mother 7


mother 7

In the elemental trial for life or death of this world; the constant is, “that I have no value/ the university is god”. As is the reality of every cult.

In return, I say to you; that I need no value in your eyes. BUT INSTEAD, I remind you truth has no mercy/ and all that matters is the evidence that will prove your fate is true. Therefore go to court, and prove what is true. And the world says to me: “the university is our god/ they don’t need to prove nothing; because they give us what we want”. But I remind each: what you want, by the evidence; is the end of your world.

And humanity runs away, as cowards do. Because a cult is ultimately a herd of animals, who follow the leader; and question not, where this goes. Nonetheless, I surrender you to your fate; as truth knows, the believer can believe anything he or she wants; because truth does not matter. Whatever they want, is their truth.

It is without doubt, that the “good and proper” methods of being a mother, requires that the children must be free enough to grow into adulthood, by learning responsibility and respect for themselves and life and planet. That is the job of parent. To keep the children alive in their own quest to become in complete charge of themselves: it is necessary, for them to learn order/ disciplines/ balance/ justice/ courage/ love/ and independent thought, formed from truth. The best a mother can be, is when every child has in fact accomplished this mission of life, for their own existence.
Unfortunately humanity has failed entirely (with few exceptions) in this quest to be, “a human, being alive in the essence of truth”. Instead, under university guidance, all are found in the images created by fantasy, all are formed from the desire to play god with life and planet, all are bound to a cult whose clear purpose is to disrespect life and planet, by destroying nearly everything they touch. Claiming to be gods, they do form the image of Satan, and his helpers. Mutilating nature/ trying to burn this planet like a sun/ destroying every resource/ pretending nothing matters but “me”/ and teaching there are no consequences, for the superior ones; who of course all have a diploma, and live like robots (rules are god too/ obey without question). Using constant media propaganda, to insure no glimpse of reality may surface to save a single soul, not even to save the planet itself. Shame on you.
The question is WHY? The answer is primarily: “we want what we want, GIVE ME WHAT i WANT/ and we don’t want nothing, we don’t want: period”. That is the university prattle, dribbling death in its wake. And the people loved it, with all their hearts. Surrendering their world, their children, and their future.
CHANGING WANT, to accept reality comes first/ lies must be destroyed/ and foundations, in the laws of life itself, must be upheld: is a daunting task. Because you have destroyed your own connections with life itself, pretending as the university does: that there are no consequences for anything you do. Or, in the human dialect of university: “want is our god/ and we don’t want to be responsible for anything we do. All bow down.” All respect chaos, as your creator: so that none can see extinction comes now.
For forty plus years: you continually said, “reality does not matter/ the evidence as it is, cannot be right/ we won’t listen or care/ nothing is more important than my want; including every child, every living thing, and the planet itself.” Which led to the screamers (don’t you do nothing), the liars (you are the cursed), the failures (HIDE, HIDE, HIDE), and the fools (run away and then hide). With a tiny few occasionally rising up for a second or two; but never revealing to me “I will fight/ I will put my name on this work, and say its mine too”.
So here we are: at the edge of your extinction/ the cost of your images, games, fantasies, failure, and foolishness. Even though the universities led; YOU DID CHOOSE to follow; and all but a tiny few “put their name on that work, and said its mine too”. Even with chaos at the door; nothing has yet changed. Soon, change will not matter at all/ regardless of anything you do: because truth, by the laws of life or death; will take over this earth.
So, WHAT could save it? After all, it is an entire planet of living existence, a reality of beautiful, and a consequence of love proven by design.
We look back into history for change: what does it take? Some will say war (destroy everything)/ but that is untrue; war merely destroys pride and want and survival; until men are willing to accept “let the law rule us again/ NOT those rulers”. So they start over, but alas they instantly reclaim rules; and the rulers are found back in place. Immediately the men who intend to rule, control, force, manipulate, tempt, corrupt, instill fear and power over you; all fight for superiority. They then claim the money or the resources (by whatever means possible) to make you do whatever they want. And everything turns back to the games of men/ which become the very same thing as society fights to survive the feud between survival, want, and pride. War then comes again, and again, and again, etc!
Nonetheless, war does change the values in the heart of men in particular, with women not far behind. Instead of fantasy, possession, theft, lies, cheating, hate, and all the rest that is failure to a human life: they ask themselves for justice, peace, and posterity through order.
War is primarily: the destruction of want, pride, power, and fantasies. Men do that by killing each other/ but given the truth “kill a billion people and there is still 7 billion more to go/ not even a start, and another billion will arrive within five years.” YOU CANNOT KILL your way out of this human caused chaos coming: it won’t work. Simple as that; men have failed, its over. Because their one and only solution which is war, cannot save them anymore.
Even so, the foundation of change MUST OCCUR: is depicted in economic chaos/ as the method of disrobing those who claim to be rich. By making them equal, fantasies will die. Men and their universities have certainly made that inevitable; with endless traitorous lies, “in America the greatest robbery of a nation, without bloodshed ever to exist”. The complete failure assigned by arrogant delusions: by any nation; a failure to all society, world, and the existence of life itself. Fantasies never survive! ! Not really unique, as every nation is plagued by the people in power declaring themselves to be gods (nobles) who know everything/ decide everything/ get all the money/ are hero’s, deserving everything/ and insist the slaves (obey our rules) must do all the work. The only question is then: when will complete world economics fail entirely? The answer will not matter, unless it is soon enough to save the planet itself. That will be quickly, or chaos (terrors, horrors, and hell), will become your god for eternity. It is what you chose.
Let us then pretend: that reality sneaks in, through the gaping hole that is your truth; and forces you into submission. “OH NO” want, nor pride, nor power; is not enough: the horror! YOU need truth to survive; simple as that.
Answer: you must be free to learn respect and responsibility. That requires an assessment of what did go wrong, and why. If you fail to do that, you die; because lies will not save you. Only truth, “as best you can”.
Answer: you must learn how to be an adult (I will make the decisions, that give order, discipline, and balance to our lives). That of course fundamentally requires: that basically everything the universities have taught you to believe is wrong/ and must be abandoned for truth itself. No more stories, theories, lies, cheating, failures, foolishness, terrorism, fantasy, or playing god. Simple as that: BACK TO REALITY! No more cursed or diseased brains in charge. Which does seek a new government that is true democracy as well. A description already given on these sites.
Answer: accepting “justice, courage, and love”; requires the diligent understanding, that wisdom is essential to life. That the time of death will come, but it need not be laden with endless fear. That love is the most basic truth of life itself, which does mean all know of its existence. EACH is a choice: that is independently made by the individual human being that is YOU. These things too, have been dealt with on my sites/ throughout my work. But as every mother knows: I cannot force the child to do what I know, to be best. They must choose for themselves.
Answer: independent thought combined with truth, is an entirely different reality from what is commonly considered “a human life”. Seeking life itself, asks the endless question: Help me understand? the quest to find that understanding, is a very personal path into Creation itself; and cannot be done without conceiving of a life beyond time. Those are elements that exist only when you have achieved the initiating: respect and responsibility called “being truly ALIVE”. No one can give you that, it is earned by your own journey into truth itself.
Nonetheless, we can begin with the first few questions that separate those who can achieve a greater form of existence/ from those who cannot: the people locked in time.
1. The beginning is a good place to start; and asks the question: given the truth, that an adult human body, is composed of at its most basic level roughly 1,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 physical parts and pieces (called atoms). HOW did this arrangement of parts and pieces come together? Religion prior to its delusional state of accepting the university as god; and its claim CHAOS built life. which is the actual opposite of what truth has declared chaos to be. To their eternal shame! The alternate theory is: BY DESIGN, or thought comes first. Now make your own first decision: did chaos combine 1 x 10 to the forty-fifth place of parts and pieces? OR is thought the only thing we can conceive of, which could at least potentially do that very thing? Which one is it? Not to worry, “its only eternity”.
2. Even with order, without discipline to achieve the structural integration that is: these things must be allowed to interact with each other. The cost and consequence of that reality, will then govern all potential peace and harmony of the organism itself. So the question to you is: does chaos (the destruction of everything complex) create discipline/ OR, IS THE ESSENCE OF THOUGHT so integral to the combinations of an action or reaction; that without true thought, these things will collapse into chaos and destroy itself? Which one is it? “just your eternity” so who cares, right!
3. The achievement of balance, resolves the constant conflict of competing resource based organization: by assembling a path through which each action must rise, and each reaction must be contained: so that the whole can sustain itself from chaos. Alas, not much of a question is it? Unless you assume that balance is completely unnecessary; which means you don’t have a grasp on anything, beyond “animal”.
4. We now organize thought beyond the limits of simply keeping an organism together/ and assign to it, an aureole (something more exists). A life, that does not exist simple as the components of time (things which act or react, by law; over the distance called time). A life means: that an individual source of decision, a definable moment of freedom; has occurred. This elevates an organism into the conceptions of time, beyond the limits of laws which govern only an action or reaction. Instead of limits, the law of life intervenes to ask: WHAT will you do, with your freedom of decision/ and WHY? So, your question to be decided: is this real? Does life exist, and is it strictly to be considered by individual concept: rather than a herd compilation? What is your answer? Are you independent of the others, or not? WHY? The common human religious answer is: “lets make an image”; and claim it is god. The common university answer is: “lets make ourselves god, claiming we pieced this together one single piece at a time; “from items off the store shelf, without a brain, a tool, food or anything else”. Alas, without thought humanity fails; just how it is.
5. So the critical question becomes: WHAT is thought, and how do we attain it for ourselves? We then begin with the assertions of memory: “just how much memory does it take” to form a human being? How much computing power? And what is the difference between what is living/ and what is simply a concept; as are numbers, letters, speech, and so on? The common university answer is: that memory is roughly equal to the same amount of parts and pieces that make up our atomic structure as a life. “they pride themselves on being SO SMART”. Unfortunately, they are smart enough to destroy anything they can touch (without wisdom or true understanding); so I end the discussion here. YOU DO have enough to begin your own journey; into whatever conception of time, space, and reality you choose. “its just the potential of an eternity”, so why bother? Well, that is up to you!

6. What is not potential, is the fact of evidence that proves you cannot sustain this earth under the conditions and purposes for which you have chosen to play god. Threats so distinct and true, that there is no chance of your survival. This is the reality of our lives; and it proves the need to investigate beyond conceptions or theories: to demand an answer that establishes the cost of being WRONG. The legal accounting (OUR RIGHT TO DECIDE), that is a vote by the people put at risk: to determine if any threat shall go on/ or be discontinued, immediately and without the opportunity to continue. There is no exception to this. There is in America, where the most severe threats have originated: the constitutional law of first amendment redress of grievances. That then gives the power to the people to legally decide for themselves: what our future is going to be. Whether we will by the law we create: establish a barrier with penalties, to prove we the people shall rule here. Even a child, can understand the concept of both: a risk too great to accept/ a reality of choice that is inherently, and legally, our own. It is life or death for a world: that asks the question: DO YOU CARE?
7. The foundation of our reality is very simple: every part, portion, and piece of nature and earth exists because of the order that has been established. The disciplines of law that are enforced by truth. and the balance of a system organized to be the best that can be, under the realities which then govern our hope: for time on earth to survive. Humanity, and in particular their universities have set about destroying all of that, to prove they can play god for themselves. What you have proven is: that you are gods over your own extinction, and the hell on earth that will create. So the choice is: Do you have a brain/ or do you merely worship the cult of university, and declare as they do with evolution: “a brain is the last thing we need”. Make up your mind, because once past the point of no return; there is no going back. Once ignition of a nuclear fire exists, even the planet itself shall burn. Once nature has lost its battle with your intentional chaos: every portion and every piece of life as a living organism will fail, or be horrifically altered forever. Once all the resources are destroyed one way or the other: “your satan (arrogance combined with counterfeit money, and the power to propagate lies with media)” ends life on earth. As well as destroying your souls, because mercy now ends. These are not little things, and there are NO EXCUSES allowed. YOU will choose, and YOU will inherit the reality of that choice as your own dimension of “heaven or hell”. Because men and their universities have forced you to do so!
Change or die! Let women try to lead, it is your only hope for life. They are at least different/ even though they are truly infected by the same diseases which control men. Without true change, extinction shall arrive forever an entire planet lost: because you just didn’t care enough. That, is a choice!

I am, FUNCTIONALLY DONE now. Because you are children born to make your own decisions. I have asked you time and again to prove: what the cost of being wrong is! Time and again, you and your organizations have said no. Time and again, humanity itself as is the individuals who have been contacted over the last few decades: have said no, I won’t stand up for life; even the best among you (with very few exceptions).
I have then given to all the means to communicate with these sites/ the opportunities erected for that purpose over the years/ and even the statement I will do this for you, IF YOU HONESTLY AND HONORABLY PARTICIPATE. The first part of that being donate here, to establish worldwide communication of our need to make these decisions and protect life from extinction. OR JUST DO IT YOURSELVES. YOU do, have everything you need, without me. So the above statement that requires me to do the work, is for all intents and purposes: “nursing babies”/ rather than raising children. Even so, the reality of extinction for this entire planet; is a cause that cannot be turned down. Unless, “you, just don’t care”! Simple as that: choose.

I leave you with a gift. When conceiving of time, the elemental choice is to consider time to be a dimensional environment; locked between its beginning which is empty space/ and its ending which is infinite space, as the expressions of energy will allow. Time is then the presence of a moment, that recognizes life does exist; because without life, or death; time has no meaning. Time is dimensional as defined by thought, because we live within the barriers it does create. Thought however exists as the elemental presence of energy, without barriers: unless that energy is controlled by life itself. So the question is: (not for you, as it gives too much to the whores of science__)/ the failures of men and women.

One final thing, at least for now; “it is the job of every parent” to listen to their child/ not to judge, not to rule, not to use or abuse. To listen is to seek an understanding based upon knowledge. NO you don’t know everything about your child; just like you don’t know everything about your mate/ even when you believe that you do. It is your job to listen, to understand, and then seek the wisdom that each independent situation requires; by applying what you know to be true. By acknowledging the consequences of being wrong. By accepting, that limited risk is a necessary part of life, but being a fool is not. We are what we are, because of the choices we have made/ or we’re required to make do to the circumstances of our lives. We cannot give what we do not own; that is unfair. We cannot take what we do not deserve, that is criminal. We can love the value of a life, admonish by the lessons we have learned, direct the choices if we have to pay. But what we cannot do, is possess a child. They are each one, an independent experience and expression of the freedoms inherent to us all. Accept that, admire the freedom of that as it lifts the value of our own lives to “friend”/ rather than responsible for you. Treasure what is a blessing, and change as best you can what is not; with wisdom. The consequence of free choice in humanity is: “if you are not listening to me/ I am not listening to you”. The future, and all that it can or will become; is in fact then dependent upon whether you listen or fail to accept: “each child has rights and obligations too.” NOT just you.
The reality is then simplified: do not play hero, swooping in to make the decisions that will become your child’s life. That makes you responsible instead of them. Do not lead them into any type of work; but prepare them for the work that you can teach them to do: so they have options. Do not choose or refuse their chosen mate: it is their lives/ not yours. Help and sustain a relationship that is healthy for each one; asking what it is important to ask and to demand. Do not let them discard their share of the work, with reasonable attention to honesty of or for that work. Faced with a reality that is above or beneath or own stated disciplines or purposes: do your best to let each independent life exist as it chooses to be. Because in the end: eternity comes for us all/ and time, by your own decision; is what decides that future possibility. Anyone who interferes in that decision, will bear the consequences. We are, what we choose to be: what we distinctly participate in doing. NO going back truth is forever true.
Remember this: want is the basis of every lie. What you don’t want, is the basis of insanity. The choices of life are simple: every choice is based in either “love, hate, or survival”/ so be aware of what you do. Pride is an enemy, it makes life a game. Power rarely becomes a friend. Selfishness means you want to be alone. While greed means: the others have no true value to you. Lust demands to use the body of someone else; discarding them as a person. Lover elevates the heart, when it is true/ but kills at least a part of the soul, when it is not. Friend knows the difference between respect and failure. Beware, of what you believe: let only truth, as defined by reality, decide.

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