reality 102


Reality 102
When men fear, they create fantasies to give them power over what they fear/ the more fantasies, and the greater their fiction; the greater the threat that keeps them from happiness. Insanity, then walks in. In like cause, the more violent, and constant the games will become.
The constant of insanity is: “I DON’T want this”/ therefore I must judge it an enemy, and kill the enemy I have made. Because men say: “kill them, and they cannot rise back up to attack you, or take back anything that was stolen, fight back for anything that was destroyed”. So deception occurs, fraud enlarges, traitors emerge, and treason consumes the leaders. All because want, is the true foundation of every lie/ and every lie becomes the cause that generates hate, and all that follows it.
Our reality is simple: under university leadership, some of the things men and women want; have arisen to take over this world/ granting “man can now play god” with his want. While the majority of men and women have latched onto that want with pure greed, through selfishness: the consequence is a cult of worship, that rivals any religion known to man. That worship grants, “we will not complain/ we will not question why/ we will not listen to truth: but instead shall believe, that university is god”. So then our reality has shifted from the truth which has guided life on earth from its beginning/ to now the reality of university decisions, and the want they hide all truth from. And the people say: “we believe”.
THEREFROM, the reality we face is simple, and it is plain: Every threat, every lie, every failure, every fool, traitor, thief, and terrorist comes from the essence that is called “a university”. That fact identifies the constant reality: NO ONE has a brain to use, but the university elite/ NO ONE has the power of communication unless it propagates university power and pride/ NO ONE has access to “the money”, unless they bow down to university: because the governmental counterfeiting machines, are owned only by university greed. Let the slaves cry; let the robots obey; let religion enslave itself to the university claim “we are gods” here. So say the elite, and all who worship them. Because the lies, threaten every single one; and without a fantasy, there will be “horrors coming”.
So the question is: can you the human race, face your own truths? Because if you fail to do that, extinction will overcome: and it will bring HELL.
We then ask: WHY, does humanity refuse their own truths? Answer: because want, arrogance, selfishness, greed, lust, cowardice, hate, and failure have overcome. Making the path back to truth one of sorrow, and a reality that does not include “anything you want”.
The reward for accepting truth is simple: LIFE gets to survive, and search for happiness once more. That is your reward, and if you search honestly and with honor through justice for all/ by truth, established from respect. Then you will find your happiness and sustain it, until the end of resources completes the time that humans can be upon this surface of a planet.
The foundation of this work, then becomes: IS LIFE ENOUGH, when value transforms the living into love, friendship, and hope? IF it is not, then you shall pass beyond the point of no return/ and HELL will erupt. Because that, is what your universities have built/ your leaders have elected to worship/ your religion yielded their souls for/ and the masses wanted, even though they knew the consequences not. And still pretend “they don’t care”. Even though it is the end of their world!
Hiding is a decision/ running away from truth is a decision/ worshiping university knows as god, is a decision/ letting the lies lead you into extinction, is a decision/ discarding reality and respect has been your decision/ refusing knowledge, is the constant of media propaganda/ even living the lies about money in preparation for allout nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare as is come; has been in fact, your decision. Because none of these things, can sustain life; each is a threat, and that is only the beginning of what is real. Demanding extinction/ or very serious change now!


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