mother 6

mother 6


Reality says: if a mother in concept/ then advise to every person is important. TRUTH defines you, and shapes your path into eternity; even if you believe otherwise; it will be truth that decides. Truth demands discipline; because truth does not make excuses; it simply is what it is, and cannot be made to lie; or it is not the truth. Order signifies if you are prepared to let truth decide or not. Because order requires both truth and disciplines to create the law that serves our survival, and contributes to our eternity; as life beyond self. Even so, balance is a primary ingredient in all that survives; because unless you balance courage with discipline, the end result will be catastrophic. Balance, not fearlessness; is required. A reality of existence, because energies have no soul to find mercy.

The disciplines necessary to work through your problems, by trying to survive as a world.
It is absolutely true, that the methods, realities, purposes, wants, hatred, corruption, violence, whoring, and all the rest that is the constant of human civilization: WILL NOT keep you alive any longer. They are, for all intents and purposes, as dead as you are without change/ and even then: those descriptions above will be altered forever; or you cannot survive, and there is no purpose in trying. YOU will fail.
DISCARDING ALL THAT: the reality we must choose, then begins as the descriptions which do follow.
1. The methods of the majority called men are obvious: we want what we want/ will take what we can get/ and when our reality closes in on too many men: they form an army, to destroy the law/ so they can then take by force, whatever they can grab. It is primarily by wealth that this occurs: “I can buy you, or them/ I can destroy something you need, thereby forcing your cooperation”. The other alternative is: with fear, and the power of violence; we will rule over you.
2. The reality of humanity itself is even less complicated: “give me what I want”. I don’t give a damn about any consequence that won’t affect me RIGHT NOW. Make me rich/ to hell with the rest.
3. So the purpose of men and the humanity of society that they have raised as “the right way for us to live”. Is let us war, if we cannot get what we want! If I kill them/ they will never attack me again.
4. The critical question is: WHAT is it about want/ that makes everything else, including every life on earth; so much less valuable than what you want. That you do destroy a world, and mutilate or crucify all its life; demanding even the children must die; so that you can have more? The answer is simple: ultimately it comes down to this, “you want to play god too”! So then we live in this world, with the majority who are so delusional; they believe they can be gods. None are worse, than a university diploma; although many try, including serial killers. They just want something a little different/ still the same purpose, “to play god”.
5. The fundamental is simple as well: hatred rules this earth! Simple-minded, as that. What is hatred? Answer: the desire to destroy someone or something else, to prove you are greater than they are. So we have the second definition of what did men create: the demand for war to prove who can be stronger and more powerful than the others. The children have called it “king of the hill”.
6. We then come to the methods by which superiority is proven: Because I can make you cry; by taking away the promises, rights, justice, democracy, and securities made, even if they are owed. Corruption is then the purpose by intent to destroy the values of society, by infecting it with rules contrary to the desire that is “we the people” defending ourselves. “gods” can’t have that/ you can’t be nobility (we are the heros here); unless there are inferior (we made them so) people. The game (I can/ you can’t)_arises as the third participant in human, male decision.
7. That brings us to violence: “you cursed me with your corruption/ now I curse you back, with theft/ criminal actions/ intentional destruction/ terrorism/ cult construction/ lies/ cheating/ murder/ and more”. Because I owe you that much! You chose to make my life a hell, a trap, and a disgrace. Thereby instilling hate.
8. The whore is: ANYONE, who claims, proves, and believes, “that money is more important than life or survival for this world”. So as seen above, male leadership has given us a vast world population, whose only true goal: is to be a whore. The question is: WHY? The answer is: with money, I can play god/ with money I can force those others to do my will/ with money, I can keep the others from attacking me, or failing to let me have what I need to survive. So we have the final ingredient of a male dominated world: everything, not fully given to hate; “comes down to money”, who has it, and who does not. Because we don’t want to war with blood & weapons all the time. With money, the war is limited to a game. While the damage to some, will be just as severe. Fortunately, “we don’t care”.

The fundamentals of change are more complex! Basically you need to remove each of the failures of men/ by replacing them with elements of justice; descriptions of a happy life; the discovery of joy; the blessings of hope; the need to be more than “human gods”; and a value that can be recognized as ALIVE.
Every participant that is listed above as a reality of male domination; can be erased by changing society with one single thing. By choosing limited capitalism: the money loses its power, and with that the primary focus of their game dies. If war will not bring “playing god back”: because the money is no longer available to claim “I am god”. then war itself will die, because it serves no purpose other than when the environment collapses and somebody has to move or die. World law and world policing solves that; ending the curse. By demanding SOLVE your own problems/ DON’T bring them to us!
JUSTICE: IS THE DECISION, to apply fair play and equality to all, with realistic equity to be shared in our society; which chooses to be, “the best we can be”. Justice is created, when the people choose their own laws (NOT voting for someone, to vote for me: But my own vote, on the laws which govern my life and yours, as one people sharing this decision together). When we choose to do that for ourselves, we make our own world, and live by those laws; because they are “our laws”.
A HAPPY LIFE: I am the reality of what I desire most, from the time that has been given to me. Therefore happy is the distinction given to desire, and desire is the elevation of purpose to identify what is the greatest treasure of my existence/ expression/ or experience? The question of desire is personal: it is your desire, thereby only you can answer what will or will not make you happy. The basic fundamentals are: freedom within limits/ human interactions that are more than pleasant or plain/ descriptions that challenge both mind and body/ a search given to the meaning of life and its eternity.
The discovery of joy, is an element of both heart and soul. You cannot attain soul without heart. Therefore heart does come first. Heart stands for: the fundamental passage, between what I live for, and what I would die for. Until you attain this value, this ascension beyond self: you are stuck only in time. When you achieve a value beyond self motivates the essence of “me”: then the possibilites of soul arrive to shout. There is a GOD, because all of Creation does prove that to be true. Therefrom, I too am a miracle (beyond true imagination); a wealth beyond my own comprehension. And I will search to become the essence of what my own eternity can be. Knowing, where there is such love as did create this world and me: I will indeed find paradice.
The blessings of hope; assemble time represents my decision, my opportunity to prove and to be, “exactly what I desire to be”: as best I can! Therefore life in time is, entirely about “creating me”. I am the architect, I am the engineer, I am everything available, that can and will make the decisions that do become my life as chosen by me. The only change to that scenario: is what do the other people do/ and how will they affect me. By my own choice/ or as if I had no choice. The reality extends to: how will I affect them, and who they are or who they will become. By accepting and living, a value chosen by love: “I do the best I can”. Simple as that.
To be more than “a claim of superiority/ the tragic desire, to be more than you”! Rather than equal! Is a decision to not base my life in comparison to others. While the others exist; they are not me, and I am not them. We are distinct individuals, and cannot be mistaken “for a herd”/ unless we compare. Therefore the essence of all individual identity, is claimed or denied by what we accept as equal. If you are not equal/ then you will spend your life fighting for pride, power, and wanting more to prove you are superior to what the others did claim. If you are equal, an individual that cannot be denied as life itself/ then you have nothing to prove, and can simply be yourself. Pride is then an enemy, because it changes the others into a herd. Power is a disease, because it can corrupt and destroy lives. Want is the basis of all poverty: because it shares nothing, cares about none, and can only seek more by destroying “you”.
VALUE, which is the essence of being truly ALIVE; comes from the existence of knowledge. “We are miracles”/ the only constant that the enemies of life, will always try to destroy. Such as does evolution, and those who claim it, propagate it, or demand you swear obedience (you are allowed NO BRAIN, to contend) to it. As is, We the powerful own it all/ and we own you. Thereby taking or attempting to take, ALL the value away from life and the living; to destroy you. It is not a game, this is a decision to destroy; by making themselves “god (we know everything)”. So they can play with life, discarding all consequences as if life itself were just a game. “its called FOOL”.
Value consists of every description that gives to life its joy. ALIVE consists of everything that brings the meaning of living, into a new consciousness that is beyond the limits of time: where our CREATOR does exist. Accepting JESUS as our guarantor; that we are not simply abandoned, but entitled to belong to an eternity governed by the purity of love itself: combines both joy and being alive, into a Creation that becomes the possibility of eternal life.
Fools cannot inherit such things, nor can they follow any path into thought itself, where life is born, and eternity has been created. These are decisions of the heart, elevations given by the soul: to achieve the disciplines, order, balance, respect, values, courage, and love required> to become eternal. It is no small thing.

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