reality 202


Reality 202
The curse: “mine, mine, mine, its all mine”/ which then becomes: “I am, I want, I everything; or more simply “I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I……..I or don’t you understand the only thing important about life is ME”:?! An identity surrounded by selfishness, is a prison/ because no one else is allowed to enter. They can’t meet the criteria, unless you make them superior; as in I am a “fan”. Which simply means: I believe I can use you to get something I want. And humanity says: “I am not like that/ its not me/ I am better than that/ I have rights, and to hell with you; because you don’t matter to me”. So then if we count the “I’s”: we get to an understanding of just how selfish you want to be; even if you are not yet there.
An interesting thing about “me” is/ turn it upside down, and the word becomes “we”. Or more distinctly, you cannot participate as “a human being alive”/ until you stop being a human defined entirely, by self. The difference is: when alive, everything is a miracle of creation that is more than any person can explain in any other way. Whereas being selfish is: to create an environment where there is nothing of importance but you. The constant human drama in selfishness is “I am lonely, or afraid”: which then causes “I”, to open the door a tiny bit, in hopes of limiting that reality, by using or abusing you. Selfishness does not allow for love, love requires sharing and caring, which are gifts/ selfishness fails love. Thereby selfishness also then uses every device conceived by men and women to manipulate, control, tempt, deceive, and so on as best it can. That fails for the vast majority: so they close the door to their own prison cell, and then wipe away their tears with wants. Want provides: I have a purpose, I have a hope, I have a dream, I have a revenge, I have a lie, I have a fraud, I have hate; and so on. Which does help to limit loneliness by replacing it with the substance and toys, of a mental environment which then allows you to play games, instead of confronting your life and living in time. YOUR participation in the value of life! Selfishness, I have to protect me/ I need to be certain nobody gets inside of me/ I want to be cold, so nobody hurts me again/ I want to be “hot” so I get what I want/ I need sex, because the body wants it; so I take what I can get. Tempting for more, if it ain’t enough. “see, all the I’s”?
The question is then: DO YOU want to join life/ OR, are you willing to live your life without love (the value of a living miracle which includes, “us”)?
This choice determines a great deal, about what will become your truth, and your eternity. Because it is not what you believe that matters/ it is the decisions you make and put into action, that determine the actual direction of your life.
Discipline suggests: every belief is simply a want, disguised as something else; by using an image to suggest although you could not attain that want for yourself; something greater than you is going to intervene and give you what you want. NOT likely to be true. On the other hand: the decisions that you do make and enforce as your direction in life: is a valid representation of what you do accept has value to you.
The primary purpose of every religion is to attain “superior help, against your enemy; whether death or not”: so as, to get what you want. To enforce your desire to attain, the unattainable. An image is merely the acceptance of what you believe represents the power, to make that happen.
The secondary purpose of every religion is to add discipline and order to your life, so as to grant the peace, serenity, and securities required to “reassemble your life” into something more desirable. Which can then be more valuable. If that happens, then the diety represented by the religion is granted credit; because it is the language of “how to think differently” that became your way into a different person, that you now are.
We ask: what does it mean to think?
The fundamental answer is: by constructing a view that is not selfish by its contemplation or purpose, the value of life does become more visible! Within that framework of miracles, which replaces “self/ images/ enemies/ and so on”: the reality of thinking becomes possible. It is not an intellectual (I can make or tell; traps) response.
Thinking is akin to what is called common sense: the assembly of truth, as is consistent with what this earth and all its nature will teach us all/ by pain, happiness, hope, or any of the definitions common to humanity, or world. Therefore to think is to recognize “everything is a teacher; if I am willing to listen”. When you listen to life itself (rather than: want, pride, power, hate, selfishness; etcetera), you are then able to think. So the question is: WHY, have people fallen so badly from truth; as to believe their god is a university, and their lives were built by evolution?
Answer: the university did provide some of the things people wanted, and that is all it takes to make them shout for joy. Even though the hidden consequences now being known; are horrendous. The people didn’t care, and still don’t: because they want what they want, and the image of superiority (we can mutilate or destroy this world, threatening all life and even the solar system itself); appears to be “men becoming gods”. Indeed they are, “its called SATAN”. Which literally means: destroyer of a world! But so long as people get what they want, which includes a bribe to look the other way/ along with “media priests”, to insure the propaganda for their cult cannot be broken: people don’t care, because they can believe whatever they want to believe, like all religious people do.
Evolution is used as a framework to deny all validity to other religions, so as to take control over every life: “believe only in us”! Unfortunately, stupidity along with “EVERYTHING else”/ can be found in religious books as well. Such as was proven in the “monkey trial” of evolution decades back. In that trial, religion swore “because the book says so”/ while ignorance, arrogance, pride, selfishness, and greed swore “adaption is real”: and they won. Granting to the cursed an opportunity to do whatever they wanted, without the claim of religion which is: THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES, even eternal ones, to your failures. Truth and consequences are a known reality; but without a brain cell working, both sides failed life. If you have one brain cell working/ then you know that chaos does not build life! If you have two brain cells working/ then you know, everything about this planet and its life, is conceived by thought, orchestrated by order, attained through discipline, and balanced for survival of the whole. But alas, “ignorance is bliss”/ until the bill comes due!
The universities will scream: “we AIN’T IGNORANT”/ and have proven it. But let’s review: every threat that is surrounding us with the reality of coming extinction; was produced behind closed university doors. Given their successes, light of day, by media: propaganda never includes the cost of what has been done/ the reality of what our future now holds. When we decipher that into “value or curse”: the true reality of what has been done by university appears. The summary event of that is: “damn little for true life”; which means LIFE and planet COMES FIRST. Instead reality states the universities are responsible for INTENSIVE DESTRUCTION/ and extreme destruction coming: to everything required for survival, of even the planet itself; has been the cost, of university knows (we can be as selfish as we want). The future is clearly dead; assassinated by this very generation of people from around the world/ who just didn’t care enough. But wanted only what they wanted, and made their children pay the price.

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