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mother 8


Reality proves: I have shaped my life in time, around the singular issue of “this is a dying world”/ and that fact must not be allowed to continue. But selfishness and greed, consume you; and reality is discarded by the reigning university cult, that lives entirely for fiction, fantasy, failure, and the disease of arrogance so vain; it literally brings the religious word called satan to mind.

The destruction of an entire CREATION OF LIFE WORLD, is a value being lost I cannot/ will not, tolerate being lost without a fight. So whether you believe I was stupid, foolish, blind, or whatever it is; I offer you the simple truth, if you did nothing/ you have no right to judge me. Reality demanded: I must fight with and defeat “the universities cult of knowledge and claim of being gods (yes we can)”. So whether you know my past which includes a significant amount of time to accomplish the right to educate and then challenge “university claims”. The simple truth is: finding no other way, that was necessary. Accomplishing no other gain in court by law; that demanded I must challenge them too; with law and democracy. The simple truth of religion is: they judge, want what they want/ and believe nothing, unless the herd itself follows. Which means they cannot choose for themselves; a cult by a different force. While universities believe they are gods/ religion believes they are children of god; the difference is dramatic; but religion uses it as an excuse to say “nothing bad, can happen to us”. While universities all say: there are no consequences for us, nothing we can’t touch/ and evolution will fix it, no matter what life we break. And so on, as reality would prove: everyone who was not “harnessed to the cart”; would scream either “not in my lifetime/ or you can’t do nothing alone, and we won’t join”.

So, I am finished with this work; being forced to continue; by the spiritual world demanding not yet/ while time continues to assert: they will never find a brain, or respect for life nor world. If I am done/ then I am done; having left behind “numerous people and realities” which needed my help; but “NOT, for the price of losing this world”. Unfortunately, turning to the spiritual world of female (as male proved to be: no male, will save this world/ (they do turn to war. That is their answer, and it will fail life and planet). The difference between men and me is: I knew all war is defeat/ there is nothing to win; only damage to be done; the cost to be tallied as too damn much. Just how it is, every time. Because in the end: even if you force men to face their failures, the leadership will want revenge, and the masses will behave like animals under mob control. Because the predators are among them, and hate wants war. So the necessary answer was: to ask woman, and since women ran away/ the only option was spiritual. Participation beyond time is, only truth can decide: “Spiritual woman is, an independent dimension, past the time, where only truth survives”. Female truth is NOT governed by male; therefore she, is now in control. But even so, although everything in me, is being turned inside out. Without her, I too, was facing war as all that was left to save this world; and it was obvious, that would only accelerate the end of life and earth. Male Humanity threw away; everything else/ with apathy, arrogance, greed, selfishness, disrespect, hate, and more. But rarely did I confront women in that matter; as they were prone to running away. “Don’t want to hear it”/ leave me alone; just like men; but at least there was hope. But then who does want to face extinction or change/ certainly not me either. Nonetheless, life or death is upon us; and running away from our reality is signing the death sentence of our own extinction. Change will happen or you will die a world forever lost. Change is happening in me; beyond my control; not a clue how it turns out/ for either me: or this world, as that is your decision. Although, there is no going back/ your decision is forever.


simply noted: I don’t use air conditioning as it is the primary contributor to global warming. Currently 95+ degrees with a heat index over one hundred/ the house at 2:30 pm is 80 degrees so far, and will climb a bit more 82 degrees at 6:30. But the end result is; with a little insulation/ a shade on windows letting in sun/ opening the windows at night, and closing them around ten am. Sit in an appropriate chair, with “less clothes” when hot. The living is tolerable, and the world does not die. Yet all the people say: NEVER!

Your “great gods of university”; construct conversation based entirely upon fantasy, delusions, and imagination/ where reality counts. Examples are: the greatest evidence of “Noah’s biblical flood is: fossil fuels could not exist; by any other method in truth”/ a world wide flood gathered the materials together, and then buried them some under thousands of feet of debris. There is NO other known method of doing so. As to the ark: “Noah’s zoo” was without doubt on a river island to control the animals/ water them/ and remove the waste at high levels of flood water. A stand of very close/ very large trees: can easily be considered “the ark”. When tied together to produce viewing platforms for his zoo. A rope bridge would have provided access. Gophers dug the roots out, and when the monster flood occurred those trees then broke at the root, and all was swept out to sea upright. Where they were, a signal, to every living thing, surviving on the floating mats of debris as would have been prevalent for a long period of time. A large planetary object: would have produced the necessary gravitational pull/ and an atmosphere of water vapor; as would control and stop the wind, from separating the atmosphere from this planet. The US grand canyon, is merely one of the drainage ditchs for that event; as are many structures on the surface of this earth.

As to the claim of age, they rely upon atomic perfection; a reality not in existence particularly following a “big bang”. As to claims of aging the universe: they rely upon “red shift”; which is gauging a planet as it rotates around a sun; which literally has nothing to do with galaxy expansion or not. NOR can university comprehend that every explosion is an action/ reaction event: which means the center of the big bang that did occur, is at the center of the mass apparent; which divides even their claims by 2.

As to claims of the sun: they rely upon pure fiction, and elements which are not known; nor even conceivable by the methods that are known. As to atomic energy; they rely upon “its magic”/ instead of the reality that is atomic spin. Or more distinctly the internal proton of an atom spins at well above the speed of light; and that spin holds the kinetic energy of an atomic bomb/ it is also responsible for the friction of a nuclear fire.

Evolution is a fools lie; even a worm probably has a “bigger brain of value” than theirs. The miracles of life, DO speak for themselves, and point without question: to thought, and thought alone, did this. How much more do you need?

At the edge of our own world extinction, “believe it or not”/ the elements of risk that are too extreme for lesser time, must be taken. Because the cost of being defeated, is greater than the risk, and its consequences that are being allowed. A dead world, has no meaning. You remain silent, and without the true desire to communicate our needs. Therefore I leave you with no excuses, no possibility to run away and hide claiming “I didn’t know”. This earth has become: “life or death”/ for us all.
In that vein of discovery, I will provide “a clue”; into more deliberate things.
This begins: where appropriate words do not exist for the purpose of description/ as you are unacquainted with reality. “we will” then make do, with what we do have.
In the values of our living the greater disciplines examine the elevation of energy itself, life, thought, and love. Within that battery of order, balance, truth, and law; are the elements of our existence.
The critical conceptions begin with energy; or more distinctly, with what causes energy: the development of time, to exist. All energy is a measured state; a relationship of action to reaction/ potential to kinetic/ or the lack of both as is consistent with space. The critical question is: WHAT causes energy to exist, as a force that can then be measured. Or more distinctly, energy does not/ did not arise of itself. Rather force was applied; that is inconsistent with the energies called time. We will call this force “elemensity: the rise of existence”.
I have changed my mind: and will not throw away the future to fools, just to save this day. If you are waiting for further information, it is not coming. YOU DO have enough to understand: the threats that have been explained to you are sufficient for investigation and decision by vote from all of humanity. Because it is, LIFE OR DEATH, by all forms of horrific, terrifying consequences; for our entire world. Either save your world, your life, your child, your everything; by using your brain. OR, go extinct! Simple as that. This is not a game, and I refuse to play: CHOOSE.

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