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Reality states, that I remain too aggressive as driven by male/ and if there is any hope of reminding you: that we cannot run away from the threats which WILL make us all extinct. Then even greater concessions, must be given to the spiritual woman inside of me: “its complicated; enough said”.

Recognizing that truth, confronts me with the reality: that I have been too harsh with you/ if I don’t intend to scare you; and I don’t, as is proven by my intent to be bland in videos presented: Reality does that.

Even so, as the last forty plus years of pushing this agenda (our world is dying, CHANGE) have proven: male in me, is plainly too much for you to work with correctly. Consequently for the sake of this world, surrendering even more male influence in me; is needed. NOT A GAME, not gay, not transsexual, not perverted in any conceivable way: simply a reality of need, which then governs the truth of what is, or is not; necessary in all states of survival. This reality is very simple: I cannot change what is male in me; more than I already have. He is what he is/ and if that is not going to change this world. Then the only question to be decided: is the world more important, than the male spirit inside, which I do literally love. Just so you know: I have not tried to save “you or the world/ you must save yourselves”. Rather more like the story of a boy “sticking his finger in the leaking dike/ I have been hollering for help: this will kill us all”. But you did not come, and now a crisis is near. So says the evidence of our reality.

So, let’s begin again with the more female concept: “I am working with children, and they need me to be their mother”. A reality of words, I NEVER could have conceive of prior to this time. Being a mother would mean to me: that I must choose for the children, instruct them carefully, and design a future that will give them their chance to succeed.

In response to that, I will now try to consider you children; even though the only real difference between me and the rest: is we “don’t think alike”. As children your duty is to obey my warnings, and respect my intent to keep you alive.

Instructing you then takes on a different meaning: no more “looking for just the few: who can become pure enough, to be true children of GOD”. That is not my job; and I will again return to the same consideration for all: because it is necessary. Reminding each one, that mercy is more than judgment: it is, the essence of justice; which then becomes everyone does receive what they do deserve from the choices that they have made. Even a majority of those who made terrible choices; will be allowed to simply “dissipate from life/ without horrors given. Only the few who did indeed declare war against “the children of GOD”: will receive their wish; and know the reality of their own choices.

So then “my children”; even though we all agree, “that statement lacks something”. Our reality demands, if we will survive/ then we must work together: and this is to be our guide. I am NOT your savior, your boss, someone commanding you to listen, your anything to any great degree. Instead, I am working with you now, under the simple terms depicted; as someone dedicated to helping you succeed. Instead of someone reminding you to fight: because failure is not an option. Instead of fighting, we must be diligent in our communication of life/ rather than death. Or more specifically: instead of threats, evidence, investigation, laws and the rest. The only way forward is to become less aggressive, praying for time/ and reminding you, that more communication, is our only way forward. For you to understand that, for you to communicate that, simply asks that you respect the dignity of life, and give this world your work, to sustain its future. Even a child can do something, and together when you accept your life has value: we can do the work, that is necessary for this world to survive. Should I die in the meantime or before we are finished: it would be best if you “remembered the living sites to help you, in your work”.

The critical question is:  like eating or drinking, can you recognize that we live in a world at risk of dying; because of what we the people do, and have done to ourselves?

The critical answer is: even though life may be good today, will you look beyond this moment of time and use the evidence that is available to understand what our future can be? Because the future is based upon the decisions of our past; and our past is filled with things that should never have been true. But they are! With knowledge, we can assign ourselves the possibilities that exist, when we think. Therefore we must learn to think, as individuals: which means, instead of wanting or its consequence which is lying. It is necessary for you to let the truth of our reality decide, what our decision must become. To assemble that for ourselves, means each person must accept their own responsibility to do the work: for a future, that lives for us all. Knowledge identifies the evidence. Understanding conceives of reality as given by “common sense (life, and living, taught this is true)”. But wisdom lives or dies based upon your own respect for the value of what has been learned. If you know, that the evidence will prove: the future we have provided for ourselves/ cannot be sustained. Then to understand that means, that both you and I must make a decision to protect the children and even ourselves from that consequence. If we do not/ then no respect exists, and we all surrender the lives that our decision, as a society or world; will then cause to fail.

As children, it is clear you do not wish to accept the consequences of what want has already done: you want what you want, simple as that. But as children, you must understand: truth is both friend and enemy. What is true cannot be avoided once the point of no return has pasted: it is that simple, and no amount of whining or complaining will change what is true. The critical change that is needed: is the difference between life or death for our world. So the real decision is plainly:  IS LIFE more important to you, than your own want?

This is not a simple or easy decision: because you want so much, and return so little. But truth is truth, the evidence of our reality will shortly change into things we can no longer avoid, and our decision at that moment no longer matters: not for anyone. Because a world in chaos, a nature lost to mutilation, or no resources to use: can have only one single outcome for the living. Which is why, the purpose of what was male in charge: demanded a courtroom, to prove what the best of our knowledge/ understanding/ and wisdom: can predict about our own future, or the cost of being wrong, when clearly life or death for our entire world is being gambled with.

This is a new way for me; the old ways have proven to be absolutely “not going to work for life”: so I do abandon them. Life or death for our planet requires that change. But it will be worthless, for our world: if you don’t change too. It is not too much to ask: that life comes first/ NOT want or any of what has caused our world to be threatened with extinction.

I will stop threatening you with facts: because that failed, completely.

Changed means: I will now try to help you rise to the need that will be determined: as your decision for life and planet, instead of just want. Regardless, this is serious; and I cannot simply turn back/ it won’t work. But neither can you, our planet, our everything needs us all to change: thereby protecting all life and environment, that we have left. For an entire world of life: what is too much to ask? What   price is too much to give? Every child should know: past the point of survival, is death. Past the point of hope, HELL will reign. This is the last of my reminding you: of how serious this moment in time really is. Male listed enough severe threats to prove that truth. “Female spirit” now reminds us all:  we do not have time enough to play. The realities of our world must be addressed. Therefore your opportunity to share the work for a future life, and care about each other, and every living thing: is a decision that must be made now. Yes or no: the best you can legally do, for life/ or not. The answer: is yours.

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