reality 101


Reality 101
We are a world facing crisis after crisis; do to the things that were chosen over these last few decades in time. A life, an economy, or realities which define a world itself: cannot exist upon fantasies, fraud, delusions, foolishness, failures, whores, and lies. They end, establishing crisis after crisis will begin. Not only is the universities responsible, but humanity itself; because you gave them the right, and you worshiped them as gods, adding in all you want is want.
So now, we will all begin from the beginning, as is the cost of rebuilding a life or world; or you will die and go extinct as a planet lost to human arrogance, university chaos, and utter defeat that will end with the complete loss of love, life, sharing, caring, hoping, living for value, and soul.
The critical questions are these: HOW do we rebuild a world that will sustain itself/ HOW do we rebuild a world economy that will sustain itself with peace and security for life; by stopping human insanity and destruction/ HOW do we return to the values which enable and create “the essence of life”/ rather than the current demand for death, of both life and world; as is the true direction of your time.
We begin with the world, understanding that the greatest threats to life and planet all arise out of the universities, and those who support their works. But equal to these in just a few absolutely critical months or years; are the human population explosion/ and what you do or refuse to do: about each one. They must both be stopped entirely or we all die as a planet. NOT a game, a reality of failure so extreme, extinction looms for this entire earth.
We then come to war, and the constant realities of men: whose incessant rampage to take, steal, or kill; thereby possessing more for me. Which does include the rape of everything that they can touch as a majority will be stopped. Because there is literally nothing left for the future if you do not: EVERY child will be forced into HELL. To do that requires these simple things as a world. YOU must come to world law (WE WILL GOVERN OUR LEADERS, BY THE LAW WE CREATE, with our own vote), and its world enforcement by members of all nations becoming the policing force (only the best/ a member, only for a limited time) under that law created by world vote: to determine your own demand. The only barrier: are those who worship war. Among their tactics will be fear, and a resolve to establish male rulers with an intent to demand power; one way or the other (hidden or plain).
We then come to economic realities, which must be adjusted to the fact we are so many people: the games, and the silent economic wars of men, are over. There are rules for accomplishing this; and they begin with establishing by vote, “Limited capitalism”. The right to refuse expansive power (only so much, and no more) to all individuals; thereby creating an equalizing reality for the rest. A legal, we have rights, and will protect them for ourselves; by our vote to determine “maximum wealth, or minimum working poverty”.
Rule 1. NO currency can be corrected, without destroying that current form of money as a whole. Within a very limited time; all such money shall be exchanged or spent/ and then it ends. Changing the color of the money; ends the assertion “its too much to do quickly”/ it is not.
Rule 2. NO currency can be controlled by government, or allowed to be debt ridden by politicians: which means instead, you shall tie that currency by its numbers per person; based upon the census. Make a constitutional law, that cannot be discarded. This type of public control will be eroded away: unless you revote upon the numbers, as a society that requires a 70% acceptance, “we will change”: every ten or twelve years.
Rule 3. To return a broken system to its feet, so to speak: requires, that all shall receive the same salary for what society itself describes as sufficient work. Anyone who refuses work and appropriate rights to demand a different job; will be moved to an alternate location/ as society sees fit. Primary jobs are “repairing the damage that has been done”/ insulating/ other services with value.” The same salary proves: we are in this together, and you shall not deny that! NOR shall you claim, “I won it” when reality proves you can do more. Until the date that the public will agree by fifty-five percent acceptance; this is far enough, we will return to our own ability to survive; without protection for all. Make the wrong choice, and there will be war, and then chaos.
Rule 4. The money used at least in America shall be given out as electronic money; so that it can be tracked and simple. NO GAMBLING is allowed, you will need it. Anyone caught stealing, robbing, monetary fraud, corrupt, or other: shall be denied their citizenship, and removed from the nation to wherever they can go. A jury trial decides. With electronic money: it becomes simple to say, “only this can buy groceries, or fuel, or utilities”/ the rest cannot. NOR can the rest be used for those things, although the rest can be used in restaurants/ that do not allow “carryout (only what you eat here)”. This is to declare that all have equal access to the food supply, realities of living. All have similar access to the work. By vote you choose the scale. Those people working in the food industry, with reasonable access (we will eat here, for free) shall be viewed as, a separate entity. The public decides/ or the facility keeps record: same for all.
Rule 5. All stock markets are dead: you shall not sneak in, and gamble with “my money/ my work/ my life/ my town/ etc”. By making play money out of our existence.
Rule 6. Every business exists as a service/ and every industry exists because it consumes a resource. All that is agriculture, sits between these two definitions. All that is “fishing related”; has a similar bond to agriculture. Each is dependent upon money or resource or both. That means, each of these will have their own currency (used only within that reality of work): so that the others within that frame of work, shall know what the others are or are not cheating at. Human income (personal use money) is separate; as described above.
There is NO description of work, that is not tied directly to personal income or purposes. There is NO description of resource, that is not tied directly to the future and every child to come.
We begin with business, recognizing the demand for service will die; without money to spend, or resources to use. Personal income used in response to business, is turned into “governmental entities (with absolutely open accounting, so that all can know)”. They will then turn that back into business money for uses that keep the business or other running. IF your business does not generate enough personal income from that business: it has failed, and you will stop; or be stopped. The public shall review: and determine what you can or cannot keep thereafter; or reinstate you if they choose. Which brings us to the courtroom. The foundation upon which every economy operates. The purpose of a jury is to determine IF THE COURT has been fair, and realistic to the situation or persons involved. That means: you will let the judge decide what is fair, as a jury. But as a jury you will then decide if the judge, lawyers, others, laws, and penalties shall be JUDGED; by society itself. AS is US constitutionally correct: NO judge is entitled to hold office, “unless it is during GOOD BEHAVIOR” AS IS, JUSTICE for all. Failure of a judge means you will throw them out, or imprison. Failure of a lawyer which includes cost: will demand an end to their work in the court or as a participant in law for society. Failure of policing or other, will demand the end to their job. Failure of the law itself: will describe a vote to change what must be changed. Failure of the penalties will remove those penalties from the court: and give them directly to the people themselves; which will catagorize them into what is appropriate fall all.
The foundation of all industry is a resource; simple as that. Which demands: you shall NOT destroy other resources in a curse to destroy life and world. YOU WILL RESPECT, as it is possible to do/ OR you will be brought to prison. Each remembering, along with the entire public: This is not a demand that fails our need for resource/ it is a demand for limited destruction, respect for life, and no excuses for more than what is honestly necessary to be endured. Resources are a gift, but they are a gift that requires work in nearly every circumstance. That work creates a property right, and a possession for the worker/ but it does not claim a legal right to do whatever you want to do. We will decide that as a nation or world. Industry produces a primary money of every nation: therefore it is, one of the core elements, of your economy. Defining what you can or cannot do..
Agriculture lives or dies based upon habitat, and environmental harmony. Everything else is just work, as is consistent with any business: it simply is work with a different life than human. They do deserve your respect, and refinement of what is necessary for their lives too. Other than that habitat CANNOT be poisoned/ CANNOT be drained of water resources/ CANNOT be sustained by destruction of everything but what you want/ CANNOT be destroyed by mutilating life, even though it seems “good” now, IT WILL turn on you, and be horrifying. Remember that or die. Agriculture produces a primary money of every nation: therefore it is, one of the core elements, of your economy. Defining what you can or cannot do..
The fishing industry (like all the rest), CANNOT survive as it is/ and must be changed accordingly. NO MORE destroying entire ” fish nations” with huge trawlers, that take them all. NO more aquaculture isolated on the coastline: it breeds disease, and poverty coming. YOU will move it out to sea. YOU will feed them ground up, dead human carcuses: because that is the one and only resource we have plenty of. Get over it; reality decides.
Forestry ends; in all but those areas that were replanted and sustained by that intent. Because the world needs what is left to keep our atmosphere from being detached from this planet: causing endless extreme winds to occur/ and making life impossible.
Rule 7. Insanity occurs when you don’t get what you want. Destruction of all things occurs when you do get what you want. Which means WANT IS THE ENEMY of life on earth! Therefore to survive, reality must take over; and truth must define and create our own direction and decisions as a world: as best we can. Simple and plain, that is a fact!

RETURNING TO LIFE, rather than the arrogance which demands death of our entire existence. REQUIRES YOU to accept “being alive” is more important than what you want. For brief periods throughout history after wars have beaten you down into submission: there are short periods when being alive was more important than want. But they never lasted long, because hiding behind closed doors; are the male predators absolutely determined to take all they can get/ and use power to enforce they will play god over you. They have in fact built entire “social fabrics, realities, religion, and other” to insure this fact shall never be destroyed from their grasp of power.
The most fundamental change that can be made is: to remove the power of men/ and give it to women. Because the men have ruled this world, and created these realities of choice by their decisions and their subculture of fears through punishment or death. Giving women leadership MEANS: not only are they different than men/ their leadership MUST be different than men, or it won’t survive, and it will fail entirely; becoming even worse than men would allow.
LEADERSHIP BY WOMEN; is not to govern by individuals making choices for the rest; as is male. RATHER women by their numbers, and their ability to communicate among themselves ARE ABLE TO CONTROL THE VOTE/ IF THE THINGS WE ARE TO VOTE FOR, prove to be for justice, life, fair play, and all that does have hope or value to our existence. Bearing in mind: that reality keeps us alive, because IT DEPENDS UPON TRUTH; NOT some damn ignorant sewer filled excuse for what you want. Make a decision: ONLY TRUTH DECIDES, by the realities that do govern our choice. Simple as that.
Men cannot do the same: because they are trained to protect themselves first; and they will then believe, “whatever has been MUST be what we need in the future”; because that, is what has been. IT IS NOT TRUE, or we would not be so threatened with absolute extinction for ourselves.
a reality of our existence, that must be investigated and proven in a court of law: so that redress OUR AUTHORITY AS A NATION/ shall then decide what can or cannot remain by our own choice! In America, redress of grievances is first amendment law: that means it needs no other authority to become true democracy, as is a nation defined by WE THE PEOPLE. The how do we: do what we must do, to change our world, will begin primarily in America, because the critical law that is needed already exists here. (this site remains hidden because you refuse to care) holds two supreme court cases, that remain in holding and ready for court: “because a secretary of the court, CANNOT decide a docketed case”/ that is treason by the court itself. Therefore it remains current, and ready to be used.

With the law, whosoever breaks the law, becomes punishable by that law: thereby the army is removed, and the individual stands to be tried separate and alone. By the law itself, a reality of true democracy defied: becomes TREASON, contested and proven guilty. WE ARE THE NATION, which says it governs itself; as is the purpose and true desire of democracy. Therefore all that is left, is to prove that is true. Having defined what must be addressed in a courtroom of law for the sake of the nation or world: What we decide as a people by our vote/ then becomes “the government” we chose for ourselves. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ OR an employee to decide for me: BUT MY OWN VOTE ON THE LAW AND THE REALITIES THAT WILL DETERMINE OUR FUTURE, AND CREATE OUR SOCIETY, as we choose by the validity: WE ARE EQUAL. Make a commitment; sign your name to your decision; participate as best you can; and declare what is important to you, by the things you do. Communicate, and fight to change our world before it dies; because it don’t mean a thing, after its all, past the point, that proves: too damn late to change. Or at the very least, donate to me so that I can advertise that need/ demand communication by media/ and force the court into trial: IF YOU just won’t fight for yourself.


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