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mother 3

Of critical matters, regarding the sustainability of society itself: we must encounter the reality of economic collapse. Whereas the public believes everything is good/ the reality of fantasy money counterfeited from US currency failure: WILL override human expectations/ just like in 1929, or worse. The only alteration to that fact is: if life on earth is not to survive/ then I do pray, that we just continue as we are through July 9, 2019. The biblical ending of mercy: hell now begins. Beyond that point, if the prediction comes true: nothing else will matter, as all chaos takes over.
This is then written strictly, for the possibility of life, to at least have a chance: we must end the fantasies. It is that simple.
When they die: reality will be harsh. The consequence of that is very simple: Either we choose our destiny from that point on as we the people are in charge. OR we all fall into the pit of chaos, horrors, and hell; that leadership under university direction has produced. “I vote” is an answer ONLY when we vote for the laws and realities which then govern our society for ourselves.
Elementally, we must address 3 distinct realities from the beginning.
1. That the currency no longer has value; and that does mean: whether you have a billion or nothing: everybody is not equal. Worthless is worthless, as the numbers established by the US federal reserve do testify.
2. That debts (national debt over 153 trillion years ago; can’t be paid) and their claimants: no longer have control over these claims/ as they were made based upon a currency that no longer exists. Property bought by a promise of payment; which did not occur: due to counterfeiting (pretending asset generation for this nation was equal to 9 trillion dollars per year). That IS, what a few people, with a university diploma get to decide: what, who, and where this inflation will be spent, and when, is now. Which did in fact end all true claim of wealth, for this USA.
3. The reality, as is we the people still need to eat, sleep, drink, and work: even though the leadership gambled away our securities and our future to gain their trinkets and toys; using bribes, and media propaganda to flush our economic reality away.
GIVEN those elements of our future we have only three distinct choices: let the powerful take complete control forcing us all into slavery and chaos/ let the public complain and threaten and lose control as will result in civil war/ or take control for ourselves by vote upon the decisions that are going to change what is, into what will be our future as we decide. That legal right, is already established as the constitutional law, called redress of grievances. A more detailed look at redress is given in US supreme court trials, on www.justtalking2.info
Which is currently unavailable due to lack of interest. Even so, it is there. I am assessing the level of comments as an indicator of when it is time to look and see if interest has increased. IF you have nothing to say for yourselves, Then communication on any level will be worthless. It takes more than money, to change the direction called extinction.
SO THEN, if we are to choose the future of this nation for ourselves: we must vote for & attain three distinct realities of choice that will then indicate what that future will be.
1. We must control the money supply for ourselves, and take all control away from leadership, throughout the nation. Which does include federal/ state/ and local. They shall NOT be allowed to create any new debts whatsoever. NOR will the public be able to create a debt by their vote. INSTEAD, the money supply shall be tied directly to the census count: as is “so many numbers” per each and every citizen. leadership shall be allowed only to spend what they take in, as allowed by us. Contractual work shall be applied to government/ rather than government employees: we will hire and fire contractors locally, to do what we the people desire to be done. One of the first to be changed is the IRS. This will let you go slowly at first, identifying what does or does not work.
2. We must identify what we the people desire and demand for our future securities as a foundation for an economic society. Primary to this is the elimination of power over us: which then brings true democracy itself to our lives. The power of a vote, is to create control over the powerful, and become equal throughout this nation, even world. That is as simple as limited capitalism: to vote, and thereby set the limits of income, per year; and property ownership that we will allow. Both minimum and maximum/ as we see fit. Coming back to that vote once every 12 years or so: so as to maintain its power over wealth. THIS gives us all, a chance to share in the wealth. And it takes away, the opportunity for a few, to take everything away, and force us into submission, or war.
3. The transition between what is, and what must be instead: requires an opportunity to survive, and retain peace through limited harmony: AS WE CHOOSE, what our future will become. THAT requires payment for work done, and a job to do. The simple method is: WE ALL GET THE SAME PAY, for a “forty hour week”. NOBODY gets more or less. Because, that opens the door to claims of I want more. A reality that must not escape the confines of this moment: you DON’T have time or patience for little things. GET THIS RESOLVED, means only what is important needs to be discussed. NOT your greed. Giving everyone one debit card, from a governmental account can do that simply. IF YOU are caught cheating/ YOU will get nothing, and that includes all property you might already claim shall be confiscated. Each local area shall be in charge of insuring the people did do their job/ each local area shall be in charge of finding work: particularly to resurrect and protect environment that every adult shall be entitled too. Welfare shall not exist.
YOU WILL determine, the price to be set and maintained for food and water, throughout this period: because these are necessities at its most basic level. The rest of the money given is up to negotiations among the people: with four exclusions. ALL legal gambling shall be stopped/ ALL healthcare shall be limited, meaning no one dies for “small things”: but large issues are discarded (you can’t afford them anymore)/ ALL banking etcetera, shall cease loans and collection: nothing fundamentally changes until the real decisions required of society has been voted upon and established as law/ and NO more stock market, NO more university grants or funding/ NO whatsoever, until the public decides your future/ NO military expenditures whatsoever, above what it takes to minimally retain what must be retained.
What is international debt: shall be dealt with only by actual physical methods of payment: which shall not include “selling national property, or rights to foreigners”. The reality of bankruptcy is: EVERYBODY LOSES/ AND EVERYBODY WAITS/ AND EVERYBODY “gets what they get” in the end. Established by “as fair as we can realistically be”: after all things have been taken into consideration. A primary method of reimbursement would be: “providing environmental solutions” where needed.

That brings us to the final step: which is to understand what it is, that you are choosing for your future. As US government and its congress has proven beyond a doubt: THIS IS NOT THE WAY.
REALITY DICTATES: that you will identify the topic to be discussed. Apply your solutions (both sides) in detail one after the other on the internet and other places where all can see. Examine the cost/ and the consequences for being wrong. Eliminate what you cannot afford to do. DISCARD AND REFUSE all intent to “make the children pay again”. And establish your decision by vote, as it becomes clear what do we really desire to do; leaving out all lies/ so as to make an honest decision for ourselves. This is done at all levels of governing: federal/ state/ local. This is done one person equals one vote: majority rule. But until you reach a 75% acceptance you will vote upon these issues again; at every four years. NOT voting on legislators/ voting on laws. Legislators shall be discarded: hiring instead investigators, who will determine and present: if our laws have been enforced properly: as we have voted them to be.

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