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Reality says: if a mother in concept/ then advise to every male is important. The first level of truth is; that your penis is NOT your friend/ because it can do more damage than you imagine: therefore you must recognize it as a tool, and prepare to use it as a value based upon your choice.

The critical truth is: the testicles produce chemicals which are addictive and strong; which grants to sex the pleasure of the chemicals. BUT that is NOT a value beyond its momentary release. To understand the value of life, you must understand the treasury called love. To accept the destiny of love, you must build a relationship defined by respect; so that it can become the foundation of a new world, where happiness can grow into the purity of we cherish the future; as each becomes “just one”. That is the path beyond self, where heart becomes soul.

Make no mistake: where women are found, every form of variation within them is found also. Some are gracious and kind/ others choose to lie, cheat, manipulate, steal, betray, and more; and they are capable of making you believe what you want to believe. Instead of what the evidence will prove true. Always choose truth, and you will be protected from the cost of being wrong. Always be kind, and you will understand the benefit that women are.

The lesson of life is: without a true friend, we are isolated and alone. The greatest friend you can have, will balance the life we need to live; by granting both sharing and caring and truth to shape our existence as one. do the best you can; why do less?

It is consistent with your needs, to understand the basic elements of death; as opposed to life; within the concepts of eternity either for good, or bad.
While the righteous (I can’t be wrong), arrogant (I am god/ superior to all you___), hateful (Life failed me), selfish (I want it all, MINE all mine), and lazy (who gives a damn) all have their various interpretations: what can be true, lists the conception called wisdom in a very different way.
We begin with the obvious: time is the measurement of distance, the reality of deterioration; as is evidenced by mass, or energy losses. Which functionally means: the living body dies. But since its entire composition is made of chemical based substances: and that is not life itself. The real question is: WHAT is life?
LIFE, consists of knowledge: “I exist”/ regardless what life that represents, each living thing does understand at some miniscule level, “I exist”. Identifying first, an independent reality (me), and second: something else also exists (a body of life), to contain the reality of what I am. We now have two parts to life in time, instead of just one.
LIFE, constructs an understanding of freedom, beyond its most primitive states. More distinctly life represents a choice, that can then be made. The question is then “how free” am I? The answer is: entirely dependent upon your ability to think. Because through a thought process, and its inherent ability to take us beyond the limits of time: We are, more than simply a body alive. We are, in possession of a spiritual element as well; because the passage between what can be, and what is: does not limit itself to our own reality as mass. But presents us with energy as the potential for all definitions beyond time. We now have not less than 3 elements to a living body alive. And will stop there.
So the question now becomes: WHAT TRULY IS POSSIBLE? In both life and death and eternity? LIFE gives us the recognition of freedom, the identity of personal choice, and the opportunity in time as mass to investigate and examine those choices, identity, and that freedom: by the actions and reactions we know to be “living”.
DEATH gives us the recognition of time is over/ freedom has failed/ and your own identity in time “shall be washed away”. Removing our impact upon this world, unless we have done, or been “very good to life” OR, “very bad for life”. Which does present another element: can we, or can we not, be punished or rewarded for what we did in time? That element formulates Religion and its conceptions for either a CREATOR, or other.
Every part of this Creation is depicted through an understanding of everything, a knowledge base beyond our own, and a wisdom so far beyond human intellect that we have no true concept of it at all. Period, simple as that. We did not build life/ and certainly NOTHING LESS than us built life on earth either: didn’t happen, that is the truth. So then, the formal answer of what happens when you die is: that it can be anything “OUR CREATOR” DECIDES. As is the truth of our existence, reveals a diversity beyond our own imagination.
The second part of that question is: WILL there be punishment or reward, instead of simply dispersal of existence into infinity; as is “lost, forever gone”?
Our most distinctive evidence on that question is: JESUS as is biblically written. A life revealing evidence that HE was in fact superior to the rest, and able to prove it so: by the things which he did do. HE SAID: That GOD has not forgotten us/ but if we choose correctly, we will join HIM through mercy.
That element of conception, through reality provides: “your decision is required”. That is then participation in the potential called eternity; as a definition of your own thought and decision.
We have now isolated thought, as the elemental passage beyond the limits of time: as clearly the body proves by decomposition (this ain’t going nowhere eternal). But thought aided by the boundaries it will establish over energy: can in fact become an eternal composition. Energy can be contained; as is proven by atomic certainty. So the question is: HOW can thought contain energy/ WHAT is life as a companion with energy allowed/ WHY can this be either good or bad/ WHO shall be able to accomplish such a thing/ WHERE, does this transition take place/ and WHEN could or would this take place?
We begin with the human body itself, is a confinement by energy, to produce a life from mass. We do not own the energy it takes to complete a life; or we would not die. The difference between true life and death is then “who contains the energy, that allows for your own identity”? When you are able to contain it yourself, only the mass has to die; at some point of deterioration. You do not, but you must then abandon it: when the mass no longer proves to be stable.
What it takes to be “thought” or contain energy as a life: IS NOT a topic of discussion for this work. End of story.
What it is, to be a companion to energy, being joined into one distinct body of life: has a question. What does it mean to be truly “alive”? The answer to that is, “when I” separate the body from its life/ THEN, I know that my heart and soul exist. These identify what it truly means to be alive.
Both heart and soul are identified with love, and all that has value in living. Thereby when you have heart and soul, and you know it is true: the word alive, has a totally different meaning, than to simply survive. That functionally is the difference between good and its opposite called hate, which is bad. The reward for sharing and caring as a participating member of life itself through respect, is love. The punishment for not sharing or caring as a participating member of life and living is hate: they are opposites. We then recognize a division or separation by individual decision, through its purposes conceived in thought.
YOUR DECISIONS in living, based upon the trajectory of your thought (whether small or great): as an independent choice. Consists of the value your journey, as is a destiny or fate chose. These are, the realities that you have described yourself to be. This is either your defense in times of trial, or your failure, as the case proves itself to be.
The question of thought, along with the realities of how and why we make the decisions that we do; are illuminated along the lines of what and who we imagine ourselves to be. OR more distinctly, when you create an image of yourself, as is the composite of what you want to be. That image then controls the elevation of your thought. Every image is a lie, to some degree/ if you are a liar, rising above self into the elevations of thought: becomes a danger, and you can die. If you are identified by truth, then truth itself defines you; and truth can survive beyond the wall that separates life from death.
The question of when will “life or death eternal” be established is in death: the end of your choices. The beginning of what you chose to be.
As to destiny: truth aligns with LOVE EXISTS, as the clear and true most valuable resource in this universe. Because without love, there is no cause to be eternal. It has no real value. Consequently the universe of life, seeks love to sustain itself. The value of love, respect, and trust that you are, identifies your destiny. As mercy will allow.
AS to fate: the realities which have existed because you refuse to participate in thought, love, respect, or any of the elements conceived by wisdom. Construct a reality that is evident through cause and effect; as your choice.
As to punishment: if your contribution to Creation, was a violence, and ANY individual life that would have belonged to GOD has been damaged or destroyed. THERE IS, a punishment waiting for you; consistent with what you did do!
Simple as that.

The question is: how much damage can you do, with any information given/ the consequences of your failures/ the disrespect of your arrogance/ the tragedy of your repeated and constant delusional university lies; and cult worshipers who follow? The answer: If enough information is not given, wherever “walking the edge of that line” is: this whole world goes extinct.
So, I will expand just a little an element of energy. ALL energy comes from the nuclear component of our existence. Chemistry is the mixing of components, which then combines that nuclear energy into different forms of expression. However, there are only three real forms of energy expression: stable or stationary, as in not releasing heat/ movement whether great or small as in the releasing of heat/ and compulsory (the cause of motion).
Electricity (the expression of magnetism) exists as does the atom itself; because of the difference between kinetic energy and dark (opposite of kinetic) energy. How these come to be, in this universe, has already been given.
The power of magnetism is best viewed on the solar images, where loops are created as kinetic energy particles escaping, and then being drawn back into the sun; by its opposing (dark) energy. We then turn back to electricity: understanding we create it by enlarging the nuclear orbit of electrons with kinetic or heat force imposed upon the atom. An enlarged orbit means each electron must go faster to maintain its current place in that orbit… that requires either an input of more energy from the nucleus of the atom, or the loss of energy from the electron as it loses its position. If it loses too much energy of motion, it will fall out of orbit and be freed until re-captured. Re-capturing an electron into the orbit of another atom causes a bump in energy within that nuclear environment. That bump is equal to an environmental force released outside the atom itself. As is the constant of magnetism: there must be a loop involved to create a controlled force. Which means: not only did an electron leaving the orbit of the first atom create an action/ it opened the door for that atom to create a reaction: and time exists. Creating a path for electrons to move back and forth between competing atoms, is what brings electricity to our lives.


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