treasuries 101


Treasuries 101
The living passion, where life breathes in the grace, and rhythms of a cherished heart, and the blessings of soul.
Time grants to our existence, three distinct things: to identify survival as existence/ to construct freedom as the rights assigned by decision/ and to measure the value of an identity, through its connection with both truth and thought. Given these three as the basis of life in time, all other elements such as behaviors, morals, ethics, crime, sex, hate, selfishness, and more fall into the category of either “the body (our physical presence) does, demands, or expresses this/ OR, the mind (measured without significant truth) wants this”. True Survival itself is a separate category.
We then examine the various quests, that are “human in nature (what can survive, within the specific dimension that is humanity)”. Expressing passion as the words, “this is the life I was born to live/ the life I chose, to journey within, until the day I die”. This reality of decision is mixed with the rhythms of what can and cannot be, “the choice” I must make. Because there is no other choice for me. I have met the enemy of life (you found no value), which is extreme arrogance (life is not your toy), hate (death is not your friend), violence (making the others fail will not save you), destruction (taking their joy, fails us all), the demand for fears (you are not god), pain (the lesson is simple: life is precious), suffering (we must endure the others), and the failure of fools (to destroy the very essence of survival is extinction for the whole), idiots (to believe in fantasy), thieves (to claim a right you do not own), traitors (to assemble a trap, against those who trust you), terrorists (to curse your world), and whores (to believe only in money, as if life were so little as to be a game). And they are winning, by the reality of defeating this earth (we are surrounded by threats of extinction), to spread death upon our earth, like the wind.
To live is to accept the price of survival, as best you can with what you have available, to achieve that purpose. It is not a criminal act/ nor does it house a desire for revenge: although forgiveness will not come, unless it is earned by truth.
LIFE is a recognition of miracles! Because thought assigns the grace (we did not earn this) of truth, to its assembly of reality. Reality knows the difference, between truth and lie: even if you don’t at the beginning. So then we breathe, which is the act of making a decision that lives of gifts we could never create: with honor, respect, and dignity granted to ourselves. Even if the rest will not agree.
Truth explains this as: everything about this earth, and all its “nature of life” can be recognized as created within order, by the decisions to accept discipline, which are then bound together by the reality and consequence of balance: to give each one an opportunity to understand value. The value of life, by the essence proven through miracles: is love. Therefore love cherishes life/ and life by its grace, cherishes love. This creates a rhythm in the elements of our existence, that brings all things of value into the creation of a heart. The heart then beats as life gives to love/ and love gives back to the life which gave it truth. The value of that decision produces soul: our connection with creation itself.
To live with passion, is to create the value of your life by the desire you accept will become the identity, thereby purpose of your own truth. To cherish heart is to share the experience of life, through the expressions of truth that do establish caring in you. To honor and respect soul, lives or dies within the trust you hold; as the relationship you grant to the ones you love. When that love includes GOD YOUR CREATOR, the values and grace of a spiritual world enter into the dimensions of being human as well.
There are in the core existence of human life; realities which suggest that GOD does influence the environment of our own individual experience. While that can be considered possible, it cannot be proven true unless we accept some element of understanding about GOD HIMSELF. A reality I refuse to enter; let only truth decide, not assumption.
Even so, for the few who do enter within the spiritual world: realities of truth as are consistent with the decisions that you did make to enter, and those who made within that spiritual encounter: change your life. Truth is truth, and it seeks no mercy; only love does that. Thereby we know, that what is truth (the essence of spirit, as is the foundation of creation itself) defines a direction; and cannot be changed unless truth itself can be redefined by understanding through wisdom. That does not occur, unless knowledge proves it true. The spiritual world is then different than GOD OUR CREATOR; a separate but distinctly intertwined reality of its own dimension, purpose, and desire.
The identified quest for every human being is to become “truth itself”/ as every truth lives within its own description it is then an identity. Without an identity that is separate and secured by reality; the essence of survival by thought, will not occur. Thought is the foundation of eternity itself, whereas love is the value that makes eternity itself have value. DO you see a path that lights the definitions and directions of time, for you?
Thought is not an intellectual game/ it has nothing to do with “a human education”. Thought constructs your truth with order and balance, or freedom without discipline destroys your heart: the end result is what you chose. The constant that is eternal will then identify you by the direction and the decisions which you chose. Making your reward/ your choice!

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