back/ NO second chance to change your mind/ NO escape from the decision that you made; unless this specific truth shall show you how, by the essence of thought itself.
It is again true of me, the last spiritual decision I made, was to encounter the spiritual truth of women: “just to ask a question”. I had hoped to simply open the door and stand back, waiting “for woman” to arrive. That is NOT the result. Even so, I literally do have a true need, to fight for this world of life/ even if you don’t. The constant answer of male is war; as proven by history. It clearly won’t work anymore; leaving female to ask instead: WHAT would you do differently.
Like every other method of learning I have ever encountered: NO simple answer will be given. Instead, by entering the reality of that specific truth, you then may learn by living the experience and expression that is inherent to this existence.
Humanity is like “a two dimensional space, that rises and falls in relation to your heart”. Transferring from one side (male) to the other side (female) is extremely rare. It will NOT happen for you! It happened to me/ not for me! Be content with who, and what you are: these are very different environments. Entering the spiritual world gives you the third dimension: an identity that is separate, & stands alone with the distinction called freedom.

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