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Mother 1:

The foundation of male is: to search, to push for laws must control us all, to accept the limits and boundaries of what truth can or will provide. Thereby securing a future for life, by living in peace, harmony, and happiness.

The foundation of female is: to accept the limits and boundaries of what truth can or will provide; trusting the future will be secured by the value of life and self, as is chosen by pulling family into a home for us all. The cost is love, the decision is a desire, the reality is a quest for passion.

My existence has changed; from male, in this world; where laws are not kept, the future is sacrificed, love is for fools, and liars rule as thieves surround us all with chaos; by playing god with life. Confronting humanity has proven to be; merely the excuse for war/ and so I searched for what could female do?

The end result of that conception is: only truth can keep us alive, and in a world where reality is discarded faster than truth; as cult worship of university bores into completed catastrophe. My only choice is to pull you with values stated, back from the edge of extinction. But you will not, choosing instead: “we want what we want/ BE DAMNED, to this world, and every child. To your shame. No, I can’t simply evade you by “finding exclusion”! university is Satan, as proven by the evidence of an attack on all of life and planet and world and child. Taking what is precious, and turning it into sewage to be destroyed.

Therefore I must simply do what can be done.

the foundation of female is, “this body can produce a living child”. The foundation of “mother” is;  as is the evidence of female tits, this woman can feed and sustain the life of a child. The difference is: one gives birth, to “your time”/ the other gives the potential to stay “a life, supported by care, through the aid of sharing”. The value of each is insurmountable; but separated by choice.

It is the choice of “a good and valued mother”: to live her life for the children. Insuring each one is equal, and all escape the concept of being labeled or in any way described as less than the rest. To attain that, it is absolutely essential, for a mother to listen to her children first/ and then offer encouragement and wisdom after being aware of what is truly going on inside the mind of that child. This allows the child to be free, but yet tied to the existence of family as a respite against the world itself, and all that can go wrong.

Adaption means: when the reality of environment no longer supports the way things have always been done/ to survive requires true change, or life dies. Therefore adaption is the last resort, before facing certain death; as is consistent with reality itself. To adapt means: to become what is needed to survive/ a reality that does not always exist; but when it does, a dramatic change will follow.

When listening to “the children”; as is true of every child, the constant is “I want more”/ not less! Like every child, the constant is NO, “I don’t want to pay/ I just want what I want”. Which brings the mother to say: child, I do understand, but you simply must grow up now; because reality cannot support you as you are/ nor does truth allow you to have anything you want, just because you want it.

Wisdom then states: we must look for the value in what you can receive, with change/ instead of crying about what you will lose, because you had to change. Recognizing a need is something we cannot avoid, nor can we run away to hide: because like food and water, we must have what we must have. It is not an option, we simply must.

Together then, the question is: WHAT will be the value of what we can receive, if we change in order to survive?

As your mother (as unlikely as that is), I will start:

  • To be happy requires: love, hope, freedom, courage, respect, peace, harmony, and value in the life we live. None of that will be given up. In fact each of these things must be increased substantially; or we fail. So you should rejoice in that; because joy will be found.
  • To be free of want, is to accept that truth itself must decide. With truth we find justice. With truth we create the values of every society can be determined: when we all share and care for this world and everything alive. Where there is honest and real truth, survival follows. So you should rejoice in that; because joy will be found.
  • To be in control over hate, and remove that from our midst: brings peace and harmony for all. Because there is only love or hate as a decision for life. Without hate, love will bloom. So you should rejoice in that; because joy will be found.
  • To fight for our world and all its life everywhere, even though that restricts human want, and controls human behavior. Is to accept that this world is filled with the things which do make us happy. Therefore if we let that die/ we will become unhappy; and without the possibility to find joy within ourselves. Our need, is then to insure life and planet does survive: we must make decisions to do that very thing. Life nor death, is a game: to live, our needs must be met/ and that includes happiness and joy.
  • Time is the essence of body, but life is at its core our ability to think; thereby realizing we are more than the sum of these body parts. To search for meaning, to recognize true value is a participation in love, to understand the experience is to express the words: “I AM ALIVE”. Because now, I know what that means. Is elementally a journey back into creation itself. Where we do become aware of what spirit means.
  • The value of freedom does not extend to enslaving the others with your own demand. To be free means: my needs are met/ and now, time grants the exercise of my own decisions. To be free means: within this environment, I have options and opportunities too. Both of these realities are served by “limited capitalism”. Our vote, to limit the influence of every and any individual upon the rest: by demanding, we will defend our own rights, and our own future, from you too. It is fair for some to receive more/ when they do more. it is fair for some to receive less/ when they do less. It is as has been proven true: NEVER wise to let a few control too much power. Therefore we will, and we must seek to limit power entirely, as best we can.
  • The definitions of all human life serve three distinct purposes: to identify what you do value. To search for what you can achieve or need. To accept what is true, and thereby conceive who you can be. Where there is love, there is always truth: remember that and hold it dear/ or you will be sorry.

It is time now, for you to grow a little on your own. To become a participant in your own future, because you chose to care/ and you are willing to share yourself, in ways that bring life back to this earth. For a future we can survive. That is your need, and you must choose to fulfill it/ or life itself will fail. Because the evidence does prove that to be so.

Do not fear, it is unworthy of you. Fear assumes an escape/ or it surrenders without trying to escape: neither is valid. We cannot escape ourselves, and it is “humanity that threatens this world”. Consequently the only surrender without death is to adapt. To change what is going wrong, by becoming participants in what will make that “extinct”:  instead of us. You are your own boss, because life requires it of you. I cannot make you other than what you are. Instead, I remind you:  life has value/ not want. Never forget that.

Do not be fooled by the storytellers or the rest: because all that really matters is, “WHAT HAPPENS when they prove themselves to be WRONG”. THAT, and no claim of “playing god”;  determines what we can or cannot allow to continue.

Do not be fooled by the failures of university: they do not even account the true senses of a human body/ as there are more than five; and they don’t even know that much. There five: sight/ sound/ taste/ touch/ smell.  But reality adds: thought, movement, genetic repair, growth, balance, disciplined movements, orderly functions as in controlled temperature, spirit (we are more than body), freedom (I can choose for myself), sex beyond the body or not, voice and communication itself, healing, pregnancy, cognitive reasoning, memory, the peace and harmony of every living part inside one complex body and unless there is disease or trauma: ‘no chaos in me, or you”. Is there not more? none of these things occur by accident: a reality your media/ politicians/ universities/ scientists/ most religion/ teachers/ etcetera all refuse to see. Shame on them: step away from the cult/ and turn back into the blessings of life. Step away from the people intent upon manipulating and controlling “your every thought”: because that “is what a university is for”; and become aware of what is, or is not true, in you and in life. You owe that to our planet, and this living world.

As children, you are not prepared to understand the reality of my work. Which is to help you make your own informed decisions, as individual people working for society and this world: so that change is effective and true. But it is necessary that you begin to understand the concept. It is according to biblical Revelation 12: that a spiritual woman entered my life, when I was searching for any means by which this earth could or would survive. Man cannot do it: because men have created every form and type of method to destroy what they don’t want. Too many men want chaos, as is the evidence of war: NO law now! So, having failed to find women who would help me/ I searched the spiritual world: to simply ask the question, “what would women do”? THAT had consequences, but it also held answers.

Mother then refers to the spiritual woman inside, which is the essence of what makes female different than male. It really is, “a different world”. This is now I think the thirteenth year: I share this body with her, as a “combined essence of both male and female”. It’s complicated, but not unfriendly most of the time. She has now more control, than me; by a substantial amount.

The real question is: no intent to make you believe that exists/ it is informational only. But since this is an extremely unlikely event: some degree of knowledge must exist. The critical question is: combined as both male and female working together: do we/ or do we not, represent a value beyond what your own leadership is? If you agree we are more valuable that current leadership/ then you must accept:  change will occur, and you must participate to achieve that change.

If you believe that you are better off as you are: without even investigating the evidence or examining the consequences of being wrong/ then you should NOT come here. Because there is no room for error. Igniting a nuclear fire has no second chances: our planet incinerated. Destroying nature itself with biological mutilation has no second chances: Armageddon arrives. Discarding all resources into the trash: means life will die harshly. Running out of water means the apocalypse will occur. Cannibalism and more is coming: on the path, that your leaders have took.

Only true and significant human change will alter that fate.

The spiritual world is seeking to help you through me: believe it or not. If you refuse, that means you want the universities to remain your god, and will continue on the path to extinction. I am not your savior. I am the messenger telling you that change or extinction is your only choice left.

As to why did this “spiritual woman” NOT come through women? The most probable answer is: then women would take all the credit for themselves/ and they too are not able to save this world. Both male and female combined as one, with clear respect, patience, and love for each other: is required. Or you will fail, ending life on earth! It is your choice.

Hate will soon seek to do me harm: IF indeed you choose to honorably fight for this earth, and all its life. All power, want, greed, lust, selfishness, and pride are at the front lines of what must be changed. They WON’T surrender without a fight. The price of your freedom to choose. If you fail to find this important/ then biblically mercy will run out as of July 9, 2019; end of the world by April 6 2021. According to the countdown of days; that is in Daniel 12.  Which begins at the rise of the great abomination. No greater abomination than trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun: could ever exist. Igniting that fire, will make this planet a sun; changing the solar system; and in short order cause the planet itself to explode. That threat rose from the machines of men: on April 1st 2012. Believe it or not: you cannot wait and see; as NO POSSIBILITY exists to extinguish a nuclear fire. “Everything is fuel”/ just like on the sun! YOU WILL either stop these many threats now, and save this world. OR, any one of them that is extreme: will in fact cause your complete extinction to occur very soon. Not a game, the evidence is real!

I suppose, this could Biblically be called “the second coming”. Certainly NOT because of me, I am NOT Jesus; although I am clearly the son of a man! But because the spiritual world has come again, to change the direction of humanity: so that our world does not die.  I will remind the religious: it is said, that JESUS comes back only to judge, therefore it is better that a spiritual woman comes first, to give humanity one last chance to change. No second chances: extinction looms large, even if you don’t see it/ that is true. One can argue: this must be it, reality describes this as an opportunity to change, “over the next few months”; just like JESUS himself brought to this world. That is mercy/ whereas judgment does not include mercy. It ends your participation by choice.

As is the reality of JESUS by definition of value, to humanity: HIS life, provided the opportunity to recognize life itself is not so simple/ eternity is possible, if you accept GOD AS CREATOR, and love, respect, and truth as your path. Thereby creation is more than you can expect/ but your own contribution to life itself; your own decision in time to participate, is entirely known. That is a decision of acceptance, a level of trust; you must make in your own reality of choice.

This work by definition of value is the opportunity to recognize our world is in danger of extinction; by the reality of the evidence that can easily be gathered. We must then accept our duty and make our decision is to save it: or time will end for all life on earth. JESUS gave us eternity to conceive of, accept, and search for. This work gives us a reality of, change is necessary in humanity, or life will end for all. we can’t really compare them: but we can recognize, life, “world”, and a future is being chosen, by each individual person. Even if you discard the warning, that too, is a decision that you have made. But unlike JESUS and his message which is about your individual life. This choice is about all life, all future life, and even the planet itself. Because hate has overwhelmed you with arrogance and greed.

JESUS presented the decision: can YOU survive beyond time, and asked you to make your own decision regarding that: based upon the true desire of your own heart and soul. The evidence of Creation itself, and the miracles HE displayed.

This work presents the decision: can OUR WORLD survive beyond this time, and asks you to make your own decision regarding that: based upon the true desire of your own heart and soul. The evidence that can be investigated and examined as true. The consequences we cannot survive! This part can be compared.

Other than that description, my education (required to prepare the message) from “beyond this world” is open to interpretation. There are elements of that, I am unwilling to share (nothing evil); simply because I can’t prove it. I am not the primary influence of this work: the spiritual woman inside has acquired that position. Same desire/ same purpose/ same respect: The difference as gender has described in this work; comes with opening the final door to demand change. She insists only law and change through democracy (we the people decide)/ while male is somewhat less polite. I will be plain, simple, and true: I do not desire that portion of a male world, anymore. I have honestly changed : the reality “I am not your judge, not even to the enemies of this world”, is accepted; only by law/ only by GOD. Today, I am much more “the wife (spiritually I live in her world; a strange truth)” in that situation: as history proves, “support only”. Even though I participate far more directly than that: IT’S COMPLICATED. Make of it what you will/ just understand, the massive threats we do face: are extinction itself for us all. PROVE ME WRONG, PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS WRONG, PROVE THE CONSEQUENCE FOR BEING WRONG IS NOT “the end of our world”. Or accept the cost of your own decision to disregard proven truth. That is, “the crucible of my world”: truth proves you will change or go extinct; very soon. Change is now or never!

Some will say, that JESUS did not save the human world from killing itself. But the evidence is: given the result that is the reality of JESUS, and the consequences HE faced for plainly doing good for humanity. None can testify, that the human race was not on a collision course with itself. Hate cannot survive hate. Which does bring us to Christianity, and in particular the roman colosseum: where the reality of “loving people who had done nothing wrong” were slaughtered for sport. Proving without a doubt: exactly how bad this audience was. Which then did bring change, and the rise of Christianity as a religion.

I am going to ask one tiny thing of you for me: it is my belief, that the champaign county court/ used a small infraction, to establish a big cost against my nephew. As a retaliation for my own proving them to be corrupt, and in fact criminally liable for treason: the deliberate intent to deny democracy and constitutional law: in the cases I did file and prove. Kindly give him his life back, he did not deserve it. That is true of many, but in this case the extreme response given to my nephew; is in fact most likely due to me. It should not be so; justice should not be failed just “because, they know;  you are related to me”!

I am going to provide one tiny detail: I live within two miles of a electrical windfarm. That fact has proven to be ok for roughly 6 years/ at which time 3 of the machines required significant repairs. For the three months or so before those repairs were undertaken: I have bad ears and they nearly drove me out. But the repairs were done, and everything is OK again. I have worked in the middle of them, and been ok for a few hours. I did also work next to one that was repaired a couple of months later, and had to leave in less than an hour: but that was no doubt due to the repairs needed. They seem not to be causing trouble for the vast majority. As to looks, I regard it not much different than what it means to live in a city; people do have needs of their own. In a hard wind they do make a whoosh sound up close/ the shadow lines are unpleasant, but rarely seen because of placement.

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