mother 8


At the edge of our own world extinction, “believe it or not”/ the elements of risk that are too extreme for lesser time, must be taken. Because the cost of being defeated, is greater than the risk, and its consequences that are being allowed. A dead world, has no meaning. You remain silent, and without the true desire to communicate our needs. Therefore I leave you with no excuses, no possibility to run away and hide claiming “I didn’t know”. This earth has become: “life or death”/ for us all.
In that vein of discovery, I will provide “a clue”; into more deliberate things.
This begins: where appropriate words do not exist for the purpose of description/ as you are unacquainted with reality. “we will” then make do, with what we do have.
In the values of our living the greater disciplines examine the elevation of energy itself, life, thought, and love. Within that battery of order, balance, truth, and law; are the elements of our existence.
The critical conceptions begin with energy; or more distinctly, with what causes energy: the development of time, to exist. All energy is a measured state; a relationship of action to reaction/ potential to kinetic/ or the lack of both as is consistent with space. The critical question is: WHAT causes energy to exist, as a force that can then be measured. Or more distinctly, energy does not/ did not arise of itself. Rather force was applied; that is inconsistent with the energies called time. We will call this force “elemensity: the rise of existence”.
I have changed my mind: and will not throw away the future to fools, just to save this day. If you are waiting for further information, it is not coming. YOU DO have enough to understand: the threats that have been explained to you are sufficient for investigation and decision by vote from all of humanity. Because it is, LIFE OR DEATH, by all forms of horrific, terrifying consequences; for our entire world. Either save your world, your life, your child, your everything; by using your brain. OR, go extinct! Simple as that. This is not a game, and I refuse to play: CHOOSE.


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