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Reality 201
The consistent disgrace, that is human descent into “the barking dog”. NO, I have nothing of importance to say/ “but listen to me complain or demand I am important to this work anyway. As is seen in any, and every debate, regarding any issue of importance whatsoever. Or, more simply: I am the only thing that matters/ nothing else; and the mob forms behind them all barking the same, “I want what I want/ be damned to the consequences or needs of other life or living things”. The dogs only know “its a bone we CAN fight over”: mine/ mine/ mine. OR more distinctly, NOT yours.
We then examine the expert: previously known as the university diploma. Recognizing: the universities are born to do the work of “trial and error” so that society can use the best methods possible in their quest to understand and exploit their own portion of this world. That changed in the sixties, when the constant purpose for going to college was to avoid the Vietnam war/ a place to continue using drugs or playing games instead of work. MANY of these then became the professor; and when Regean became president; by allowing the end of gold backed currency and proclaiming “we won’t pay no damn debts”; the university diploma took over the American currency. Which allowed them to change the realities of work and debt. Thereby creating the armies of insurgency, with a bribe: because all of humanity wants “the money”. Thereby the anarchy against democracy and the war against justice itself, that now rules this USA began with a cult. Wherever there is power, there are rules. With rules a game is born/ and with a game ruling life; the curse of rulers exist.
The insurgency exists: With a first grader knowledge of how to communicate with that army better, than those without the same education. To insure that remains true: an endless change, and countless additions to the language occurs: so that the inferior ones fail “the talk”. Even with a second grade understanding among the few who now lead: the realities for deceit, fraud, terrorism, failure, betrayal, theft, cheating, whoring, and hate (crying continually, “we want to be gods/ NOW FALL DOWN AND WORSHIP US”) exists. Which of course doesn’t work well on those who won’t join the cult: so fraud, manipulation, control, temptations, enslavement, curse and damnation of the whole follows; as is proven by the critical truth, WE DO FACE OUR OWN EXTINCTION AS A WORLD, now!
What to do?
The value of life, is a personal dimension (life is the acceptance of being ALIVE, not less, as is a game or a possession). Value is not a physical existence (look at me), or a mental state (listen to me), or a definition of the majority (We want what we want).
Value is a state of relationship identified as the harmony of caring for life itself/ the essence of sharing self, with the living; grants peace when the body and mind live, instead of want. Want is the demand for more, regardless of the consequences: as in I don’t care, or I won’t share. That is the framework for selfishness, and selfishness is the prison we build around ourselves/ locking this world out: except for what we want, or don’t want. Which then rules your life and future.
The barking dog is: a person venting frustration (hear me, I am mad) at being locked out of the process and participation; by those he or she believes “lie/ cheat/ steal/ fail/ make foolish decisions/ and betray me”. A reality many easily fall into; because the arrogance of playing god is pandemic, the curse of university is massive, and society is diseased with continual propaganda by media insisting “these (and us) are the only people with a brain”. Which further inflates the cause into anarchy; because the damned grow impatient, and must be controlled. Just as those who believe life is a game, are working feverishly trying to prove they can be gods by changing whatever they want. Into whatever they believe the game should be. As rule makers, they then alter, change, manipulate, tempt, bribe, corrupt, and control the players. Who must constantly accept the delusion, “this is fair/ because we are gods; and the others don’t know nothing. So just play dead, fight with us or die “with them”: by accepting your fate/ or we discard you, even to throw you in prison”. For interfering in our game, the elite of university; the power that destroys, to make all fear.
We then examine,The constant of a university diploma as is: “life is a game/ and we are the rulers of that game: believe only in us”. So then everything they do, with little benefit to life and no benefit to planet is: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, and when life is easy, or we have the power, ” WE WANT TOYS”. Because the obsession with power to make life cry, and demand humanity shall fear; has consequences. People become aware of their reality, and grow discontent, even with a bribe. They must then be controlled; and there is no better way than to prove you are “gods, compared to them”. So then what is the greatest toys they can have? What is the greatest proof “that we are gods”; that they can do?
Answer: we will destroy their religion (let evolution be god)/ we will destroy their very foundations of survival (strip them of every resource and democracy: reducing them to, NO SAY with media)/ we will make them fear the consequences of change so dramatically: they CANNOT oppose us, (Weapons of mass destruction) because the price is too high/ we will play with energies so extreme “nothing but a god can do this: THEY MUST BELIEVE” (let us ignite the same fire here as is on the sun)/ we will change life itself (mutilate nature into chaos), because then NOBODY can say we aren’t gods. Even though that is SATAN (blind arrogance, and complete disrespect for life and planet) himself.
So then the dogs have a right to bark/ but it will do them do good at all; simply reinforcing “they can’t, by media manipulation and editing”: so, with no other choice, you must let us continue to play our game!
The alternative is thought: to achieve a greater understanding, than their books allow; to refuse the cult. Or more distinctly, to arise beyond want (the herd knows best), and let truth itself decide the path that individually identifies a solution. NOT a blanket state of “we can have anything or everything we want”; even if we do have to discard a little bit of want/ WE STILL WANT WHAT WE WANT, and don’t give a damn about the consequences. Because we CAN play god with life and planet; even if that fact kills this entire world. It’s called freedom!
Here we recognize that thought and freedom are not necessarily “friends”/ because thought is the orderly acceptance of discipline through balancing what has value, and paying the price to sustain that as peace and harmony through caring and sharing life itself.
Freedom however is the recognition: that I can make my own decision, regardless of the consequences. Because the price, and your objection, can be avoided with lies: we now have a want. Every want, is built with lies: yes I can, because YOU cannot stop me. So we ask: is that not true, and if true why could it be considered wrong?
Answer freedom is not dependent upon truth or its direction/ while a lie does indeed require “small doses” of what can be considered true: to make it seem possible, and avoid examination of reality to investigate and prove what the consequences are. Freedom is then dependent upon the identity, that is determined to be free. That identity is defined and designed by the individual human being declaring “this is me”. So the question is: does an individual human being rely upon truth alone/ or can they lie, even to themselves? Alas, it is the critical flaw in humanity itself; to be free enough, to lie even to yourselves. While that flaw illustrates all the tragedies of being human/ it also defines and creates your own identity, by your own decisions: Which does have eternal implications.
Thought orchestrates the environmental parallels that dictate “the lines” between which your life originates, defines, and/or accepts, its freedom. The layers of discipline identify what does or does not have value to you: as you will not pass by “the line” that alters your own identity, as you pass by it, into an alternate dimension. Or more simply: for example, “what has love/ lives within an entirely different dimension than what has hate”. YOU cannot pass beyond the line that separates these environments, without leaving the reality which defines that existence. Between these parallel dimensions, “resides a stack or multitude” of steps either ascending into love or descending into hate. Because these dimensions travel in entirely different directions: there will be “tumbling and chaos” associated with any true change. Each of these layer “multitudes” is a lie/ because they do not construct an environment held together by truth. The closer you are to either side, the more sustainable your relationship is, with either love or hate. Hate assumes it can become god: therefore eternity requires you to become god, without exception. Failure is terror itself. Whereas love is a joining with all that has value, a sharing that will not end, because you do care and desire the truth called ALIVE.
We now consider: the cost of being human! A reality born in the essence of a true and honest miracles: “no man or woman did this”. Faced with time, and the cost of losing your place in time (death): the freedom to accept whatever has value to you, becomes YOUR LIFE. Therefore desire (I will give my life to this) and hope (my own truth accepts this as being ALIVE), instruct us about the things we can have/ While fear (they can punish me), violence (they can take away all I value), and revenge (these are enemies to me) isolate the cost of being wrong.
Here begins the quest, to determine “living among the herd”/ OR, living among the miracles? The herd lives for want and possessions; finding solace in comfort and security. “Living among the miracles” recognizes that GOD, and GOD alone made this living possible; and in that reality of existence, the potential for eternity comes into view, through the life called JESUS. This is “a Biblical record”: which seeks to guarantee we were not simply conceived of and forgotten. The values of each environment are different. Just like the values between a herd of prey and a pack of predators are different as well.
We can solve our problems as a world of humanity: IF we, accept the law we the people ourselves shall define, will then rule us. IF we, do not pass the point of no return first/ which can now literally occur at any second on any day. IF we, let truth identify the path we must take, in order to re-establish order, discipline, and balance to nature and planet as best we can. IF we, construct a diligent understanding of threats, and accept there are consequences WE CANNOT ALLOW, to go wrong: thereby GAMBLING (the terrorism of university and arrogance at all levels of authority) with life and planet and nature and everything our survival needs: must END.
Each is a reality, that is not complex in its conception: thereby you do understand/ making this a simple decision. DO YOU WISH TO LIVE ON EARTH/ OR GO EXTINCT? Because you will not live much longer, if you do not change truly, and with honor, respect, and courage.

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