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mother 5


Reality says: if a mother in concept/ then advise to every female is important. The constant of value is truth, because by truth we do understand what our future, chosen by love can be. There is no substance to a life chosen for “possessions or trophies or toys; not trinkets either”; as many women do choose. Instead the value of living, is in the depth of our existence as life cherished through love. To achieve that essence, it is necessary to combine with those called men. But NOT as their sexual relief/ as their true companion, sharing the journey, and caring beyond the point of self. Because self is an isolated existence; while love is a life born inside, which accompanies you forever. The value of our existence, is a destiny conceived by truth, created by trust, identified by respect, and formed by the ascension of heart guides my soul. Where there is love, there is kindness, gentleness, happiness, respect, joy, and the courage to do what I can do; for home, family, and truth.

None are perfect, and neither are you. If there is no forgiveness/ you will live alone. If you forgive without any sign of change in them, or truth to change you: you have failed the future. But make no mistake; the greatest gift we can give each other is truth. Because with truth, honest and pure to the heartbeat we share: every form of love can be found. Be honest with your truth, and fair beyond judgment; as that forms an enemy. Let only the law judge, that you might not need to take that journey. But understand: if you do not support the law, then it dies a little, from your lack of trust, that this was important for us all.

Whether we can, or we cannot live the life that is now required of us: is determined by three distinct things.
1. Can you respect each other, which means: my living is just as important as yours.
2. Will you love each other, which means: The value of my life, is just as important to me as yours/ and your life must be as important to you as is mine. By becoming secure within ourselves, we share and care for each other with truth, building trust.
3. Will we demand Justice, and fair play for each other, including self/ all life/ world/ and the future? Thereby building a home, instead of destroying the environment, and all life that depends upon it.
Given that you currently don’t care about anything but trophies, trinkets, revenge, playing god, and toys. The bottom line so to speak is: CHANGE YOURSELVES or you will die, ending life on earth.
So the question is: WHY do you want, or don’t want; more than you love each other? This is a constant throughout every type of relationship known to humanity. Want, and its lies govern, instead of respect and its love!
The critical answer is: you are tempted by things which give you power, pride, lust, and greed; more than you are willing to acknowledge the price of love, is a discipline that must build in an orderly manner, balancing the realities of survival with everything you do desire as we build a destiny that is more than what you or I can be today. Love requires two or more/ while want, is absolutely selfish, and gives nothing away so I can have more. Selfish is a decision that does not include anyone else: unless it is to take something, use or abuse or violate someone, discard of deny the rights of life. Love is an environment we build together; love seeks a balance between us, love needs a discipline to define us, love needs the orderly rise of intensity to bind ourselves together with trust. Do you see the difference?
While selfishness has an immediate gratification/ love needs moments to recognize the reality of respect begins our journey. While selfishness is always righteous, and righteousness always seeks to rule, and grant itself power through pride. Love limits power to an absolute minimum; seeks a destiny as equals, fights for the purity of justice not rules, and lives in the essence of joy, as we realize the treasure of our existence is caring, both within ourselves with someone who will accept our happiness, by sharing their own.
Selfishness denies that any other person or life or environment is needed, desired, or necessary: unless I get what I want/ and when I have it nothing else matters anymore.
Love ascends beyond self, to encounter life is at its core: being ALIVE inside the treasury of Creation itself. Recognizing, the true value of our own bodies and existence: is to know how truly rich we are. Can’t buy a life/ Can’t build a body/ Can’t imagine destiny without truth. Thereby truth and the distinction of honor, elevates the quest to know what the purity of love fundamentally is. Our existence identifies “true love” did all this for us: because we clearly could have far less! True love identifies the possibilities called JESUS; and seeks to learn more. Love lifts the soul, by standing on your own heart. Love understands: the reality is freedom, a choice that cannot be bought. Thereby while selfishness sees nothing that cannot be bought with pride, power, lust, or greed. LOVE knows the true values of life and living and time are all governed by the reality “of a true free gift”/ and only a gift in return of honest value from inside your heart, can lift the curtain which hides that truth from those who do not belong. Hate will never know, what true love is. Hate is a product of want, as the more you want, the deeper in the abyss that can never be filled, will become. The debts to climb back out, will then mount until they overtake your soul.
Of the endless human decisions to own love, rather than to share love: the most constant failure is found between male and female, in dating or marriage. As each tries to obtain what they want, for the least price possible.
While men are commonly found trying to impress a woman (look at me, my stuff, I got more)/ buy a woman (I will steal if I have to, to impress you)/ tempt a woman (lies are good enough)/ steal (sure I love or marry you; oh wait, no I won’t), use (do this for me without pay or happiness), or abuse (I own you) sex (your body is all I want, NOT “you”): because that is what they want to do; particularly when young. Then there is rape: “I will make you pay for rejecting me”.

The difference between the majority of men and women when pushed to the limit is: some men will strike you (men fight on the outside), whether hard or soft/ the intent is to hurt you back. While women fight on the inside (I will make you cry/ I know things about you, you don’t want the others to know). When this occurs: it is clear both sides have failed. The constant of that failure is: “I DON’T want this”/ whatever it is. “I don’t want” is the circle inside, if allowed to grow; that becomes insanity. IF YOU ISOLATE, and fix as best you can; WHATEVER IT IS, THAT ONE OR THE OTHER of you DOES NOT WANT/ then the probability of saving your relationship is high. Failing that you are dependent upon waiting until forgiveness can accept the reality of what my life has now become: with or without my permission.
Women have their own list of failures that include the above, and enlarge it. Every woman knows: the claim of pregnancy will get a response in all but the tiniest few/ includes the cost of abortion (real or lie). The constant is: “I will possess (I own you)”/ if he is what I want. Every form of sexual enticement (lets have sex its free), lies (I can’t possibly get pregnant now: oh wait I lied, “too late now”), cheating (everything is not fair in love but truth/ or war is never fair at all), stealing (I will get a child, one way or the other), temptation (help me/ help me/ help me), mental embattlement (do you not love me/ do you not owe me/ do you not care enough to swear to a lifetime RIGHT NOW), and more is used on men; particularly young men. Then there is “female’s rape”: I will make you pay for twenty years; to support a child; even though it was all my own decision/ and I reject you. To make a man “mine”: demands I will possess. Whether this is necessary or not for those who know only want. Love knows this is not the path for me: only truth is a guide, trust is earned, respect is granted until you prove it is not true to you, Justice accepts equality, while discipline seeks courage, order gains in reality, the balance of what we can be together does become clear: because we shared how we care.
Marriage is most often, a sexual arrangement for both. Because both male and female want sex/ unfortunately male most often thinks, when I am done in a few minutes or seconds: THAT, is all I need to do. While women react with: If that is all you are willing to do/ then I don’t need it, unless I have too.
The constant value is: that we can be better together than apart, sharing intimacy, loving time because we care, working side by side as best we can for our world as if one life shared, as two.
The constant failure is: that you fail to realize, the price of survival/ the cost of work/ the realities of courage/ and the blind assumptions of fairy tales and fantasies; cannot be simply discarded. The price of survival is the best you can, which can leave nothing left to share at home: I am tired. The cost of work is determined by what you want: GIVE ME EVERYTHING, right now. So work takes over life/ and sex dies, because that is reality governed by want. Courage means: you are willing to lose what has value to both you and me/ it is no small thing, because that loss, can come true. The endless delusions of want; as become the tragic impact of all things NOT JUSTICE OR EQUAL OR RIGHT to life; seek to destroy the very foundations of society and existence; so the few can have more. And those wanting, can play their games.
Given that level of distraction: the environment of home, is all the more needed to be, “we will share this life, by helping each other as best we can”. Forgiving/ respecting/ trusting where appropriate/ and learning how best to survive and remain happy between ourselves. Sharing every decision, but letting truth decide instead of want. Caring for every purpose or desire that is fair, and legitimate; as best we can. Giving freedom to each other with justice and equality to govern the gap we create in those moments: to forgive as best we can.
Religion serves the moment, when discipline has failed. But it will not serve life, beyond the time it takes to recover the order, and balance that serves you best.
GOD IS: the GOD of this whole Creation/ not, the god of your want: not your slave. YOU are free, and you must choose your own purpose for fate, time spent, or destiny desired; as is the price of being free.
If you become respectful, desire love not want, establish justice and fair play instead of university failures and foolishness, end the curse of extreme competition, be honest with yourselves and each other, accept only truth can decide the future or even your life, discover life has meaning, elevate yourselves by being truly ALIVE, and affix yourselves to a participation that will not be less than: LIFE ON THIS EARTH MUST COME FIRST/ THIS PLANET MUST NOT FAIL, do to human decision or risk. If you can do that, there is a future to be found. If you cannot, you will soon be extinct: as all the evidence does prove.

There are elements which live or die with every relationship:
1. If you lie, your relationship dies with that lie/ because you can’t be trusted.
2. If you threaten pregnancy/ you threaten all forms of sexual activity and intimacy: because we cannot, truly go back.
3. If you fail to respect the life I must live/ then we will fail as a couple, because I must live where my true desire remains. My true ability to provide exists.
4. If you judge me/ then I will judge you as well. Proving that we are not able to remain as one. There is no mercy in judgment, and that makes it an unstable relationship, because there are always going to be “flaws”.
5. Without discipline, I have no security to believe the future is as I expect or desire or work for it to be. Without the purpose of building a life as we chose it to be: desire will fail, and so does the relationship.
6. Without order or balance, as is: reality has determined what we must do, instead of I am trying to make you obey. Reality as is the decision we made together cannot succeed without making the sacrifice. Our relationship cannot succeed, without the understanding necessary to participate as required until the job has been finished, or we both choose together to change the future we desired. LIFE is not free.
7. True love grants friendship without asking why; we are friends, and we know that to be true/ because sharing and caring have proven to be real. If you don’t share the work with me, then I become your slave. If you don’t care for me, even when that care is more than you wish for it to be: then I cannot fully trust that your love is enough. If we do not sexually meet “in the middle” of our desires, ultimately letting nature (not bodies, but living expressions in hope, and its goal to find joy) be our guide/ we cannot truly join together.

The reality of human nature is: that I am free to determine my own best experience and expressions of life, as I see fit. Anything less proves to be a complaint.
Therefrom all forms and all forms of fashion and all forms of interaction come under the heading of: This is what we chose/ this is what I chose to contribute to you! If that is not enough, then there will be tears.

It should be noted: that I am divorced, after two years of marriage. The reality was simple: after romance initiated itself, we had a lovely time/ until the day, I knew my own true desire above all others: was to put this world first (seeing consequences ahead that had to be dealt with). She could not accept that, and so began a long series of attempts to control and manipulate the situation: making me stay. I did not know how to refuse or deny her need: so I did stay, believing “fix this first”. It would not be so, without true cost. We became bad for each other: too many lies/ to many changes for me. Too much invested to quit: so we tried, but I could not leave this work you see here today. That is the summary, and it is fair. Where the heart truly resides, must be followed, or you become someone you are not: and then those who did desire you, don’t really want the person they created either. So everything stops, and we fight our way back to the beginning of who we truly are, and why. Same for many; because women in particular “want what they want”. From a woman’s point of view, I know that can easily also be true of men: They too just want what they want.  “silly me: I thought” you just didn’t understand the reality or its consequences of what was being done. A change in that surely could not take more than “ten years of my life”. The reality however: you just didn’t care/ you were busy trying to be rich, and reality did not matter. So, here we are, literally lucky to be alive; as in the ignition of nuclear fire has not yet been allowed/ hell on earth has not yet begun. But the evidence will prove: “mercy will soon end”. Because you worship a cult called University knows, more than truth.
The critical truth is then: I spent my entire lifetime, and all it could have been; fighting for a world, that could not be saved. Because humanity did not care enough to change their demand, Which was simply: “I want what I want; and I don’t want what I don’t want”/ and won’t care about nothing else. Get away, because there is no reality but me, I am “the universe”/ there is nothing but ME.

It is noted: I would do it again, not because I desire it, or desired it/ but because I do care. I won’t throw this planet away, without a fight. One human being among the multitudes; with only a few that tried to care even a little. See the difference? The evidence will prove to be true, and this world will come to its end: NOBODY wins, the future is dead! Simple as that.

There are questions of “body preference”: which extends, to all forms of differences. The critical question is: can I accept your decision for my life/ because if I cannot, then I should not be with you; it is unfair to both. Be aware that when we accept each other, and participate in ways that could bring forth a child: you chose to give your child these genetic traits. You chose to give your child, a relationship, to these family participants. You chose to accept or deny, that there is a duty (this is important to me, and to us) to your own particular “sub-species” of humanity.
Like nearly all creatures: distinct groups belong together because they share the same traits/ act in the same ways/ join together because they are the family of us. Changing that has consequences, whether good or bad; a primary participant will be your child. Fair or not, is usually irrelevant.
The simple fact is: wars, and genocide have been fought over the fact that “outsiders are competing here” for what we desire/ for what we believed, we own the rights too. It is never easy for people to live, what is a very easy decision to make.
One of the greatest failures of human government is welfare: because it changed the reality of work, the consequence of having children. Instead of fighting to keep families together/ it tore them apart. Instead of protecting the money (I did this work/ that is mine) as was intended: welfare made it easy, to pretend using children as livestock (I get paid for this), was a job I could choose for myself. Was family I could not, or would not care fully about. Welfare made divorce easy; it made failure even easier. Change must occur.
Abortion is not birth control. But it can exist without judgment of any kind: within the first forty days or so, prior to the actual recognition, that all the parts and pieces of a human being has literally established a recognizable form. The first forty days or so, the fetus is a living organism rather than a distinct human being. There is a difference. You may NOT, make a mother choose between herself and a fetus: if you know one or the other has a distinct possibility to be lost/ it is the mother who holds the right.

You cannot force a child, or its mother to live “with endless consequences; that we all know, cannot become honestly desired”. The price is high/ the cost to society is high as well. You wanted to play god: now you have an obligation to choose correctly. Nature makes these same choices, upon those who failed to form properly. Nature brought us all, here to life: it does know best. With very few exceptions.

That does mean, as is consistent with this day: becoming aware of the realities involved, presents a duty to understand as best we can; what is or is not in the interest of everyone and everything concerned. The foundation reality is this: because you have destroyed so many resources, the end of life can be predicted. With extreme care, perhaps a thousand years as is the biblical prophecy/ or as we are the biblical prediction is our world, drops into horrors in a few months; and is dead by 2021. Either way, whosoever lives today/ takes a life that would live tomorrow; because they will use resources, which are not limited. IF we are to survive this moment in time at all: choices will be made/ realities will be accepted. The concept is simple: reality cannot be defeated/ and your reality is change or go extinct very soon. Your reality is: you wanted to play god, “we are right/ we make all the decisions”; and now you must.
In the completely separate realities of life that are identified by male and female gender experience and expressions. The reality is: we are ultimately (with even a little caring and sharing through love) the biggest blessing to each other, that this world of life in time can provide. That is a miracle, designed by love, to engage us all, both “heart and soul”; believe it or not.
Nothing is better than love. Nothing is more compatible and more serious, therefore the intensity of life more complete: than the truth, male and female cannot truly be whole within themselves, unless bonded together as one. We are “both lock and key” to the critical passage that is human existence.
While you may argue; “the price is too high”/ and many times it is. The reality of our own humanity is simple: you cannot know to full extent of what it means to be human, without the opposite sex. You cannot know the reality or truth of that statement: unless there is love, trust, truth, and respect shared, because your heart gives to you the decision to care/ just to begin the journey that is called destiny.
Value is a distinction of the soul. Soul means: I have entered within the spiritual concept of creation itself, and do search for my CREATOR; as if, my own true desire is to say thank you for life. If you have not accomplished that foundation inside, as life itself has arrived. Then you don’t cherish soul, and your heart will fail. Heart means: I have searched for both purpose and desire, finding in that decision the path towards my own ascent, defined as: “I AM ALIVE”/ share with me, this time. Heart is then the invitation to join in my joy/ to share my world. It is a value many do not find.
The righteous are always trying to create their perfect world; because they do consider themselves as gods over you (you ain’t perfect/ like me). So they make rules/ so they can become rulers over you; and that leads to all manner of social chaos, addiction, depression, or criminal acts. This is not a perfect world, because we are not perfect people, and never will be. The cost of that is forgiveness. The reality of that is change were and when you can, for a better self, and a better world. Unfortunately the vast majority being confronted with even a little problem: immediately run away and hide. They don’t want to change/ they want what they want: which is always built upon a lie/ that will then fail, causing consequences to occur. But a wide variety of men like war: it gives them an excuse to discard the law, seek revenge, and take whatever they want. A reality that can no longer stand: because we are simply “TOO MANY PEOPLE”. The earth can no longer survive us; without true and immediate change. It is that simple.
If you were wise enough to understand anything about truth, and accept its reality as “the law which keeps us alive”/ then we could talk. Because you are not wise enough to understand the lies you have fallen victim too; through your universities. The realities established by your own consequences as humanity on earth, particularly the population explosion: we simply live in the sewer of threats that will make us extinct. I cannot give you, “value, heart, or soul”: these are decisions your own life must make. I can tell you, this world is dying now; and you can’t save it, unless you change. Letting what is true decide; as best we can understand, what that really does in fact mean for us all. Functionally as a world: we must vote. Because reality will prove, our whole world is involved; and there is literally no other way than “as we the people” together make this commitment to all life and planet. That the living world, shall be first. Everything else, fails life itself. NO more gambling with nature, energy, or the rest. What is true to a valued living and life for and on this planet; as best we can: is the only decision you are allowed to make. Which does mean: OUR HUMAN WORLD MUST MAKE THAT DECISION, as one living organism dedicated to keeping our world, this earth, alive. It is that simple.
There are of course, as is the constant media propaganda proven by the disgrace of global warming, and so much more: fools will demand, “it can’t be so”! But as is consistent with every court case, every politician, policing agency, religion, media, etcetera has been presented with the certainty: the cost of being wrong is extinction. The liars, protect the cult: by absolutely refuse to allow what is true, to be investigated, and thereby turned into fact. By examining the consequences of being wrong: a reality that is then determined by society itself, or even world: through our vote. Instead the righteous (we are gods), believe they will prove themselves to be god: and MUST keep anyone from interfering until they prove themselves to be gods. Wrong is a dead earth, and none will be left to argue or complain. It cannot be determined otherwise: because the threats are that severe. The most simple is of course: “we will bring the same fire here as is on the sun”! When asked how will you control it: fusion being proven wrong. The answer is, “not enough gravity here/ so the fire will just extinguish itself”. But reality states, by the known and proven atomic reality of an outward force MUST have an inward force holding it in place; or it will just “fly away”. Like a ball on a string being swung in a circle. Releasing that force/ means you release the inward force as well: which is solar gravity. Can’t be right and wrong? There wrong is: earth becomes a sun, and then explodes. A reality of fire once ignited, that cannot be extinguished: just like the sun.

If you had a brain, this threat above all the rest: would be stopped immediately/ because there are machines trying to ignite a nuclear fire, “right not”. When they succeed, this planet ends. Can’t believe it true: go search! YOU believe in the universities/ they wouldn’t risk your life? Alas they already do in countless ways: just consider the fact, “IF their theories are even one in a million can’t be wrong”/ then that one chance that can come at anytime: is the literal death of your entire world. An instantaneous knowledge, “there will be no going back/ no survival at all” from this mistake. NOT for a single life on earth! Yet you sit in your chair, mouth closed, demanding “you DON’T have to care”!  Shame on you. Discarding your             world, every part of its nature to mutilation/ by crucifixion of life itself (mixing parts, just to play god has consequences); destroying the future of every child. But hey, what are cults for, unless you can feel superior to all the rest/ unless you can believe “we are gods”; to your eternal shame.

I would leave you to your apathy, but this crisis of failure: both university and otherwise. Is life or death for an entire planet. HELL AND HORRORS, for every child of life, and every living thing. The cost of “living with you”.
Disciplines are the voice of your passion. Order the command displaying your truth. Balance is both heart and soul, as life defined is a creation earned. In contrast to that, is the reality of “university knows”; where even the sewage called evolution (we don’t want no punishment/ no law to govern what we do) takes control over government, education, media, religion, and your lives. A cult without a brain of value, a seizure of your heart: that will leave you bankrupt, and destroyed.
NO leader will save you: the war to survive is against yourselves. Change or die, by the decisions that you made. You will soon, know that to be true.
Your failure to participate limits my purpose: to simply educating anyone who can hear “the value of life” is more than want.

Soon you will cry and whine and beg, “we will change now”/ but it will simply be too late: for all life on earth. Because the truth says: “You just didn’t care enough”. Simple as that! And all shout: “WE WILL wait and see”. Even though, you are fully aware, past the point of no return/ there shall be NO coming back to life; “you died” and took life on earth with you. Because that is what you chose to do!
NO, I do not feel sorry for you/ THIS IS, literally what you chose. Freedom allows it, even though you knew the cost. That is a judgment against you, even forever! What else can be said: you want what you want.

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