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In the elemental trial for life or death of this world; the constant is, “that I have no value/ the university is god”. As is the reality of every cult.

In return, I say to you; that I need no value in your eyes. BUT INSTEAD, I remind you truth has no mercy/ and all that matters is the evidence that will prove your fate is true. Therefore go to court, and prove what is true. And the world says to me: “the university is our god/ they don’t need to prove nothing; because they give us what we want”. But I remind each: what you want, by the evidence; is the end of your world.

And humanity runs away, as cowards do. Because a cult is ultimately a herd of animals, who follow the leader; and question not, where this goes. Nonetheless, I surrender you to your fate; as truth knows, the believer can believe anything he or she wants; because truth does not matter. Whatever they want, is their truth.

If the children are to grow, and attain adulthood: then they must accept the responsibilities that are part of growing up.
A critical part of those responsibilities is:

“I accept”, the reality, that my own decisions do have consequences”. This is established by the elemental truth: if you will not plan for or prepare for a future/ then you will endure whatever fate has to offer. Fate is the result established when you refuse to think, that an action or reaction as determined by you/ is not important. Because it is. Destiny however is the definition of a life, that exists because you achieved the knowledge necessary to make decisions that you would understand/ and then apply wisdom too. Accepting the value of truth would then decide.
I accept”, that there is a duty to life, understanding: we cannot avoid the reality of our need, the consequence of our situation or environment/ nor can we with honor or respect, apply that need to someone else. We must each work, within our own truths. Identify life by its own reality.
“I accept”, no excuse will be tolerated when determining the decision you made, that produced results no one desired. More distinctly, for example: “you CANNOT simply pray for a good outcome”/ and then continue to do what you know can have a bad outcome; by simply believing prayer is enough. It is not! Because we are responsible for the decisions we make. Because GOD, is not our slave, or your slave; as is, “to do your bidding”. YOU are responsible for what you choose to do.
“I accept”, that every decision I will make, has a critical truth: either this is for love (an honest value to life and me)/ or this is for hate (I want no part of you or them or this)/ OR, this choice is simply required for my survival. Nothing else exists: the foundation of every human decision will be caused at its most fundamental level, by one of these three choices.
“I accept”, the relationships we gather, are determined primarily, by the definition called friendship. Friendship is: “I seek in you and me, a value we can share; when we both decide to care”. Everything else undermines friendship with a lie. Every lie is caused by what you want, or don’t want; instead of what is true.
“I understand”, that sexual relationships are governed by three distinct truths: “I want/ I need/ I respect”. Without respect, there is no relationship. Where there is need, there is no true desire for friendship; and lust becomes established. Where there is want: a lie hides close by. SEX identifies three distinct truths: are we only friends, is there honesty between us/ can we find romance (I live for the moments we share)/ and is our hearts and lives compatible for life and living and more? Sex can and does ruin many lives: not because it must, but because the fear generated by manipulation and more becomes an overriding factor. That will then determine, if any other might join, or be given that chance. It is no small thing.
“I understand”, that the day will come: when I must decide what eternity will be for myself. Because we do all die; and this is beyond the rest, a truth that will not be denied or turned aside. Therefore a choice is made, and the consequence of that choice becomes eternal.
I understand”, that justice exists only when we determine for ourselves, this is too important to let the others do whatever they want. Justice means: “we the people” have made it our work for this society, that every major decision that affects someone’s life: must be in accordance with fair play, distinct equality, reasonable equity as reality allows, a jury that knows “if this would be fair/ should I stand there instead”. Defined by laws we created for all/ rather than rules someone else chose, to control me or you.
“I understand”, that respect is entitled to those who did the work, that benefited our lives. It is not a gift to return the validity of respect which is: “thank you, for what you did do”. Nor is it owed, because our own choice makes us the individual we become. Therefore, it is for me; as much as it is for you. Instead respect exists, when we know/ when I know: that my life, our lives would be different without you, or the value love chose for us.
“I understand”, that freedom identifies the right to seek your own values, and determine your own path: so that none can be accused of making you be someone/ or do something: that you are not. It is by liberty that we become a society/ It is by freedom, we attain the journey to be, “the best we can be”.

“I understand”: that we the people, is a term used to create the values of our own society. I understand: that without a clear respect for our environment, our needs, our responsibilities to life, world, and each other/ our world can die, our environmental place in this existence, can force us out; as too many people, now. I understand: that the reality of playing god, is a decision used by hatred, to force our lives into chaos. I understand: the very essence of every body in life, is nature itself. I understand: as with death, when you are wrong, or those who risk our lives, our future, and our world/ there can be, no second chances!


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