primary elements

primary elements

Everything about nature is valid, true, distinctly real, fundamentally ordered, constructively disciplined, and ultimately necessary. While the decisions of men and today women as well/ and in particular their universities: are either little, none of the above.

That fact alone denies any possibility from humanity playing god, as in particular the universities have done: that would be anything but destruction, death, and the collapse of all world systems and realities; as is being done: EVERY SINGLE DAY.

While humans complain constantly, about everything they don’t like/ it is extremely rare, that they give credit or praise to the realities of both thought and execution by design, that grants them life in time to begin with. Instead like universities do prove: humanity searches and accepts ANY EXCUSE, to believe they can be superior to our CREATOR. Evolution is a prime example of that; forcing one of the most insane expectations of sewer vomit ever to be born in a human loss of brain; that has existed. YOU CANNOT create or design ANYTHING that even comes slightly close to the intricacy or complexity that is even a single cell organism. Yet the universities say: a single cell organism, is your god/ chaos your creator/ we just went shopping to get whatever we wanted: without a brain, or a tool, or species differentials, or “software” to run the machine, or a means to control chemical construction, or electrical stimulation; OR EVEN build blood. And yet, every school teaches/ every media outlet demands/ every fool yells; “it has to be so/ BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT, to be held responsible for what we do”. Too bad!

So let’s talk about all the things you fail at; they are endless..

  • You had no respect for death, no respect for accident or disease as a necessary means to control human population/ because you refuse to do it. And now we have a population count, that will literally cause this living reality of earth to collapse under the consequences of more people than it can support. Alas, there was cause for such things; as is death alone, gave YOU your chance to be alive in time.
  • A majority of You; believe predator and prey is too violent and should not exist. But if it did not prove LIFE IS PRECIOUS, and time is not simply “a resort to be lazy and foolish in”. Everything would be different; and you would not mentally understand the basic ingredients that require respect to be given: in this living world. You, would not cherish love/ accept time as a participation/ rather than your ownership of life/ have courage or know its existence/ hope would not exist and so on. Making this world a very different place. Predator and prey are dimensional elements which fracture our simplicity; and move us into a more complex state.
  • You do not like the fact that survival REQUIRES your decision/ and the failure of truth in your decision; makes you vulnerable to death. As is the constant proven fantasy of (we don’t have to accept reality, there are no consequences for us) university knows: “they are gods”. Now ain’t that right? Alas, by hiding ALL THE BAD; behind the closed door walls, controlled media, and ownership of government and education; that are university derived experimentations. They propagate the tiny little decisions that have little or no importance; as if they were a value to life: by making stories; and playing games; and bribing people to play along; and ridiculing any question to their power; and counterfeiting money; and pretending they are gods: etcetera, and more. Making survival a game, that only fools and slaves must endure. And the righteous and powerful, and even the majority all say: YES, let’s do that; because they want to live without consequences. Alas: you have poisoned and threatened every water supply/ are consuming far more oxygen than the planet can provide/ ending chains of life/ destroying resources/ mutilating nature/ and even trying to ignite atoms on fire, “just like the sun”. Hiding all those things through a corrupted court, a lying cheating government, a failed university, whoring media, disabled education systems, foolish and blind weaponry (to control those damn people we don’t want alive); and more. ANY THINKING PERSON, would realize: THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES TO THOSE DECISIONS. But not you, because the university diploma “stole your brain; as all cults do”.
  • The difference between a cult and a religion, can be reduced to two main events: to be a cult member, “only the leaders have a brain”. While in contrast to be a religious member; “only the book” has a right to the last say (which isn’t all bad; it just isn’t good either). That of course changed with evolution: OH NO, we could lose our job, all hail the university (ADAPT, ADAPT); because they proved adaption (small but distinct changes) can  occur within a specific species in order to create another subset of that same species. Oh, what a great find, or is it, damn piss-hole. The second is: to be a cult member, you must promise all your money belongs to them (the common method today, is an endless college loan & do whatever we say, or be kicked out of this army). While to be a religious member, “you owe a percentage/ even if you can’t or won’t pay it”. And we are an army only if we agree, by whatever frivolous or necessary purpose presented: it does remain a choice. The difference in choices is: you will not be loved in religion if you don’t join us. Whereas, you will not be accepted if you are not one of us, “the superior ones”; as is a cult. These are entirely human derived differences: intended to assemble the right to play god, because we have made ourselves into a trophy; just to prove we can. Then of course is the difference: in a cult, you can be a god, if you make the others believe “something”. Whereas in religion you can only be called “a child of god; when you say a couple of words, acknowledge the book; and let then someone else be god: by pronouncing we believe, all your sins are forgiven now”. (pay us some money).
  • There is the battleground between love and hate; even when survival interferes, it still comes down to love or hate. People love love & most love to hate as well: I HAVE A RIGHT. Which gives us the righteous, who will refuse love and demand hate for anyone who disagrees with me. Even though love and hate are entirely opposite, at extreme ends of the same beginning. Some will always choose for love, and some will always choose for hate: because freedom allows you to choose your own fate (these are the consequences of your choice) or destiny (this is the result of your own construction (your own identity), formed by choosing to build a future, working for life, identifying respect, and accepting the disciplines and order that balance survival, instead of simply taking whatever you could get). The cause of so much grief in human existence is hate (we WON’T PAY the price of love): yet the vast majority refuse to surrender it, because they want revenge/ jealousy/ manipulation/ control/ temptation/ and more. Whereas love (I will share and care, as if this life were me) desires love, happiness, value, romantic passions, courage, hope, respect, and all the rest that makes life, and being alive “the treasure” we know it to be.
  • We can add in dating: the realities of men and women changing themselves into what I can do, for me. Rather than becoming the value recognized by life as is being “ALIVE”; and revealing the treasure that I am. Unfortunately doing that unleashes a desire that just can’t be controlled: or a jealousy, that wants to prove “you can’t be superior to me”: so we hide. Fighting for little things, using sex as a bond that won’t hold, displaying every form of trickery and lies that humanity can conceive of. To do better love and hate must be divided: so they do not mingle, and love cannot be contaminated with all life should not be.
  • Last is money; the human demand for power/ the crisis of pride that is, “I WANT, to prove I can win too”. This curse of human existence is entirely male derived; as a means of simple exchange: that becomes a fight to survive. The crisis of Money: builds armies/ creates the powerful/ corrupts because it can/ destroys governments/ enslaves people/ curses life and planet/ fails the future/ and ends with war, each and every time; as is proven throughout history. Limited capitalism: we the people will decide by our vote, WHAT THE LIMIT of your wealth shall be. So as to create a fair and deliberate society, wherein we ALL, have a equal chance to do well for ourselves. Simple as that. but of course the vast majority don’t want it; because they all believe “I can be rich (you are my slave now)” instead.

Human existence today is built upon the fantasies and lies of “university knows”; it was a great game, wasn’t it. HELL WE DIDN’T FIND OR ACCEPT   NO DAMN CONSEQUENCES AT ALL/  let the children pay, because we DON’T care, and WE WON’T share.  That is the summation of your cult worship:  the university is god.

Now of course, after several decades of catastrophic refusal to accept the price of what you did choose to do. WE ARE LITERALLY SURROUNDED BY THREAT OF EXTINCTION; so says the evidence of our reality, by its own truth. NOT a hard concept/ a very simple reality. But as always the existence of hate says: WE WON’T PAY. And the reality of truth in survival says: yes you will. IF humanity could think for itself/ THEN not a question as to the truth would exist. Alas humanity does not: but waits for its media to tell it what they can, or cannot think; as is the constant of a cult: while worshiping university as their god.

Alas: the universities are NOT going to tell you they failed, and cursed both life and planet to HELL! That would be the end of their power and pride and position and toys and superiority: like every cult, “they would rather die first”/ or kill anyone who confronts them. AS TO media: without the delusions of your universities, they produce only fears/ and have little to say. As is evidenced by their constant refusal to produce “next to nothing” about what really does matter to life or world or nation. What they do produce that is important is: like global warming, used to calm the concern/ by claiming most experts aren’t concerned. NO NEED until it is too late. Or the population explosion, which they constantly claim has no consequences either. Yet at about the year 2000 all the history books were changed from revealing a 3% population growth for the last hundred years/ became a one half of one percent (one more per every 200 people per year) human population growth ever after; including the united nations reports. Who does not know, “they lie”?

It is pure fantasy to believe or report that we are not going extinct quickly; and if not already past the point of no return/ we soon will be. NOT A WORD from media, charities, religion, governments, universities, policing, military, or any other: even though the evidence cannot be disputed as untrue.

WHY NOT? primarily, its because the vast majority of people absolutely DON’T want to know. BECAUSE THEY ABSOLUTELY DON’T WANT TO PAY, the price required to survive. Until of course they find themselves facing extinction, with absolutely not even the faintest possibility of survival. As are the consequences of machines intended to ignite nuclear “atoms on fire”; just like on the sun/ here on this earth.  GEE, WHAT could go wrong? Perhaps one tiny flaw in their stories? Not to worry, “you can extinguish million mile long flames, with atoms burning as fuel”:  can’t you?  well HELL, the university gods wouldn’t take such a risk, if they weren’t gods/ now would they? HELL NO, we are as safe as if they were, a parasite gnawing under your skin. Ain’t that so.

HELL he is just some damn “DISBELIEVER” TRYING to make us trouble: “we should kill him” (histories proven: man’s solution).  After all, media would tell us, if we were in trouble. And THEY NEVER SAID ANYTHING, not over ALL these LAST DECADES when the accumulation of troubles was completely obvious to see.

Killing me won’t buy you one second of time/ nor will it end your troubles. But as we all know: the human animal, does not think; it merely acts or reacts according to what it wants.

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